The Josh Duggar Family Sex Scandal Cover-Up: What Else Are Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Hiding?

The Josh Duggar Family Sex Scandal Cover-Up: What Else Are  Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Hiding?

What other secrets are the Duggers hiding? TLC’s royal reality TV stars The Duggars, and the wildly popular show 19 Kids And Counting, are in the middle of a sordid sex abuse scandal. Police reports recently were leaked revealing that Josh Duggar molested four of his little sisters and a family friend when he was 14 years old, and his parents Jim Bob and Michelle tried to cover up his crimes! As more details come to light surrounding the molestation accusations – there is reason to believe that this is not the only dark secret the Duggar Family is hiding.

The June 22 edition of GLOBE Magazine features a piece on the Duggar Family’s sex scandal – and Beverly Hills behavioral expert Dr. Lillian Glass sounded off on the case. According to Dr. Glass, there is reason to believe that much more horrible things have happened at the Duggar compound than the family is letting on – based on what has recently come to light.

Dr. Lillian Glass told GLOBE Magazine, “Investigate, reinvestigate, and investigate that entire family again. Child services owes it to the younger children to take a closer look to ensure nothing unseemly is being covered up or occurring again.” Sure, Josh Duggar is grown and lives with his own family now – but there are still teenaged boys living in the house with young girls. And although there may not be any sexual abuse occurring, there are a slew of other equally horrifying things that could be occurring, and Jim Bob and Michelle could be sweeping them under the rug or acting as if it is justified just like they did with Josh’s case.

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