The Bastard Executioner Recap – A Nose By Any other Name: Season 1 Episode 3 “Effigy / Delw”

The Bastard Executioner Recap - A Nose By Any other Name: Season 1 Episode 3 "Effigy / Delw"

Tonight on FX their original series, The Bastard Executioner airs with an all new Tuesday  September  22, season 1 episode 3 called, “Effigy / Delw,” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, charges of treason are leveled against an unlikely suspect.

For those of you who don’t know, following the adventures of a warrior knight during the Middle Ages.

On the last episode, Wilkin Brattle, a warrior knight for King Edward I, becomes a farmer, but he can’t shake his past in the premiere of this drama set in the Middle Ages. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis “an unlikely suspect is charged with treason; Wilkin must carry out his duties as the new executioner.”

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The #BastardExecutioner starts with Nora coaching Wilk on cutting flesh by practicing on animals. She describes the differences between human and animal flesh. A young boy carves on a statue as his mentor guides him. Love brushes her hair as Isabel comes to tend to her. She tells Isabel her mourning time is done and she wants something with more color. Milus cries over some trinkets in a trunk – looks like he’s upset his brother is dead.

Nora asks Wilk why he isn’t more curious about her knowledge of healing. He asks her about his past life and if she knew about him and his secrets. She holds out her hand and he takes it. She sees him sparring in the field with staffs with other boys. He’s victorious over all. Wilk saw it too then says when he was an infant, a young nun left him with the monks and told them he was fatherless. He asks if that was his mother. Nora says yes.

She says her journey is finished and she is gone now and watches over him with the angels. She tells Wilkin she’s sorry. The Mute waits on Nora and asks who the boy is. She Wilk is lost and full of doubt. He touches her face and says they were too. She agrees that they were as well. The statue is complete and secured to travel. On the North Trail, some of the rebels are alerted that there are a dozen coming. Wilk meets up with the other rebels and asks where Ash is.

Nora says rabbits are to the south if he was snaring. Marshal is with Wilk. Marshal warns Berber and the others to watch out for thieves and Marshal says there were four other knights and Wilk says Leon Tell led the charge to their village and they pledge to get the names from them. Wilk says Petra’s cross hangs around Leon’s neck and it torments him. The other men tell him they all need to be avenged and says the reeve must stay alive until they all have their truth.

Nora tells them to stop arguing and says they need each other. Wilk walks away and Marshal says at least he listens to the witch. The men with the statue are intercepted by the daffodil rebels. One of the female rebels is taken prisoner. Wilk comes back and his wife asks where “Maddy” has been and why his boots are covered in clay. She plays fully along with the ruse and says she’s known him since she was nine. He pulls her aside and says her devotion to the farce is kind. She plays dumb.

Wilk says when she is alone, they can have truth. Jessamy says he is her husband and she loves him deeply. Leon calls him to perform his executioner services. Love is in the chapel with Father Ruskin and he mentions the color of her dress and she says she thinks of distance and will travel to Windsor in two weeks to see the king. He takes her hand and says God has a plan for her and says to stay inside her truth. Love says that’s not a comfortable place.

Milus comes in and says there’s been another act of rebellion. He says her husband’s effigy was attacked on the road. Milus says they captured a young girl of 16 and says the penalty is death even though Love says perhaps it was an act of childhood abandon. Milus cautions her to make an example of her and they tell her the punisher has been summoned but Love insists she speak to the girl first. Nora and the men look for Ash and find slaughtered animals then a man who was mutilated and lying in a burned symbol.

Leon tells Wilk they need to know who she is and where the other rebels are. Wilk tells his adopted son to open the cage for him. Leon advises pulling her fingernails to get answers. Luca gets him a tool to use on her. Leon says to hurry it up. They step out and it’s just Wilk and Marshal with Luca and the girl. He looks at tool and Marshal says – you stick it in her slot. Wilk says – God in heaven. He approaches the girl and says she needs to tell what she knows. He says they want him to torture her.

She spits in his face and he says don’t make him get the truth that way. Marshal tells Wilk he has no choice then locks him in the cage with her. Leon tells Milus the punisher is with her and Milus says Love wants to talk to her first then they hear her scream. Milus takes note of the two new twin serving girls and says they will be fun. Love marches into the chamber and Leon says the message came late and they had already begun with the girl. Love wants a moment alone with her.

They all step out. Wilk sets down a stool for Love to sit by the girl whose hand is bloody. She asks the girl if she knows who she is. Love asks what she can call her and says her name won’t hurt anyone. She looks at the girl’s missing fingernail. The girl says she can’t tell her anything even if they torture her. Love says she just wants the truth and asks why they attacked the wagon. She asks if it was a childish dare or rebellion. The girl says the Byth Encil will take back the country.

The girl says they just want Wales quiet and Love says she does too then says she will send someone to tend to her finger. Milus steps forward and asks if she confided. He says they need to apply harsher measures. Love lists off a long list of traits about the girl and says she’s likely from Penfras Mawr. She says to assemble a caravan so she can go to the village. She says if they can make recompense, the girl will be spared. Milus says it’s too dangerous. Love says they will bring the priest and the punisher too.

Nora looks at the body and the strange cuts carved into his chest. She crosses herself. She pours a substance on his chest then reaches into his mouth and pulls out a hissing snake. She sets it aside. We see his arms have been severed. Nora chants and stabs the snake.

At the coastal village, Nia’s family is warned that the soldiers are there. Nia’s mother is furious at her son and her mother says to ride and tell the Wolf they need help. Her son says he didn’t know she’d been captured. The men ride up on them and Love dismounts to go speak to her. She asks if they’re there to punish them. Love says they’re to offer fair trade and to spare her daughter’s life. The woman says all they have is fish and poverty. Love says she wants to meet the rebel leader, the Wolf.

She says she wants to understand his needs and look for a solution. The woman says she doesn’t know any Wolf. Love asks if she’s willing to sacrifice her child. The woman smiles and says it’s one less mouth to feed. She asks if Love is done. Love steps closer and says she knows her heart struggles. The woman says she’s the daughter of a beloved Welsh lord and lies with English dogs. Love says her only intention is to stop the oppression and bloodshed of her people.

Love says she doesn’t understand her hatred of her and says the woman doesn’t understand her love of them. The woman walks away. Wilk indicates a boy and says that boy may know something since the woman was punishing the boy. Milus dismisses him but Father Ruskin encourages this option. Love tells Wilk to go see what the boy knows. Marshal and Wilk head for the boy. They ask his name and he says Mabon. Wilk says he ripped out his sister’s fingernail and she wouldn’t give her name.

Marshal says the women in his family must have all the balls. Mabon says she’s just a child and Wilk says she can save her and be the big brother she needs. He says if they give the baroness some tellings of the rebels it will save his sister from the ax. Mabon says he knows nothing and Marshal calls him a coward and Wilk says he hopes her death will haunt him. Mabon says if he tells, will he not tell his mother. Wilk agrees. Leon threatens him.

Mabon says at the entrance to the village, there are hovels where the rebels store supplies and weapons. Wilk says no one will know. Marshal says Gruffudd will know of their presence and Wilk says maybe he’ll want to help save the girl. Calo tells Nora he caught them a meal and she teases him and says that many fish are a miracle. Berber prays alone in the woods and Nora spies him there. He’s clearly a Muslim. He hears a noise and turns. He hides his prayer book and she says Calo has food.

She says it will require a week’s worth of wood. Berber mentions what she saw and she says it’s of no concern to her. He asks what if it’s seen as heresy. She says God answers to many names and the fearful and ignorant are the ones who judge. He asks her about pagan faith. She quotes a passage and says it’s from his book – the Quran, chapter 6, verse 161. He looks it up and sees she quotes Islam perfectly. The soldiers ride out of the village. They are attacked by rebels and circle to protect Baroness Love.

Milus fights like a brute. Wilk, Marshal and Ruskin spirit Love into the woods and arm her so they can fight around her. Ruskin fights too. Wilk and Marshal deliver non-fatal wounds but the others are not so kind. Wilk asks if Love is harmed and she’s not. She says her nerves are shattered. She thanks Wilk for saving her. Milus approaches with the others. Marshal is thanked by Leon for saving him. Milus runs to her and he says several are injured but none fatal.

Love says that’s enough excitement for one day. She says night falls and Wilk helps her to her horse. Milus doesn’t like to see him helping her to her horse. Isabel offers Love some food and says she needs the strength to fight off rebels. Love reminds her she had a mother and says she must think she’s her mother now but Isabel says it’s her duty to see to her well-being. Milus comes to talk to Love and she sends Isabel out.

Milus says they found the supplies and weapons and Love says they can spare the girl’s life. Milus reminds her she was attacked and that the rebels can’t think she takes this lightly. Love promises to give it deep thought and won’t bear the thought lightly. Milus asks if she’s earnest about meeting Wolf. She says she always his. Milus says if the king thinks her actions are frivolous or overly Welsh, he may judge harshly. Milus asks her to lean on his council and says the Baron relied on him.

Love says she appreciates his wisdom but says she’s not her husband. She thanks him for the counsel. He stalks out annoyed. Wilk is in the chapel and Father Ruskin says he likes seeing him there every morning and offers to talk with him. Wilk says his sins are between his conscience and God. Ruskin says he’s there if he changes his mind. Wilk says he’s never seen a priest wield a mace like that. Ruskin says they all have a past life. Love comes to the chapel.

Wilk stands and greets her. She sits and gestures him to sit. They sit on a pew side by side. She says his way with a sword is skilled more so than most of her knights. He says handling a blade is the task of his trade but she says swinging an ax is brutish and he shows refined swordsmanship. She says he’s a mystery to her. He says he is to himself as well. She hands him a paper and says it’s her decision about the girl. He reads it and she says her judgment is forced by obligation.

She leaves the chapel and Wilk looks at the paper again then folds it back up. He doesn’t look happy. There’s a glow and the angel is at the altar – his wife – he asks if she came to help or haunt him. She says that is a choice with every encounter and he must decide. He says he’s sorry. She steps closer and she says her end came at the right time for the right reason. He asks how he does this. She says to stop looking for what’s wrong and see what’s right is in his grasp.

He turns then she is gone. He’s very upset and breathes a deep sigh then crumples the paper in his hand. He’s having a panic attack. The paper unfolds and turns into a snake. It hisses and circles his arm then wraps around his neck. It looks at him, snarls and chokes him. He fights it off. The paper is back to normal. He runs to find Nora. She asks what troubles him and he says everything. He asks if she sees his demons as well as his angels. She says we make our own demons.

He shows her the paper and says the girl is just 15. She tells him he’s learned this. She says his brothers need him as Marshal calls to him. Marshal says they found Ash’s trap camps strewn with blood and flesh and his herb pouch. They wonder where the little guy got to. Marshal calls out when he sees Ash. He says he went to find his girl – he went for his sheep. He grabs up his pelt pouch and walks off talking to his sheep.

Nora tells Wilk to mix these herbs and give them to the girl and hour before she meets her fate to ease her pain. Ash calls her good witch and she calls Ash mad trapper. Wilk mixes the herbs as instructed and tells Nia to drink it without fighting him. She takes the cup. Milus shows up and says it’s time to work his blade. Wilk says aye. Milus says his actions yesterday offering Love an opinion need never happen again. He tells him to come to him first and he will decide if she should hear.

Wilk says he serves the Baroness, not him. Milus says Wilkin serves him while Gawain serves her. Wilk says he sees growing fear in Milus disguised as boldness. Milus says he has nothing to fear and Wilk says their secret cuts both ways. Milus says he could lose his position but Wilk could lose his new wife and children and they will all lose their heads. Luca says they’re ready and calls Wilk – father. Wilk pats his head. The execution notice is posted.

Nia is dragged and chained for her punishment. Milus nods at Wilk who nods back. Luca hands Wilk a blade – a curved scimitar. He nods at Marshal who pulls back her hair and whispers to her. Wilk takes her head and cuts off her nose. She gasps and gags and M..