The Bachelorette 2015 Kaitlyn Bristowe Recap 5/25/15: Season 11 Episode 3

The Bachelorette 2015 Kaitlyn Bristowe Recap 5/25/15: Season 11 Episode 3

The Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe airs tonight on ABC with an all new May 25 season 11 episode 3. On tonight’s episode eight of the bachelors fight one another in a sudden-death boxing competition after getting training from Laila Ali. Later, Kaitlyn takes Clint on a one-on-one date in which they take part in an underwater photo shoot; and seven of the men visit a comedy club where they are tutored by comedian Amy Schumer in how to deliver a punch line.

On the last episode, the action picked up with Britt and Kaitlyn anxiously awaiting the results of the men’s vote. Chris Harrison prepared to give good news to one Bachelorette and, sadly, bad news to the other woman. One stunning beauty was left speechless with the exciting announcement that she was indeed, the Bachelorette. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the ABC synopsis “Eight excited bachelors arrive at a boxing gym to meet Kaitlyn. Little do they know what will hit them – literally! Undefeated World Boxing Champion Laila Ali is waiting to train them, putting the men through a rigorous boxing workout. Afterwards, Laila lands a surprise punch when she announces that the guys will battle one another in a sudden death boxing competition. The winner will get more alone time with Kaitlyn. Ben Z., who is built like a prize fighter, is so intimidating; the other bachelors have second thoughts. Much to Kaitlyn’s surprise, the guys don’t pull any punches and are truly invested in slugging it out to win her heart. However, one decisive match between Ben Z. and a scrappy underdog goes awry in a major way.”

Tonight’s episode is going to have people talking and you are not going to want to miss a minute of it. The Bachelorette airs tonight at 8PM so don’t forget to come back for our live recap!

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Tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette kicks off with Kaitlyn Bristowe waking up for her first official day at Season 11’s Bachelorette. Chris Harrison pays her a visit and they chat about some of the guys she met during opening night – Kaitlyn confesses that she already has huge crushes on some of the guys that she is dating. She goes on to say that she feels bad for Britt because she was rejected, she insists that she doesn’t mind that some of the guys that she is about to start dating actually didn’t vote for her – they voted for Britt.

Meanwhile at the Bachelor Mansion the guys are waking up and waiting for their first date card. Some of the guys sit down and gossip about whether or not they voted for Kaitlyn or Britt. A few of them admit that they were Team Britt, but they are willing to get to know Kaitlyn.

In her hotel room the next day Britt Nilsson calls her mom and sobs on the phone to her – explaining what happened and that she wasn’t chosen as The Bachelorette. After she hangs up there is a knock on the door – it is Brady Toops. Brady hugs Kaitlyn and comforts her.

At the mansion Chris Harrison arrives and tells the guys that they will be going on their first group date. The card revealed that Daniel, Justin, Jared, Corey, Tanner, Kupah, Ben H., and Ben Z. are going on the first group date of the season. The card teases that the date could “end with a ring.” They head out on their group date and arrive at some sort of gym – Kaitlyn announces that she has brought a trainer to help her…it’s Laila Ali, the daughter of Mohammed Ali. Laila takes center stage and gives the guys a quick tutorial and work-out on boxing. Kaitlyn joins in on the work-out, and flirts with some of the guys. Kaitlyn is kind of confused because Kupah doesn’t speak to her during the entire time at the gym – it seems like Kupah is more in to boxing than he is in to Kaitlyn.

After their training session is over, Laila announces that they will be getting in to the ring and fighting each other over The Bachelorette Kaitlyn. At the end – only one of them will be crowned the champion. The guys get changed and head outside where a boxing ring is set up and a crowd is seated waiting for the show. Kaitlyn wishes the guys good luck and begs them not to hurt each other. Daniel and Ben Z. face off in the ring first – after an intense round of punches Ben Z. comes out on top. Corey and Justin are up next, and then Ben H. and Jared. With every match the boxing gets more and more intense. Kupah obliterates Tanner in the boxing ring, however in the next round Jared takes down Kupah. The finalists, Jared and Ben Z. are ready for the main event. Everyone is nervous that Ben is going to seriously hurt Jared because he is twice his size. And, Ben does just that – he lands a solid punch on Jared and he falls to the floor, he appears to be seriously hurt.

Jared is taken out of the ring by a medic – and they check him out backstage. He says that he got hit in the back of the head – and the room is kind of spinning. After a quick exam they tell Jared that he should take a trip to the hospital, because his pupils are not responding as quickly as they should be to light. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn heads out to hang out with the seven other guys that weren’t injured in the boxing ring. She sits down with Ben Z. and he confesses that he “feels so bad” about nearly knocking out Jared. Kaitlyn thinks that she is physically attracted to Ben, but is surprised when they have some one on one time and she realizes that she has an emotional connection to him as well. They bond over their love for food and cooking. Ben opens up to Kaitlyn and tells her about his mom passing away from cancer when he was just 14 years old.

Jared arrives at the cocktail party and Kaitlyn rushes outside to greet him and make sure that he is okay. Jared says that the doctors are forcing him to go back to the mansion and rest, the producers won’t let him go to the party. Jared invites Kaitlyn to go for a walk with him, and then he stops and plants a huge kiss on her. Meanwhile back at the mansion, the guys that didn’t get to go on a date are having drinks when a date card arrives. It’s for Clint, he scores the first 1-on-1 date of the season with Kaitlyn Bristowe. JJ is bummed – he was really hoping he would get some alone time with Kaitlyn.

Back on the group date, Kaitlyn continues to get to know the guys after their big boxing match. She takes Ben Z. aside and gives him the first group date rose – after he accepts the rose, Kaitlyn leans in for a kiss…which turns in to a pretty lengthy make-out session. Afterwards Kaitlyn gushes that she thinks she and Ben Z. “are a great match.”

The next day Kaitlyn and Clint head out on their 1-on-1 date, she chose him for the first 1-on-1 because he brought her a hilarious drawing that he did himself of Chris Harrison riding on a triceratops. Kaitlyn takes Clint to a villa – she announces that they will be doing an underwater photo shoot. Apparently, underwater shoots are all the rage and people are doing them for their engagements and anniversaries. Clint and Kaitlyn get dressed with the outfits provided, but they are still a little confused about how exactly an underwater photo shoot works. The photographer arrives and does some breathing exercises with them to help them get ready to go underwater and relax. Meanwhile, back at the Bachelor mansion – Tony is preaching to everyone about loving each other and being peaceful. At the photo shoot, Clint and Kaitlyn’s photos turn out amazing.

The next date card arrives at the Bachelor mansion: JJ, Jonathan, Chris, Ian, Joe, and Tony are invited out with Kaitlyn Bristowe next. The guys cringe when they hear that they will be stuck on a group date with pacifist Tony. JJ can’t wait for Kaitlyn to see how weird Tony is, because he is certain that she will send him home. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn and Clint are done with their photo shoot and they sit down together to have drinks and get to know each other. They hit it off, and Clint is smitten with The Bachelorette, he says that she “took his breath away.” At the end of their date, Kaitlyn gives Clint a rose.

The next day Kaitlyn Bristowe heads to a comedy club to meet up with comedian Amy Schumer, they gossip about the guys and Kaitlyn jokes that she has “already kissed everybody.” Amy loves Kaitlyn and thinks that they could be friends in real life, she wants to spend the rest of her life with Kaitlyn. The guys arrive at the comedy club and Kaitlyn heads outside to greet them – JJ is positive that he is going to win the group date rose. Kaitlyn introduces the guys to Amy Schumer and they are all starstruck by her. Amy gives them a crash course in stand-up comedy and tells them they that are going to be putting on a show later that night. The guys sit down to try and write jokes – they are seriously struggling. Chris the dentist thinks that he is going to bob the date because he is generally reserved and quiet.

It’s time for the guys’ comedy debut – the club is packed, Amy Schumer takes the stage and begins introducing them. Ian is up first, and he has an awkward time adjusting the mic then he proceeds to compare himself to the Old Spice guy in the commercials, and takes a jab at Juan Pablo. Chris Strandburg thinks he is going to get booed off the stage – he tells the audience that he is really nervous, and he learned today that he is “not funny.” He sat down with four different mentors and they all hated his jokes and back away from him like he is a crime scene. He opts to just unbutton his shirt and try to wow the audience. Tony takes the stage next, he rambles that he is mostly serious and “very in touch with his emotions.” He gives a long-winded speech about making the most of his time on the show, then he confesses that he has had a few drinks. The audience stares at him awkwardly and a few people giggle uncomfortably. JJ gets up on stage next and slams Tony and says that everyone in the audience is going to have to go see their therapist after listening to Tony.

After their night at the comedy club – Kaitlyn has drinks with the guys and spends some time with them. Tony gets some alone time with Kaitlyn and nearly put her to sleep rambling about how he can’t wait for their hearts to connect, and compares her to opening a combination lock. JJ sits down Kaitlyn next, and he tells her about his daughter and then plants a hot and steamy kiss on her. He is positive that he is getting the group date rose because he kissed her, little does he know that Kaitlyn is already back outside and making out with Joe. At the end of the date Kaitlyn gives the group date rose to JJ, the other guys are obviously disappointed.

It’s time for the last cocktail party before the rose ceremony – tensions are high as the guys get ready to try and get some last minute time with Kaitlyn before she decides who will be eliminated. While they are waiting for Kaitlyn, some of the guys make a pact to let the guys that didn’t get dates this week to see The Bachelorette first. JJ already has a rose, and he refuses to agree to step aside – the other guys are shocked when Kaitlyn arrives and JJ drags her outside before anyone else gets a chance to talk to her. JJ explains to her that he didn’t come here to make friends, he came here to win her over – and he doesn’t care if everyone else is mad at him.

JJ heads back inside and tells the other guys that he isn’t sorry that he stole time with Kaitlyn – Kupah is furious and tells JJ that what he did was wrong and he should have given the other guys a chance to talk to her since he already has a rose. JJ scoffs that he didn’t come here to make friends – and he had to show Kaitlyn what “real husband material” looks like. While the guys are bickering, Kaitlyn heads outside with Ian and he tells her that he was nearly killed in a hit-and-run accident. Meanwhile, back inside – JJ is still arguing with the other guys. He laughs that he is “not sorry,” and he loves being the villain.

Kupah is getting frustrated because he hasn’t had any time with The Bachelorette. He thinks that the only reason Kaitlyn has kept him around on the show, was because he is black and they have to meet a quota on television. Kaitlyn explains to Kupah that the reason they haven’t had any time together was because he wouldn’t pay any attention to her on the boxing date. Kupah confesses that he doesn’t think they have a connection and he voted for Britt, not her. Kupah implies that he thinks Kaitlyn may have kept him around just because he was black, he proceeds to ramble about whether or not Kaitlyn is “being real.” Kaitlyn tells Kupah that she felt a connection with him in the beginning, but after this awkward conversation – she thinks he should go home. He begs her to keep him, and she says that she will think about it.

Kupah heads back outside and begins ranting to the other guys that he wasted time coming to join the show, Kaitlyn hears everything Kupah is saying and storms outside and drags him to the front door. She tells him that she is sending him home and she is done – it is up to him if he wants to sit through the rose ceremony. Kupah argues with her that she shouldn’t send him home, but the decision is done. Kaitlyn heads back inside and she hears Kupah screaming at the camera crew, she rushes back outside to see what is going on.

To Be Continued…