Survivor Second Chance Spoilers: Jeff Varner Surivor Australian Outback Interview #VoteVarner

Survivor Second Chance Spoilers: Jeff Varner Surivor Australian Outback  Interview #VoteVarner

Survivor Second Chance spoilers provide an interview with Jeff Varner and explain why he should get your vote! Every now and then, you get the chance to try again in life. Former Survivor Australian Outback contestant Jeff Varner is hopeful for just such another chance. Along with 31 other former Survivor alumni, Jeff is trying to start all over again. Right now and every single day leading up to the Survivor finale on May 20th, you can vote for Jeff Varner (#VoteVarner) and your favorite Survivors from days past.

I was lucky enough to snag an interview with Jeff and ask him a few questions about his hopes for the coming season. Here are his unedited answers provided just for the fans here at CDL:

CDL: What was your favorite part of Survivor Australia Outback?

Jeff : The country, the land, the magical nature of it all.  The outback is spectacular.  Aussies don’t take themselves so seriously, like me.  They have a randy sense of humor, like me.  So just being in the country for a period of time, I always felt I was among friends and cool people.

CDL: Why do you think you deserve another shot?

Jeff: I was a victim of circumstance.  A teammate falling in a fire.  A rule that didn’t help anyone.  One stupid mistake in an otherwise clean game.  I’d like the opportunity to do it again with a clean slate.

CDL: 21 days was a good run the first time around….what do you think your mistakes were the first time?

Jeff: I jumped off a pole for peanut butter.  Huge mistake.  It cost me my game, but mostly because of a rule that had previous votes count against you in the event of a tie.  That rule is gone.  They got rid of it quickly because it screwed good people.  But ultimately, I jumped off a pole and gave it away.  Big mistake.

CDL: Do you still stay in touch with any Survivor contemporaries?

Jeff: A few.  It’s been 15 years, so think about how many people from high school you still talk to.  You don’t keep in touch with them, but you’re bonded forever so you can call them at any time and have a conversation and all is well.  There are very few I despise.  Let me say that.

CDL: Are you in shape and ready for the challenges?

Jeff: My man boobs are oiled and ready.  My beer gut is poised and polished.  Underneath both are pecs and a core, so yes?  LOL!

CDL: What parts of Survivor are the hardest? The people or the environment?

Jeff: Both are equally difficult.  I don’t know what the island environment will be like.  I was in the Outback, so the environment of this one is very different.  But the people and their motivations are the same.  Both, I suspect, will be challenging.

CDL: Do you have anything special you would like to let the voters know?

Jeff: I’d love this opportunity and am very grateful to be selected as part of this pool for consideration.  Please vote.  Of all the dudes on the list waiting for their second chance, I’ve waited the longest.  The game, more than my own behavior, did me in.  So I’m asking for a vote.  You have time.  A vote a day for every email you own.  GO!

A huge thank  you goes out to Jeff for taking the time to talk with us here at CDL. Always a class act, you need to get out there and vote! Jeff has been waiting longer than any other contestant to get back and we need to help him get there.

Head over to right here and #VoteVarner every single day between now and the 20th of May!