The Josh Duggar Family Sex Scandal Cover-Up: What Else Are Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Hiding?

The Josh Duggar Family Sex Scandal Cover-Up: What Else Are  Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Hiding?

What other secrets are the Duggers hiding? TLC’s royal reality TV stars The Duggars, and the wildly popular show 19 Kids And Counting, are in the middle of a sordid sex abuse scandal. Police reports recently were leaked revealing that Josh Duggar molested four of his little sisters and a family friend when he was 14 years old, and his parents Jim Bob and Michelle tried to cover up his crimes! As more details come to light surrounding the molestation accusations – there is reason to believe that this is not the only dark secret the Duggar Family is hiding.

The June 22 edition of GLOBE Magazine features a piece on the Duggar Family’s sex scandal – and Beverly Hills behavioral expert Dr. Lillian Glass sounded off on the case. According to Dr. Glass, there is reason to believe that much more horrible things have happened at the Duggar compound than the family is letting on – based on what has recently come to light.

Dr. Lillian Glass told GLOBE Magazine, “Investigate, reinvestigate, and investigate that entire family again. Child services owes it to the younger children to take a closer look to ensure nothing unseemly is being covered up or occurring again.” Sure, Josh Duggar is grown and lives with his own family now – but there are still teenaged boys living in the house with young girls. And although there may not be any sexual abuse occurring, there are a slew of other equally horrifying things that could be occurring, and Jim Bob and Michelle could be sweeping them under the rug or acting as if it is justified just like they did with Josh’s case.

What do you think of the Duggar Family scandal? Do you think that there are other secrets that Jim Bob and Michelle are hiding? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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16 responses to “The Josh Duggar Family Sex Scandal Cover-Up: What Else Are Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Hiding?”

  1. christine says:

    I think people need to move on from the Duggars.

    • Jane says:

      But the Duggars need to stay totally out of the media, all of them, no spin offs of sonograms and baby bumps, no more about them in any way. They need to stop making money their sole purpose in life, They are the modern money changers. They need serious counseling to help Josh control his urges and to help the family heal. And they need to get educations so they can get jobs and support all those kids. Jim Bob has two unemployed sons-in-law and one son with almost four kids and no job and essentially unemployable. I hope their faith combined with real professional 21st-century counseling will help them mend in private.

    • Eileen Farner Beyer says:

      Go ahead…some of us still have things to say :-)

  2. Donnalynn Gerhard says:

    Sadly,Yes I do believe that there is more going on than we know. As of late,The Duggar’s refused CPS to enter the compound. Those children are innocent victims some at the hands of a beloved brother.ugh! how could they be sleeping when Josh entered there room and, inappropriately touching them? Oh,you better believe that there is more going on In that home and,I hate to say this,Jim Bob is a Pedophile he has been programed by the Head Master of them all Bill Gothard a Pedophile himself. I bet a Court order will be mandated to actually remove the remaining girls and young boys from the home. If,you think of this,Michelle Duggar had 21 pregnancies the first one turns out in a miscarriage and she blamed it on birth control pills (which is a lie) Then,she had Josh,next a set of twins John David, Jana Jill, Jessa, Jinger,JoyAnna, etc but,baby Josie something physically is wrong with that precious child she looks nothing like a Duggar and shortly thereafter so selfishly,Michelle got pregnant with baby #21 Jubilee who was perfectly formed died.Michelle had the baby at home. That should have been a private moment for the family. But,No! It was all on the show from the service,photo’s and the funeral. It was yes, heartbreaking, but,sickening everything the Duggar’s do they do it all for show.Shame on them. Now,Michele is pushing for baby #22 even when she was told not too by a specialist in high risk women. This family needs to be de-programed they all look crazy with the exception of Jana Jinger & JoyAnna. I used to like this family up until Josie. There is some ugly stuff going on and they need to be exposed. We will find out sooner than we think. CPS needs to get those children out of that home immediately! Be examined from head to toe from Well trained Physicians and, Psychiatrists.Jim Boob and his sidekick freak wife I would not put it past them that Daddy Dearest Jim Boob molested the girls as Mommy freak watching telling the girls this is normal. Those smiling faces we have seen speak volumes of children so confused. I say,arrested the parents and Josh or, remove all the remaining children. This is so twisted and sick for this kind of religious behavior.Now,it is time for us people to move on from the Duggar’s. There show is Over,no Spinoffs. Thank you christine,words to follow.

    • guest233 says:

      I am not trying to be mean or nasty but wonder at how many are enjoying and can’t wait until more dirty details are dished out. I suspect millions are waiting with bated breath to learn more.The only way for far too many to feel smug and superior is if a once well thought family ‘falls’.I am glad that so many americans find that ‘touching’ small children is unacceptable, for a awhile I didn’t think they thought it a big deal as they allow TSA to fondle their little ones while traveling.And still do. Where is the OUTRAGE OVER THIS??

  3. CAStrawberryGirl says:

    There is no sex scandal. Get over it. Inappropriate touching, yes. But no sex. No pedophilia. Sorry to disappoint all the voracious people watching anxiously, hoping for more.

    • DSW says:

      Sex is abuse when it happens to a minor. Touching whether it is through.clothes or not is not appropriate. The girls were to young to give consent. What if he was your son or the victims were your daughters? They all needed
      therapy and help. The parents did not handle it correctly. They want to place the focus on everyone but them.

  4. Patty Lopez says:

    Why is it that Jessa thinks we care that her baby moved, kicked? Get off of social media! You’re 15 mins of fame are gone…. Get a job!

  5. […] Josh Duggar and the Duggar family have been battling an explosive molestation scandal that has forced TLC to halt 19 Kids and Counting after a police report detailing Josh’s molestation of four of his sisters and a babysitter was revealed. A new bizarre lawsuit reheats the scandal and claims Duggar molested more women, but Jessa Duggar appears to be trying to divert attention with her new baby bump and sonogram photos. […]

  6. Eileen Farner Beyer says:

    Yes…I definately believe there is more horror that will surface regarding the creepy Duggar compound.

  7. Shugie says:

    Very disappointed in the Duggars. They claim to be so religious, but they lie about their son’s sexual abuse of their own daughters. The show needs to end. These people need to stop exploiting their children for financial gain.

  8. Robbie Mowles says:

    So the media dug up dirt on Josh Dugger from when he was fourteen years old ?!? Not excusing him from what he did but who are we to judge him today ? We don’t know what transpired from back then to today. Perhaps things were handled. Perhaps everyone in that family watches him. We don’t know. I’m quite a bit more liberal than the Dugger’s are in my lifestyle but I firmly believe in judge not lest you be judged. And everyone knows that behind closed doors all families have some trying times. That doesn’t mean the worst things imaginable are happening. It just means they’re human beings. In a very tough backbiting society. Blessed be.

  9. DSW says:

    We are not judging them! The legal system should have judged him but could not. Because the parents tried to hide. There were multiple incidents. The girls had to sleep with their bedroom doors locked. I don’t hate them at all. They got special treatment because of their beliefs.

  10. guest233 says:

    wELL SAID! And really America doesn’t have an issue with fondling little ones thus the lack of outrage over TSA fondling, touching and probing te gentials of 3year olds with mom and dad standing by approving.

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  12. GamerGirlSlayer says:

    The Duggars have no morals and no values
    they spread hate toward LGBT and other religions