The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Steffy Ruins Ivy’s Modeling Debut – Thomas Tells Steffy About Caroline Tryst

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) Spoilers: Steffy Ruins Ivy's Modeling Debut - Thomas Tells Steffy About Caroline Tryst

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are catching up on the latest scoop swirling around our favorite Forrester dueling brunettes. The latest B&B rumors have the cousins trying to one up each other using the Spencer brothers as their bait. Apparently, Ivy Forrester [Ashleigh Brewer] has her first photo shoot for the New Face of Forrester campaign. The newest B&B rumors are stating that Ivy’s high-profile modeling gig doesn’t go exactly as planned. In fact, it’s a total disaster!

Of course, we can only speculate that it may have more to do with the behind the scenes shenanigans than with the lead model herself. On that subject, we are hearing more Bold and the Beautiful news about Steffy [Jacqueline MacWood Innes] and her new plan of attack against Ivy and Wyatt [Darin Brooks]. When Steffy recently pleaded with both Ivy and Wyatt to delete the ‘tell all’ video of the night Aly [Ashlyn Pearce] died, they both rejected her pleas. Now the Forrester Creations President is ready to make both Ivy and Wyatt lives’ a living HELL. Steffy will certainly be exerting her executive power when dealing with these two. As they keep using the video as leverage to climb the Forrester ladder, Steffy will certainly be pushing back hard.

In additional late breaking B&B news, we are learning that Thomas [Pierson Fode] confides to his sister Steffy his feeling for their Dad’s girlfriend Caroline [Linsey Godfrey]. Of course Steffy is completely surprised to hear her little brother has the hots for Caroline. But when Thomas confesses to her about his ill-fated recent hook up with Caroline, Steffy threatens to tell Ridge [Thorsten Kaye]. Thomas then turns the tables on Steffy and threatens to make the video of her and Aly public!

Will the pressure finally get to Steffy with now another person threating her? Steffy has been getting more and more desperate as time goes on. To what lengths will she be willing to go to keep that video from ever seeing the light of day? Stay up to date with The Bold and the Beautiful and all your favorite soaps operas everyday. Celebrity Dirty Laundry is your premium site for all the Soap Opera latest news, spoilers and rumors.