The 100 Recap 3/4/15: Season 2 Episode 15 “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One”

The 100 Recap 3/4/15: Season 2 Episode 15 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part One"

Tonight on the CW The 100 returns with an all new Wednesday March 4, season 2 episode 15 called “Blood Must Have Blood, Part One,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Clarke [Eliza Taylor] and Lexa prepare for battle in Part 1 of the two-part Season 2 finale.

On the last episode, while preparing for battle, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lexa (guest star Alycia Debnam Carey) had a heated discussion. Desperate for help, Raven (Lindsey Morgan) had Wick (guest star Steve Talley) summoned to the engineering room. Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and Murphy (guest star Richard Harmon) encountered a perilous roadblock. Meanwhile, at Mount Weather, Bellamy (Bob Morley) was in a race against time. Marie Avgeropoulos also starred. Uta Briesewitz directed the episode written by Kim Shumway. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Clarke and Lexa prepare for battle in Part 1 of the two-part Season 2 finale. Later, Octavia and Lincoln are forced to make a difficult decision.”

Tune in tonight to catch the season 2 episode 15 of The 100 on CW – we’ll be right here recapping it for you live! While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Bellamy climbs through a duct and into the cage areas. He unlocks the girl and says all their people are marching on Mt Weather now. She tells him to slow down. He tells her she needs to get them ready to fight. He says there is too much noise and she quiets them down. She asks how they do it. He says there is an army going for the main door and then they need to attack. Cage comes over the loud speakers saying that Mt Weather has kept them alive and held them captive. He says they hoped to someday return to the ground and says that day is today.

He says Tsing was murdered by the outsiders because she found the cure in their bone marrow. He tells her to unlock everyone and get them ready and wait for him to come back. She thanks him and he says to free her people and protect his. Cage says this has been their dream and they can reach it. He tells them to hand over the 44 kids who are keeping them from their dream. He says they can’t replace the lives so viciously taken from them and says some among them are helping these criminals. He says if they want to end the blood treatments, hand over the 44 within one hour or face punishment.

Cage says to do what’s right for our people so they can all take their rightful place on the ground. He says they’re almost home. They see the army progressing and they’re too close for missiles and without the veil they can’t do anything from the inside. Cage says they don’t have to give them a fight and says they can’t touch them so long as they’re behind the doors. Emerson says the intruder is still at large. Cage tells them to go door to door and find them. Soldiers go to one door and look around. The woman says she can help if they tell them what they’re looking for.

They tell them that their neighbors reported they were bringing extra food back from the cafeteria and they’ve refused blood treatments. They demand to know where they are. Jasper and Maya are hiding. They start to shoot them but Jasper says to stop it. That’s two of the 44. The guards kill the couple that was hiding them anyway. One shot in each head. Jasper and Maya are horrified. Clarke and Lexa are in the command tent and Lexa welcomes the other sky people that have come along. Raven sent along something to help them – a chemical.

Lexa goes over the plan of attack to get their people back. She says the enemy thinks they are safe behind the doors but they are wrong and when they realize it, they will fight back hard. Clarke says this is a rescue mission and they are not there to wipe them out. She says there are people in there that have helped and children. She says they should kill the soldiers and leadership and take their people out to safety. Clarke says they will have teams at the dam and in the mines. A third is freeing grounder prisoners inside and their job is to keep the eyes of the enemy off of the others.

She says they have to come to the main door that is unguarded because they think it can’t be broken. Clarke says there’s an electro magnetic lock. She says Raven’s team will turn off their power at the dam source of hydroelectricity. We see that they are in. Clarke says when they blow the power, we blow the lock. Clarke says there is a back up generator that could relock the door. She says they have one minute. They wonder why they can’t take out the backup generator. Clarke says leaving them without power will kill them all. She says they lost touch with Bellamy but Lexa says he’s a warrior and will be fine.

Clarke says they want the mountain men looking at them while Indra’s team takes everyone out the rear doors. Clarke says they will then sound a retreat and they’ll be gone before Mt Weather knows they’re gone. Lexa then stands and says the mountain has cast a shadow over these woods for too long. She says they hunted and controlled them – turned them into monsters. She says the mountain will fall. Lexa says they will spare the innocent but of the guilty, blood will have blood. The grounders all chant. Clarke starst to chant with them.

Vincent stands in the hallway and Maya tells her dad not to confront them. Vincent tells the guard Pual he won’t let him take her. Vincent says he has to go through him. Maya begs him not to make him do it. Paul pulls his gun and then Paul is shot. Vincent opens the vent and there’s Bellamy who kills another guard. He tells Jasper and the others to go hide in the harvest chamber. He tells Bellamy where to find Monty. Jasper says he’ll come with him.

Vincent tells Maya her mother would be proud and she goes with them too. Her dad and the others head to the harvest chamber. Octavia is in the mines and tells Indra that if Lincoln’s map is right, they’re getting close. Indra tells her that she’s known Lincoln since he was a boy and says he was always questioning. They tell the troops not to shoot at the reapers. Then there are reapers on them and they discharge the device that knocks them down. When they collapse from the tone that knocks them out, they secure their hands and feet. They leave them and move on.

Indra recognizes one and is sad. Octavia tells her that Abby will help the man later. Indra pulls her sword and says let’s go find the door. Clarke’s team is working on the front door. Lincoln is front and center with Clarke. They put in the tube of chemical that Raven provided and start a clock ticking on it. Raven is making good progress at the dam. They’re setting detonators with Wick and Raven leading the charge. Wick says her jokes are bad and tells her to concentrate. She says she liked him better before they had sex and he says ditto.

He tells her they can’t leave if she pushes them away first and asks how that’s working for her. He goes to work on the fifth power source. A woman’s voice calls in for a report from 402. One of the mountain men attacks Wick. The man reports intruders in the dam and then Wick slams him. Raven says they have to do this fast when they hear the woman say they’re sending backup. He’s upset that he killed someone but she says – welcome to the crowd. The last bomb got broken when the guard jumped him. He asks what happens if they only blow four. She says the power will stay on an everyone they love will die.

Cage comes to see his dad – he brings him his favorite meal and says he heard his dad hasn’t eaten in two days. Dante asks how bad it is and says he knows he’s not there about dinner. Cage says they’re going after their power. He says there’s an army outside the door drilling in. He says they must know there’s a delay. Cage says he underestimated the Commander. He asks if that’s what he wants to hear. Dante says it wasn’t her, it was Clarke and tells Cage he’s killed them. He tells Cage one week in office, he’s turned neighbor on neighbor, lost their defenses and made the outsiders hate them more than ever.

Dante says an army of savages is going to flood the place killing every last one of them. Cage asks how he can stop it and says please. He begs his father for his help. Cage says his people need his help. He tells his dad they’ll destroy everything and looks at a Van Gogh in his dad’s room. Dante tells his son he already has then tells him to wait. Wick and Raven fret and he says she should have made more bombs. He says she should have built in redundancy. She says they need to initiate catastrophic failure and says blowing up the other ones will overload the one.

Clarke says it’s taking too long. Lexa says it takes as long as it takes. She asks Clarke what she’ll do when this is over and she says she has no idea. Lexa asks what she wants. Clarke says nothing. She says just her people back. She says she can’t think past today. Lexa says she should come with her to the capital. They hear gunfire and Lincoln says it’s coming from the dam. Lincoln says to push the button and says they’ll do the rest. Wick and Raven hear the gunfire and start moving faster.

He tells Raven to push the damned button. Raven says they’re too close. Some mountain men come in and tell them to put hands up. Wick says to back up. Raven says they’re too close and Wick says the others are closer.

The lights in the mountain begin to flicker and the fans shut down. The command center shuts down. Cage tells Emerson they got the power and says to start the one minute clock. Clarke has the button and says – for those we’ve lost. She and Lexa push the button but it’s not working. Clarke says they’re jamming and she has to get closer. Shooters fire at them and they send grounders to flank them. Lexa calls for a shield wall and they form up. They have 30 seconds. They shield wall creeps toward the door. It starts to fall apart and the decide is dropped.

Clarke says there is no other way. Lincoln lights a torch and shoots it at the bomb in the door. He hits the mark and it blows. Lexa says they have to get to the ridge and take out the shooters. She takes off and leaves Lincoln with Clarke to go for the door. Bellamy says the last 12 are here and Maya lead them down a hallway. There’s an announcement saying they have to have a hard seal on level five. Maya says radiation will seep in everywhere else and says if she goes there, she’ll be shot in the head. Jasper says he’s going to kill Cage and she’ll be okay. He says they need to get her into a suit.

They hear Monty and go to see what’s going on. They see a woman on the ground that was hiding the last 12. Maya says after the lockdown it will be impossible to get them out and says it’s now or never. They hear a thump and pull guns. They see Monty. He says they know about the grounders and that’s why he hid. He says they’re going for the harvest chamber. Bellamy says if they take it they’ll lose everyone. They take off at a run.

Octavia and Indra make it to the door. Indra credit Octavia and says she’s done well. Indra tells her she’s one of them now. Octavia is pleased. Outside of the door, Lincoln creeps out and says Lexa did it. They check on Miller who was wounded in the shield wall run. Clarke says they’ll be waiting just inside the door. Lincoln says that’s good. The grounders approach the door ready to take it down. Clarke says to train their dire on the door. They pull the door. It comes loose of its hinges. Lexa calls fro them to stand down. Their people are sent out the front door.

Emerson says they’re not surrendering. Clarke asks Lexa what she’s done. Lexa says she’s saving her people. She tells Clarke that her people weren’t part of the deal. Emerson looks smug and tells Lexa she made the right choice. He walks off. Clarke glares at Lexa. Lincoln asks what she’s done and Clarke says her commander made a deal and says all the sky people will be killed. Lexa says she made this choice with her head not her heart and says her duty to protect them was right. Lincoln asks to let them fight but Lexa says no and they sound the retreat.

The grounders take their people and move out. Lincoln asks to stay and help but Lexa has him hauled away. He fights them off. Lexa says they will meet again and walks away. Clarke is horrified and in tears. Indra hears the call to retreat and wonders why. Octavia says that can’t be right. Octavia asks her to wait but Indra says they have to go. Octavia says she doesn’t trust Lexa after TonDC and says neither should Indra. Octavia says she’s not going anywhere without her brother.

Indra puts a blade to her neck and says she’s no longer her second. Octavia stares hard at her. Indra walks away. Octavia says she has no home and is pressing on. They leave her the backpack of tone generators and all the others leave her there. In the harvest room, Bellamy sees that Maya’s dad is dead and the room is empty. He looks around at all the empty cages and tries to puzzle it out. Wick coughs himself back to consciousness and calls to Raven. She comes too but is battered looking. He says her brace is broken and the one he gave her would have held. He says they have to get out of there.

Wick says he won’t leave her but she says she was going to say please don’t leave me. He kisses her and they hear voices. There are men in hazmat suits with guns surrounding them. Cage comes to see his dad and says he was right. He says Lexa took the deal and says Dante is a hero to his people. Cage says they’ve won. Dante says that’s not enough. He says peace with the savages is not enough to make the ground safe with them. Dante says they will never stop – he says no parent ever would. Cage says he already has a team on the way to pick up some of the parents that are coming for their kids.

Cage says that means more bone marrow. He says they’ll be on level five until the turbines are fixed and tells his dad to come down when he’s ready. He leaves his dad’s room unlocked. They tell Clarke they need to leave and come back with reinforcements. They tell her it’s over. Clarke glares at the mountain and says it can’t be over. She stand there utterly alone.