The Celebrity Apprentice Recap – Vivica Fired Herself – Geraldo vs Leeza for the Win: Season 14 Episode 7 “Universal Wizards”

The Celebrity Apprentice Recap - Vivica Fired Herself - Geraldo vs Leeza for the Win: Season 14 Episode 7 "Universal Wizards"

Tonight my favorite reality show The Celebrity Apprentice returns with a whole new Monday February 9, season 14 episode 7 called, “Universal Wizards,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s the two finalists journey to Florida to produce a commercial for Universal Orlando Resort and sell resort packages. Then, they present their ad at a red-carpet event in New York City.

On the last episode, in the first task, each team had to create a “photo bomb” and hashtag campaign for King’s Hawaiian. An incident involving two celebrities ended in an explosive Boardroom showdown. Boardroom Advisors: Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump. In the second hour, the teams had to write and produce a 30-second jingle for Bud Light Lime Ritas flavored beverages. Both Project Managers had to deal with unruly teams, and a heated Boardroom concluded with a shocking decision by Mr. Trump. Boardroom Advisors: Joan Rivers and Eric Trump. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Mr. Trump sends the two celebrity finalists to Orlando, Florida to take on their biggest task yet -create a commercial for Universal Orlando Resort and sell resort vacation packages to raise money for their charity. Back in New York, the finalists must present their commercial to guests at a star-studded red carpet event. With six fired celebrities returning to help them, the finalists compete for the ultimate prize: $250,000 for their charity and the title of The Celebrity Apprentice. Boardroom Advisors: Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.”

The show airs tonight at 8PM and you do not want to miss all the drama, cat fights and bitching. You also do not want to miss seeing who is fired and who will eventually be crowned the winner. So don’t forget to come back to this spot for our live recap of the Celebrity Apprentice Season 14. While you wait for our recap let us know how you are enjoying this season of The Apprentice.

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First up on Celebrity Apprentice tonight is a look back at the top feuds. Here are the top 5.

#5 Geraldo Rivera vs Kevin Jonas
Geraldo walked all over Kevin then accuses Kevin of grandstanding and lecturing him after Kevin got upset that he interrupted him.

#4 Nene Leakes vs Star Jones
Nene got all into Star’s face when she tried to push Nene into being project manager. Nene said she’d take her down and later confronted Star and tells her to bring her street game.

#3 LaToya Jackson vs Omarosa
Omarosa can’t grasp team work and LaToya snaps and tells her to be quiet. Omarosa blows up and accuses her of being disrespectful and a bad leader. LaToya later said that Omarosa’s fiance died of a heart attack because she gave it to him.

#2 Meat Loaf vs Gary Busey
This one was cray vs cray cray. Meat Loaf popped out and dropped the mother of all f- bombs when he accused Busey of stealing his art supplies. It was like geriatric kindergarten gone horribly awry. Meat Loaf later apologized for yelling at him and said it was totally wrong. They hugged it out.

#1 Piers Morgan vs Omarosa
No surprise that Omarosa was in two of the top feuds. She’s a nasty piece of work. She told Piers that his kids hated him and he called her a disgusting little tramp. When he came back as an advisor on a later season where she was a contestant, she dropped a stack of “yo mamas” on him. Classy lady.

Here’s a look at the top fails on Celebrity Apprentice:

#4 Kenya Moore
Kenya’s King’s Hawaiian photo campaign with the baby grabbing at big booties was an epic fail. Her team was concerned but they couldn’t slow her roll. The client was not only not impressed, but turned off.

#3 Dennis Rodman
Dennis couldn’t spell or pronounce Melania Trump’s name for the challenge based on her skin care line. He spelled it several different ways and it was wrong in at least two of them. When the other team saw it, Lisa Rinna immediately noticed that they spelled it wrong. That got Dennis fired fast.

#2 Clint Black
Clint did a viral video about laundry detergent and sex that strongly implied there was masturbation going on. Joan Rivers found it offensive and said his cowboy hat must be too tight. Trump said the client – All Detergent – thought it looked like a porn shoot.

#1 Gary Busey
For an LG promotion, Gary went barking mad literally. He played a mechanical dog and Penn Jillette was horrified. Lisa Rinna said she doesn’t know how to deal with that brand of crazy. He later barked at Trump in the board room.

Here’s a look at Celebrity Apprentice’s top fundraisers.

#4 Ian Ziering and Geraldo Rivera
This season’s wedding dress sale was huge. Ian really wanted to get rid of Geraldo but it ended up with them together raising nearly $600k and just $2k separating them. He let them decide to split the money or winner take all. Ian lost by a smidgen but still did a great job for his charity.

#3 Paul Teutul Sr
The Orange County Chopper founder sold sandwiches and raised $332k. He sold one sandwich alone for $305,000. That was insane. He ended up score almost $495k for Make-a-Wish.

#2 Trace Adkins
For a meatball selling challenge, Trace decided he didn’t even need to open it up to the public and instead focused on big donors. He raised more than $419k and scored the other team’s dough to get $670k for the Red Cross.

#1 Marlee Matlin and John Ritch
They hosted an art sale that rocked the board room. They were raising money for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. One donor alone handed over a $475k check. Marlee’s charity was for a hearing challenged organization. Trump offered to split between the leaders and Marlee agrees. John raised $628k and Marlee raised $986k. She set the all-time Celebrity Apprentice record. Trump kicked in an extra $14k to move her to a cool million for her foundation.

Next is a look at the best board room back stabs and betrayals.

#5 Joan Rivers vs Annie Duke
Joan put her fingers in her ears not to hear her. Joan called her despicable but Trump said Annie seems nice. Joan says Hitler seemed nice too.

#4 Vincent Pastore vs Piers Morgan
Vinny was annoyed that Piers sent him to spy on the women and called him a fat Italian. Piers clarified and says he called him a very fat Italian. Piers tells him he’s not Don Corleone. Vinny tried to go all gangster on him but Piers wasn’t impressed. He then called Vinny a drama queen.

#3 Richard Hatch vs David Cassidy
Richard called David a whiner then talked over him. David calls him a liar and then Richard calls David a “little person.” Admittedly, he’s short but he is a grown man. Richard then changes it to call David delicate.

#2 Kenya Moore vs Vivica Fox
This season’s big fight was insane. Kenya also took on Brandi and was just a mean beeotch. We see a replay of the whole menopause tweet on Vivica’s stolen phone. Vivica called Kenya a dirty ass bitch and a toxic trick. Trump said Kenya is nasty to everyone.

#1 Piers Morgan vs Omarosa
He called Omarosa a disgusting, foul mouthed piece of trash and she called Piers a terrible father. Piers says he doesn’t care what she said to him or about him, but dragging his kids in was ridiculous and says he would have punched her in the face if she was a man.

Next we get a look at Celebrity Apprentice’s top celebrity firings.

#5 Kevin Jonas
Kevin tried to get the great mustache fired (aka Geraldo Rivera). He brought Ian Ziering in to try and advocate for him but Ian flopped in this role. When Kevin admitted that Ian shouldn’t have been there, Trump fired Kevin.

#4 Gene Simmons
Trump clearly told Gene who to bring into the board room but Gene is argumentative. Instead, he brought back Omarosa and Jennie Finch and Trump sent the KISS front-man packing.

#3 Dennis Rodman
Dennis’ drinking problems surfaced and Jesse James had to confront his alcohol issues even though he said he liked him. John Ritch also said Dennis isn’t for everyone but he likes him. Trump says he thinks Dennis was drinking on the job too and then kicked him to the curb for disappearing during a challenge when he was the project manager.

#2 Ian Ziering
Another one from this season, Ian got sent home for his La Cucaracha knock off jingle. He insisted his was better than Brandi Glanville’s but it wasn’t and wasn’t even legally usable. Then he pretty much called Trump a liar and said he never said what he clearly said. Hopefully Chippendales will offer Ian his job back because Trump fired him.

#1 Melissa Rivers
Way back in season two, Melissa says she was set up by a cabal. After Trump fired Melissa from Annie Duke’s team, She ran away from the cameras and went to find her mom. She came to tell her mom that she got fired then ran past Annie Duke. Joan called Annie a piece of shit and said Brandy Roderick was being manipulated by her. Joan tells Annie she’s beyond white trash. Ivanka and Trump hear Melissa screaming. Joan walked out with Melissa in solidarity but came back to beat Annie Duke in the finals and avenge her fired daughter.

Next are the winners from past seasons of Celebrity Apprentice.

Season 1 – Piers Morgan
The shady Brit newsman was a bulldog and raised tons of money for Fallen Heroes. In the finals, he was up against Trace Adkins.

Season 2 – Joan Rivers
Joan played hard and she raised half a million for God’s Love, We Deliver. She was gleeful in the finals when her nemesis Annie Duke was fired.

Season 3 – Bret Michaels
The rocker played harder than anyone expected and he raised $640k for the American Diabetes Association, a cause close to his heart. He went up against Holly Robinson Peete in the finals and defeated her.

Season 4 – John Ritch
Country crooner John Ritch took the brass ring in his season and raised big money. He collected $1.4 million for St Jude Children’s Research Hospital. In the finals, he faced Marlee Matlin but took her down.

Season 5 – Arsenio Hall
Former late night talk show host Arsenio played dirty but won big bucks for the Magic Johnson Foundation. He faced off against Clay Aiken in the finals, but won it all.

Season 6 – Trace Adkins
In this all star season, Trace dominated in his second go-round on the show and raised $1.6 million for the American Red Cross. He took on Penn Jillette in the finals and beat the magic man.

That’s all of the best from past seasons of Celebrity Apprentice!


Upstairs, Leeza says they’ve been in the board room too long and wonders who was fired. She says it’s been hours. The telephone rings and Leeza says it’s never rung before. Leeza answers and they’re called down to the board room. Geraldo says at least it’s not Vladimir Putin. Vivica says they have go get their game faces back on. They take a seat and Trump says he fired the entire other team.

He congratulates them on being final three and says they’re going to fire someone else tonight. He asks Vivica why she should stay. She says it’s been a wonderful experience and she has more to learn. He reminds her she had a nasty experience with Kenya and she says it won’t be the last in her career. Geraldo then says he can win and tells Trump that he’s his man.

Trump asks who he would want to compete against and he says Leeza is up to competing with him. He asks Leeza if he can pick Vivica over Geraldo. Leeza says Vivica is a great leader. But she says Geraldo’s experiences may serve him better in the next assignment. Vivica says she’s a great player but says Leeza is talented and has much respect for her.

Vivica says to be honest, Leeza is a stronger player than she is and he shouldn’t keep her instead of Leeza. Trump says he admires that and Vivica says she’s being honest. She says Geraldo will bring in the big bucks but Leeza is a better leader. Trump says that Vivica has basically said, very nicely, that Leeza is better than her. She says she stands by what she said.

She calls Geraldo Mr New York and he kisses her hand. I think Vivica bowed out of the finals because she knew she couldn’t pull in the big bucks. She says she’s leaving satisfied at winning $50k for her charity. She leaves the board room and Trump tells Geraldo and Leeza they are the final two. He tells them the final task will be at Universal Orlando resort and says they’ll fly down on his private jet.

The winner will get $250k for their charity. He says they have to produce a commercial to sell resort vacations and says it will air at a red carpet event in NYC. Trump says Universal executives will be at the party to judge the ads based on creativity, presentation and money raised selling vacations. Trump says money will not be the overall factor and says Geraldo’s billionaire friends can’t buy this one for him.

Trump says they will also get help from some other contestants. Trump wishes them luck and they head out. Leeza and Geraldo walk out arm in arm pledging to fight hard in a fair challenge. They head back to the war room and have a glass of champagne together. Next morning, they show up to the air field to depart for Orlando. They get on board and take off. They read the competition instructions on the flight down.

In Orlando, Kevin Jonas, Brandi Glanville and Johnny Damon wait for them. Leeza screams when she sees this is her team. Leeza asks Kevin if he can crush Geraldo and he says that’s the reason he’s back. Leeza talks to them about her mom and grandma dying of Alzheimer’s and that’s why she founded this charity. She talks to them about her stage presentation. She wants to have her party on the Magic of Memories and wants to have Olivia Newton-John sing Magic.

Geraldo gets Ian Ziering, Vivica Fox and Lorenzo Lamas. Geraldo is surprised to see two guys he butted heads with and wonders if Trump is setting him up. He asks why he couldn’t get Brandi instead. Ian and Geraldo shake on a clean start. Ian says he’s there to help and says he’d work as hard for Geraldo as he would himself.

Lorenzo proposes an ad with reluctant parents and nagging kids. Geraldo wants to play an investigative reporter and that he would take the kids off to the Harry Potter expansion area. He says he’ll be Harry Potter. Ian says Geraldo is very willful and opinionated. It sounds idiotic. Ian says the commercial will show that Geraldo has to have his way and says that’s only okay if he wins.

Leeza says she wants to position Universal as the premier destination and Brandi says they can say it brings families together. The problem is they keep using the word “magic” in slogans which sounds Disney-esque. Kevin proposes a dad that’s micro-managing the family schedule. Leeza wants Kevin directing and says he’s her security blanket on this.

The Universal executives tell them they want a 90 second ad and that they’ll have access to both sides of the theme park. Over with Geraldo, Ian asks the executives what they want messaged. The woman says it’s about the story and discovering your own inner hero. Geraldo brings up his real dragon thing and they seem not to be impressed.

Ian asks if they told the other team that and the woman says the other team didn’t ask that question. Geraldo then co-opts the idea and claims it as his own. Leeza’s team heads over to the Cabana Bay resort. Leeza says LA Rocks has already committed $120k. She’s thrilled. They head over to the Harry Potter area and look around. Then they’re over in the Marvel area near the Spider Man ride.

Kevin says he hopes his commercial shoot helps her. They lose Brandi and Johnny. They’re over at the hot dog stand getting a snack and a beer. Kevin said his parents put them all on leashes at amusement parks and wonders if he needs to get tethers for Brandi and Johnny. Leeza says they’ll be fine and tells him not to worry. We see Brandi and Johnny talking about how to microwave hot dogs.

Geraldo calls to raise money while he’s working on the script. He asks the team to sell a vacation package. Lorenzo says he can raise $25k for one. Ian says he’s trying for new money and trying to get more out of old people. Vivica says she can sell one also and then Geraldo will sell the other seven packages. Each team only has to sell 10 but for the most.

Ian calls and makes arrangements to sell them off to the highest bidder. Geraldo isn’t worried about the fund raising aspect. He invited all his Fox & Friends contacts to the red carpet event. Leeza and Kevin get back and find Brandi and Johnny are also back. They go to work on the fund raising part. Leeza sends Brandi and Johnny out to go shopping for props at the Universal shop.

She calls one of her buddies and he says he can buy one for $50k. Leeza is thrilled. Brandi says Leeza is a kind, genuine person and thinks she’s going to kill this. They wonder what Geraldo can do on this and Johnny says $300-$400k. Leeza says she has to stay in her lane and not look at the other horse in the race. Kevin tells her that Geraldo is a good fundraiser but says he’s not creative and she should focus on the commercial.

Lorenzo and Vivica are out scouting for shoot locations. She’s totally enraptured by The Hulk roller coaster. Geraldo and Ian are working on the script. Geraldo says they need entertainment and Ian says he has no one in his pocket. Geraldo says he knows Josh Groban. Geraldo wants them all to dress as wizards for the presentation. Ian isn’t sure.

Vivica and Lorenzo come back with a cape and wand for Geraldo. Vivica and Lorenzo work on the shot list for tomorrow’s commercial shoot. Leeza calls Olivia Newton-John and locks her in for the event. Brandi and Johnny head out to go shopping. She wants to go ride a roller coaster and says it’s important. Johnny agrees. They head to the Rip Ride Rockit (which is super cool).

They even got the commemorative photos. They come back and tell Leeza they road roller coasters and tell her there was nothing good on the shops. Leeza says she doesn’t have time to worry about that. Johnny also got Transformers pictures. Kevin says they need all four of them working and not distracted.

Next morning, on Team Geraldo, they’re ready to shoot the commercial. Chris, the DP meets them and sets up shots. Geraldo is ignoring Lorenzo’s shot list. Lorenzo can’t believe he set up the shot. Ian and Vivica wonder why Geraldo is pulling this and changing all the shots. Vivica asks Geraldo if he has his own shot list and that’s how it’s going to be.

Lorenzo says Vivica was pissed and says he loves her to death. Over with Team Leeza, she and Kevin are working collaboratively on their shots. He has 12 set ups and is stressed that they have a lot to do today. Team Geraldo head to the Universal globe to shoot some b roll without the kids they’re working with. Vivica says Geraldo finally chilled out and let Lorenzo direct.

Then they have to wait on the kids but then they realize the PA was never sent to get the kids so they’re twiddling their thumbs. Ian tells Vivica there seems to be quick sand in the decision making. Geraldo rants and says Vivica sent the kids to hair and makeup. It’s causing a panic and threatening to shut down production. Geraldo says he sees now that he has to take control. He tells Lorenzo that this is bullsh*t and he’s taking over every shot.

We’ll have to see what happens next time on Celebrity Apprentice.