The Biggest Loser Recap – Losing it in Hawaii: Season 16 Episode 13 “Kauai Part 1”

The Biggest Loser Recap - Losing it in Hawaii: Season 16 Episode 13 "Kauai Part 1"

Tonight on NBC The Biggest Loser which features over weight contestants competing to lose weight to win money returns with an all new Thursday December 18, season 16 episode 13 called “Kauai Part 1” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s  part 1 of 2 episode where the players head to Hawaii, where they participate in a kayak challenge. Later, a trainer and a player who both fear the open water try snorkeling.

On the last episode, host Alison Sweeney surprised the contestants with the news that this week they were competing as singles, rather than as teams. In their first challenge as singles, the players had to cross an obstacle course, including a mud pit, and complete a memory puzzle at the end for the greatest prize of all at the ranch – immunity. Then trainers surprised the final seven contestants with heartwarming videos of support from players, coaches and family members back home, fueling their fire to keep working hard at the ranch. Later, after a fiercely competitive week at Comeback Canyon, trainer Bob Harper sent one player home for good, while the ranch weigh-in results in a tearful elimination as the contestants voted to send another player packing. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “In the first of two special Hawaii episodes, the remaining six contestants are off on the adventure of a lifetime to the breathtaking island of Kauai. There they’ll continue the competition and do everything they can to avoid falling below this week’s red line. They start their trip at the scenic Waimea Canyon State Park before the trainers put them through an intense workout at Polihale beach. Then, in a Hawaii-style challenge, they all hop into kayaks and paddle out in the ocean to retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces. The finished puzzle reveals the prize for the winner – an incredible, private helicopter tour of Kauai. Later, one trainer and a contestant face their fears together about the open water and try snorkeling, before all the contestants arrive at the beach weigh-in in outrigger canoes to determine who is going home – and who gets to stay in paradise for another week!”

The Biggest Loser season 16 episode 13 airs at 8PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!

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It’s time for #BiggestLoser and they’re headed for Hawaii for the next phase of their challenge. We see JJ pull u at Comeback Canyon with no clue what’s going on. He can’t believe he’s there and JJ breaks down crying in front of Bob over this. He says this is an amazing opportunity to not be going home yet and to get to work with Bob. We see the others on the plane to Hawaii and they are all very excited. Ali greets them on Kauai and says this is where top athletes train and says they’ll be there for two weeks.

Woody says he can’t believe he’s there. Ali talks to Jordan about his honeymoon in Hawaii when he was too heavy to really enjoy themselves. She then reminds them the red line still waits for them and wishes them Imua, Hawaiian good luck before sporting events. They head off to get to work. They go for a run on the beach and toss medicine balls and really work it.

Jen has them working on the beach and crawling through the water. Jordan says he’s really enjoying this life and his new body and says he won’t go back to the way he was. Jessie has Toma digging on the beach and says to think about the hole he dug himself out of. Dolvett tells Robert to get moving and says he’s not showing up today and giving his all.

Dolvett tells them to push themselves and says warriors are built every day. Rob is dizzy, seeing spots and says he feels like he may black out. He tells Dolvett he’s angry and feels powerless. He’s not happy about Hawaii and then cries. Dolvett tells him he needs to get out of his own way and let his new life begin. Dolvett says he wants to see the best parts of him yet to come. Rob says the process is harder than he thought it would be.

Ali greets the group at the beach for their first challenge. She tells them they have to each grab a kayak and paddle out 1,000 feet to get a bag of puzzle pieces then paddle back. Then they have to complete the puzzle to win a reward. The prize is on the puzzle. Sonya is worried and Ali says it’s 2,000 feet of paddling and asks Woody if he spends a lot of time on boats. He’s scared of the water.

Ali says none of them would have met the weight requirements for the kayaks before this and now they’re all set. They all get a kayak and knock them into the water. Lori is the first one in followed by Sonya. Woody is in last place and is worried the water is deep. They all start paddling and Jordan and Lori take an early lead. Jordan is really excited about this. Sonya is close on them. They are not trying to get the puzzle pieces.

Lori gets hers first but Jordan’s are stuck. She takes off back to the beach. Toma tips over into the water.  Woody is working on getting his puzzle pieces too. Sonya falls out of her kayak too and can’t get herself back into the boat. Rob has his pieces and is headed back. Toma finally gets back in his boat as Rob flips over and is in the drink.

Lori is the first back to the beach with Jordan behind her. Toma and Woody are on the way back too. Toma is back at the beach and now Woody. There are four working on the puzzles now. Rob is back in his boat and is headed back now too. Sonya is way away from her kayak and can’t seem to recover. Now it’s down to the puzzle. Sonya finally gets back in hers and is back.

Jordan solves the puzzle and sees the reward is a helicopter ride. He’s thrilled. Lori is bummed she didn’t win – she was right behind him. Ali tells him to pick someone to come along and he chooses Toma. Ali takes the two off to get on their helicopter tour of the island. Back in the US at Comeback Canyon, Bob is working the guys hard.

He takes the two football players on a hike. JJ and Scott grab medicine balls and jog up the mountain with Bob. He hollers at them to run and move. Scott says he feels great and can’t wait to walk back in the door of the ranch. He has a surprise for them and says it’s not a workout. He has photos of the two of them when they first started. He hands Scott his photo with his giant gut and he says he just checked out. Bob tells JJ he doesn’t even know who that is looking at the photo of him. Bob says he’s come such a long way and should be proud.

Bob says they need to remember those two heavier men for as long as they live. He says they’re going to plant these photos – the photo paper is made of seeds. Scott says he has a lot of life left in him and is going to finish his life the right way. He tears his photo in half and plants it in the ground. JJ says there are no more lies to be told and no more being sad. He tears his up and plants it in the ground as well.

Back in Hawaii, the guys are on their helicopter tour and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Toma says he’s grateful to Jordan for picking him to go on the adventure with him. Jordan says this feels like a fresh start for him.

Jen is freaking out a little since she doesn’t like open water. She has taken Woody and Sonya out for a water activity. Woody doesn’t like this and Jen tells him this scares the crap out of her. She says they’ve been at the ranch addressing their fears and says she hasn’t shown hers. She says she doesn’t know if she’s giving them enough support and Sonya reassures her.

Woody and Sonya both tell her she’s changed their lives. Woody tells her he thanks her and loves her and says he’s going to face this with her. They hug and Sonya is teary as she watches. A turtle swims by and they are stunned. They put on snorkel gear and then hop into the water. Sonya is in first followed by Woody and then Jen. Jen talks about getting into the unknown and opening up new worlds.

Woody says this is a new start and he’s overcome something major with this. He says his wife is looking down on him with pride. At Comeback Canyon, it’s weigh in time. JJ goes first. He started at 392. His current weight is 292. He lost eight pounds and is thrilled. He has lost 100 pounds. JJ says he eats his emotions and says he’s happy.

Scott also lost eight pounds when it comes to his weigh in. He says he thought he was going home, but it was enough to send JJ home. JJ says he’s okay with losing to that effort by Scott. He says he did everything he could this week. Bob tells him he has an opportunity to be an at home winner at the finale. Bob hugs JJ who says he’s leaving a better person, brother and son.

Back in Hawaii, the athletes row into their weigh in and Ali says it’s quite an entrance. Rob is worried about the weigh in. Ali says it’s not time to face the red line and says one person will be sent home. Sonya is first. She began at 283. She was at 189 last week and this week she weights in at 183. She’s exactly at 100 pounds. She says she’s learning to love herself more.

Next is Lori who was at 240 is down to 230 with a ten pound loss. Jessie tells her she looks beautiful. Toma is up now. He starts at 336 and was at 235. He has to lose seven pounds. He’s down to 225 with a 10 pound loss. Dolvett cheers him on. He takes the top spot and is safe from the red line. Dolvett is so proud of all these numbers.

Next is Rob who started at 483 and last week he was 350. He needs to have lost at least 11 pounds. He lost 12 pounds. Everyone applauds and he bursts into tears. He says he didn’t think he had a chance and says it was a really hard week. Dolvett tells him he’s so proud of him. Ali congratulates him. Dolvett hugs him while he cries.

Sonya is getting concerned with how low she’s falling. Jordan started at 320 and last time was 233. He lost six pounds this week and says he can’t be mad at six. He’s right above the red line which makes Sonya safe for one more week. Woody heads up to weigh in and says he’s done a lot of things this week he would have never considered doing.

Woody was last in at 306 and has lost 12 pounds. Wow. That puts Jordan below the line. Woody tells Jordan that he’s sorry that he knocked him down. He thanks everyone. Ali says he’s lost 104 pounds and is under 300. Jordan is below the red line and Ali says they have to send him home. He says he wasn’t there for the contest or money but to get his life back.

He says his son is due in two weeks and he no longer has the fear he’s going to be a sideline dad. Ali says she’s sorry that he has to say goodbye but he says this is just the start of his life. He says he’s leaving full of joy, loving who he is and excited to be a dad. He says he did this for his wife and his son and so he could give them the best version of himself.

We see an update on JJ who started at 392 and is down to the 260s. He says his mom was very concerned about his weight and health. He says he’s in the best shape of his life – even better than when he was in a college athlete. JJ’s mom says he’s inspired her and that their life has changed. He’s decided he wants to be his little brother’s role model.