The Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Kenya Moore Steals Phone, 4 Stars Fired! Season 14 Episode 6 “Who Stole My Phone?”

The Celebrity Apprentice Recap - Kenya Moore Steals Phone, 4 Stars Fired! Season 14 Episode 6 "Who Stole My Phone?"

Tonight my favorite reality show The Celebrity Apprentice returns with a whole new Monday February 2, season 14 episode 6 called, “Who Stole My Phone?” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the contestants create a “photo bomb” and hashtag campaign. Later, the teams produce a 30-second ad jingle. Boardroom advisers include Joan Rivers.

On the last episode, the teams had to create and host an original boat tour of New York City for Circle Line. Still reeling from the last dramatic Boardroom, one Project Manager had to protect herself from two of her teammates, and the other took a big risk with the task theme. Everything came down to the guests’ vote, and another celebrity was sent home. Boardroom Advisors: Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. Later, the teams turned an empty platform stage into a 3-dimensional themed environment featuring the world-class amenities that Trump National Doral Miami Resort has to offer. Vicious comments are thrown in the Boardroom, and Mr. Trump fires another celebrity. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “in the first task, each team must create a “photo bomb” and hashtag campaign for King’s Hawaiian. An incident involving two celebrities ends in an explosive Boardroom showdown. Boardroom Advisors: Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. In the second hour, the teams must write and produce a 30-second jingle for Bud Light Lime Ritas flavored beverages. Both Project Managers have to deal with unruly teams, and a heated Boardroom concludes with a shocking decision by Mr. Trump. Boardroom Advisors: Joan Rivers and Eric Trump.”

The show airs tonight at 8PM and you do not want to miss all the drama, cat fights and bitching. You also do not want to miss seeing who is fired and who will eventually be crowned the winner. So don’t forget to come back to this spot for our live recap of the Celebrity Apprentice Season 14. While you wait for our recap let us know how you are enjoying this season of The Apprentice.

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Upstairs, the others wait to see who will show up. Brandi says Kenya is shady and Leeza, Ian, Johnny and Brandi are hoping they can stay as they are since they are doing well. They see Vivica, Kenya and Geraldo come back up and know that Kate was sent home. Vivica says she doesn’t like all this back stabbing. Geraldo says the board room reminded him of being back in Afghanistan. Kenya’s attitude is that she came to win, not make friends and isn’t happy to be on the losing team.

Trump meets the teams in the morning and says they’re in the Int’l Center of Photography. He says they will work with King’s Hawaiian. They have to create a photo bomb campaign for the company using images of NYC and themselves. Don says they also have to create original hashtags to go along with the photo bombs. Chad and Courtney from King’s Hawaiian will judge based on creativity and brand messaging. Johnny will be PM for the one team and Kenya is PM for the other team.

Vivica says she has to keep an eye on Kenya. The teams head off to brainstorm. Leeza wants to do slogans first but Ian wants to start with the photos. Brandi says Ian’s slogans are bad and too jokey. She thinks his concepts are stuck in the 80s. Brandi comes up with – we rise to the occasion. They build some ideas off of that. Ian wants to shoot from a helicopter and calls a friend to get one. He scores it easily.

Kenya wants to start out talking about the boardroom. She says she wants a clean slate and be on the same page. Vivica doesn’t buy it. Kenya suggests really tall models and put the buns on their buns. She wants the concept of we like big buns. It’s cute. Geraldo suggests that Kenya do it since her butt is big but Vivica is jealous. Then Kenya wants to do a baby reaching for buns. Geraldo thinks it’s too provocative.

Johnny and Ian go meet Ian’s helicopter buddy Ronny. They load up and soar off. Johnny and Ian shoot pictures. They get the skyline, Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, then head to the back of Manhattan. They get shots of a building under construction to use for their bread tower. Ian says without the helicopter, they wouldn’t have gotten any of it. It’s cool but he’s being a gloating tool about it.

Kenya is out recruiting models and asks to take photos of one woman. Vivica says she’ll walk with her but Kenya says she’s not skinny enough and has Vivica hold her coat while Geraldo shoots photos. Geraldo had wanted Kenya’s butt and he finally gets her to do it. He seems to be all about her backside. Vivica is just texting and holding Kenya’s coast. Kenya says Vivica has limited talent and then uses her for one of the shot. Vivica is annoyed and feeling left out.

Kenya thanks Geraldo and ignores Kenya. Johnny and Ian get back and show off the photos. Brandi says they look great. Ian points out one that he wants to be made out of rolls. Brandi and Leeza pose for the photos that will go in front of the bread photo bomb. Brandi says Ian is still pushing ideas they rejected yesterday. Leeza is pushing for hashtags that references the product and keeps pushing them on product integration. She says if you can’t tell it’s King’s, it’s useless.

She says teams have failed before for failing to integrate the brand. Over at Vortex, Kenya is selecting photos and then asks Vivica to Google something. Vivica can’t find her phone and starts to panic. Vivica thinks Kenya has gone too far and doesn’t want her to take too risky of a stance. Geraldo warns her that it’s edgy and Kenya says go big or go home. Kenya says she’ll go after Vivica if she comes after her in the boardroom and says she’ll throw her under the bus, hit her with it then drive it over her.

Vivica is convinced someone has stolen her phone. Next day, it’s presentation time. Johnny presents and the team is all in Hawaiian shirts. He’s nervous because he says he had a childhood stuttering problem and is worried about that. He does a brief intro then steps back and hands it over to Leeza. She says the approach is – we rise above. They have the #RiseAbove, #CrowningMoment and then #NYHighRising. Ian thinks they totally outdid whatever the other team did and says #CheckmateBitches.

Geraldo and the ladies come in and he’s concerned about the concept. Kenya introduces their concept. She says they’re building on buns of a different time. They did #ILikeBigBuns, then #BabiesLuvBuns and then the last one is #GirlsJustWannaHaveBuns. Vivica is worried because she doesn’t think they have receptive looks on their faces. Kenya says if they lose again, she has tricks up her sleeve to protect herself.

The teams come into the boardroom to find out their fate. Eric, Don and Trump are all three there. Johnny says his star was Leeza and says she’s great. Trump says everyone likes her and she’s great. Leeza says they had a great time working together and says they loved the task and Johnny was a fantastic PM. She says they had a day of knowing they would pull it together. Ian agrees. Johnny says they have a great team.

Brandi says they all pitched in and he took one of her slogans – rise to the occasion. Geraldo says it’s a yawner. Brandi says they did NYC landmarks. Trump jokingly says Johnny is fired for not shooting Trump Tower. Leeza says Ian got them a helicopter and gave them a nice unifying visual glue for the concept. Kenya says Geraldo was amazing and that Vivica was good. Kenya says Geraldo was strongest and really stepped up.

She says he was encouraging her all day while Vivica wasn’t feeling well. Vivica says she felt fine and did whatever Kenya asked for. Vivica says Kenya did a great job as PM. Kenya says their concept was about women’s rears and the King’s Hawaiian buns. She says they shot a cross section of women and Geraldo says Kenya’s butt was the star. Brandi rolls her eyes. Vivica says she only thanked Geraldo. Kenya says that’s not true but Vivica says it was all about Geraldo and she was kicked to the curb.

Don says the King’s Hawaiian people liked the photo bombs and really liked the helicopter shots. He says the hashtags didn’t resonate with the brand and didn’t focus on them specifically. Eric says the executives thought Kenya’s team had viral appeal but wasn’t family friendly and hated the baby loving buns hashtag and says it was inappropriate and off-putting. Geraldo says he objected to it and didn’t like that at all.

Trump says the executives chose Johnny’s team. He congratulates them and Trump says he gets a lot of money for his foundation. They go upstairs to watch what happens and Trump says it wasn’t even close and says one of the three on Kenya’s team will be fired. Upstairs, Infinity is gleefully celebrating their fifth win in a row and his second win as PM. He says it’s almost play off time. They turn on the TV to watch. Trump says they’ve had five losses in a row and Kenya didn’t help.

Kenya says she was responsible for the wins over at Infinity (even though they won without her). Vivica says Geraldo really boosted Kenya’s bun idea and she was concerned. She says it’s the PM’s fault they lost. Leeza says it was too risky and they knew it was a family company. Kenya says she has nothing against Vivica. Then Vivica says Kenya started walking on Geraldo right away. Kenya says she has done nothing but try to help Vivica.

Vivica says Kenya has toxic tendencies. Geraldo says Kenya came up with an idea that he thought was risky but refreshing. He said it was edgy. He says Vivica did very little except hold Kenya’s coat. Vivica says that Geraldo told Vivica that her assets were not enough. Vivica says Geraldo says things that are offensive. Kenya cuts Vivica off and essentially says she’s lying. Kenya says Vivica has had emotional ups and downs and says she’s having hot flashes. Then she says she saw a menopause tweet from her.

Vivica calls Kenya a dirty ass bitch and says that’s what she means about her and calls Kenya a toxic trick. Kenya tells her this is not the ghetto and Vivica says that’s the only place Kenya can be relevant. Then Kenya starts to drag Trump into it. Trump says this is about King’s Hawaiian brand. Leeza says she doesn’t like the stuff that Kenya is saying about Vivica’s hormones. Trump asks Kenya why she’s so nasty to everyone.

She says she’s not and Trump says she has been. He says it isn’t been and Geraldo says she has been. Vivica says she’s never tweeted that and says she doesn’t even really tweet at all. Kenya says she’s been talking about it. Kenya says they can prove it and can go get her phone. He tells Kenya if she’s wrong, she’ll be fired. Don pulls up Vivica’s twitter account. Don says it’s there and he reads off a terrible tweet. Kenya is smirking.

The tweet said that she was acting a damn fool all the time and that 50 isn’t sexy. Vivica says her phone was stolen out of the war room. She says she has no doubts that Kenya did that. Vivica says she would never do that. Kenya says that’s far-fetched. Vivica says she has a brand and would never say that. Geraldo says her phone was stolen. Kenya says she doesn’t need to do that. Don says he doesn’t think that it’s her tweet and Geraldo says he doesn’t believe it.

Trump asks who used her phone and tweeted it. Vivica says that’s the kind of dirty thing Kenya would do. Kenya says no one knows for sure. Kenya says that’s the story she’s telling. Kenya tells Trump she’s not there for that. Geraldo asks Kenya to swear that she didn’t take the phone. Don asks why would Vivica tweet that she’s acting a damned fool. Trump asks Kenya if she has Vivica’s phone. Trump says that’s not a trick he’s seen before.

Vivica says that’s the kind of person she is and Geraldo says that makes Omorosa look like an angel. Kenya says she respects Vivica but says she now doesn’t respect her. Kenya says what’s important is her performance. Trump says it was her creative that lost it. Kenya says she contributed a lot. Trump says she was the one that lost. She says it was partly her idea. She’s back pedaling furiously. Trump says he moved her to help the team but she didn’t help them at all.

Trump says she lost and the executives didn’t like her idea. He fires Kenya. Vivica is thrilled. Kenya asks to say something and thanks him for the opportunity and says he’s been kind and his sons are amazing. She wishes Vivica luck and she puts up her hands and tells Kenya to bounce. She says again that Kenya stole her phone. Geraldo says it’s possible and he’s hearing her. Kenya calls her ridiculous and Vivica says she’s glad they saw her for what she is. She calls her a trick and walks off. Kenya calls her ghetto.

Trump tells his boys that was unbelievable. Kenya walks out and gets in the car. She says she won’t even talk about the phone and says she’s not a thief and says it’s ridiculous.

[2015-02-02, 10:01:45 PM] Rachel Rowan: Upstairs, they worry that Vivica will be fired even though they don’t want it to be. Geraldo and Vivica are talking outside and Brandi hears them. Geraldo tells Vivica she has every right to be livid. Vivica says Kenya is one of the most toxic people she’s ever worked with. Brandi runs over to hug her and then Vivica says Kenya stole her phone and tweeted out some personal information. Geraldo asks what’s next – poison?

Next up, Joan Rivers comes in again (love) and Trump asks Vivica if she misses Kenya. She says she’s a thief, liar and snake in the grass. Joan says it sounds like no Christmas card. Trump says today’s challenge involves Anheuser-Busch. Megan is there from AB and says they have always delighted consumers through innovation. She talks about the new Bud Lime-Ritas and says she wants them to create a jingle to go with the new product line. Joan says they’ll get their own singers, studio and musicians.

Geraldo and Vivica are alone and Trump asks Geraldo who he wants. He says Leeza or Brandi. Trump moves her over and Brandi says – no! Leeza says that’s a lot of pressure on her. Brandi is PM on the one team and Leeza on the other. Brandi says she loves Leeza but wants to win. The winner will get $100k for their charity. Trump wishes them luck and sends them off. They each head to the studio and there are samples of the product there for them to get familiar.

Leeza says she hopes she can turn the tide for Vortex. Leeza says Geraldo’s ideas have not brought victory. Geraldo says he thinks it should be Latin and says they’re big in Puerto Rico. Leeza says she wants something that’s more football game-esque. She wants something that’s more of a chant that will be remembered. Vivica starts grooving to it and Geraldo says he likes it but it’s not Latin. Leeza says it has to be chantable and that you can’t get it out of your head.

Geraldo goes to a laptop that he calls a word processor. Leeza won’t let Geraldo have his way if it means they lose. Geraldo says he has something. Leeza pulls out one line that she likes. Vivica agrees nice over ice is good. Brandi and the others are working and Johnny is composing on the fly. Ian asks him to not sing and says they need to go to different rooms. Ian leaves. Brandi says they were just in the way of his great idea. She says she’s happy to see him go.

Ian comes back out and does his. Johnny says it’s not original and sounds horrible. Brandi hates it too. The musicians show up and Ian greets them. Johnny pulls out his notes then Ian tries to take over. Brandi says she trust Johnny since he writes music but Ian is trying to take over. Brandi says they can’t use it. She says Ian is just going with this thing and is rechanneling tired sh-t. Ian keeps interrupting and Brandi is trying to control him without sending him into a tantrum.

She lets him do that while she and Johnny work on something else. Ian says he wants to sing along but Brandi says. She says he thinks he can do all things that are amazing but it’s all in his head. Ian then starts talking about all his stuff and thinks he’s taking over the challenge. He says Brandi is being indecisive. The musicians do not look impressed with Ian. Over at Vortex. Vivica and Leeza are working with the musicians and Geraldo keeps interrupting.

Vivica says he’s just saying the ingredients and then adding one line. The musicians tell Geraldo that what he’s doing is musically difficult and says he should listen to what the women have come up with. Leeza says she likes it and Geraldo gets aggressive then backs off. He won’t give up on his concept but Leeza shuts his concept down for seeming too sexual. Then Johnny brings his idea to the band and they sing it. Johnny likes his song but admits it’s a risk for him. The musicians seem to like it.

Ian is pulling a face. Brandi thinks Ian is pouting like a bitch. He wants to go work on graphics and Brandi has enough and tells him to quit being so condescending and trying to take over. She says it’s all about what Ian wants. He tells her to delegate. She tells him to shit and shut the f-k up. He says that’s valid but he won’t shut up. Leeza and Vivica are in the sound booth recording but use Geraldo’s one line.

Geraldo pushes to be in front of the microphone rapping. It’s awful. Over at Infinity, they listen to the songs. No one likes Ian’s idea but he says it’s great. Ian puts his head in his hands when Johnny’s is sung. The musicians all like Johnny’s. Brandi says they’re going with Johnny’s and says it’s more creative. Then he asks again if that’s her final decision as if he’s in denial. Ian says it’s too many words and is not clear. He thinks they’re going to lose.

He says if they lose, the PM will have to face the music. Brandi is pleased, Ian is pouty. Wow, what a jerk. Next day, it’s time for the live performance. Team Vortex goes first. There’s is definitely more of a jingle and it’s easy to understand. Team Infinity is next. Their production is not as polished but the song is cool. They get applause too. Ian says he thinks Brandi tried her best but he’s fighting hard if they go to the board room.

The teams head into the board room. Joan Rivers is there along with Trump and Eric. Trump asks Leeza if she finally got them a victory. She says they could have done it without her and then he asks about the concept. She says it was – nice over ice – with a party atmosphere. She says they had a lot of production value. Vivica says Leeza did a great job and says she was impressed that she came over and then even served as project manager.

Trump asks Geraldo if they lose, should he fire him. Geraldo says maybe. Vivica says not her, she was totally involved and worked hard to make it a success. Leeza says she wasn’t disappointed with Geraldo. She says he’s kind of a lone wolf that works differently. Geraldo says he’s used to being in charge and Leeza says no kidding. She says he had strong ideas but then he let go and pitched him. She says they were in an emotional coma after Kenya but Vivica says she was a breath of fresh air.

Brandi says they came up with an original jingle. She says Johnny is easy to work with but she and Ian butt heads because if they don’t agree with what he says, he gets upset and then won’t give 100%. Johnny says he wrote the jingle and is happy with it. He asks him to sing it and then he fumbles it. Trump says it can’t be much of a jingle if it doesn’t just come off your tongue. Brandi sings with him. Ian gets snippy with her.

Brandi says Ian wrote something and tried to take over but it was bad. Ian says he’s not confident that they won. He says it wasn’t what he would have liked to put forward. Trump asks if that’s disloyal but he says no. Johnny says Ian is entitled to his opinion but says Ian’s jingle was really bad. Ian offers to sing his but Trump doesn’t want to hear it. Joan says Megan liked that they reinforced all the different kind of flavors and liked it on ice.

They felt the jingle was too wordy, didn’t have a strong hook, wasn’t unisex in appeal. Eric says Megan liked nice over ice. He says she also liked the tag line – for the thirsty in your life. There were really no negatives. Trump says AB loved everything they did and it was a landslide for them. Trump says it wasn’t even close and says Leeza’s charity gets $100k for her charity. She has an Alzheimer’s charity called Leeza’s Care Connection. He sends them upstairs.

Vivica is cheering when they get back upstairs. Leeza is over the moon at how much she won for her charity. They chant their jingle. They turn on the TV. Trump asks what happened. She says she’s not sure what happened. She says Johnny should not be fired but it should be she or Ian. She says he’s hard to work with and says he interrupts and talks down. Trump says he doesn’t suffer fools lightly. Ian says it’s hard to make your friends your competitors.

He says she failed on time management. They ask what Ian contributed. He says he created a jingle that wasn’t used. Trump asks if his jingle would have won. He asks him to sing it. He sings it. Trump says he’s copying La Cucaracha. Trump says that’s not legal. Ian says the musicians could have worked from that. Trump says he just copied a well known jingle. Trump says it does no good to copy another song. He says it’s not and he says he would not have used it.

Joan says you can’t use that tune. Trump says he’s using an established song. He says you’re saying my jingle was better than Brandi’s. Ian says he never said that. Trump says Ian was upset that they didn’t use his jingle. Brandi says he was upset. Johnny says he made it clear that he thinks his could have won. Trump says he didn’t like theirs but wanted him to use his which was unusable. Brandi says it took him hours and she gave him creative leeway.

She says she had to put your foot down. Brandi says he just kept going with it. Ian says that was never the intent to use it. Trump says Ian is very capable but is very critical of the two that came up with a jingle and has been saying all night they should have used his. Eric takes his dad’s side. Trump says he was critical of them but had nothing else usable. He fires Ian. Sweet! It’s about time. If we can just conquer the mustache, it will be great.

Then Trump tells Brandi and Johnny to sit back down. He says he didn’t like Ian’s lack of teamwork. Brandi says she agrees then Trump says he’s also going to fire somebody else. Wait, what? OMG. He asks Brandi if he should fire her. She says she doesn’t want to go home but says between the two of them, it falls on her shoulders. She refuses to say anything bad about Johnny. Eric says Johnny wrote the losing jingle. She says she picked Johnny’s over Ian’s.

Trump asks to fire her or Johnny. Johnny says they won a lot together. Trump says he killed the Yankees and is too nice. Joan says they both worked so hard and like each other and neither one wants to blame the other. Joan says it has to be the PM. Joan is even crying. Johnny says he wrote the jingle. Johnny says he’s not throwing her under the bus. He says the jingle was a loser and he feels bad about it because he thought it was good. He says he did come up with it but he wants to stay.

Trump fires Johnny then a heartbeat later fires Brandi too. That’s a #TripleFiring. Joan says he did the right thing. Brandi and Johnny hug each other then head out to ride out together. She says she’s never been fired and she was lucky to have met Johnny. He agrees and they ride off together.