Teen Mom OG Recap 4/20/15: Season 5 Episode 5 “New Kids on the Block”

Teen Mom OG Recap 4/20/15: Season 5 Episode 5 "New Kids on the Block"

Tonight on MTV their series Teen Mom OG continues with an all new Monday April 20, season 5 episode 5 called “New Kids on the Block” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Cate and Tyler meet with Brandon and Teresa; Maci tells Ryan and his family that she’s having a baby with Taylor.

On the last episode, Cate learned that Brandon and Teresa wanted to discuss adoption issues; Maci and Taylor were expecting a baby; and Amber was shocked to discover that Gary was having a baby with Kristina. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the MTV synopsis, “Cate and Tyler meet with Brandon and Teresa; Maci tells Ryan and his family that she’s having a baby with Taylor; Amber confronts Gary about his flirting; and Farrah is hurt that she wasn’t included in the season at its start.”

It sounds like Teen Mom OG is going to be an awesome new show. Don’t forget to check CDL for our live recap of Teen Mom premiere at 8PM ET!

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so #TeenMomOG begins with Amber getting a call from Gary who asks if she’s okay. She says Gary is acting weird and calling her a lot. She goes to have dinner with Shawn, his GF Rachel and his family plus Krystal. She tells him that Kristina is pregnant and he asks if Gary is sure that it’s his. She says this means she will never get back with him and says this is not the worse thing that happened to her. He says it’s like she’s been released from the prison of her heart and makes her laugh.

Taylor puts Bentley to bed while Maci is out to speak at a university in Pennsylvania. She says she liked to hear that watching the show got girls on birth control or to wait to have sex. Someone shows her a tabloid article about her being engaged and she says she’s not. She tells Taylor the story that they’re engaged. She asks Adrian the producer if it’s going to be a big deal when the story breaks that she’s pregnant and says Ryan’s parents may be shocked.

She says it will make things more complicated. She says Bentley may even like having time with his grandparents more since he won’t have to compete with the baby. Catelynn says she’s working on her weight and talks about their trip to North Carolina to see Carly. They meet with Dawn, their adoption counselor who is going with them. She asks how they see the talk going. Tyler says he thinks they don’t understand what they’re going through.

He asks what is so bad about being in a more open situation. Dawn says it may not be bad or good or just about comfort and control. Catelynn says they need to talk to them about what their idea was and Dawn says they need to find a grace place and understand they have to come to peace with their decisions. Tyler admits he felt vindictive because he was frustrated. Dawn says they have to think about how this affects Carly. She says that’s who it’s about.

At Amber’s, Gary tries to call again. Her caller ID says “Gary the Hariy Fairy.” She tells her producer that he’s being flirty and asks if she misses his penis. She says it’s extra weird now that Kristina lives with him and she’s pregnant. She says he even sent her a photo of them together back from season one. She says the conversations needs to stop so she can move on and says they only need to talk about their daughter.

Catelynn and Tyler are heading to North Carolina to see Carly and her adoptive parents. He says he’s so excited about seeing her. He says it’s been over a year and he just wants to get the talk over with. He says he’s fine and says he just wants to say how he feels and says he had crazy anxiety last night. They wonder what the adoptive parents have to say and how they feel.

It’s Halloween the next day and Maci tells Taylor she wants to take Bentley trick or treating until Ryan comes to get him. He asks if she’s going to tell Ryan about the baby and what he might think. She says if they have time. They go trick or treating. Ryan shows up to pick him up and Maci says they have news and lets Bentley tell them. He says he’s going to be a big brother and Larry gives her a big hug. Larry hugs her and Ryan wishes Taylor luck. She says they can tell Ryan’s mother.

Gary’s mom Carol brings Leah to see Amber. She says she has photos for her from when she was in jail and asks how she’s doing. She tells Amber she loves her and asks if she’s okay with Gary and Kristina. She says it’s hard but it’s his life, not hers. Carol says Gary is unsure what he wants and Amber says he’s been calling her a lot and she needs it to all be done and over with. Carol says it’s like a storm brewing she can’t stop.

Gary calls and Amber takes the call since Leah is there. Heather goes to see what’s going on. Amber tells her he asked what she was thinking about and says Kristina is gone. She says he’s a f-ing douchebag and she doesn’t want him calling her. Heather asks if she’s angry and Amber says he needs to change his sh-t and stop calling her and saying stupid sh-t anymore.

Maci is trying to catch up on school work while Ryan has Bentley. Ryan tells his mom that Maci is pregnant. Jenn is shocked and he says they all seemed excited. She asks if they’re getting married and he says he didn’t ask that. He says Bentley may get his feelings hurt about it a little. Adrian the producer asks Ryan about Shelby and he says they’re not seeing each other. Larry says Ryan argues with everyone and Ryan says he may not be relationship material.

His mom says Shelby isn’t ready for a relationship with someone with a kid. Larry says maybe Ryan needs to tell women that he needs to focus on his son first. Ryan gets mad and pulls off his mic and says he didn’t agree to talk about any of this. His dad laughs about it because Ryan is mad that he didn’t want to be called onto the carpet about his break up with Shelby. His parents seem fine about the pregnancy and Larry says he really likes Taylor.

Catelynn and Tyler worry about meeting with Carly’s adoptive parents. They greet them warmly with hugs. Teresa says it’s this whole new scary thing and Dawn says they only talked about a semi-open adoption. Teresa says they agreed to a semi-open adoption because they liked Tyler and Catelynn. Tyler asks about posting on social media and asks if it’s about the cameras. Teresa says she doesn’t want anyone else posting their child’s photos on Facebook.

She says the child is theirs biologically theirs but in every other way, she’s theirs. He says he got bitter and that’s why he posted on Facebook. Tyler says he knows they could cut them off and Brandon says it would take a lot for them to do that. Teresa says there’s loss with adoption and says they couldn’t have their own children biologically and that was a loss too. Catelynn says after they gave up Carly, she just laid in bed and cried.

Teresa says the show makes things challenging for them and says strangers walk up to them. Brandon says they worry that Carly could grow up and want only Catelynn and Tyler and Tyler says or she could not want to know them at all. They talk about how each side feels and there seems to be an open dialog and a lot of feelings put out on the table so they can have some new understanding. Tyler and Catelynn agree they feel better. They’re going to see Carly off camera which they agree is fine with them.

Carly shows up but they don’t show her face. They have presents for her – it’s a big Elsa doll. And then Teresa has brought some of Carly’s baby things for Catelynn’s new baby. They are thrilled that Carly’s parents did that for them. Amber and Krystal take Leah to a pumpkin farm. Kristina has morning sickness and then Amber calls and asks Gary to come by and talk. He agrees. Kristina asks how Amber is dealing with the pregnancy news. He says she may be holding onto feelings.

Kristina says she thinks Gary is leading Amber on and giving her false hope and keeping Amber on the back burner. Kristina gets teary and says she feels like she’s not good enough for him and he keeps talking about the future is uncertain. She says maybe he’s not over Amber.

Maci is on a radio show and the host Brian Joyce tells her about the Grammy’s and Kanye acting out. She asks why Kanye is so obsessed with Beyonce. Maci meets Ashley for lunch and Maci says she was there once with Ryan on a date when she was 16. She tells her she told Ryan’s family about the baby. They talk about how tiny the baby is and how fast it’s growing.

Gary comes to talk to Amber alone while Kristina watches Leah. Amber says they will always love each other but there’s things he needs to stop doing. She says not to call and talk about his penis and their relationship. She says he made his choice and says to stick with it so she can have closure. He says he didn’t say he didn’t want the kid but said it was an accident. She says she doesn’t care about his life and Kristina and he’s making her crazy. She tells him to f-ing go.

She says she’s over it and says this is what he does to her. She tells him to go but he refuses. He says to let him speak since she invited him over but she begs him to go. She says this is the first time she’s yelled like this since she got out of jail. He refuses to go and she yells and yells and he finally goes. She says she’s done with him and he says until she calls him back over. He finally leaves.

Maci goes to pick up Bentley and is worried about how Jenn may react to her pregnancy news. She shows up and Jenn calls her mama. They ask if she’s getting married and if she was surprised. She says she was nervous to tell them and thinks of them as second parents.

Catelynn and Tyler are sad to say goodbye to Carly. Teresa and Catelynn swap nice goodbyes. Tyler says it was a good visit and was very productive. Teresa told Catelynn that she’ll love their new baby too. Tyler says seeing Carly has made him so excited about the new baby. They talk about grieving the loss off a child and thinks that will make them more patient parents.

The crew shows up at Farrah’s house to visit she and Sophia. She says they need a scene where she’s explaining why she’s coming back to Teen Mom. She says she’s over being judged. Debra, her mom is there, and hugs Heather the producer. She tells them she moved to Seattle and Michael is in Austin. Farrah says she doesn’t like that her mom is having a fake happy conversation. Michael shows up and Farrah is being awful to the producers.

Sophia asks her why she’s being angry and Heather asks if she wants them to go. Farrah says to take a break. Larry goes in to talk to Farrah so she doesn’t shut down production. Farrah asks why they can’t just be real about the entry and he says they need to introduce her and get started. She says they all agree that now she’s a part of it, the end. She says she went to counseling and won’t talk about it more. Larry says they all felt that it didn’t feel right without her.

Farrah says they make her f-ing mad. Sophia says she was happy then crying. Jenn says Farrah was rejected and outcast. Larry says he just wants her to articulate that. Sophia goes to check on her mom who’s crying. Larry says it’s great that Sophia is protective of her. Farrah thanks her for the hug and picks her up.

Amber watches Gary drive away. Tyler and Catelynn kiss. Ryan pouts. Maci cuddles with Bentley while Taylor watches. Heather tells Larry this was a fantastic way to restart with Farrah and is annoyed that Farrah is not participating the way she should.