Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap – Triumph at Tribal – Dan Voted Off: Season 30 Episode 13 “My Word Is My Bond”

Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart Recap - Triumph at Tribal - Dan Voted Off: Season 30 Episode 13 "My Word Is My Bond"

Tonight on CBS their Emmy Award-winning series Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart airs with an all new Wednesday May 13 season 30 episode 13 called, “My Word Is My Bond,” and we have your weekly recap below! Tonight, another castaway is voted out of the game.

On the last episode, a reward challenge gave the winning castaways a chance to deliver supplied to a local orphanage. Later, players had to scramble after a crazy tribal council left some on the outs. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “with only six castaways left in the game, immunity is more important than ever. Also, castaways are puzzled at a tough reward challenge and a strong alliance begins to crumble.”

Tonight’s season 30 episode 13 looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s Survivor 2015 Worlds Apart episode at 8:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 30.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#Survivor begins after #TribalCouncil. Mike says Tribal tonight was fun because he broke apart the six. He thanks the others for the four votes against him. Mike now says he has to find another idol or win immunity every time. Dan says everyone wants Mike gone because he’s selfish and self-centered. Dan won’t even talk to Mike as he lights the fire. He says Mike wants to be the hero and is arrogant and condescending. Dan talks about his advantage and how that puts him in a power position.

Carolyn says she doesn’t trust Dan and thinks he’s the biggest threat aside from Dan. She has an idol but that will only save her once. She wants to use Mike in case something happens and to give her options. She tells Mike that Dan needs to go and she tells Mike what the advantage is – that Dan has an extra vote. He says he doesn’t get it and she explains that he has two votes at Tribal. Mike is thrilled that Carolyn told him and hopes they can work together to eliminate other threats.

Mike says that’s huge when numbers are this low. Carolyn has stuff working on both sides but plans to turn on Mike if he doesn’t win immunity this time. At the #RewardChallenge, Jeff welcomes everyone and says they will split into two teams of three and will race through obstacles, untie knots to release a door, then chop a rope to get pieces to a word puzzle. The first team with to finish wins. They’ll win food and a helicopter around the island.

Rodney says he’s waking up nauseous and says maybe someone will let him go in their place. Jeff asks if he’s feeling entitled and that he thinks that people should give him something. He brings up the birthday thing again and says a friend told him that he could have theirs. Mike says it’s tough to see Rodney struggling but says the best approach is to win. The teams are: Dan, Sierra and Rodney are blue and Mike, Carolyn and Will are red.

They run to the first obstacles. They are even except Dan is struggling. They have to wait at the end of each obstacle for the last person. Dan and Will are the lagging problems. They all work on their knots and blue gets their knots done first but red is close. Dan and Mike are working on the hatchets and Dan gets done first. Mike is close behind. Now the puzzle pieces drop and they have to look for pieces with letters on them.

Jeff says it’s a phrase they’re looking for and the two teams scramble. Jeff tells them to use their Survivor knowledge. Both teams are stumped after 30 minutes. 15 more minutes pass. Jeff says it’s not Harvard and to stop thinking about grammar. They are one hour in with no solution. Jeff says it’s the longest word puzzle in the history of the game. Carolyn figures it out – it’s “You’ve Won the Reward With All the Fixins.” That’s what Jeff always says when they get food.

Carolyn looks over at the blue team and Jeff asks if she’s good to go. She says it’s hard for her right now and she’s thinking about giving her reward to Rodney. She says she’s not sure yet. Jeff tells her it’s a social game because if Rodney is on the jury, it could give her a vote. Then Jeff says Rodney could get food and it could give him energy to make it to the end. Carolyn decides to keep her reward. Rodney is aggravated.

Carolyn says she feels bad that she can’t give it up but says it’s her Survivor experience. She’s only missed one reward so far. Mike is excited because he’s never been in a helicopter. They fly around the region and fly near a volcano. Will is thrilled as they fly over an active volcano. Mike comments that they’ve got a blue collar, white collar and no collar together. Carolyn says it’s fabulous. They land then head to a buffet of food. Carolyn says it was the best reward ever.

Mike tells them his mind feels sharper and Will says he’s getting stronger. Mike suggests them going to the final three together. Carolyn likes that idea since there’s one of each collar. Mike asks Will what he thinks. Will says Mike is public enemy number one and thinks that Mike is scrambling. He still wants to get rid of Mike because he’s the biggest threat. Mike begs them not to let Rodney beat him if nothing else. Mike says he’s the only Survivor he’s ever seen beg others for rewards.

Carolyn agrees that Rodney shouldn’t be pressuring her to give up what she won. Back at the camp, Rodney tells Sierra he’s so mad and then complains about Carolyn. He says she screwed him over twice and says he’s going to take her out as soon as he gets Mike out. Dan says the surf and turf helicopter reward makes them all jealous because they’re hungry. He finds some sort of melons and brings them back to camp. He doesn’t know what they are or if they’re any good.

Dan says he’s going to cut it open so they can see. Rodney says he feels like he got a reward. They eat the fruit and agree that it’s good. Sierra talks to them about voting Mike then Carolyn. Rodney is focused on Mike and says he’s coming at him full force.

The remaining Survivors get tree mail about coordination and a delicate touch for the next challenge. Dan says if Mike wins again, they’ll have to turn on each other. Mike goes to chat with Sierra and says Dan will not take Sierra or Carolyn with him since he can’t beat either of them and says he’ll take Rodney and Will with them. Sierra knows that Dan could use his advantage for or against her. But she doesn’t want to sit next to Mike at the end.

Looks like if Mike doesn’t win immunity, he’s likely going home tonight. Jeff explains they have to use a grappling hook to get balls in bags for the #ImmunityChallenge. Then, with the ball, they have to navigate a table maze. They start. Dan is the first to get a bag. Will snags one too. Mike then gets one. Sierra and Carolyn are next then Rodney. Sierra takes bag two first then Mike and Dan. Mike hooks his last bag and can now head to the maze.

Rodney is not doing well. Carolyn snags her second and Dan his third. Dan runs for his table maze. Dan and Mike are on their table maze. Rodney can’t even throw his grappling hook and keeps hitting his stand. Dan and Mike are neck and neck. Mike drops his ball and has to start over. Then Mike drops again. Sierra gets her third and races for the maze. Three blue collars are at the tables. Dan drops his ball. Mike is now going slower. Dan drops again and curses then Sierra does too.

Will gets his third and heads for the maze. Mike is doing well and is close. Will drops his ball and has to restart. Sierra is catching up. Mike circles the final hole and Sierra is close on his heels. Sierra is neck and neck with him but Mike nails it and wins individual immunity which guarantees him a spot in the final five. It doesn’t look like Rodney and Carolyn even made it to the maze stage. Jeff tells the others he’ll see them at Tribal. Mike is thrilled to win his third individual immunity.

Back at camp, the others grudgingly congratulate Mike. Dan is frustrated and thinks he’s unbeatable. Dan says they knew they would have to turn on each other and wants to go after Carolyn since she plays a good social game and is good in challenge. Will, Sierra and Rodney agree to vote for Carolyn but tell him they’re going to say Dan so she doesn’t panic. However, Sierra thinks to herself that they should go after Dan because of his advantage.

The others ask Mike, once Dan is gone, who he’s thinking and ask if he’ll vote for Dan. Mike is suspicious and thinks he should vote for someone else just to mess with them and their plans. Mike then goes and tells Dan that his alliance is gunning for him and asks what he wants him to do. Dan thinks Mike has gall to offer to save him. Dan says he can’t believe Mike but then he privately wonders if the alliance would vote against him. He thinks he’d rather go down swinging.

Dan says he can’t trust Mike who thinks Dan is being uppity. His attitude makes Dan think that he wants to take Will and Rodney to the end. Mike then thinks he’s targeting one of the girls. Mike comes to talk to Sierra and Carolyn and points out that Dan and Rodney are sleeping and says that tells you who feels safe. He says that is Survivor code for I’m not going and don’t have to work. He says Dan is voting for one of them tonight with the other guys. He tells Carolyn he thinks it’s her.

Carolyn tells Sierra that Mike is being psycho. Carolyn wonders that Mike might be right. She racks her brain to decide if she can trust them but doesn’t want to waste her idol if she’s sure they’re going after Dan. At #TribalCouncil, the Survivors then jury comes in – Hali, Joe, Jenn, Shirin and Tyler. Jeff then brings up trust. He asks Mike about his vantage point of not having to worry. He asks Mike if the group has trust. Mike says there are some people not feeling it but he’s their common enemy.

He says the common enemy helps you bond but says he saw some scrambling. Rodney starts to speak but then gets muddled. He’s not thinking clearly because he’s fatigued and hungry and says that affects your decision making. He asks Jeff to repeat the question. Rodney says one minute you think you can and then you can’t. He says you have to stick with your alliance. Carolyn says you want to trust but knows her head is on the chopping block because everyone is scrambling to save themselves.

He asks Dan if Carolyn has a reason to be scared since she dominates in challenges. Dan says he knows his head is on the chopping block too and says there’s a time to make a move. Will says Mike keeps winning immunity and Dan has an advantage that they don’t know what it is. Rodney says the advantage is a strong arm tactic. He says it gets scary with less people there. Jeff asks Sierra what the talk is about advantages and idols. She says you don’t want to walk out with an advantage.

Dan says it would be a good night to use it but next time could be better. He says he’s back and forth on it. Jeff calls for the vote then says he’s going to count them and then Dan stops him to play his advantage. Jeff says Dan has a second vote which means there are seven votes. He tells Dan to vote again – he does – then Dan goes to count. Jeff comes back and calls for hidden immunity idols. Carolyn plays her immunity idol. Will and Dan look shocked.

Carolyn hands hers over and changes the game. Shirin and Jenn are grinning. Votes are: Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, Carolyn, (Carolyn whoops mid vote), Carolyn, Dan, Dan. He heads out of the game and now Carolyn knows she can’t trust her alliance at all. Joe grins as he goes. Jeff says this is anybody’s game. They head out. Woot woot! So glad to see annoying nutcase Dan gone!! Woo hoo!! Dan says he came to have fun, be remembered and win but says at least he accomplished the first two. He says he has no regrets.