The Americans Recap – Nina Gets a Chance: Season 3 Episode 8 “Divestment”

The Americans Recap - Nina Gets a Chance: Season 3 Episode 8 "Divestment"

Tonight on FX The Americans airs with another all new Wednesday, March 18 season 3 episode 8 called “Divestment,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Elizabeth [Keri Russell] makes a difficult request.

On the last episode Philip and Elizabeth felt the weight of a new family secret while following up on the KGB’s interests in South Africa. Stan faced struggles both at work and at home. Martha confronted a shocking development. Written by Lara Shapiro; directed by Noah Emmerich. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the FX synopsis “Martha and Clark’s marriage meets its most challenging test yet. As pressures on Philip intensify, Elizabeth turns to Gabriel with a difficult request. Nina receives a new assignment that reconnects her with her past.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s “The Americans” Season 3 Episode 8 at 10 PM EST!

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#TheAmericans starts with Hans pulling lookout. Philip and Elizabeth take Vetnter into a warehouse. Martha and the other workers talk about the interviews and the wonder what’s going on. Taffet asks to talk to Martha. Philip tells Venter he’s used to being on the other side but Venter says he was never an interrogator. They make Venter the offer of a new life and $1 million. He says no. Philip puts on gloves and sighs. Nina is told she did a good job by getting a confession from Evi. She’s told her sentence has been reduced to 10 years. Then she’s told it could be sooner. She says Anton Baklanov.

Her captor says they don’t know if he’s slowing work to mess with them. He tells her she can get him to trust her and they will offer her freedom in exchange for help. They tell her if she succeeds with him she will have paid her debt in full. Martha sits with Taffet who asks her if anyone was in Gad’s office alone. She says she was his secretary for seven years. He asks about the last year. She says the cleaning people, her, Agent Brewster. He asks if she supplies him with office supplies. She says yes.

He asks her about the pen. She says she doesn’t know and says there are so many pens floating around. He asks if anyone gave her the pen to give to Gad or asked her to tamper with it. She says no. He asks if she was charged with maintaining his pens. She asks what he means and he says full of ink. She says he might ask her for a pen and go to the supply cabinet. She says it doesn’t look like one from the supply cabinet. Elizabeth unties the gag from Todd.

He tells her he’s cold and asks for his coat. She says maybe later. She says now she needs his help. She asks how long he’s been working with Venter. Burov calls Arkady and asks why his son hasn’t been transferred to Moscow yet. He says Oleg is doing important work in the US and wants to finish before he returns to the Soviet Union. Burov is silent then says he has two sons and says the other is in Afghanistan but Oleg is not cut of that cloth.

Arkady says Oleg requested to stay until he finished his work. Arkady says Oleg does good work and Burov asks him to please watch out for his son. Venter is not doing well after Philip beats on him. He says he’s not talking. She says Todd told her that Venter had him monitoring anti-apartheid groups around the country. Martha goes to the file cabinet after her interview and tries to calm her nerves. Stan tells her he’s leaving for the memorial service and will be gone until tomorrow.

He asks if she’s okay and she says she ate something for lunch that didn’t agree with her. She wishes him a safe trip and he goes. Taffet comes walking past her to grab Aderholt for a chat. He says he’s going to grab a coffee and offers him one. Martha gives Aderhold a shrug. Taffet comments that Aderholt is new and was raised in Oakland, California. He says he has a unique background since his father was a janitor. He tells Taffet he also has a dog named Snuffy.

He says he loves working for the Bureau and worked up while clerking going to Berkeley. Taffet asks to see his pen and he hands it over. Taffet comments that it’s a Mont Blanc. He says it’s a gift from his now ex-wife who thought he would take better care of an expensive pen. He says she was right about many things. Taffet says others had a less difficult path to get there. Aderholt says he doesn’t see himself as a victim and has had lots of opportunities there.

Taffet asks if he thinks others resent him for being new. Aderholt says being new isn’t a bad thing and he doesn’t think much about the rest of it. Elizabeth unchains Todd and tells him to get up. She brings him outside and sits him across from Venter in the courtyard. She pulls a gun and cocks it. Reuben tells her that he gets to do it since they killed his brother. She hands him the gun but he says they have a way of doing things. He goes to get a tire and a can of gas.

He tells Philip and Elizabeth they can’t understand. He puts the tire around Venter who starts to freak out. He tells him this is because of his crimes against the people of South Africa. He calls Philip and Elizabeth Godless communists and curses Reuben. He says they just want gold. He dumps gas on him then sets the man on fire. It’s awful. He screams in agony. Todd is terrified. He finally falls over dead. Philip and Elizabeth stay silent.

Paige is searching micro fiche articles about civil rights protestors. She looks up the story of Gregory Thomas, the guy her mom mentioned. Todd begs them not to do that to him. Elizabeth says he got in over his head and says she can see how that happened. She says he lied to her. She says they won’t do that to him and says it’s a horrible way to die. She says they’ll just put a bullet in his head. He says he’ll tell her anything she wants and he cries. He says he swears he’ll tell her the truth. She asks what Venter really wanted. He says Venter told him that things weren’t going well.

He says Venter wanted him to set a bomb on campus at a meeting. He says the student groups protesting apartheid would be blamed. She asks if he agreed to do it. He says he did. He says he didn’t do it. He says Venter gave him the bomb but he never placed it. He says he was too afraid. Elizabeth asks where the bomb is and he says it’s in his dorm. They take Todd and load him back in the van. She sees Hans watching and he runs off.

Nina is brought to the facility where Anton is working. She’s shown to a small room and left there. She sees there’s a hair brush, perfume and a mirror. She has a nicer bed and a blanker and some new clothes. She smiles hopefully. Oleg comes to see Arkady and closes the door. He asks what he wanted and Arkady says his father called. He says he wants him back in the Soviet Union. Oleg says he’s used to getting his way.

Oleg says he’s Minister of Railways and Arkady asks if that means he won’t be able to ride the train when he goes home. Oleg smirks. Elizabeth drives the van to a stop and they meet Philip. He has the bomb and says it was where Todd said it would be. Reuben says it would have killed a lot of people and Philip says he’s just a kid – he’s not Venter. Philip says he told them what he needed to know and says Todd is done. Elizabeth says he can’t identify them and they need to give him this chance.

She opens up the van and hauls Todd out. She unties his hands and they leave him there. They all drive away. Nina waits in an office. Vasili comes in. He says he never thought he would see her again. She’s shocked and he asks if she didn’t know he was in charge of the facility. She asks if it’s too late to ask for his forgiveness. He says her beauty makes things easy for her and says he was a fool so they are both to blame. He says she pretended to care for him and he believed her.

Vasili says that won’t interfere with duty. But he tells her clearly he will never forgive her. Philip sits in the car with Reuben. He says he has time. Reuben asks if Elizabeth is at home. He says he thinks so. Reuben says she’s safe and sound and says he can’t see his own wife’s face sometimes. He says he can see her hugging the children but can’t see her face. Philip says he hasn’t seen her in a long time. Reuben says maybe she has another man by now and wouldn’t blame her.

He says forgetting is not a bad thing. He says being married and being at war do not always go together. Philip wishes Reuben safe travels as a car pulls up to get him. Reuben wishes him well and goes. Taffet tells Gad that it was a productive day and says he feels like he was drinking from a fire hose. He asks if Gad ever considered installing security cameras facing the door. He says he’s not saying his negligence let the KGB into the Bureau but implies it and leaves.

Philip listens to news of the war in Afghanistan. Elizabeth comes in and asks what news. He says it’s more of the war. She asks his son’s name and he says Misha. Gad goes to his office and asks Martha for a contingency report. She says it’s stuck in the mail robot and he asks for the keys. He goes to the mail robot and tries to unlock it. It won’t unlock. He curses and kicks it repeatedly. Elizabeth goes downstairs and finds Paige reading at the table. She says she made Henry eggs.

She says Henry is playing some electronic game he got from Doug. She says she looked up her friend Gregory at the library in some news reports. She says the newspaper said he was a drug dealer. Elizabeth says his life was complicated and hard but he always fought for what was right. Paige asks if he was a criminal or not and her mom says things aren’t that simple. Elizabeth says Paige is already fighting against injustice. She says they fight against people that make laws and governments.

Paige says you can just go rob banks and things. Her mom says of course not. Anton works at a computer when Nina brings him a coffee and snack. He says he didn’t ask for it. She says she noticed he wasn’t eating. He asks if she’s watching but she says she just happened to notice. He asks why she’s there and she says she’s there to help him in any way she can. He asks if she’s a scientists. She says no and Anton says she’s of no use then complains there’s no lemon for his tea.

Martha sits at home and stews. Philip comes in and says she started the party without her. He says he’s had a crazy day. He tells her he had a meeting that was canceled but they didn’t tell him. He pours wine and says hi. She says she met a man named Walter Taffet. He asks who that is. She says he’s you. She says they found the pen. She asks – who are you? She asks again and scoots away from him. Philip sets down his wine glass and says he’s her husband.

He says he’s a man she married who loves her more than she will ever know. She starts crying and asks what she’s done. She’s panicking and asks again – what have I done. Philip tells her they fell in love. She asks if any of this is true. He says what matters is they fell in love. She begs him not to lie to her. He says he’s not. He says everything he’s about to say is the truth. He says when they first met, he didn’t want to fall in love with her and now she means so much to him.

He says she has to believe that she’s a true and honest women he’s ever known. She’s still crying. He tells her he loves her and says he would do anything for her to protect her. He asks if that’s enough. He asks if she needs more than that. She shakes her head no. He touches her and pulls her in for a hug. Elizabeth goes to see Gabriel. He says he has something for her. He says she’s a fighter and hands her a thick envelope. She tells him this thing with Kimberly is hard on Philip.

She says they know this contact is critical and asks him a favor. He asks her to sit. She asks Gabriel to help Philip’s son in Afghanistan to see if he can get him home. He says he didn’t know she knew but he says Philip told her. Gabriel says he’ll do what he can. Martha lies awake looking very stressed out beside Philip who also lies awake.