Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap – Another Blindside! Season 30 Episode 2 “It Will Be My Revenge”

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap - Another Blindside! Season 30 Episode 2 "It Will Be My Revenge"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart airs with an all new Wednesday March 4 season 30 episode 2 called, “It Will Be My Revenge,” and we have your weekly recap and review below! On tonight’s episode, White Collar castaways strip down and embrace their free-spirited no-collar tendencies.

On the last episode, the 30th season featured the first-time theme of “Worlds Apart,” with castaways divided into the three separate tribes, White Collar, Blue Collar and No Collar. Minutes into the game, castaways were forced to choose between honesty or deception, and one castaway became ill after trying to satisfy his need for protein, on the special 90-minute season premiere. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis we have spoilers, “White Collar castaways strip down and embrace their free-spirited no-collar tendencies; Blue Collar players disagree about heavy-lifting at camp; and one person struggles to adapt to her new tribe mates.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 30.

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#Survivor starts now. It’s day four and we’re with the blue collar tribe. Dan tells the others he was pooping in the ocean and lost his speedo underpants. He’s got a shirt wrapped around him like a diaper. Now he doesn’t have a shirt and they tell him to cut off his jeans but he says he can’t raw dog in it or he’ll chafe his man parts. The younger players, especially the girls are grossed out.

Over at white collar, they’re trying to start a fire. Max says they’re struggling over basic necessities and says they have troubles because they don’t work with their hands. He says they do have a nice beach where they can swim. Max decides to go skinny dipping and the others call him Richard Hatch 2.0. Tyler says Max seems to have a no collar streak and he’s not happy to see his junk out.

Tyler wonders if some of this is strategy. Max says it’s comfortable to be naked and a great way to get time alone because when you tell people you’re going to be naked, they will leave you to yourself. He says he’s using strategic nudity so he can think. Shirin says Max is a trendsetter and says it’s convenient to be naked so she goes bottomless too. Joaquin says it upsets Tyler because he’s married.

We see Tyler covering his eyes then looking away. He’s trying to look anywhere but at Shirin’s crotch. Joaquin says he has too much pride to go naked. Over at no collar, Nina has a blister on her ankle and Hali is talking to her about it trying to bond with her. Hali thinks it’s hard to talk to Nina since she’s deaf. Vince thinks the other girls are being mean about Nina’s deafness.

Nina says people push her aside because of hearing loss and says she hoped it would be different there but the girls are excluding her. She says the girls never ask her to do anything with them. She cried and says they aren’t making her feel like she belongs. She tells the girls they hurt her by this action and by ignoring her. She snaps at Hali and walks away.

Jenn says she and the girls were having fun then Nina ruined their day by calling them mean girls. Jenn says Nina must get coddled in the real world. She cries to Will about their lack of compassion. Will thinks Nina is putting a target on her back by crying over this and making a scene. Over at blue collar on day five, they are laying around when Rodney gets annoyed with Mike busting his balls.

He says Mike is the kind of guy that can’t relax. He says they need to have fun too and they rig up a basketball game with a crate and a coconut and take turns. Mike won’t play and says there is too much work to do and thinks he shouldn’t have to tell the others that they need to do chores. He throws a mini tantrum when he brings wood in. Rodney says they already have enough firewood.

Over at no collar, Nina helps Vince get crabs and he complains about the attention that Joe is getting. He says he is working hard but isn’t trying to get attention (says the guy with feathers in his head). He then complains to the tribe and Joe about how things are going. He tells Joe he thinks he has too much ego in this. Will asys Vince and Joe are both trying to be alpha dog.

Joe tries to smooth things over with Vince. Joe thinks Vince has a lot of issues he needs to deal with and says he’s a loose cannon and he doesn’t like it. Vince asks if they can really move forward without the BS. He says Joe said all the right things but he’s not sure if he believes it. He tells Nina that he doesn’t trust Joe, Jenn and Hali. Those three then talk about Vince and how crazy he is. Jenn says Vince seems dangerous and is too no collar for his own good.

On day 6, it’s time once again for an #ImmunityChallenge. They’re out on the water on three platforms. The others see that So was voted out at Tribal. They have to swim to another platform and move buoys through an obstacles then swim to a final platform. Five buoys have to be released then thrown in a basket. The first team will win a massive fishing gear set and the second place gets line, lures and a spear. Blue and no collar sit out people. Kelly sits out for blue collar and no collar sits out Nina.

Jeff is surprised that Dan isn’t sitting out but he says he’ll surprise him for a fat guy. We’ll see. They start and Vince is in first, Dan is close behind. Vince and Dan are ahead of Tyler but Vince is first. Dan is close behind. They swim to the last platform. There’s another obstacle to go through with the buoy. Vince clears that one and then Dan. Tyler is falling behind. Vince is stuck at the end and Dan gets the drop on him. Blue collar is in the lead followed by no collar.

Carol is working hard for white collar trying to catch up. Sierra is in it for blue collar. Hayley is up and no collar has a strong lead. Sierra lands then Carol. Jenn and Mike, no collar and blue collar are neck and neck and white collar Max is lagging. Will hits the water for no collar and Lindsey for blue collar. Shirin hops in for white collar. Shirin is trying to make up time and Will is slowing down. Lindsey takes first for blue collar.

Rodney is in the water for blue collar while Will is stuck. Shirin pulls ahead of Will. Will’s rope is tangled and white collar is able to take second. Joaquin and Rodney are in for white and blue and Will finally gets three. White collar will be first to finish despite a slow start. White collar starts untying their ropes for the last phase. Joe is flying through it for no collar. Rodney gets back for blue and they start untying. Blue collar starts shooting.

White collar has two baskets scored. No collar starts to shoot. Blue collar scores their first. Joaquin lands their thirds basket. No collar is struggling. Joaquin lands its fourth. Sierra scores third for blue collar. Joaquin wins it. Vince is totally blowing it for no collar. Sierra lands her fourth. Sierra wins it for blue collar. No collar will have to go to Tribal Council and it’s all on Vince as far as I can see. White White collar takes first and blue collar takes second.

Back at the no collar camp, things aren’t pretty. Hali says it was a group failure. She says it’s going to be interesting and says decisions aren’t their tribe’s strength. Will is exhausted from the challenge and Vince tells Nina that Will is falling apart and was up all last night. They wonder if he just has poor health. Vince says they’re all hungry and tired but Will is not doing well. However, Vince wants to try and blind side Joe as a power move.

Nina says they need to stick with Will or they will all be sent home. She says she knows the girls want her out after she blew up. Nina goes to talk to Will to see how he’s doing. Joe talks to Will and Jenn. They discuss voting out Vince. Jenn says she doesn’t trust him. Joe says he’s nervous about Nina. Will asks if they want Vince or Nina first and Joe says they should go after Nina as the weakest link since she’s 54 and has hearing problems.

Joe says if he was her, he’d be looking for the idol. They decide to split the vote for Nina and Vince in case someone has an idol. Joe says he hopes Will is being honest with them and says he’s seen him spending a lot of time with Nina. Will doesn’t want to vote Nina out and says he feels odd man out since he’s the only minority. He says since they’re splitting the vote, the three of them can vote out who they want and can take over the tribe.

Vince really wants to get rid of Joe but says he’s strong in challenges so they need that asset value. Vince then says he doesn’t trust Jenn at all and Will says Jenn definitely wants Vince gone. Will tells Vince to trust him. Will then goes to Nina and says they’re going to vote Jenn out. She asks Will how he’s feeling. She asks about his health and he says he’s fine. He asks if she’s changing her vote then she says Vince says he’s worried about his health. Will is now annoyed at Vince.

He says he did a lot better in the first challenge than Vince. Will wonders if Vince is trying to blind side him but Nina says he’s not. Will wonders if he should trust Vince or Joe and says he’s the swing vote. They all head to #TribalCouncil and get their torches. Jeff asks Nina about group dynamics. She says she saw Hali and Jenn together then Joe teaming up with them. She says she and Will were hanging out because the younger players weren’t hanging out with her.

Nina says it’s hard because she can’t always hear and doesn’t want to be annoying by asking people to repeat things. Jenn says she hasn’t been around someone that’s hard of hearing and says she has compassion but they’re in a game. Vince says he likes cohesion and says he wants to be the glue. Joe rolls his eyes. Joe says he and Vince have been feeling each other out and says Vince will land where he needs to and the person that needs to go home will.

Jenn says of course she’s with Hali and Joe. She says they need to keep the numbers up so they don’t keep losing. She says some people don’t do as well in challenges and they need to keep the tribe strong. Will says water is the black man’s kryptonite and says it got him today. Will says they talked about making a split but says you don’t know who you can trust in this game. Jenn says the worst thing you can be in this game is comfortable.

Jenn says she’s been watching Tribal Council since she was 8 and can’t believe she’s sitting in front of Jeff. He calls for the vote and says it sounds like it’s going to be a big vote early in the game. Nina goes to vote first and she votes for Jenn. We see Jenn vote for “Vincelot.” We see Joe vote for Nina saying she’s not the strongest player on the tribe. We don’t see any other votes. Jeff goes to tally the votes then comes back and asks if anyone has an immunity idol. No one has one.

The votes are read: Jenn, Vince, Nina, Jenn, Vince. The last vote is for Vince. Nina looks at Will and asks if he voted for Vince. He looks away. Jeff snuffs out Vince’s torch and sends him packing. Captain Featherhair is gone. (sniffle – he was such good TV) After his ousting, Vince says they made a good move because he was going to take them all out and says it was a great experience (blah blah other hippy stuff).