‘The Bachelor 2015’ Spoilers: Should Season 19 Winner Worry – Chris Soules Still Loves Former Fiance Sheena Schreck?

'The Bachelor 2015' Spoilers: Should Season 19 Winner Worry - Chris Soules Still Loves Former Fiance Sheena Schreck?

The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers reveal that Chris Soules is still love with his former Fiance Sheena Schreck and might cancel his engagement to the Season 19 winner Whitney Bischoff. Season 19 Bachelor Chris Soules is currently dating about 11 women on the ABC reality TV dating show and searching for a wife. However, The Bachelor spoilers have already been released teasing the name of the putative 2015 winner, Whitney Bischoff, and that Chris Soules is happily engaged to her, and they are planning their wedding. But, according to a new report from Star Magazine – Chris Soules’s future wife and this season 19 winner should be worried, because The Bachelor is still madly in love with his ex-girlfriend Sheena Schreck.

Sheena Schreck wasn’t just any ex-girlfriend for Chris Soules, the couple was actually together for seven years, living together, and engaged to be married. However, at the last second Chris got cold feet and called the wedding off, claiming that he didn’t want to “settle for a good relationship” when he could find a great one. A source close to Sheena and Chris dished to Star Magazine in their February 9th edition about the couple’s seven year relationship.

Star’s inside source teased that there was a lot more to Chris and Sheena’s break-up than what he is disclosing, and that the women on The Bachelor 2015 don’t hold a candle to Sheena, nor does his affection for them even come close to matching the way he used to feel about his ex-fiance. The source explained to Star, “The funny thing is, Sheena is the total package – smart and bubbly with a warm personality. Chris sounds like someone trying hard to convince himself that he doesn’t still have deep feelings for her…which I’m sure he does. He even followed Sheena’ page when he first joined Twitter.”

When Chris Soules mentions his previous engagement on The Bachelor – he never reveals just how serious it was, the fact that he and Sheena were together for seven years, or that they had a home together in Iowa. It’s hard to erase seven years of feelings, so we wouldn’t be shocked if Chris did still care for Sheena. The question is, will his feelings for Sheena get in the way of his new engagement or wedding with the girl he chose on The Bachelor? What do you think? Will Chris actually go through with a Bachelor wedding, or will he wind up getting back together with his ex-fiance Sheena Schreck? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Bachelor 2015 spoilers and news.



15 responses to “‘The Bachelor 2015’ Spoilers: Should Season 19 Winner Worry – Chris Soules Still Loves Former Fiance Sheena Schreck?”

  1. Atlanta Girl says:

    Not true – he specifically did state last weekend that he had been engaged before, that they had been together for seven years, that it was “very serious”.

  2. Elia says:

    Chris is a douche. And the little,sweaty, pimple-infested , awkward and weird teenagers they have on the show this year are God-awful. There aren’t many real women in the group this season ! Just a bunch of high school girls….they might be in they’re in their 20’s, but most of them are ridiculous and seem more like teenagers. It looks as if Chris is babysitting instead of dating.

    The “Cinderella” girl, {?}, was sweaty-faced, badly needed a better hairstyle and some lipstick…and she had lots of small PIMPLES. Those gangly little monkeys are not WOMEN.

    This season rarely has anything beautiful, glamorous or romantic, but they do seem to enjoy humiliating the girls. Chris is a douche for agreeing to some of what they were put through. And he seems pissy at times. And he’s boring, the sets are boring,the activities are boring……..all the little teenagers are boring.

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  5. Stephanie says:

    I don’t believe anything from the Star or papers of that nature. Just trying to stir the pot to sell magazines.

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  7. Demona says:

    Who watches it hoping they stay together? I just watch for the drama which is inevitable anytime you pretend your monogamous but try to find your spouse in a very polyamorous way

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  13. Patrice says:

    Even though I had hoped Chris would picked Britt in the end which I know now at this time she’s gone home…I believe when the show is over Chris is going to think he’s still on The Bachelor…he’s not serious about settling down!!! What a joke!!!

  14. Joy Heintz says:

    All of the girls are too young. When on dates, they look like father and daughter.

  15. Judy Holloway says:

    Chris settled for Whitney. I don’t believe he’s in love with her. Now, Whitney on the other hand, is to desperate. She is wearing the word ‘love’ completely out! I think the girl is in love with the idea of being in love. Will this last? In my opinion ‘no’. Too much media coverage right now. Wait to the dust settle!!