Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap Shirin Voted Out, Sent to Jury: Season 30 Episode 11 “Survivor Russian Roulette”

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap Shirin Voted Out, Sent to Jury: Season 30 Episode 11 "Survivor Russian Roulette"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart airs with an all new Wednesday April 29 season 30 episode 11 called, “Survivor Russian Roulette,” and we have your weekly recap below! Tonight, a twist at the immunity challenge creates a two-way race for security in the game; and one player uses his entire body as a bridge during a reward challenge.

On the last episode, a key advantage gave one castaway a game-changing opportunity, and another castaway lashed out when their integrity was questioned. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “a twist at the immunity challenge creates a two-way race for security in the game, and one castaway uses his entire body as a bridge during a reward challenge. Also, a crazy tribal council becomes confrontational.”

Tonight’s season 30 episode 11 looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 30.

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#Survivor begins with Shirin and Mike on the beach. Dan, Tyler and Sierra chat about Mike busting them out for their backdoor deal. Dan refuses to believe that he’s at the bottom of his alliance and says he has “passive” schemes brewing. Dan goes to sit by Shirin later and she says what Will did to her was a verbal assault. She says she can’t handle men yelling at her. She says something is missing in Will’s brain if he doesn’t realize he was attacking her. She says he’s either dumb or cruel.

Dan says he’s sorry about last night’s Tribal. She asks what part and he says when she cried and says he had no idea. In private, Dan says Shirin is a two faced liar and drama queen who loves to play the victim. But in her face, he totally plays her. He says he does think Will went overboard, but says it was karma and she kind of had it coming – but to her, he’s all sympathy and understanding… Jerk! It’s time for the #RewardChallenge.

They get four barrels, two planks and some rope to move all their team members across a course. The reward is a catamaran sailing trip with bacon cheeseburgers and pie. He tells them to pick the teams. It’s Mike, Shirin, Sierra and Rodney versus Tyler, Dan, Carolyn and Will. They start and one group is lying the barrels on their side while the other has them straight up. Mike lays them out and gets the plank on it. The red team is going slower but being more conservative.

Mike is using his whole body for the challenge. Tyler and Carolyn are running the other. The teams are pretty much neck and neck. Mike gets tired and says they need to change it up. The red team pulls ahead and Mike almost falls. Red is two barrels ahead. Blue touches their planks and has to go back about eight feet. Sierra decides to barrel roll toward the end. They all decide to try it. Mike falls and they have to go back. Red is inching toward the finish.

Red lands it – that’s Tyler, Carolyn, Dan and Will for the reward win. I would not have thought it since they had three of the oldest and most out of shape participants. Dan says he feels bad for Rodney because he’s been on no rewards. Jeff says Dan can give up his spot but he doesn’t. Carolyn says Dan is a loose cannon and they want to keep him tethered so he doesn’t go back to Mike. She’s happy he’ll be on reward with them to keep him close to the alliance herd.

Back at the camp, the losing team decides to eat a chicken. Mike says they had a lead and lost it. He says he was doing all the work while the others stood around and watched and it was a losing strategy. He says even if they’re mad at him, they were already all against him. Rodney talks about how shaky and hungry he is and says he’s miserable. It’s his birthday and he’s down. He says everyone has had a break and says he needs some Rodney time for his sanity.

Sierra tells Rodney that Tyler is going to win this game and says the jury will vote for him. Rodney pushes back and says he doesn’t trust Shirin. Sierra says Tyler wins immunities and schemes and plans and says Shirin would vote with them. She says if they took Shirin to the end, no one would vote for her. She’s trying not to be another Mike. Rodney is now concerned about Sierra and wants to get Mike and Shirin out next.

On the catamaran, Dan says they won because Mike wasn’t in them and says there’s no Mike in team. Tyler says it’s nice because there’s no Mike and Shirin there and they can put the game on pause. Dan says the next immunity Mike loses, he’s out of there. They get their burgers and fries and they all dig in. Dan continues to trash talk Mike and says he thinks they were all plotting against him. Tyler says Mike is a threat and says they were planning on voting him out but not like he said.

Tyler says in private, that Dan has no clue that Mike was truth telling and he just didn’t listen. Tyler says to Dan that he can’t believe Mike decided to go against them and team up with Shirin. Dan falls for all their lines and seems fat, dumb and happy. Next up is the #ImmunityChallenge. Jeff takes back the immunity necklace from Mike and says today’s challenge is holding a rope handle with a bag with 25% of their body weight. When they lose their grip, a bucket of water douses them and they’re out.

Jeff says there are two immunity necklaces tonight – one each for the last male and last female standing. They all get started and roll their handle back to release the weight. The 25% of their body weight was from day one and they’re now at day 29 which means it’s more than 25% of their current weight. Jeff says they’ll feel this in their back and then the skin on their hands will start tearing. All except Rodney are standing – he kneels.

After 15 minutes, they’re all still in it but Sierra is struggling and her bag is dropping. She says it’s sweaty palms. Sierra’s is slipping and she loses it and gets soaked. Carolyn and Shirin are now in a battle for the female immunity slot. Tyler is struggling for the men and loses it. Will’s is slipping and he’s out. That leaves Dan, Rodney and Mike. Dan is losing it and he’s about to be out of it. Shirin is struggling. Dan is struggling and has to let go. He’s soaked and out.

Shirin’s bag is dropping and she loses it. Carolyn wins immunity for the women and lets her bag go since she’s got it. It’s Rodney and Mike now for the men. Rodney crouches and tries to get a better grip. Mike is still standing. Dan tries to encourage Rodney to hang in there. Rodney’s bag is dropping a bit. Rodney stands and tries to pull his back. Dan says Mike is twitching. Rodney’s bag drops some more and Dan tells Rodney to dig in. Rodney crouches again.

Rodney is really struggling now and Mike watches hoping. It drops, Rodney is soaked and he’s out. Mike won immunity again – second time in a row. Jeff gives Carolyn her immunity necklace and then puts the other on Mike and says he earned it back. So that means Sierra, Shirin, Rodney, Dan, Will and Tyler are on the chopping block tonight. Shirin is worried about how she can keep herself safe tonight at Tribal since the “axis of evil” is still solid.

The winners head back to camp after the challenge and Carolyn talks to Rodney to encourage him. She’s happy that Shirin didn’t get it. Carolyn tells the others they just need to all vote for Shirin and that’s it. Dan and Shirin walk away and she says she knows he doesn’t like or trust him but says they’re stupid to vote her out since she’s not a threat at challenges or to win. Dan thinks it would be great to set next to her at the end. She tells him that they can get her out at any point.

She says if Dan had any power in this game, he should find a way not to vote her out. Shirin then goes and tells Sierra there’s no reason to vote her out and Sierra says it’s what the alliance wants. Sierra asks who she thinks she should vote against and Shirin says Tyler is the biggest challenge threat. She says Sierra and Carolyn could take her to the end. Sierra wonders if she can get anyone with her to go after Tyler. And Tyler wonders what advantage Dan won and he wants a peek in his bag.

He takes Dan’s bag and goes to the tree mail area to check it out. He opens the box and sees that Dan has an extra vote. Then he goes and tells Carolyn about the advantage. Tyler tells her that Dan could use it now and says he might flip and go with Shirin and Mike. Then Dan and Mike talk and he asks how Dan is feeling. Dan says it would be easy for them to flip out an idol and go after him. Mike says it’s definitely a possibility. Mike is pleased that he’s safe.

He’s working on the next vote already and tells Dan that tonight may be the last night he could get Tyler out and says he won’t win against Tyler at the end. Mike says he thought Dan was his ally but he screwed it up and wants to show Dan that he’s loyal. He says Dan won’t give him a chance and he can see what kind of guy Dan is now. He tells Dan to just think about it and says they’ll have to turn on their alliance in the next vote anyway if he wins immunity.

Mike is considering giving his immunity idol to Shirin to save her and get Tyler out. They head out to #TribalCouncil. The jury comes in – Hali, Joe and Jenn who likes all smiley and happy. Jeff talks to Shirin first about the last Tribal. He says a lot of people talk about family back home and she says she and her mother are estranged and says it’s just her BF and his family and friends. Dan shakes his head and says he’s adopted and his wife and family. He says his scenario isn’t much different.

Jeff says being adopted is not like living with domestic violence. Shirin says Will verbally assaulted her. Dan says he wasn’t there for it and says he told Shirin he was sorry. Shirin says no one that was there has told Will that he was wrong and should apologize. Jeff asks Will why not apologize and Will says this is just the game. Shirin says they are going to be dumb tonight and send her home when she’s not threat when Tyler is a huge threat to all of them.

She says they just want to follow the numbers and are going to lose a million dollars. Tyler says his alliance knows he’s strong with them. Jeff says it’s a good point. Sierra says Shirin is 100% right but she’s just one vote and can’t change anything. Shirin says if she can’t move her alliance, she has no power. Carolyn says they have a six strong alliance and says it could be the worst decision of her life. Mike says he has to keep winning and if he wins more time, they will have to cannibalize themselves.

Mike tells Sierra, Rodney and Dan that they should vote for Tyler to get themselves further. Tyler says Mike isn’t loyal and can’t be trusted. Tyler says being a smarter player means you look at the alliance and how you can just shut up, tune out the nonsense and eliminate people. Jeff says or if someone who is on the bottom can make a move and says going out at six makes no sense. Dan and Rodney talk about how Mike cut himself out of the alliance.

Dan says Mike and Shirin will say anything to stay in the game because they’re desperate. He asks if Mike and Shirin have any last words. Mike digs in his bag and says he and Shirin are not going home tonight. He pulls out a hidden immunity idol for Shirin. The jury starts laughing. He says Shirin is voting for Tyler, he’s voting for one of the others and they can decide who to vote against. He says he’s forcing the alliance to tear themselves apart tonight.

Jeff reiterates what Mike says he did and calls it Survivor Russian Roulette. So basically, none of them know who Mike is voting for and if they don’t vote for Tyler, it could be them. Shirin goes and votes for Tyler as Mike told her to do. Tyler votes and says he hopes this works. The others go and vote. I wonder if he still voted for Shirin hoping Mike wouldn’t really play the idol. Jeff goes to count the votes. He comes back and calls for hidden immunity idols.

Mike thinks and then tucks the idol into his pocket and doesn’t play it. The votes are: Tyler, Shirin, Dan, Tyler, Shirin, Dan. The jury is all into this. Next is Shirin and that puts her in the lead. Shirin gets voted out. Mike’s ploy didn’t work but at least he let them know that he has an immunity idol. Mike tells the others that Dan still has two votes. Shirin says she’s so excited to see what happens next and goes out smiling. She waves bye at them and Mike is the only one that says goodbye.

Jeff says he’s confused and says for all their talk about a tight six, the votes say otherwise – one of the alliance voted for Dan and one for Tyler. In the vote, we see that Tyler and Will are the ones who voted for Dan and Mike and Shirin both voted for Tyler. Mike lied about voting for someone else. Mike’s strategy was to break the group up and if Dan has any sense, he now knows that he’s on the bottom. But will he figure it out? Shirin says she has no hard feelings against Mike for not playing his idol. She’s excited to be on the jury and watch what unfolds.