The Following Recap – Who’s Following Whom? Season 3 Episode 3 “Exposed”

The Following Recap - Who's Following Whom? Season 3 Episode 3 "Exposed"

Tonight on FOX their hit psychological thriller, The Following returns with an all new Monday, March 16 season 3 episode 3 called “Exposed,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Ryan, [Kevin Bacon] Weston [Shawn Ashmore] and Max [Jessica Stroup] hunt down the person responsible for the latest atrocity, leading Ryan to take a deadly risk. Meanwhile, Mark [Sam Underwood] questions Kyle [Hunter Parrish] and Daisy’s [Ruth Kearney] loyalty.

On the last episode, Ryan believed he had found the connection between Andrew (guest star Andrew Irby) and Mark, but he and the FBI were still unsure if – and how – Joe Carroll might have been connected. Meanwhile, tension between Mark, Kyle (guest star Hunter Parrish) and Daisy (guest star Ruth Kearney) mounted and Ryan soon found himself in a dangerous situation, in which facing the truth was the only thing that set him free. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “after a devastating loss, Ryan, Weston and Max aim to hunt down who is responsible and make them pay, leading Ryan to take a risk with deadly consequences. Meanwhile, Mark questions the loyalty of Kyle (guest star Hunter Parrish) and Daisy (guest star Ruth Kearney), causing tensions to rise amongst the group.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of THE FOLLOWING! We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts season three!

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#TheFollowing starts with Ryan sitting at his desk looking at crime scene photos. Gwen calls to him and he sees a metal box with blood on it like with his partner. He wakes. It was just a bad dream. Gwen is awake and says she was calling him. He hugs her and she asks if he’s okay. Then she asks what’s wrong. He smiles and says nothing. Ryan tells Max and Mike to look for crimes similar to the box and says whoever did that has done it before and says he thinks it was their back up plan.

Gina tells Ryan they have a press conference but he says he has no time for that. She says she has to answer if there is any truth to the accusation that Lily Gray was murdered. He says there’s no truth to it and says he can tell her anything she wants to know but she may not want to know. Gina tells the press about Jeffrey Clarke’s kidnapping and murder. She shows sketches of the suspects. Kyle and Daisy watch and Daisy is upset. She says this can ruin their lives.

Daisy says she can’t have babies if they’re on the run. Kyle asks if she’s pregnant. She says she’s not but wants to be. Kyle tells her everything will be fine. Mark asks why they didn’t call him. Gina is asked about the motive and she says she doesn’t know. One reporter asks for Ryan and asks if Lily Gray was murdered. He says Clarke was under duress when he made that recording and Ryan says the team was investigated and exonerated. Ryan says a man that served the public was brutally murdered.

Ryan says Mark Gray did this and is responsible. Ryan says he’s in the New York area and is working with these two. He calls Mark a delusional coward and malicious killer. He says the full force of the FBI is about to land on Mark and his followers. Mark rants and says they’ll never tell the truth and he should just kill them. Daisy says the plan is working and that Ryan is being called out on national TV. He walks out. Daisy tells Kyle that Mark is losing it.

She tells him to call Juliana and says they need to get out of there. Gina is unhappy that Ryan revealed Mark’s part in this and says to ask next time. They see Anna. She comes up to Ryan and he promises to find who did this. Anna says Ryan was the one who did this and says Jeffrey died because of Ryan and lied to cover for him. She storms off. Max tells Ryan she has an open case and the body looked like it had been in a box and had the same pithing marks.

Max says the PD didn’t find any leads when they looked to see if she solicited someone online to do this to her. Ryan says he knows someone that can help them. Neil is upset with the nurse when he sees his dad isn’t in the house. He goes chasing him down the sidewalk and out into the street. His dad says he’s late to meet his mom. Neil reminds him she’s gone then Neil plays along and says they’ll tell her it was his fault that he’s late and he leads him back inside.

The nurse apologizes to Neil and says she was dealing with a plumbing problem. Neil calls the agency and says his dad’s nurse Louise didn’t show up today. He asks them to send a replacement. That startles Louise. Warren, the reporter, says he skewered Ryan Hardy. The woman with him says most people consider Ryan a hero. He tells Carl to open the van but he doesn’t. They look around the can then see Carl lying dead. Mark is there with a gun and says he has a complaint.

Daisy and Kyle meet with Juliana and tell her they need to get out of town. Kyle says her guy Spider got himself killed and that’s why they had to bring Neil in. She asks how Mark is and they tell her he’s deranged. She says to keep him happy since they need him for the end game. Juliana asks if they need a reminder what happens if they fail. She hands them a folder. She says it has to be done even though Kyle says they can’t because they need to lie low. They look at the folder – it’s info on Max.

Gina says she got a call about the Strauss case and says he had no authority to make a deal and there’s a limit to how much she can cover for him. He says he knows and appreciate is. Ryan waits for Haley and she’s not happy to see him. She asks why he’s there and he says he needs her help. She says last time she helped him, she almost died. He tells her about the girl with the fetish for being put into small places. Ryan shows her a photo of the box Jeffrey was bent into.

Haley says she heard of a guy who considers himself a craftsman. She says Wyatt Bailey is a broker who hooks people up who want dark twisted stuff and can put him in touch. Mark has the news guy tied up and puts him in a chair. Kyle is annoyed that he took the news people. Mark rants that the press keeps mindlessly repeating the FBI’s lies. Daisy says they just need to kill them and get rid of the bodies before anyone realizes they’re gone.

The girl tells Mark he should use Warren to expose the FBI lies. Mark likes that idea and says he’ll go get camera ready. Ryan, Max and Mike go to meet Wyatt somewhere shady. They head into the basement of a crummy building. They see a guy strung up to a ceiling by barbed wire. Ryan touches him and the guy says – master. A guy goes running and Mike stops him then Ryan clothes lines the guy. The news lady asks Daisy and Kyle if they’re Mark’s followers and they tell her no.

Mark comes back and says he’s ready. He wants Daisy or Kyle to work the camera but they tell her they don’t know how. Mark cuts the girl loose to run the camera and he asks Warren if he’s ready. Warren is kind of out of it. He snaps his fingers in front of his face and then stabs him in the throat, killing him. He tells the news chick she’s going to have to do everything. Ryan tells Wyatt they’re looking for his friend that likes to put people in boxes.

He asks for a lawyer but Mike and Ryan instead grab a hammer and ask how he is at taking pain since he likes to inflict it. Max tells them to stop but he and Mike wonder hands or feet first. Max tells Wyatt they’re not bluffing and will hurt him. Wyatt says the guy will kill him but Max promises he’ll never know he talked to him. Wyatt says all he has is an email address. Max says that’s good.

Neil has made a custom toy box for a thrilled customer who tells him that his dad must be so proud how he kept the shop going. Neil goes in the back to get them a little figurine and we see that Louise is tied up in the store room. Max tells Ryan she can’t and won’t cover up anything else. Mike calls in a trace on the email’s IP address and says it’s in Queens. Neil says Billy will be disappointed that he’ll lose the toy box to her. He says children are too coddled today.

He says his dad knew how to raise a child right. He says he was a willful child that his dad had to teach how to behave. He says some would call it abuse, but it was what was needed. He tells Louise that’s why it hurts to see her neglect him. She cries. He finishes the box and tells her – and so it begins. He tells her it will only hurt for a second. He’s getting ready to insert the pithing tool when Ryan breaks the glass and comes into the shop. They see Louise and head upstairs. They’re on the roof looking for Neil. They don’t see him.

Neil tells his dad they need to go but the new nurse, a guy, says he’s in no condition to travel. Neil knocks the guy out and his dad says he’s thirsty. Neil says they have to get something on the road. He wheels his dad outside in a hurry and throws the bag in the car. His dad says it’s not their car and Neil says it’s new. He hears sirens as he shoves his dad into the car. They drive off. The cop cars pull up in front of the house – they just missed him. They find the nurse.

Ryan says to flood the area with cops and says Neil can’t be far. They look at a photo on the fridge of Neil and Charles. His dad says he’s thirsty but Neil says they can’t stop now. Mark is on camera saying they have to pay for killing his mother in cold blood. He says everyone thinks that Ryan hardy is a hero but he murdered his sister Giselle. Neil calls Daisy and says he has heat on him and is going to pay she and Kyle a visit and make them pay. Daisy tells Kyle and says he hung up on her.

The news chick says Kyle laughed when she asked if they were his followers. Mark asks if that’s true. Kyle says she’s lying and Daisy says she’s trying to mess with your head. While they bicker, the girl goes running. She heads upstairs and shuts herself in a room then goes to a window and bangs on it calling for help. There’s a guy walking a dog. They subdue her before he notices her. Daisy tells her nice try then stabs her in the gut.

Mark is annoyed that they killed her before they finished the interview. Mark sees the folder on the bed and opens it. He asks why they have info on Max. He asks what they’re really up to. Daisy and Mark tell him it was a present for him. They tell him they got him Max Hardy’s address and alarm info so he can kill her. Mark says he’s sorry he doubted them and acted out. Daisy says they’re there for him no matter what he wants. Mark thanks her. He hugs Daisy. She hugs him back.

Mark asks if they can bring her downstairs. She asks why and Mark says so they can finish the interview. Mike says no sign of Neil but they have a BOLO out on them. Ryan says his dad has dementia. He says his father may have a GPS tracker on him. They look around and find some info on it. Neil has his dad in a market looking for a drink and some snacks. His dad selects a soda at a flea market store. Ryan and the others pull up tracking the GPS. They find the car.

Max, Mike and Ryan get out and look around for them watching the GPS tracker. Mike points to a stall. Neil sees Ryan coming and says they have to go. His dad says they have to pay for the soda then asks if it’s a game and says he used to be good at hide and seek. Neil stops and ponders. He realizes what they’re tracking and pulls the chain off his dad’s neck. The FBI gang walks around looking but he’s not where he should be. A kid runs by with the chain and tracker and says a man outside gave it to him.

Neil is in the parking lot and parks his dad then says he’ll be right back. He attacks a guy and stabs him then takes his keys. His dad sees what he did and says he killed him. Neil says he’s just confused and says he wouldn’t hurt anyone. His dad flips and starts screaming. Ryan runs out and tells him to stop. He drives off. Ryan fires at the car but it does no good. They get in their car and are hot on Neil’s trail. He’s cursing and freaking out. There’s a road block ahead. He stops then backs up.

Neil turns around and drives off. Ryan is headed for him. Neil deliberately heads for him then drives off the road at the last minute. Ryan gives chase then bums the SUV. It crashes into a tree. Neil gets out. He has a gun in his hand but there are three guns trained on him. Ryan tells him it doesn’t have to end like this. He says just to give them Mark and his followers so he can be with his dad. Neil says he hates me because of you and Ryan says no, he can take him to him.

Neil raises his gun to them and they have to shoot him. It’s suicide by cop. Neil is down. They kick the gun away just in case. Mark tells the camera that Luke was the confident one and he lost himself for awhile after he got shot. He’s got both dead reporters taped to the chair. He says that Andrew helped then Daisy and Kyle take care of him now. But then Luke’s voice tells him not to be sure and says that Daisy and Kyle are up to something. Mark smiles at them.

At Jeffrey’s FBI memorial, Ryan speaks and says he believed in honor, justice and family. He says without each other, we’re nothing. He says Jeffrey’s death should be a reminder that there is evil in the world and they can’t falter in it’s face but must rise above it no matter how hard that seems. Max comes to see Mike later and asks why he missed Jeffrey’s memorial. He says he died because of him and can’t look at Anna now. Max pulls him into a hug to comfort him.

She says they’re all responsible. Her BF is walking by and sees this and is not pleased. She says she’ll see him later and leaves. Ryan and Gwen come home to his place and he asks her to stay for good. He asks her to move in. She asks if this is because of Anna and Jeffrey. He says he should tell her to get as far away from him as she can, but he says he can’t lose her. He says it would destroy him and tells her he loves her. She says she loves him.

Gwen makes him promise not to keep secrets. She says the wall he has up has to come down. She asks if he can do that and Ryan says he can. Max goes home to her place. She heads upstairs in her apartment building. She’s startled by her BF and asks what he’s doing there. He says he looked for her after the ceremony and she says she needed some alone time. He says he came to take her to dinner. She pulls her key out of the door and leaves with him.

Daisy and Kyle were in her apartment. Kyle says it’s too bad they could have had fun with her. They place cameras all over the place. Daisy checks out the laptop to make sure all the cameras are working. They are so the two of them take off.