The 100 Recap – Karma Finds Cage: Season 2 Finale “Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two”

The 100 Recap - Karma Finds Cage: Season 2 Finale "Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two"

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Wednesday March 11, season 2 finale called “Blood Must Have Blood, Part Two,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Jaha [Isaiah Washington] makes a surprising move in the conclusion of the two-part Season 2 finale.

On the last episode, Clarke and Lexa prepared for battle in Part 1 of the two-part Season 2 finale. Later, Octavia and Lincoln were forced to make a difficult decision. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Jaha makes a surprising move in the conclusion of the two-part Season 2 finale. Meanwhile, Clarke gets help from an unexpected source; and Lincoln seeks revenge”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 2 finale of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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On #The100, Jaha, Murphy and the others are in a boat rowing on the water. Murphy tells Jaha to get some rest. Craig stops rowing and Jaha says to get back on the oar. Murphy says he can row. Richards spots land. They see a light and Murphy whoops with joy. They start rowing more then they hear a sound and wonder what it is. They lose an oar and Richards is dragged away and eaten when he tries to retrieve it. Murphy got bit and asks Jaha what the hell that was. Jaha says they have to row now. The creature is breaking the boat apart. Craig flips and says they’re going to die. It looks like a giant eel thing. Jaha tells Murphy it’s gone and he stops rowing.

Octavia hears a sound and waits at the bottom of the tube. Fox’s body is dumped. She hears footsteps and pulls her sword but it’s Clarke who says they have to get in there. Octavia asks why Lexa sounded the retreat and Clarke says Lexa made a deal with the Mountain Men for her people and left. She asks about Lincoln and Clarke says they took Lincoln away. Octavia rants at her about trusting Lexa and letting a bomb drop on TonDC. Then Bellamy is there and hugs his sister. Monty is there too and Jasper. Maya is in the hazmat suit and he explains she’s with them. Bellamy says they need to talk to Dante but he’s in quarantine.

Maya is running short on oxygen and Jasper says it’s her last tank. The tanks are on level five and they can’t get in there. Octavia says they’ll help Maya while the others go for Dante. Indra tells her people to get sleep that are guarding Lincoln. He asks her how could she do this. She says she swore loyalty to the commander. Lincoln says Lexa dishonors them all by leaving their allies. She says Octavia made her choice and says he has to make his but says if he goes, Lexa will never take him back. She leaves him a knife and walks away.

In the dining hall, Cage walks around chatting with people and smiling. They tell him that Emerson is back and that he’s needed in the dorm. Raven and Wick are put with the other sky people. Emerson says he’s the only cured soldier left and says he can go after the others. Cage sees They have Abby, Kane and Nate’s dad. She demands to know where her daughter is and Cage says he’s sorry it had to come to this. One of the kids screams as his bone marrow is drilled out of him. They kill another kid and move on. They decide Raven is next and Wick begs them to take him instead.

Raven fights back viciously until they shock her still. They put the drill to her and she screams. Dante sits in his room when Bellamy and Clarke come in. Bellamy says they need his help. Monty took out the camera and Cage says no one is watching since they’re all on level five. Bellamy says they need to get their people out without killing everyone. Clarke says he won’t help them. Dante says he cut the power. Clarke says they left the turbines so they could be repaired and says they’re the good guys here. Dante asks what would have happened to his people.

Clarke says they need to get into the command center and they take Dante along at gun point. Jaha and Murphy make it to the shore. They see the lighthouse above. Jaha offers to help him and tells him he’s a survivor – they both are. Jaha says their destiny is out there. Murphy asks about Craig’s destiny. Jaha says they sacrificed a few to save the many. Murphy says he is a survivor and says that’s why he’s done following Jaha. He walks away from him inland but then falls down. Jaha says he’s lost too much blood. They hear a noise, a whirring sound. It’s one of the drones.

Jaha asks the drone to help them. Murphy says to just go without him since they both know that’s what he wants. Jaha says he’ll come back for him and runs after the drone. Murphy screams out that the promised land sucks. Cage says he told them there was nowhere there and she asks why he’s not with his people. He says deliverance comes at a cost and he bears it so they don’t have to. Bellamy says it was Dante’s idea to make the deal with the grounders. Jasper and Octavia take Maya to level five and she’s safe. Octavia asks if they can go now. Maya tells them to go but he says they need to kill Cage. Octavia agrees.

Monty pulls up the cameras and sees that Abby and the others are captive and that they’re killing Raven. Bellamy says to tell them to stop but Dante says he won’t. Clarke radios Emerson and says he knows who this is. She says to give the radio to Cage. He does. Monty tracks them on camera. Clarke tells Cage that she has his father and will kill him if he doesn’t let his people go. She holds out the radio but Dante says to stay the course. Cage says she won’t do it but Clarke says he doesn’t know her well. She says to release her people but Cage says he can’t.

Dante says it would mean the end of their people. She pulls a gun on Dante and says she needs Cage to believe her. She tells Cage not to make her do this. Cage tells his dad he’ll take care of their people. Dante says none of them has a choice. Clarke says she didn’t want this and fires. Cage hears his father get shot. Clarke tells Cage that she will not stop until her people are free and says if he doesn’t let them go, she’ll irradiate level five.

Clarke tells Cage she doesn’t want anyone else to die and says to stop the drilling so they can talk. She says there has to be a way. Cage tells Emerson the others are in the command center and tells him to go kill them all. Clarke says Emerson is coming for them. Bellamy says to deactivate Emerson’s key card. Cage walks out of the dining hall. He goes to the dorm. Clarke asks if he can irradiate the level but Bellamy says there are kids there. Clarke says to give her a better idea. Cage says to take Raven off the table and put Abby on there. Clarke sees this and asks what she’s done.

Kane tells Cage they can donate blood marrow without them killing it. Kane says he and Abby can make it happen so they can all survive. Cage won’t listen and says to start drilling. Abby screams. Bellamy says there is no going back if they do this. She tells Monty to figure it out. Jasper and Octavia are waiting and he’s freaking out. She tells him that a warrior doesn’t worry about what he can’t control. She brought Lee and says Octavia is with them. She says they’re not trying to fix the dam. Jasper asks Lee to get him close enough to Cage. Octavia passes him a knife and says slash deep for the throat.

Lee cuffs him up as if he took him prisoner. Maya tells Jasper he has this and kisses him. He tells her he loves her. Jasper and Lee leave. Maya stays with Octavia. Murphy wakes to morning sun on the beach. He looks up at the lighthouse and then staggers to his feet. He sees broken electronics on the beach then hits something with his boot. He finds a solar panel. Once he uncovers it, a whirring sound starts. He heads up the hill.

He hears a song playing and knocks on a metal door. He pries the door open and heads inside. Werewolves of London is playing. He heads downstairs. He sees a pretty cool looking home. The lights come up as he walks down. There’s a pool table, motorcycles and he grabs some food and shoves it in his mouth. There are bottles of wine all over the wall and he pours himself a shot of whiskey. He says – it’s the promised land.

Octavia watches out the door and Maya says it’s a long way from the ark. Octavia says not her ark and says she didn’t have a view. Maya says she’d like to see it. A young couple sees them when they go to make out and Octavia pursues them while they yell – outsiders. She efficiently kills several guards but more come. Emerson is pounding on the door of the command center. Lee comes in with Jasper and says he caught another one. Maya and Octavia go to the lunch room. People scream as they see Octavia. Monty stops and says he did it. He says pull this and they’ll irradiate.

Bellamy sees Emerson is going to blow the door. Monty says they’re out of time. She sees her mom on the table and Jasper captured. Bellamy says they have Octavia and sees them take her down. He puts his hand on the handle and he and Clarke pull it together. The fans stop then reverse and pull in air from the outside. There’s a warning sound as the radiation alarms go off. Cage tells them to restrain Jasper then the alarms go off and the soldiers and people taking the marrow start to go down sick.

Jasper runs out. They watch on the screens as all the people collapse. Jasper runs to find Maya who tells him that none of them are innocent. She dies in his arms. Emerson is still outside the door but he knows what happened and runs off to check on his people. Octavia is in the holding room and Kane tells her to get the keys. She releases them and then Kane cuts Abby loose. She asks where Clarke is. Clarke is in the dining hall and it looks like a morbid last supper with dead bodies everywhere. Monty stares in horror at what they had to do.

Clarke walks among them and sees a furious Jasper asking what she did. Clarke says they had no choice. He says he was going to kill Cage and it would have only take a minute. But Bellamy tells him they never would have stopped. Clarke heads to the dorm as Jasper asks Monty how he could let this happen. He tells Jasper he’s sorry. Clarke heads for the dorms and runs to her mom. She hugs her. Clarke says she tried to be the good guy. Abby says maybe there are no good guys. Wick has a Raven in his arms and Monty runs to hug Harper. Kane tells Bellamy he did good and says they need to go home.

Octavia asks where Cage is. We see that he’s out in the woods alone. He hears a sound and calls out asking who’s there. He tells them to show themselves. It’s Lincoln. He comes at him with a sword but Cage has a tone generator and uses it to knock Lincoln back then goes to shoot him up with the Reaper drug but Lincoln gains control and uses his sword to hack off Cage’s hand with the syringe still in it. He screams no and Lincoln shoots it into Cage’s neck instead. Lincoln tells him the first dose is the worsrt. Karma is a bitch. Looks like Cage is dead.

Everyone marches back to Camp Jaha looking rough but more alive than dead. Abby is on a stretcher because of her ordeal. Octavia brings Lincoln back with her – he has to be one of them now. Bellamy sees Clarke hug Monty and then he walks inside looking terribly guilty. Bellamy goes over to Clarke and says he thinks they deserve a drink. She says to have one for him. Bellamy says if they can get through this… Clarke tells him she’s not going on. He says he can give her forgiveness if that’s what she needs. He tells her she’s forgiven. He asks her to please come inside.

Clarke tells him to take care of them for her. She says seeing their faces will remind her every day what she did to get them back there alive. Bellamy reminds her they both did it. Clarke says she’ll bear it so they don’t have to. He asks where she will go and she says she doesn’t know. She kisses him on the check and hugs him. She says – may we meet again. Then she walks away. Bellamy repeats it. Murphy is hanging in the basement of the lighthouse and finds a video.

There’s a young guy who says he tried to stop her but she got the launch codes. He says she did it but it was his fault. He has a gun in his hand and says he’s sorry. He shoots himself in the torso. Jaha follows the drone still. He tops a hill and sees a huge mansion. The lawn is immaculately mowed. He says – curiouser and curiouser – and heads inside. A woman welcomes him and says she’s been waiting. She says her name is Alie. He asks how she knows his name. She says Thelonius is a good name and has two meanings. She says she’s been waiting for ages for him. He puts his hand through her.

She’s a hologram. He says she’s not real and she says his vessel is carbon based and hers is digital. He says he thought this was his destination. She says it is and tells him to follow her. She says she realized he was meant to come there when she received his gift. He follows her through a door and she thanks him for bringing it down for her. It’s the missile. She says they have work to do.