The Amazing Race Recap – Moonshine in Peru: Recap Season 26 Episode 10 “Fruits of Our Labor (Peru)”

The Amazing Race Recap - Moonshine in Peru: Recap Season 26 Episode 10 "Fruits of Our Labor (Peru)"

Tonight on CBS the Emmy award winning show The Amazing Race hosted by Phil Keoghan returns in an all new Friday May 1, season 26 episode 10 called Get in “Fruits of Our Labor (Peru)” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the race continues in Peru.

On the last episode, the competition heated up as the final five teams race to Amsterdam and took a dip in a floating hot tub in search of their next clue. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the race continues in Trujillo and Otuzco, Peru, where teams use fitness trackers to find their next clue. Also: Blair and Hayley’s communication issues reach a boiling point.”

Tonight’s The Amazing Race season 26 episode 10 is going to be as awesome as ever, and you won’t want to miss it. Be sure to tune in for our coverage of The Amazing Race — tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are or this season of The Amazing Race!

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#AmazingRace begins in Amsterdam with Laura and Tyler leaving first – they’re thrilled to find out they’re flying to Peru. Their destination is Plaza de Armas where they will see fireworks. It’s Laura’s birthday today and she’s hoping for good luck. Hayley and Blair head out – he says 90% of their day is good and 10% is hell. Laura and Tyler make it to the travel agency to book a flight to Peru. Hayley and Blair meet them as they’re on the way out. Blair asks if they can get an earlier flight and they do.

Laura says they didn’t invite Hayley and Blair along to celebrate her birthday and calls them the Bickersons. Jelani and Jenny leave in third and Mike and Rochelle in fourth. The first clue tells everyone to monitor their fitbit and that they may need the data. Hayley and Blair tell Jelani and Jenny that Tyler and Laura didn’t get on an earlier flight. Matt and Ashley leave in fifth place and head to the travel agency. Tyler realizes they didn’t read the caveat that said they could get on an earlier flight.

Jelani and Jenny and Hayley and Blair make it on the first flight while the other three are on flight several hours later. In Peru, the first flight touches down at 10:45 pm after a 22 hour flight. They head to the plaza and Jelani and Jenny make it their first followed by Hayley and Blair. They watch the fireworks. The other couples leave the plaza at 7 am. Hayley speaks Spanish and this helps them a lot but the taxi driver doesn’t seem to know where it is.

They realize they needed to walk from the plaza. Hayley starts her nagging and Blair is annoyed. Jelani and Jenny beat them to the shoe shine stand and get the clue to go past Santo Domingo. The second flight lands. Hayley is trying to get Blair to take them back to where they started. She says he never listens and she can’t stand it. They finally make it back and she’s angry and won’t stop talking – she says she’s beyond pissed off and says she can’t even stand to look at him right now.

The other three couples make it to the plaza and head off looking for the shoe shine stand. Jelani and Jenny make it to the #RoadBlock that’s at a sugar cane field. They have to work with a cutter and harvest part of a field in the Gimme Some Sugar challenge. Jelani says she’ll do it and they get the date night reward too. She gets into her work pants and starts but is nervous about the machete. Laura and Tyler run right past the shoe shine and get into a cab and head off.

Matt and Ashley follow them. Mike and Rochelle walk right up to it and hide the clue and run off so the other two teams don’t see them. Laura tells Tyler that she saw a speed bump sign back in the plaza but was too dumb to realize she should have gone there. Matt and Ashley see them run off and their stuck in traffic. Hayley and Blair get to the sugar cane field and she decides to do it. Laura and Tyler get their clue and hop into a taxi.

Blair says he’s staying out of the way of Hayley and her machete and she says she’s happy to be working out her frustrations. She tells Jenny that she hardly ever gets mad or yells but he brings out the worst on them. Matt and Ashley hit their speed bump and they have to type up a llama loan agreement. Ashley knows how to type on an old-school typewriter but Matt has no clue. Blair encourages Hayley and says they’re offering her a job there. Jenny says it’s a great workout. She’s done and gets the clue.

Next, they have to deliver a bundle of sugar cane up into the Andes. They also have to log their steps from their fitbit onto a card for the next stage. Hayley and Blair finish up and get their clue. Matt and Ashley get done with their llama loans and now can move on to the sugar cane. Mike and Rochelle show up to the sugar cane field and Mike decides to do it. Laura and Tyler make it their next and Tyler decides to do the challenge.

Jelani and Jenny show up to drop off their sugar cane and get their next clue. They have to add up their fitbit data to figure out how many steps to take to work off a glass of sugar cane juice. Once their numbers are properly calculated, they get a glass of the juice that they have to drink down to get their next clue. Hayley and Blair show up while they’re still there. Tyler and Mike are both working hard at the sugar cane field while their ladies cheer. Tyler finishes first and Mike moments later.

They write down their fitbit data and both teams head out. Matt and Ashley pull up as the other two couples are leaving. Mike and Rochelle have a little bit of a lead. Matt cuts the sugar cane for their team. Jelani and Jenny get their sugar cane juice to share then get the clue to the #Detour which is mamas or papas. For mamas, they have to look for ingredients to make famous moonshine. The other choice is to sort potatoes and deliver them to a market where they sort them again.

Jelani and Jenny decide to do the potato challenge. Hayley and Blair get their juice then their clue and decide to do mamas. Matt gets done at the sugar cane field and they log their fitbit info and head off. Jelani and Jenny get to the potato field and have a big stack of potatoes they have to sort into the four different varieties. Hayley and Blair show up to collect the ingredients for the moonshine. They get the list and it’s going well since Blair speaks Spanish.

Jelani and Jenny get their potatoes bagged up and now have to load them onto a card to head to the potato market. Laura and Tyler and Mike and Rochelle get to the fitbit calculation station. Jelani and Jenny make it to the potato market and sort them out. They get one wrong and the vendor dumps them all on the ground and they have to start over. Hayley and Blair make it to mamas with all the ingredients and get some of her moonshine – they say it tastes like cider with a kick.

They get their clue which puts them in first place headed to the pit stop at a famous statue. Laura and Tyler finish up and move into third place followed closely by Mike and Rochelle. Mike and Rochelle decide to do the mamas challenge and Laura and Tyler go to the potato challenge. Hayley and Blair show up to the pit stop way out in first place and Phil says they each won a fitbit fitness kit including home fitness equipment or a gym membership along with all of their products, a cell and a laptop.

Phil says they look close and Hayley says they’re #BFFs and Hayley says she just wishes he’d pay attention sometimes and he says he wishes she’s shut up sometimes then they both laugh. Jelani and Jenny get their clue at the potato stand and head out to the pit stop in second place. Laura and Tyler wanted to go to the mamas challenge but tell the taxi driver the wrong thing and end up at the potato place. They didn’t read the clue and just start shoveling potatoes into bags without sorting them.

Jelani and Jenny make it to the pit stop in second place. Matt and Ashley are struggling with their math at the fitbit calculation station. Laura and Tyler load up their potatoes and head to the market. Mike and Rochelle ask for help and get lots of help from the locals. Mike says people were really happy to help and says he’s always nice to people. Matt and Ashley get their juice and clue and head out in last place and decide to do the mamas challenge.

Mike and Rochelle get their last two ingredients and run off to the moonshine maker. Laura and Tyler decide to sort the potatoes at the vendor and they rinse them with water to try and tell the difference more easily. Tyler tells Matt and Ashley he thinks they took them to the potato place instead. They were at the right place but he got them to run off in a panic – did he do it on purpose? Mike and Rochelle make it to mamas and deliver the ingredients and drink down some moonshine then head off.

Matt and Ashley end up at the potato place and decide to sort the potatoes there. Ashley loves the little pigs. Laura and Tyler didn’t sort the potatoes correctly and theirs all get dumped out of the bin. Mike and Rochelle get their clue and head out. Laura and Tyler get theirs and also head out. Matt and Ashley show up with their potatoes and they also get dumped out to resort. Mike and Rochelle and make it to the pit stop in third place and Laura and Tyler in fourth place.

Matt and Ashley are the last to arrive and are eliminated from the race. Matt says he loves Ashley and he’s happy they’re engaged. Ashley says this has brought them closer together.