The Biggest Loser Recap – The End of Hawaii: Season 16 Episode 14 “Kauai Part 2”

The Biggest Loser Recap - The End of Hawaii: Season 16 Episode 14 "Kauai Part 2"

Tonight on NBC The Biggest Loser which features over weight contestants competing to lose weight to win money returns with an all new Thursday January 1, season 16 episode 14 called “Kauai Part 2” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Contestants face their fears in Hawaii. Included: One player tries rappelling down a waterfall, and another goes rope-swinging through the jungle. Later, the contestants use coconuts to tackle a lacrosse-inspired obstacle course.

On the last episode, in the first of two special Hawaii episodes, the remaining six contestants were off on the adventure of a lifetime to the breathtaking island of Kauai. There they continued the competition and did everything they could to avoid falling below this week’s red line. They started their trip at the scenic Waimea Canyon State Park before the trainers put them through an intense workout at Polihale beach. Then, in a Hawaii-style challenge, they all hopped into kayaks and paddle out in the ocean to retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces. The finished puzzle revealed the prize for the winner – an incredible, private helicopter tour of Kauai. Later, one trainer and a contestant faced their fears together about the open water and try snorkeling, before all the contestants arrive at the beach weigh-in in outrigger canoes to determine who went home – and who gets to stay in paradise for another week! Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “The Kauai adventure continues for the remaining five contestants, who tackle their fears head on this week. Dolvett encourages one player to push past his fear and join him rapelling down a waterfall, while Jessie takes another on a rope-swinging adventure in the jungle. Then it’s time for a fun, Hawaiian-style challenge, a Lacrosse-inspired obstacle course with coconuts that will reward the winner with a one-pound advantage on the scale. Meanwhile, at Comeback Canyon, two players also have to face their fears in a balancing challenge 25 feet up in the air before a weigh-in sends one player home for good. Then the contestants leave Kauai and head back to the ranch, where a red line at the weigh-in determines which player is eliminated.”

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#BiggestLoser starts now. Last week, the final six were in Hawaii and were whittled down to five. Sonya is excited to have another week on the island and says she’s ready to go. Jen, Jessie and Dolvett meet the finalists in the jungle on the island and they talk about New Years resolutions. Jessie says they are totally different people now and they should make contracts with themselves for what they want. Dolvett says to make 2015 the best year yet.

They start with a challenge where they toss and roll huge logs that are over six feet tall. Dolvett says the last weigh in was astonishing and it’s going to be hard to match those. He says they have no gym equipment there so they’re using the natural materials to work out. They are lifting the logs and ducking under them. They are all sweating. They drag big heavy palm leaves and Woody says he needs to push himself to stay in the game and avoid the red line.

Back at Comeback Canyon, Bob is working the two guys hard. He says they are two weeks from being back at the ranch and says they need a winning mentality. He tells them they are getting their glory days back now. Scott says his resolution is to go back to the ranch. He says he won’t lose to anyone no matter what. Jordan says he wants to be the Biggest Loser and says he never thought he had it in him to come this far at week 14. He misses his wife but isn’t ready to give up.

Back in Hawaii, Dolvett says Rob is the one person that needs to face his fears and he is taking him on a rappelling adventure at a really high waterfall. Rob is terrified and says there is no fricking way he’s doing that. Dolvett wants him to confront his fears. Dolvett tells him he has a fear of heights and that he’s going to do this with him. Rob is scared and isn’t ready to trust Dolvett with his life. They start at a practice wall and Rob starts to cry. He says he can’t hold himself.

Rob curses and says there is no way he’s doing it. Dolvett says Rob can’t handle things he’s not in control of and goes to talk to him. He tells Rob he has to conquer his fear to really conquer his health and weight issues. Rob says this is garbage and says he’s sick of these stupid challenges and being embarrassed on TV. Dolvett says he hates that Rob doesn’t trust his own body and ability or trust in Dolvett. He follows Rob when he stalks off to bolster his spirits.

Dolvett tells him to just do it and Rob asks why. Dolvett tells him he needs to trust and face the hardest things so he can move forward. Dolvett says fear owns him and tells him to put an end to it and own his own fear. He says to yell and scream but Rob says people get hurt doing this. Dolvett tells him to talk himself into it instead of out of it. Rob says he has to try again so he doesn’t see that he failed. Rob says let’s just do it and they high five.

They stand at the brink of the water fall together. Rob says he’s sick of regrets and failing and says he’ll only have this opportunity once and wants to make a change. They back down the waterfall side by side one step at a time with Dolvett encouraging him the whole time even as water pours over them. He makes it to the bottom and Dolvett cheers him. Rob is overcome and says he’s jacked up and feels like he can do anything and says he needs to believe in himself.

Jessie works with Lori and says she’s been held back by a lot of pain and suffering. He says she had very little life left in her when she started Biggest Loser. He says they have a connection and he now sees a beautiful woman who wants to be a good person, mom and wife. He takes her to the woods to a big swing. She’s terrified but he says the tree represents her past and she has to let go of all of that. He says she’ll let go and swing down into the future and a new Lori.

She says she’s not sure if she’ll be able to let go but is happy to be there in the beautiful rain forest. She is hoisted up really high into the air. She tells Jessie she can’t let go but he tells her she can. She’s crying and scared but he tells her to be fearless. He asks what she’s letting go of and she says – the old Lori – she lets go and goes screaming downward. She swings! She talks about how she’s held back from so many things and says she can see herself as a daredevil again. Jessie says she’s back and she asks to do it again.

Back at Comeback Canyon, it’s also challenge time. Bob takes Jordan and Scott to a high structure and asks if they have a fear of heights. Scott says he doesn’t. Bob says they have to climb up these poles, balance on a high beam and then jump off. He says it symbolizes the balance they need in their lives once they head back home. They start climbing the hand holds. Jordan says he’s scared of heights and this is nerve wracking.

He makes it to the top, but is shaking. He says he can’t let his fear stop him and doesn’t want to look down. Once he’s up there, Scott is also scared. They are 25 feet up. Bob tells them to walk out into the middle. Scott says he really thought he wouldn’t be scared, but he’s terrified. Bob tells them to move and Jordan is out in the middle but Scott is too scared and shaking to move. He says he can’t stop his legs shaking and Bob tells him to take control and stop making excuses.

Bob tells him to get out into the middle right now. Scott lets go and eases out to the middle. Jordan encourages him to come out where he is and holds his hand out to him. They are both now out in the middle. Bob tells them to jump into 2015. He counts down and they agree to do it together. They both step off and Bob tells them they are in control now. Bob says he’s proud that they both did the exercise. They head out.

Back in Hawaii, Sonya and Lori are out at the beach. Lori says she’s proud to be on a bathing suit at the beach. Sonya tells her that she was in a swimsuit at her heaviest and says her cat threw up and she blames it on her obesity. Sonya is also happy to be there and not be embarrassed about her body and hiding behind a shirt or a towel. Lori says it’s hard to not be confident about how you look on the outside. She says she can feel the beautiful person she used to be.

Sonya says she’s never felt beautiful and has always struggled with her weight. She says it blows her mind that she’s 100 pounds lighter. They head into the water. Jen meets the finalists to talk about nutrition and is making Hawaiian turkey tacos for them. She shows them how to use the extra lean ground turkey and says it’s half the calories and twice the protein. She shows them a taco shell alternative as well so the dish is half the calories of the usual taco.

Ali meets the group at a challenge. Rob says it looks crazy. Ali says they are going to play lacrosse Hawaiian style. They have to pull coconuts in with a raft, carry coconuts in lacrosse sticks across obstacles and then toss it to themselves and shoot it into a goal. The winner is the first to score three goals and will get a one pound advantage at the next weigh in. Woody says that’s a huge deal. They start and Sonya says one pound saved her last week and is a big deal.

Woody is out front and on the balance beam but falls off. He has to restart and drops his coconut and must go back for another. Lori and Toma also drop theirs. Sonya is on the balance beam now and says she’s not graceful at all. She drops hers. Rob says the logs are wet and slippery and he drops his too. Toma is the first through and says he’s got good balance from soccer. He shoots, misses and has to go back. Lori is very frustrated with her struggle.

Lori makes it much farther then drops again. Toma misses the goal a third time and is frustrated. Lori is finally ready to shoot and lands the first goal. Woody tries for his first and way overshoots. Sonya overshoots as well. Toma finally sinks one and he and Lori are tied. Toma is really worried and says Lori, as a gold medal pitcher, is a huge threat. She sinks her second and heads back. Toma shoots and misses. Lori is back and ready to shoot for the winning goal.

She lobs hers and sinks the winning goal. She will have the one pound advantage and is absolutely thrilled. She says she really needed this leg up. Toma says he has to make sure that one pound doesn’t get him kicked off. Ali says she’ll see them back at the Biggest Loser gym for the weigh in and she leaves with a “mahalo.” Woody says Hawaii has been great and he now thinks he can accomplish anything. Lori says it’s been an amazing week.

Over at Comeback Canyon, it’s weigh in time. Jordan will weigh in first. He last weighed in at 227 and started at 323. He weighs in at 219. That’s an eight pound lost. He’s lost 104 pounds overall and is down 3.2%. Scott is concerned that’s enough to send him home. He started at 366, last weighed 251 and, this time, has to lose at least nine pounds to stay in this. He’s down to 242 which is exactly nine pounds. He just beats Jordan and wins a third weigh in. This will send Jordan home.

Bob tells Jordan that he’s sorry to see him go but Jordan says he lost to a good friend, a fierce competitor and is going home to his family. Over at the ranch, Ali greets the remaining five for their weigh in. She reminds them Lori has a one pound advantage and starts with her. Lori started at 301. Last week she was 230 and tonight she weighs 227. She’s down three and with the one pound, that makes it a four. She says she’s happy and did the best she could. She lost 1.74%

Next is Toma. He began at 336. Last week he was 225. This week, he must lose at least three to stay above Lori. He weighs 217 and has lost eight. That will keep him safe. He’s thrilled to be down 3.56%. Sonya is next. She started at 283 and last week weighed 183. She must lose three or more pounds. Today, she weighs 178. She’s lost five pounds and 2.73%. Next is Rob who started at 483. Last week he was 338 and he’s now lost six pounds and is at 332. He lost 1.78% and more than 151 over all.

Lori is still in danger of the red line. It will be either her or Woody. Woody started at 398 and last week was 294. He needs to lose more than five to avoid being sent out. He is now at 291. He lost three pounds. That means he’s under the red line. He tells Ali he feels like he’s already won life since he’s got a second chance. He says he has overcome obstacles and is ready. Jen says he’s reinvented himself and his sense of self worth.

Woody leaves and like the others, is shocked to see Bob open the door of the limo and hear he’s got another shot at Comeback Canyon and isn’t going home yet. He laughs. We see Jordan back at home looking slim and holding his new baby. He says it was hard to leave but is glad he was home in time for his son’s birth. His wife says it was hard to have him gone during her pregnancy but says she’s proud of him. He says the baby has changed his life.