Supernatural Recap – Were-Pire-Ghoul Monster: Season 11 Episode 4 “Baby”

Supernatural Recap - Were-Pire-Ghoul Monster: Season 11 Episode 4 "Baby"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Wednesday October 28, season 11 episode 4 called “Baby”and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, seen entirely from the point of view of the Impala, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go on a road trip to fight monsters and demons.

On the last episode, Rowena tried to consolidate her power to protect herself from the Winchesters, while Sam and Dean searched for a missing baby connected to the Darkness. Meanwhile, Castiel struggled to heal; and Crowley tried to find a way to use the Darkness for his own personal gain. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “seen entirely from the point of view of the Impala, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) will take a break from hunting down The Darkness and go on a road trip to fight monsters and demons.”

Tonight’s season 11 episode 4 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural starts with Dean’s car Baby. We hear sounds and see broken windows and what looks like blood and a serrated knife. Dean is unconscious and handcuffed face down on the seat. This episode is called “Baby.” 48 hours earlier, Dean is washing Baby. Sam says he still has no leads on Metatron. Sam says at least Cass is getting better then he helps wash the car too. Dean says he has cabin fever and Sam says he may have a case. They rinse baby off and roll out.

Of course, it’s raining. Sam says it’s Oregon and Dwayne Markham, the sheriff, was found mauled in the woods. They’re wondering if it’s a werewolf. Sam sips a smoothie while Dean mocks him. He asks where’s the beer. They get a call from Cass. He says he was reading up on cases in Oregon but Dean says to focus on healing. They tell him it’s a milk run and he should watch Netflix. He asks “what’s a Netflix.” Sam says turn on the TV in his room and figure it out.

Sam asks Dean if Cass will be okay and Dean says he just needs time. They pull up to a honky tonk and Sam says he’s tired and hungry and this place looks horrible. He says Swayze wouldn’t come to this roadhouse. Dean asks if he forgot the place and the hunter Heather on the Wendigo case. Dean says good times await them in the roadhouse. Sam says go ahead and says he’s going to find a diner and eat. Dean tells him he needs to learn how to have fun. He leaves his kid brother in the car and goes.

It’s early morning light now and Dean comes back out of the bar. He gets into the car and says he made some mistakes. There’s a woman in the back of the car with Sam. He introduces him. He asks Dean to give them a minute. She slides her diner waitress uniform back on and asks if he saw her hairpin. Later, Sam tries to explain but Dean says no. He pops in some Seger and shushes Sam. They roll out while Sam buttons up. Dean mouths the lyrics. Sam gives up and sings with Dean. They share a laugh.

Sam says he really needed that and Dean says it was time Sam lost his virginity. Sam tells him he’s an idiot. Dean says he was classy for putting a blanket down. Sam says he tried to give her his number and asks if he knows what she said. Dean quotes more Seger and says “We’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow?” Sam asks if Dean ever wants something more. Dean says they are batting zero at domestic life and Sam asks if he’s ever thought about having something with a hunter that might understand.

Dean tells Sam he’s just tired and says he should hop in the back and sleep and tells Sam he’s proud of him. Sam sleeps while Dean drives on. Sam wakes and yawns. Sam sees his dad driving – a young version of him and he tells Sam that his mom used to love this song. His dad turns off the radio and says it’s nice to be behind the wheel again and says it looks like Dean is taking good care of the car and Sam. He asks his dad if this is a vision. Sam says his father is dead and his dad says death doesn’t stop a Winchester.

He tells Sam he never wanted this life for them but Sam says they turned out okay. His dad says they did that, not him. He says he did his best for what it was worth. Sam tells the younger John he prayed in that church and now whoever he is comes. John says the message is the same and tells him – the darkness is coming. He says only Sam and Dean can stop it. Sam says fine then asks how. He says they need help not visions of dead people. John says God helps those who help themselves.

He asks who he really is. He wakes and finds Dean stretched out in the front step. He tells Sam he was singing in his sleep the song his mom liked that their dad played. Sam asks Dean if he wasn’t sure it was a real thing or a vision when he saw the darkness and says he just had a vision of their dad. He says it was young dad at their age. He says it was someone pretending to be dad. He says he told him everything he wanted to hear and Dean agree that doesn’t sound like their dad.

He says the message was the darkness is coming and only they can stop it. Dean asks if he gave any helpful tips and Sam says God helps those who helps themselves. He wonders if the visions are coming from God and says the first came after he prayed at the hospital. Dean asks why and Sam says he was infected. He says he’s not anymore and he didn’t go full rabid. Dean asks why he didn’t tell him then asks what he prayed for.

Sam says he was looking for answers. Dean says whatever is in his head is a side effect from the infection he failed to mention. He says God didn’t say that and it’s an old Proverb from Aesop, not from the Bible. He says God does not answer prayers and says it was a fever dream. He says he dreams about their dad all the time. He says he dreams about their dad frequently. Sam says he always dreams about mom and their once normal life. Sam says this wasn’t just a dream.

Dean asks why would someone dress up like dad to give that message. He says the darkness is sending messages to Dean and maybe the opposite of the darkness is sending messages to Sam. He says maybe it’s not God and Dean says he’s looking for greater meaning and fate to what went down then says the darkness is on them. He says no one will help them certainly not God and says they have to figure it out like they always do and until then, they hunt.

Dean tells Sam the sheriff’s body is suspicious – blood gone and body ripped up. He says it’s a were-pire. Deputy Donnely isn’t too sharp but gave Sam the report. The deputy thanks them for stopping by for due diligence. He recommends a hotel and a diner that has the best steak in the state. They have to valet park Baby at the diner and Dean tells Jessie, the valet – not a scratch. She revs and zooms off then laughs. She calls a friend and says she caught a fly.

She picks up her friend in the stolen car and they head off to party. They cut donuts and drive insanely. Jessie’s phone rings and she gets a call and says they’re on the way. Jessie says she’s going to get fired. She drops off her friend and goes back to the diner. Dean gets back inside and looks around suspiciously. He hands her a tip and she goes back inside. Dean asks Sam what’s next and Sam says the sheriff’s widow – Lily Markham.

Dean says he’s going to the woods since the crime scene photos seem off. His phone rings as he comes back to the car later. It’s Cass who says he’s not sure how Orange correlates to Black and is new. Dean says to step away from Netflix. Cass says he thinks it’s a were-pire type things that’s called a Whisper. He says they are closer to demons. The deputy pulls up and Cass says they have stealthy attacks. Dean left the phone in the car and doesn’t hear any of this.

Dean says it can’t be a Whisper. Dean gets in a scuffle with the Deputy and Cass asks what’s the noise. They beat on each other then there’s a shot and blood splatters all over the window. Dean is on his feet grunting and Cass calls his name. He says he did shoot the deputy. He says he was a were-pire but it’s all right the silver bullets worked. Cass says the timing is off. The Deputy is back on his feet and Dean gets a machete and decapitates him.

Dean says you have to cut off their head but the head on the hood is still growling. He turns on the windshield wiper to knock the head off the window. He shoots the body a bunch more times. It’s still growling. Dean gets the ice chest and dumps out his beer. He dumps out the beer too. He shoves the growling head inside and puts it back in the car. He grabs his phone and takes a photo for Cass. He says – smile asshat. He closes the lid again.

He asks Cass if he’s still there and says silver slows it down and he sends him a photo of the fangs and asks him to look for a match. He sees a missed call from Sam and says he needs help. Sam says he thinks it’s a pack and two attacked him at the widow’s house. Dean says the Deputy is in two pieces and still alive. Sam texts him the address and Dean takes off. The knife slides below the seat.

Sam says the door was open and he found the widow beaten unconscious. They have Lily in the back of the car. They get a call from Cass who says Nachzehrer. He says it’s a ghoul and vampire like creature. He says some feed on the dead, some on the living and they run in packs and keep a low profile. He says you have to remind them they’re dead. He says you need an obol – a coin to put in their mouth in the severed head. Cass says you need a copper coin – Sam says it has to be pre-1982.

Dean tells Sam he’s a nerd. They check their pockets but have no pennies. Lulu begins to wake up. Sam goes into a place to look for a coin. Dean introduces himself and she asks where she is. He says she was attacked by the people who killed her husband. Dean asks what happened to her husband. She nods. Dean says they’ll take her someplace safe then kill them. She hears growling from the ice chest and opens it and squeals. Dean says it’s like the thing that attacked her. He says it’s a ghoul-pire.

He grabs the ice-chest and put sit in the trunk. She plays scared but could be in on this. She asks if he would do anything for his family and he says yes. She says you do everything for them and says she did it wrong and ruined everything. He says it’s not her fault but she says she put her family at risk and they were right to attack her. She says she knows how to make it right. She chokes him then asks what he did with the maker’s body. She yanks him into the backseat and they fight.

He stomps her repeatedly but she gives it right back. She cranks the car after she beats him down and drives away. Sam shoots out the back window and give chase but he can’t give up. Lily cuffs Dean in the backseat and says that wasn’t hard. She says she knows what to do with him. She sings songs about how she can make this right and she puts the head back on Donnelly. She tells him she fixed it and he’s okay. Dean comes to in the back seat and sees the knife under the seat along with a Hello Kitty purse.

Donnelly grabs him up and says he knows he’s awake and a hunter. Dean says he knows he’s a Nachzehrer and the maker and alpha. Donnelly says he’s not as dumb as he looks. He says rookies like Lily aren’t up to snuff with keeping quiet when they feed. She ate her husband for not agreeing to turn. Donnelly says everyone deserves a Mulligan. He tells Lily his people weren’t going to kill her – he says they need him. Dean asks how many he’s turned.

Donnelly says in the first 100 years three and then lately 16 more. He says he needs an Army to fight the darkness. He tells Dean it’s coming for all of them. He says hunters and humans can’t do anything. He asks if Donnelly knows how to stop it. He says no one can but he’s just trying to buy some time. He says his brother will make a fine addition to their pack. He says he sent Sam a text from Dean’s phone while Dean was out and Sam is heading into a trap right now.

He says Dean would make a good soldier except that he cut off his head. He tells Dean that he’ll be his brother’s first meal then laughs. Dean gets his cuffs undone and chokes out Donnelly so he crashes the car into water filled construction barrels. Dean comes to and grabs up his machete then he finds the little purse. Donnelly has gone through the windshield. He picks glass out of his face then comes around. Dean goes through the little change purse and then Donnelly comes for him.

They grapple. It gets ugly. Lily finally comes to and she growls also. She grabs Dean back into the car and he kicks Donnelly. She bites him and they brawl all out in the confines of the car. Dean shoves a handful of pennies into his mouth. Then he slams his neck into the car door until he decapitates Donnelly again. He tells Baby he’s so sorry. Lily comes to and says – what have I done. She says – my kids. He turned my kids. She begs him please and he says – Sam. They get into the car.

Dean cranks and it stalls. He tries again and says come on. The engine sputters and catches but sounds horrible. They speed off. They pull up and find Sam with Lily’s kids. Sam says they all changed back and says it was Deputy Dumbass. He says he was trying to build an Army and Sam says even the monsters are scared of the darkness. Dean says they’re going to stop this now. Sam asks if they can start tomorrow. He says they’ll get Cass to fix them up. Dean says – let’s go home. Sam says they are home.

Dean cranks and the engine stalls again then comes back to life. Dean says – there’s my girl. He turns on the radio – Seger’s Night Moves plays again. Baby is beat all to hell and bloody. They drive on down the rural road.