The Blacklist Recap 4/23/15: Season 2 Episode 19 “Leonard Caul”

The Blacklist Recap 4/23/15: Season 2 Episode 19 "Leonard Caul"

Tonight on NBC their criminal drama, The Blacklist starring James Spader continues with an all new Thursday April 23, season 2 episode 19 called, “Leonard Caul” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, red fights for his life while the task force races to track down a mysterious figure from his past. Also: Tom provides help in an unexpected way.

On the last episode, the task force tracked a provocative female Blacklister (guest star Ana de la Reguera), a frame-up artist who targeted the wealthy elite. Tom (Ryan Eggold) pleaded for Liz’s (Megan Boone) help. Red (James Spader) pressured Liz for the Fulcrum, claiming it’s now a matter of life and death. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC’s synopsis, “as Red (James Spader) fights for his life, he pleads with Liz (Megan Boone) to track down Nicholas Caul – a mysterious figure from his past with knowledge of The Fulcrum. It’s a race against time for the task force to locate Caul before Red’s life is threatened again, while Tom (Ryan Eggold) proves helpful in an unexpected way. Diego Klattenhoff, Harry Lennix, Amir Arison and Mozhan Marno also star. David Strathairn guest stars.”

Tonight’s episode of The Blacklist is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So pop some popcorn, grab a snuggle buddy, and definitely tune into this amazing series! Hit the comments and let us know if you are excited about this new season.

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Tonight’s episode of The Blacklist kicks off with someone in a dark room listening to recordings of Elizabeth and Tom’s conversations while they hang up photos that they took of Liz.

Meanwhile, Liz and Dembe are in the middle of a shootout in the middle of the street – men are coming at them from all angles with guns and Red has been shot and is bleeding badly. They manage to get him in to the car and speed off. Liz calls Cooper and screams in the phone that Red was shot in the chest and it’s critical – they are trying to find a hospital to get him to. Dembe throws Liz’s phone out of the car window. He hands Liz a burner phone and tells her to dial *677. Liz dials and Red’s doctor answers – she gives Liz the address of a warehouse and tells her to meet her there ASAP.

At the warehouse the doctors rush to set up a make-shift and illegal hospital, the police arrive at the scene where Red was shot and begin processing it. A man sits in his car and takes out a laptop and uses it to hack in to the street’s security cameras – he follows all of the security camera shots in the city of Demme’s car and gets the address of the warehouse where they took Red.
Liz and Dembe arrive with Red at the warehouse and the doctor and nurses get to work on him and begin rushing around hooking him up to machinery. Red is coughing up blood and Liz take his hand – he whispers to her “You need to find Leonard Cull.”

At his office Harold is trying to explain to his boss that Keen has gone AWOL – the Attorney General barges in and demands ot know what the hell happened. Tom tells Harold that he needs to contain this and keep it under wraps and he can use all of his resources – but the truth cant get out. Liz calls Harold and tells him that she got a name from Reddington, Leonard Cull. He explains that whoever tried to kill Red called his bluff, and knew he didn’t have the FOlcrom. Harold orders his team to find everything they can on Leonard Cull. Leonard is the man that Fitch sent Red to look for, and he found blood in his empty apartment. Ressler runs a search on Culls apartment address and learns it is an alias, he also learns that Cull showed up at a hospital a few weeks ago with his fingers in a sandwich bag but when the police started asking questions he got scared and left.

Liz rushes in to the warehouse and realizes that someone has killed one of the doctors that was working on Red, Kaplan shot and killed the two men that came for Red. Kaplan found the guy’s cell phone and sees a message revealing that there are more men on the way. Liz tells the doctors to patch up Red so they can move him – they argue that they need more time to close the artery but Liz tells him they don’t have any more time. Liz calls her old friend who happens to be a doctor and begs him to help her with Red, he agrees and they move Red to another building – where Tom happens to be living. He agrees to let Liz and the doctors in with Red but says he is doing to for her, not for Red.

Keen calls Cooper and tells her that they made it to a safehouse, she says that she doesn’t need any men because Red’s team is there. She tells Harold that his prognosis is grim, she just needs them to find Leonard Cull. Liz hangs up and Tom corners her, he tells her that Red is a bad man and she needs to leave him alone. Liz says htat she can’t leave him alone until she get answers about her past, Tom offers to help her get the answers and says he knows a lot more than she thinks. The doctor interrupts, and apparently he is not happy to see Tom since Liz dumped him for Tom. He tells Liz that he knows who Reddington is and he isn’t taking the bullet out of his chest for free – Kaplan offers him $500,000 in a brief case and the doctor agrees to keep working on him.

At the office Cooper’s team learns that Leonard Cull is a former CIA Agent named Joseph McCray and he was working on a project named Hardwood. The project was run by a woman named Helen Jubill, Harold calls in Helen and she scoffs that she could be arrested if she even admitted that McCray existed. She says that she hasn’t spoken to him in years, since the unit broke up. Harold threatens that she will have to answer to the Attorney General. Helen admits that she spoke to McCray recently and he was scared and hurt – he got in to some trouble with Reddington, she agrees to tell Harold where Leonard is staying.

At the warehouse Dembe gives Elizabeth an address, he tells her to go to the flat and open a desk and get a silver case out of the drawer – it has a key in it. Liz realizes that what is in the key can open the Folcrom. Dembe tells Liz to go get the key and take it to Leonard, but he warns her that Red must never know that she was there.

Liz arrives at the flat and looks around, she notices the photos on the mantle and one of them appears to be her graduation picture. She picks up another photo of a man holding a little girl and snaps a photo of it with her cell phone. At the warehouse Red wakes up and Dembe is standing over him, Red asks where Liz is and he reassures him that she is okay. Red grumbles that Dembe was right and he should have told Liz the truth from the beginning.

At the flat Liz takes the key out of the desk and gets ready to leave, she opens the door and a man is standing on the front step with a gun pointed in her face. He orders her to go back inside, it’s Leonard Cull. She demands to know how he knows Reddington, he says that Fitch connected them and they were both on the run and hiding from the Kabul. He tells Liz that he kows the FBI were looking for him – Leonard demands to know what she wants from him. She admits that she has the key to the Folcrom but she doesn’t know how it works – Leonard says that Reddington brought them together because he wanted Leonard to help Liz open the Folcrom.

At the warehouse Tom sneaks in to see Red, he tells him that he knew from day one that Red was just going to hurt Liz. He tells Red that he worked for him for two years and listened to him threaten everyone that could hurt Liz – but he knew he was going to hurt her the most. Tom informs Red that from now on he is done – and he walks out. At the flat Leonard gets to work on the Folcrom and reveals to Liz that he is the one the wrote the deciphered text in the Folcrom, he plugs the key in to it and a bright blue light shines out and fills the room with light.

Liz and Leonard get in the car and head to the office, she is holding the briefcase with the Folcrom in it – she is in complete shock by the list of the names she just saw. Leonard explains that the first time he saw the list he was speechless too. Leonard explains to her that the Director of Clandestine Services didn’t trust Fitch, so Fitch reached out to him. They arrive at the warehouse and there are men outside – she realizes that she building has been compromised and tells Leonard to keep driving. Liz calls Tom inside and tells him that they are about to be attacked, Kaplan, Tom, and Dembe grab guns and Liz calls Harold for back up. Liz tells Leonard to turn around and take her back to the warehouse – he refuses though and says that she is outnumbered.

At the warehouse the Director’s men attack, a shoot out ensures. Red lays in his hospital bed with a gun and listens to the gunshots and waits – when men in masks make it to his hospital bed he bgins firing and taking them out, until he runs out of bullets.

Elizabeth pays The Director a visit and tells him that she has information about the Folcrom. She marches in to his office and takes out the Folcrom and turns it on – the room fills with the blue light and it begins listing the names and newspaper clippings on the wall. Liz tells the Director that she knows who she is and what he has done and she will go straight to the news if he doesn’t pick up the phone and call off the attack on Red.

In the warehouse three men have guns ponted at Red’s head and are about to assassinate him, their phone rings and they receive orders from the Director – they leave Red alone and rush out of the room. Meanwhile, The Director threatens Liz and tells her that she has no idea what enemies she has just made. She leaves the Folcrom and tells the Director that he can keep it – they made copies. As Liz storms out he scoffs after her that he never realized how much she looks like her mother.

Back at the warehouse they are taking Red to a medical facility – Red tries to talk to her and explains that when he hired Tom Keen it was to keep her safe and be there as a friend of a friend and look at her from an arm’s length. Red insists that when he learned that their relationship was intimate, he fired him, and Tom shifted his allegiance to Berlin so that he could stay with her. Once they were married Red couldn’t stay away any longer, so he turned himself in to the FBI so that he could point her to the truth. Liz cries to Red that he could have just lied to make her feel good – and then she storms out.

Meanwhile, The Director is meeting with Attorney General Tom Connolley, he thanks him for “betraying a friend” and congratulates him on his seat at the table. Liz meets up with Tom Keen at the park, she admits that she thinks Red is going to devour her and then demands that he tells her everything he knows about Reddington.