Supernatural Recap – Raising Cain and Killing: Season 10 Episode 14 “The Executioners Song”

Supernatural Recap - Raising Cain and Killing: Season 10 Episode 14 "The Executioners Song"

Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with an all new Tuesday February 17, season 10 episode 14 called “The Executioners Song,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Dean [Jensen Ackles], Sam [Jared Padalecki] and Castiel deal with Cain’s return. Meanwhile, Crowley and Rowena continue to grow closer, but Rowena confronts him when he bails on plans with his mother to help the Winchesters.

On the last episode, a ghost started killing people through various electronic devices. Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) discovered who was killed and why this ghost was seeking revenge on a group of college students but what they can’t figure out was how he was doing it. With three dead, the brothers had to stop the ghost before he claimed his next victim. John Showalter directed this episode written by Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Castiel (Misha Collins) deal with Cain’s (guest star Timothy Omundson) return. Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) continue to grow closer but when Crowley bails on plans with his mother to help the Winchesters, Rowena lets him have it. Phil Sgriccia directed this episode written by Robert Berens.”

Tonight’s season 10 episode 14 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CW’s Supernatural at 9:00 PM EST!

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#Supernatural starts in a prison with a guard on death row telling the prisoners it’s lights out. One guy, Tommy, asks for mail and then asks how the guy’s wife Amanda is. That stops him and Tommy says he killed an Amanda once and says it was his fourth. He puts something up his nose then says he’d kill his wife too. The guard reminds him he’s got two weeks until he’s executed. After the lights go out, they flicker.

We see someone walking down the hall of death row who seems to be absorbing electricity as he goes. Tommy hears the noise. The guard tells his buddy he can’t wait till Tommy is gone. Then he sees someone on the security feed, the lights go out then the guy is gone. It’s Cain and he’s in the cell with Tommy. He asks how he got in and who he is. Cain says one of his names is the father of murder. He says the state thinks he killed six but Cain says he knows it was nine.

Cain says he’s a killer just like him. Tommy says he did it and Cain says honesty is good. He lunges at Cain who cracks his wrist and says he bets he’s wondering why he’s there. He says he came to both punish and save him and puts his huge knife right through the guy. Dean and Sam head to the prison and Sam talks about serial killers and Dean tells him true crime being his hobby is an illness. They pull up at the prison and says they have an appointment with the warden.

They’re let into the parking lot and Sam says Tommy Tolliver was convicted of six murders now he’s escaped from a secure cell on death row. They wonder if he’s a teleporting demon or a murdering magician. They meet the warden in Tommy’s cell. He welcomes them to death row and says to take a look. The warden says the night he disappeared, he was locked up tight. The warden says someone was on the block last night.

He shows them the video feed of the lights going out and then they see the guy walking down the hall. The warden says he doesn’t know how he got in or got Tommy out. Dean recognizes Cain’s profile when they zoom in, even though it’s shadowy. He touches the mark on his arm. Cass is interrogating a demon about Cain’s whereabouts. He says he’s been seen in Bogg’s Marsh one county over but no one knows why. He says they keep their distance from him.

Cass asks if that’s all he knows. He swears it is and Cass says okay then stabs the demon, killing him. A crossroads demon complains to Crowley about how he’s being cheated on soul collections. He says he just wants credit that he did beside Alban. Crowley says he gets it and then Rowena calls him a wee man and Crowley asks if she’d like to share. She says no then says that’s not what she would do. Crowley asks what she’d do and says to enlighten them.

Rowena says he’s asking to have the credit split and says she would well and truly split the baby and says she’d cut him in two then nail his bloody halves to the door as a reminder to not waste the king’s time. She says whiners begat whiners and that’s why she never gave him sweeties as a child then says he was a bit of a bloater as a boy. Crowley says let’s do what she said. The guy panics and screams as they drag him out. Rowena says – that’s my boy.

They try to call Cass and try to figure out why Cain sprang Tommy. Sam says Tommy’s dad went missing a week ago and is another slimy criminal. Sam says maybe Cain has it in for their family. Cass calls and says he’s in Illinois. Sam tells him that Cain stole a death row inmate. Cass says the guy is dead and says Cain has been very busy. He’s standing in a field of fresh graves – lots of them. Someone lurks nearby and Cass says he’ll call them back.

Cain is there and greets Cass by name. Cass asks what he’s done and Cain says he’s cleaning up a mess he made a long time ago. Cass says he knows what he is and says he resisted for so long. Cain says he got the taste back. He says he had to take up arms again when Abadon came gunning for him. Cain picks up a teddy bear on one grave and says the mark thirsts for all kinds. Cass says it’s a massacre and Cain says soon it will be a genocide.

Cain says he’s going after all his progeny, all those that carry the disease. He says the mark wants blood so he’s giving it his. Cass says his descendents are legion but Cain says he’s just culling one out of 10. Cain asks about Dean and then guesses by Cass’s expression that Dean is not well. He says Dean is losing his fight against the mark. Cain says not to worry, he’ll get to Dean in due time. Cass pulls his blade but Cain says Cass is not on his list then he’s gone in thin air.

Rowena tells her son it’s a long day and he must be tired. She tells him the name Olivette and says she’s head of the grand coven. She says she just came back to the states and asks if he would please assist her to deal with the woman. She says it’s an excellent time to strike. Crowley says a long con is better if it lasts more than a few hours before she makes her ask. He tells her she’s transparent and she says – duh – of course she was manipulating him and says she’s his mother after all.

She calls him her wee sausage and says they had fun today and he says it was fine. She says they could leave this dump for a while and flex their muscles in the real world and take out a miserable old witch whose been standing in her way for centuries. Crowley walks away from her and she’s miffed. Cass delivers the bad news about Cain’s serial killing spree. Sam says he researched and it looks like Cain is wiping out entire families.

Sam curses and says Tommy has a son who lives with his mother in Ohio. The kid is 12 and his name is Austin Reynolds. He checks Facebook and says, so far, the kid is still alive. Cass says Cain’s attitude is everyone must go. Dean says they know where Cain is going to be and the kid is in danger. Sam asks what’s the plan and Dean says he’ll do what he has to do – kill Cain. Dean packs a bag of weapons and Dean says Cain told him that this day would come and he’d have to put him down.

Sam says someone else can do it but Dean says only the blade can kill him. Sam says wielding the blade against Cain will result in Dean not coming back from that fight, win or lose. Dean says he knows. Rowena is showing her plan to Crowley. She’s still working on him. He gets a call from “not Moose.” Dean says Cain is back and he needs the blade back. Crowley asks why he’d do that and Dean says Cain has a kill list and Crowley is on it.

He asks Crowley if he’s in and the king of hell says yes. He tells Rowena not today and says he has something to do that can’t wait. She is outraged when she sees the First Blade and says he’s the one person that could kill him. Crowley says they have a common enemy that’s a bigger threat. She says consorting with hunters is bad for his reputation. She says they don’t care about him and are not his friends. He walks away.

Cass, Sam and Dean are in Ohio outside the house. Sam says he thought this was a rescue mission and Dean says the kid is bait and Cass agrees. Sam is annoyed. Crowley is there and says he can’t believe they’re using the kid as bait. He says he doesn’t give a damn about the kid but is worried about the risk to them. Crowley says this looks like a two step capture and kill so he’s going to hang onto the blade until Dean has Cain where he can kill him.

We see Austin in the barn shooting hoops and Sam watches through a window. Sam says if they capture Cain, then what. Dean says they’ll cross that bridge if they come to it. Dean says he meant it when he told Sam he’d go down swinging but didn’t realize it would come so soon. He tells Sam that he’s scared. The kid gets down shooting hoops and walks back to the house. He hears a noise and pulls off his earbuds. He turns and sees Cain who calls him by name.

Cain says he’s there to kill him then Cass steps up and tells him to run. He does. Cass tries some angel magic on him and it barely blows back Cass’ hair. He tosses him aside with his power like a toy. Sam takes Austin into the barn and shuts the door. Cain bangs on it and Sam tries to hold it but then Cain is in the barn and in front of Austin. He stabs the knife into the kid who goes up in purple magic. Sam says the real Austin is long gone.

Cain says it looks like the Rune of Amaranth. Crowley is there and says it’s from his mother. Cain pushes hay out of the way and sees the rune. He says it won’t hold him for long and Sam says it won’t need to. They walk out of the barn and Sam checks on Cass. He says it worked. Dean says it’s his turn. Sam says they want to help but Dean says he’d be too worried about what he or Cain would do to Sam. Dean says whatever or whoever comes out of the barn, they need to take it out.
[2015-02-17, 10:59:41 PM] Rachel Rowan: Crowley says – happily. He hands Dean the First Blade and asks what guarantee he has that he will give it back. Dean says if he survives and come back out, they’ll have a much bigger problem on their hands. Dean tells Sam he’s good. He goes into the barn. He opens the door and steps inside looking around. Cain has his back turned but says – hello Dean – then asks if he’s at a loss for word and calls him son. He says this is when Dean tells him it’s not too late and they don’t have to fight.

Dean says he’ll spare them the formalities and says Cain is past talking down and is fully mental. Cain says he’s finally clear. He says he released a stain on the earth when he made a deal with Lucifer and killed his brother. Cain says he knows his bloodline is tainted. He says not all are, but enough of his blood are killers that extinguishing them will make the world a better place. Dean asks about the kid and Cain says he could go either way so he’s being thorough.

He asks Dean how it feels to hold the blade again. Dean says it feels like a means to an end. He steps within the circle trapping Cain and he tells Dean to do it. Dean comes closer. He stabs and Cain lunges. They grapple and he tosses Dean aside. He gets back up and comes at him again. He tosses Dean outside the circle. Dean gets back up again. He makes another go of it but he’s weakening. He finally lands a punch and Cain says he thinks he can do better.

Dean punches him hard then again and Cain says he’s holding back. Then Dean really comes for him and Cain asks if he thinks he won’t succumb if he holds back a little. He calls him boy and says there is no resisting the mark or the blade – there is only remission and relapse. He hits Dean hard. Dean says he told him this day would come and he’d have to kill him. Cain says – is that so – and throws him through the window.

Cain says he misunderstood him. He says when his pet angel found his burial site, he could have killed him but says he let Cass go knowing he’d report back to Dean and he’d bring the one thing that could kill Cain and the one thing he truly wants. Dean has dropped the blade and lunges for it. Cain calls it to him with power and says it’s been too long. He says he wonders how he ever had the strength to resist. Cain says he cares about Dean and is doing him a favor, saving him, from his fate.

He tosses him to the ground and says he’s living Cain’s life in reverse. He says his story began with killing his brother and says Dean’s will end by killing his. Cain says first he’d kill Crowley, then Cass and says the latter would hurt, but Crowley not so much. Then he says he would kill Sam and it would turn him into a savage just like Cain. He says the blade is the only thing saving him from this.

He goes to sink the blade into Dean but Dean pulls another blade and chops off Cain’s arm as it lowers. The First Blade falls with the hand and Cain clutches his stump. Dean says to tell him that he’ll stop and he doesn’t have to do this. Cain says he will never stop. Dean walks around behind him as Cain kneels clutching his bleeding limb. He lowers his head. Dean screams and plunges the blade into Cain’s back. Thunder roars outside as he does so.

He walks back down with the bloody blade. Cass, Crowley and Sam wait watching him. Crowley asks him to give him the blade. Dean looks at it and then steps closer to Crowley. He flips it around and offers Cass the hilt. Cass takes it and Crowley says he lied to him. Dean says it wasn’t the first time today and tells him that he wasn’t on Cain’s list. He hugs Sam hard and Sam says – you did it. Dean is in tears.

Crowley gets back to his hell house and his mother is waiting for him. He pours a drink and she calls him Fergus. He says he doesn’t want her I told you so’s. He sees her bags and she says she’s leaving. He calls it another petty manipulation. He asks what she wants from him and she says he can’t understand her disappointment or pride. She says after she was forced to leave him, she heard of his mortal death and thought he was lost to her forever.

She says hundreds of years later she found him the king of hell. She says he made that happen all by himself. She says he can’t know what her mother’s pride felt like. He smiles at her fondly. She says it breaks her heart now to see what a colossal numb nut he’s become. She says he’s a sad, bored wee lad on the throne then goes ass-up when the Winchesters call. She says – you’re their bitch. He sits down and drinks his liquor.

Sam tells Dean that what he did was incredible and says if he can do it without losing himself, it’s hope even without a cure. Cass comes in and Dean asks where the blade is. He says somewhere safe and Dean says good. He says he’s going to go sleep for four days. He pats Cass on the back and goes. Cass asks Sam how Dean is doing and Sam says he’s in trouble.