The Following Recap and Review – The FBI Loses One: Season 3 Episode 2 “Boxed In”

The Following Recap and Review - The FBI Loses One: Season 3 Episode 2 "Boxed In"

Tonight on FOX their hit psychological thriller, The Following returns with an all new Monday, March 9 season 3 episode 2 called “Boxed In,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Ryan [Kevin Bacon] may have been able to connect Andrew to Mark.

On the last episode Joe Carroll was on death row and his followers were no more, but a fresh series of brutal killings reopened old wounds for Ryan Hardy and a terrifying new nemesis awaited him and the tea. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the FOX synopsis, “Ryan believes he has found the connection between Andrew (guest star Andrew Irby) and Mark, but he and the FBI are still unsure if – and how – Joe Carroll might be connected. Meanwhile, tension between Mark, Kyle (guest star Hunter Parrish) and Daisy (guest star Ruth Kearney) mounts and Ryan soon finds himself in a dangerous situation, in which facing the truth is the only thing that will set him free.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of THE FOLLOWING! We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!

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#TheFollowing starts with Mark pulling up at a building. He tells Spider that it’s Andrew’s truck and he’s in custody so they have to get it off the street. He asks if everything is ready. There are all kinds of tools laid out. Mark says torture isn’t really his thing but Spider says it’s his and he hasn’t seen the best part. Spider shows him an electric chair he bought that was used in Texas. Spider says they’re going to use it to fry themselves an FBI agent. Ryan is boxing when Gwen wakes up. He says he’s sorry if he woke her. She says she thought she wore him out last night. He kisses her and says he did.

She says his jab looks weak. She says her high school boyfriend was a boxer and she used to patch him up after fights. He says he has to take a shower and then says his brother taught him how to fight and told him lesson one was never go looking for trouble and lesson two was never to stop until it was over. In Brooklyn, Mark wakes Daisy and Kyle with breakfast he says will give them energy for the mayhem of the day. He says timing will be crucial but Kyle gives him some sass.

Mark tells Kyle he knows he’s upset about Andrew’s arrest and says he is too but would want them to keep their focus. Daisy agrees and says he can count on them. He slaps Kyle’s shoulder and says he’ll see them downstairs. He leaves and Daisy smacks Kyle and says they need to keep Mark happy. He says Mark is a freak show always talking to his dead brother. She says he would gut them in their sleep if he knew that they had their own agenda. She tells him to play nice.

At FBI HQ in New York, Mike gets snippy with Tom then says it’s ancient history with Max and no big thing. Ryan says it’s nice to see Mike is making friends and he snaps back saying he’s not there to make friends. They have Andrew in interrogation. Turns out he has a wife and kids in Westchester. He says Andrew walked out the door a year and has been missing ever since. He got a call from Layton, New Jersey right after they left. Mike says he must have picked Mark up.

They go talk to Andrew. Ryan asks him how could he just walk out on his wife and kids like that. Andrew says it’s been hard and he misses them every day. He cries and says he wanted to call them every day. Then he stops crying, smiles and says they’re camouflage. Mike says Mark must be his real family. They ask if Lily Gray saw him as a potential father for her boys. Andrew says he has some advice for them. Ryan says to knock himself out.

Andrew says – confess while there’s still time. Mike says his conscience is still clean. Andrew says until Mike confesses, the innocent will keep dying and their blood will be on his hands. Kyle approaches a woman at the market and asks what kind of melon that is. She says it’s a cantaloupe. He hits on her but she walks off. Daisy tells him that was sad. Ryan says to run DMV records to see what Andrew was driving.

Jeff tells Ryan he doesn’t think he can go through this again. We see 11 months ago, Jeff helping prepare Ryan for the hearing. Ryan says he seems keyed up and Jeff says he asked to run point on his covert op. He says now that the pressure is on, he can’t sleep, he’s drinking all the time and is scared. He gets some chest tightness and Ryan takes him to the ER. Now, Ryan says this is not on him and says he’ll take the hit on this one. Jeff says he’s fine and Ryan goes back in.

Mike says Andrew has a silver pickup truck and has the plate. Ryan tells everyone to run the plate number all over the city cameras so they can find Mark. Mark comes back to the garage and says Daisy and Kyle should be making contact now. The woman from the market comes home and sees two glasses of wine and thinks her husband is home. She goes upstairs and sees lingerie laid out. She hears the shower and goes into the bathroom. The shower is on but no one is there.

Kyle tells her that she hurt his feelings then he goes for her. He duct tapes her to a chair and asks if she’s comfortable. She asks why he’s doing that. He says he wasn’t held enough as a child or his amygdala is undeveloped. Daisy tells her to call her husband and threatens her with a knife. She says to say what she has to for him to come home. She convinces her husband to come home by saying she has a migraine. She sends Kyle go up to browse their night stand while she eats cantaloupe.

Max says she thinks they have Mark. They caught video of the truck going into the garage. The FBI squad meets HRT there. Spider sees they tripped his silent alarm so they have a heads up. Mark is furious they found them. Spider shows Mark a sewer pipe that lets out a block away. Mark is upset but goes. Spider tells Mark not to worry about him. They move into the garage. Mark hears gunfire as he slips away. Spider fires an automatic rifle at the feds. Mike creeps up on him and Spider shoves a cart into him. He’s about to shoot Mike when Ryan puts him down.

Max calls from the other room and shows them photos of the targets. She says it’s Anna – Jeff’s wife. He comes home and Kyle puts a gun to his head. Jeff says he’ll do what he wants if he won’t hurt his wife. Daisy puts a bag over Anna’s head to suffocate her then kisses her through the bag saying it’s such a turn on. They drag Jeff out with them. Ryan and the gang git there and pull the bag off Anna’s head. He tries to revive her. He starts CPR. She gasps and coughs. She’s alive. Ryan sits her up.

She says they took Jeff. Ryan is horrified. Kyle and Daisy drive with Jeff tied up in back. Mark calls and says the FBI raided the garage and got Spider. Daisy asks how they found them and he says he doesn’t know and asks about her plan B. She says they can do it but the guy scares the hell out of her. Mark says they have no choice. She ends the call and tells Kyle they have to call Neil. Meanwhile Neil is feeding his dad who seems to have dementia of some sort.

He gets a text and says he has to go out. He asks his dad’s nurse Louise to look after his dad while he goes out for a little while. Mark runs back to the pad where they’re staying and peels off his fake facial hear. He talks to himself in the mirror as Luke. Mark says he wanted it to be perfect but Luke encourages him and says he was smart to have a back up plan. He asks if he can handle what comes next. Luke says he can’t help and says Mark has to be strong and do this one his own. He says okay.

Mark puts on a brown wig. Gina says they must be looking on a back up location. Mike says it’s the couple from the hotel. Max says they were going to torture Jeff. Mark calls them on Skype. They put it on screen. He says the gang’s all here. Ryan asks what he wants. Mark says he has to go on TV and tell the world how he executed his mother or Clarke dies. They have less than five hours to find Jeff. Gina says to go back through everything they have.

Gina asks Mike what truth he means. Ryan says he’s delusional and can’t grasp that his killing spree lead to the death of his family. Max asks Mike and Ryan how long they can run from this. Ryan says no matter what, Mark won’t let Jeff live that means their only chance is to find him. Neil works on welding something while Jeff asks Kyle where his wife is. Kyle says she’s good and says he can tell they have something special like he and Daisy.

Kyle asks Jeff he ever cheated on his wife. Kyle says he’d never hurt Daisy like that and sure couldn’t keep it from her because she can see right through him. He kisses his wife while Jeff works on breaking his bonds. Max says she has something and found a connection between Andrew and Joe Carroll. Joe went to a private school near Andrew’s and the school shared teachers and they had a glass together. Gina tells Ryan he has to go see Joe. She says maybe he can give them a lead on who Mark is working with. She says Jeff’s life is on the line and he has to do it.

Ryan is on a chopper headed to the secret facility where Joe is in storage until his execution. He thinks back to 11 months ago with Jeff in the ER. He told Ryan that he’s worried about Anna and all the promises he made to her. Jeff hacks and coughs while he tells him. Now, Ryan heads into the facility and is buzzed through a series of secure doors. He’s admitted through one final door where Dr Strauss waits chained to a table. He says he’s there about Andrew Sharp.

He holds up a photo to remind Strauss who says he was an emotional child. Ryan says it was an act and he likely taught Andrew like he taught Joe. He says Andrew is one of his followers, not Joe’s. Strauss says he doesn’t know what he’s talking to. Ryan shows him a sketch of Daisy and Kyle. He says they’re prepared to amend his attempted murder charges if he helps them. Strauss says he likes his chances at trial just fine. Ryan says it’s funny that he didn’t ask what Andrew did.

Strauss says Andrew would need a powerful motivating factor to want to draw the attention of the FBI. Strauss suggests maybe fear then asks about Joe. Ryan says he wouldn’t know and Strauss asks if they broke up and if Ryan misses him. Ryan walks out. Neil keeps on welding and Jeff gets the tape off his hands. Kyle asks Neil how much longer. He says he doesn’t like to be rushed. Kyle says to take his time and it’s not like they’re on the clock.

Jeff gets the tape off his feet and goes running. They give chase. Neil joins in. He runs down a corridor and for a door. Neil walks after him. Jeff hides behind a desk then sees a phone. He makes a call. Ryan tells Gina that Strauss confirmed the connection. Jeff calls Ryan and he says he’s in a warehouse or factory and says they tied him up and threw him in a van. He stops talking as Neil walks by. He tries to cover the sound of the voice while the FBI traces it.

The tech says it’s in the Pennsylvania, Reading area. Jeff hides behind the desk. Neil hears another noise and walks out without spotting Jeff. He runs out of the room but Kyle is there and whacks him in the head with a pipe. Ryan is in the chopper and meets with SWAT in Reading. Max and Mike are with him too. They tell him the tower coves 15 square miles but they’ve narrowed it to a list. Jeff wakes with a groan. Kyle says wakey wakey.

He asks if Jeff wants the good news or bad news. Kyle says his friends didn’t come through on the deadline to confess the truth. Daisy says the good news is that he can save himself. Jeff says he has nothing to confess. Neil is finished with his project. It’s a metal box to put Jeff in. Neil comes over with something that’s called a pithing needle. He says he’ll insert it at the base of the skull to paralyze him. Then he will dislocate his joints one by one so he can fold him up into the box.

He says he’ll be aware of every moment. Neil says he hopes he can appreciate the artistry of what he experiences at every moment. Max says it’s almost eight and they could buy more time if they give Mike what he wants. Mike says he thinks he has something. They are two minutes away and they roll out to meet Mike’s team. They crash they gate and come in lights blaring. Ryan puts them in two man teams. Gina calls and she says a video just came through that’s streaming online.

The video is of Jeff saying he’s an FBI agent in New York. He says he has a confession. He says he sanctioned a black ops unit lead by Ryan Hardy that resulted in the deaths of people. He says Lily Gray was executed in cold blood. He says he’s confessing and seeking absolution but doesn’t deserve it. Kyle thanks him for doing what his friends are too cowardly to do. The camera is turned off. Ryan says they’re out of time and have to move.

Mike and Ryan find the room where the video was shot and they press on. They walk into a room and see the box with blood coming out of it. There are air holes in the top. Tom is there too. They all stare at it in horror. They see Jeff’s FBI badge is lying open on top of it. The EMT tells them it’s impossible to know if he suffered but he says since Jeff was likely in shock, the pain would have been mercifully brief. Tom sits by Max as she starts to cry. Ryan storms off.

Neil is back home checking on his door. His dad says – fix me. Neil clicks off the lamp. Mark, Daisy and Kyle watch the video of Jeff. Daisy says it was pretty good. Mark says he should have been there. Daisy says it didn’t work out. Mark asks how the FBI found Spider’s place. Kyle says Mark is lucky to be alive. Mark snaps and puts a knife to Kyle’s neck but Daisy begs him to stop and says he need them. He relents and lets him go but cut Kyle’s arm. She wraps it up in a bandage.

Ryan is at home in the shower and is just sick by what happened. He thinks back again to Jeff being in the hospital with his chest pains. Gwen was the doctor. She came in and told Jeff that he’s alive and likely will be okay. Ryan thanks her. Now, she steps into the shower with him and holds him while he cries. He sobs into her shoulder and she holds him tight.