Teen Mom OG Recap 4/27/15: Season 5 Episode 6 “The F Bomb”

Teen Mom OG Recap 4/27/15: Season 5 Episode 6 "The F Bomb"

Tonight on MTV their series Teen Mom OG continues with an all new Monday April 27, season 5 episode 6 called “The F Bomb” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Cate has gestational diabetes; Farrah struggles with her mom’s visit; Amber reveals her relationship with her boyfriend.

On the last episode, Cate and Tyler met with Brandon and Teresa; Maci told Ryan and his family that she was having a baby with Taylor; Amber confronted Gary about his flirting; and Farrah was hurt that she wasn’t included in the season at its start. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the MTV synopsis, “Cate has gestational diabetes; Farrah struggles with her mom’s visit; Amber reveals her relationship with her boyfriend; and Maci decides to leave the show after learning that Farrah is back.”

It sounds like Teen Mom is going to be an awesome new show. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Teen Mom OG at 8PM ET!

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On #TeenMomOG, Farrah’s mom Debra is with Sophia who is jumping on the bed. Farrah says her friend is coming over to paint and says to not be in the way. Paola shows up and Debra says hi to her. They sit down with Sophia to paint. Sophia talks about her new boyfriend at school and Farrah says she’s had a tough time dating but then says she met a really nice guy who wants her to be his GF. She shows her a photo of him and says he does real estate. She says she hasn’t loved anyone but Sophia’s dad.

We see flashback to Farrah having Sophia and talking about raising Sophia with her parents. We see Debra yelling at her and whacking her. Then we see Farrah telling them she was moving to Florida with her. She says she had a “sex tape scandal” – doesn’t she mean she made a porno and sold it? Farrah talks more about Simon and says maybe Sophia will get a little sister. Over at Amber’s, the crew assembles and knocks on the door. Co-executive producer Larry is there.

Leah lets them in and they ask Amber what’s up. Larry tells her that there’s big news about the show and tells her that the other producers are telling Cate and Maci. He says they’ve all been feeling that there was something missing from the show and she asks if it’s Farrah. He says they invited her back and she says good and says Farrah should not have been kicked off in the first place. She says she doesn’t like her but says she went to prison and they didn’t kick her off.

He asks how Cate and Maci will react. Amber says she doesn’t know. Catelynn and Tyler get a visit from executive producer Dia. She says they’re bringing back Farrah and they laugh and say they knew it. Cate says it doesn’t bother her at all and says Farrah can be a good person but just has a lot of issues. They decide to call Amber. Tyler asks if she heard and Amber says she’s good with it and Cate says they are too. Larry says Farrah really wanted to change her ways.

Tyler says they filmed all kinds of crazy stuff with Amber and she’s fine now. They wonder how Maci will feel and they all laugh and speculate. Over at Maci and Taylor’s house, exec producer Morgan breaks the news to her. He says they decided to bring Farrah back. She says he’s lying and he says no. She says if that’s true, she’s done and won’t do it anymore. She says she won’t have her six year old son on a show with someone who did porn on TV.

Morgan says she’s nowhere near Bentley. Taylor says he thinks Maci is trying to build a positive message about young motherhood but Farrah brings her backwards. Maci says her feelings are hurt. Morgan says they didn’t intend to hurt her feelings and Maci says that’s the last reaction they’ll get out of here and says she won’t be talked into it. She says she and Taylor are on the same page and she’s pissed off and done. Maci says they can all leave because she’s done.

Cate called Maci and Dia tells her that Maci is threatening to quit. Tyler says he thought she might say that and asks what’s now. Dia says she doesn’t know. Cate says she texted her about it but Tyler says controversy is good for reality show ratings. Cate says Maci will come around and thinks Maci is being a diva. Cate and Tyler head to the doctor to get her glucose tests results and she says she gained more weight than they wanted her to. Kiki, another producer, says she can’t film the doctor and says she’ll see them at the house.

Amber, Tyler’s sister, shows up and Cate says she just found out she has gestational diabetes and all the complications it could cause. Amber says every pregnancy is different. Cate says she’s 3 cm and 70% effaced. She’s 37 weeks. Heather heads in to talk to Amber and ask her about her boyfriend. She says he’s a DJ and says she fell in love with him but didn’t want him on TV so she’s been hiding him from them. She says her mom loves him and Gary has even met him.

She says he moved in with his two dogs and they’re happy. Amber tells her she’s scared about being in a new relationship. Matt the BF comes down and Heather gives him a hug. Amber says they met on Twitter and he says they talked on the phone with hours. He says he’s from Boston but it didn’t feel like home there without Amber. He says he’s an ex-addict too and Amber says they have a lot in common. He’s 19 years older than her but says they have a lot.

Heather says they were gone for two weeks and suddenly they’re in love. Matt says imagine what will happen in another two weeks. Jeanie, Farrah’s neighbor has become a friend and is watching Sophia while Farrah is getting a follow up about her messed up lip implants. Producer Heather asks her about it and she says it’s healing but still swollen. Farrah gets a text and says her mom wants money for a face lift. She calls her mom and she asks how much it is. She says it’s $8k.

Farrah says it’s fine and asks if she needs a credit card. Then Farrah says her mom has to pay her back. Debra says she will and thanks her. Farrah tells her to budget for it and make a plan. Farrah tells Heather says you shouldn’t do plastic surgery if you can’t afford it and says she knows her mom won’t pay her back. Farrah says she can afford what she does but says her mom is wasting her time. Ryan shows up to talk to his parents and Jen says Maci is quitting the show because of Farrah.

Kiki, the producer, tells Ryan they didn’t do that when he says they went behind their backs to make a deal with her. Kiki reminds them they gave Amber another chance since she was a convicted felon. His dad tells Ryan that all of the kids made mistakes. He tells Jen that Ryan’s head is as hard as the table. Matt tells Amber there’s a lot of corn and she says it’s Indiana. Then he asks what a hoosier is. Over at Gary’s, he’s cuddling with Leah when Amber calls.

She asks if heard Farrah is back and he says it’s cool. She asks if she can have Leah overnight and he tells her not to send Leah to school looking ghetto with a Payless bag and a decent lunch. Amber says she knows what to do. She asks if this is real and says she knows how to fix a lunch. She throws the phone and curses then hangs up. Then Gary texts her and says she owes him an apology before she can have Leah. Matt says that’s unacceptable. Matt says he wants to talk to Gary about this.

Over at Cate’s, she’s testing her blood and has to watch what she eats. She’s excited about the baby shower today and Tyler says second baby, first time parents is strange. They get everything ready. Her mom April is there. Sara, her sister is there and April says she has to be careful with what she ears. Care says she doesn’t care for today. She and Tyler open gifts. His mom Kim is there. Cate tests her sugar and it comes in at 107 after she ate carbs at the party.

Michael shows up to see Sophia and Farrah says they get along better now that her dad isn’t living with her. Debra says she loves Seattle but doesn’t want to be away from Farrah and Sophia. She says she may move down there too. She says she wants to stay with them for a while. Michael and Farrah have dinner together and they reminisce over the last year. He tells her that Debra is thinking about moving down to Austin. Farrah says she doesn’t want to support her parents financially.

Michael says family supports family but she says to give her a break. Farrah says she likes her family around and supportive but says her parents and the other motherf-kers in the family don’t support her. Michael says this was supposed to be a positive conversation and says she’s being realistic. Farrah says she doesn’t want any more negative influences and says she’s thankful that her success protects her. Ryan meets with his buddy Nick and they talk about going out. He says Shelby and he broke up.

The producer asks if Ryan has talked to Maci lately. Ryan asks the camera operator if he thinks this is repetitive. Nick asks if he and crazy Maci are good and Ryan tells Nick she wants to quit because of Farrah. Ryan says Farrah does porn and sells flesh copies of her vagina. Nick asks how many he bought and Ryan says he has morals and she’s nasty then they start hollering at chicks on the street. Matt meets up with Gary at the park for a chat.

He says when Gary texted and called Amber a bitch, it made him mad. He says that hurt Amber. He tells Gary he has all the power since he has custody. Gary says he doesn’t want to fight with Amber and Matt says he’s going to be around for awhile so he wants them to be clear communicators. Matt comes back and tells Amber it was fine. He says he liked talking to Gary and says they got along well. He says he was firm that he didn’t disrespect her and he says Gary apologized.

Amber says she’s glad that Matt is taking up for her. Farrah doesn’t want her mom moving in so she goes to get advice from the neighbor Jeanie. She says she loves her parents but cannot deal with this pressure. She says her mom is just using her and doesn’t know what’s going on with her. She says this won’t help their relationship. She says her mom is asking her for money for stuff and that makes her not want to see her. Jeanie says she doesn’t like seeing Amber so tense. Then they pray together.

Farrah says her mom is a threat to her happiness with Sophia and her safety. She says she can’t let her ruin her life. Sophia has a loose tooth and Farrah checks it out. Cate and Tyler go out to eat but she’s watching her diet more carefully. Tyler talks about her weight after pregnancy. She says she may never get back to her high school weight and he says she’ll be beautiful no matter what. Cate packs her hospital bag and diapers and clothes for Nova. She says she could come at any time.

Tyler asks if she’s nervous and she says she wishes he could go through this but he says he’s glad he can’t. He tells her they’re going to be good parents and she agrees. Over at Amber’s, Matt and Amber go pick up Leah. She hops into the car and hugs Matt. Gary sends them off politely. Leah teases Matt about the way he pronounces car – it’s “cah.” They take his dogs out for a walk then go back inside. Heather asks if Matt is going back to Boston and he says he got rid of his apartment there.

Amber says it just got real. She asks if this is what he wants and he says it seems to be working out. Amber says it’s his home now with her and he smiles. Farrah video chats with Simon and she tells him that she wants to talk about her mom. She asks if he would have his parents live with him and he says he wouldn’t mind. She says they’re probably different than hers. The call cuts off and she complains. Debra is at the house and comes looking for Farrah in her closet. She asks if she needs help.

She tells her something she can do to help sort her clothes. Debra says she likes Seattle but says she misses them and wants to move there and be closer. Farrah asks where would she live and Farrah says she can’t have her there and says it didn’t work out with Michael. Farrah says Debra and Michael go job to job and Farrah says to make her plan and she can visit. Debra tells the producer she doesn’t want to move there to take Farrah’s freedom. She cries and says she wonders if she should stay or go.

Cate has acid reflux and tells Tyler she’s had eight contractions today. She says some were like three minutes apart. He says the baby is not waiting. Later, she says she thinks it’s time to go to the hospital. They get the bag and head out. They head to delivery. Tyler calls Butch to tell him they’re in delivery. His mom shows up and her family is there too. She says Nova is ready to come. We hear the baby crying but don’t see her.

We see Farrah playing with Sophia and Debra looking upset. Then we see Tyler and Cate at home with Nova. She says she’s perfect. We see Ryan was out at a restaurant. That’s it!