The Following Recap 3/2/15: Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere “New Blood”

The Following Recap 3/2/15: Season 3 Episode 1 Premiere "New Blood"

Tonight on FOX their hit psychological thriller, The Following returns with an all new Monday, March 2 season 3 premiere episode called “New Blood,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Joe Carroll is on death row and his followers are no more.

On last episode, in the season two finale,  Mark and Luke (Sam Underwood) turned the tables on both Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and Joe Carroll (James Purefoy), forcing the two sworn enemies to come together to save the woman they love. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “Joe Carroll is on death row and his followers are no more, but a fresh series of brutal killings reopens old wounds for Ryan Hardy and a terrifying new nemesis awaits him and the team.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of THE FOLLOWING! We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the third season of the show!

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#TheFollowing starts now. A year later, Gina gets married to her special lady. Max warns her uncle Ryan that a lady at the bar is checking him out. He asks if she’s a friend of the bride or other bride. She says that line is no good then he kisses Gwen and asks if it’s better. She drags him onto the dance floor. A shady looking waiter lurks nearby. Mike shows up late and Ryan comes over to greet him warmly. He introduces his GF Gwen to Mike.

Max introduces Mike to Tom Reyes and says he works with her. Ryan pulls him away for a drink then later ends up chatting with Jeffrey Clarke about Joe Carroll’s impending execution in less than a month. We see a flashback to a Senate hearing in DC where Ryan and Mike were chastised for his methods in pursuit of Joe Carroll but has no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

Now, Ryan goes out to chat up Gwen on the balcony and she says she’s sorry she can’t stay late but has an early ER shift. He asks her to stay over since his place is closer to the hospital. She wants to talk about them moving in together but he goes to get them cake. She turns and runs into the creepy little waiter. He asks if she was talking to Ryan Hardy and he says he knows him from the news.

He asks isn’t Ryan the guy who caught Joe Carroll. He says people call Ryan a hero. She walks around him and goes back inside. Ryan makes a speech about knowing when you meet the right girl. He says comfort replaces hurt and light replaces dark. He says to hang onto that love. The creep waiter lunges and throws blood on Ryan. He rants that Ryan killed his daughter at the Korban compound.

He says Sherry was a beautiful girl who lost her way. The guy calls Ryan a murderer and says he should be on death row with Joe Carroll. Ryan tells them to let the guy go. The waiter runs out. Everyone is horrified. Later, Gwen says his FBI buddies sure can throw a wedding. She says he can’t blame himself for that guy’s daughter’s death. She says if he hadn’t stopped Joe, many more people would have died.

Ryan says he didn’t even recognize Sherry’s name and feels guilty. Gwen says Joe turned all those people into killers. At the Federal Building in NY, Ryan asks for info on Sherry from the Korban compound. He chases down Gina and asks how Dawn is doing. She says her new bride is hanging in there but says she had to postpone her honeymoon until after Joe’s execution.

Mike holds a meeting and says he’s tracking Mark Gray sightings and has frozen most of their fortune which should force him into the open. Gina says they all need to be on the lookout for any Carroll followers in the weeks leading up to the execution. Max says there’s chatter online but no credible threats. Ryan remarks that Carroll is being held under 24 hour guard in an undisclosed federal facility and says he’s no threat. Gina tells them all to keep their eyes open.

We see a young couple at a bar. A woman that’s with him goes to the bar and introduces herself to a young woman there as Natalie and indicates that he’s her husband whose name is Kenny. She says her husband thinks she’s stunning then asks if she’s working. The girl says couples cost a little more then smiles at him. They go upstairs and Mark throws her onto the bed and kisses her. She stops him and tells him to stay there while she undresses Natalie.

She pushes Natalie onto the bed and says to tie her up nice and tight. Then Mark grabs her and starts kissing her roughly. She hears a thumping sound and asks what it is. Natalie says it’s coming from the closet. He goes to see and they notice there’s a maid tied up there. She stabs the guy and then the woman then unties her. Kyle comes in then and asks if she started without him. Natalie pulls off her blonde wig and is Daisy now. She says the fun is just getting started and tells him to call her Natalie and says she’ll call him Kenny and says he’s aggro. They kiss.

Ryan tells Mike he’s glad to have him back and he asks if Ryan has been to see Joe. He says he moved on and Mike will too once they catch Mark. He says maybe Mike will take his job. Mike asks if he’s leaving and Ryan says when it’s time. Mike runs into Max and it turns awkward. We see a flashback to Max begging Mike not to go after Mark. She says she helped him cover up an execution when he shot Lily. She begs him to stay but he says he can’t. She tells him not to bother calling and he goes.

Now, Mike says they should catch up and she says when things calm down. The guy brings Ryan the file on Sherry and says she was shot in the neck but there was no way to know who shot her. Ryan looks at photos of her and Jeffrey comes over and asks what he’s doing. Ryan says he’s looking into the guy at the wedding. Jeffrey says to let it go and put this all behind them. He can’t. Ryan goes to the Miller’s house and a woman answers the door. He asks to talk to her about her daughter.

He says he’s sorry about what happened to Sherry and says no parent should have to bury a child. Mrs Miller says Sherry was troubled and says she doesn’t blame him. He asks to talk to her husband and she calls for Jimmy. He comes out and is not the guy who was at the wedding. The guy from the wedding shows up to meet Daisy and Kyle at the hotel. He looks at the tableau and says it’s not right. He says – it has to be perfect or he’ll kill us.

Gina tells Ryan the crazy is starting when they look at the crime scene later. Painted in blood on the walls is “Ryan Hardy Lies.” They identify the couple as Kenny and Natalie Brooks and says the couple was talking to a prostitute. Gina says the wedding photographer is pulling photos to try and ID the guy from the wedding. The maid is dead too and they turned off hotel security. Ryan says they’re not done and says they have an agenda and a message.

Ryan says the killing is only beginning. Daisy and Kyle are making out on the sofa when Andrew comes in and tells them to get a room. He fusses at them for eating his yogurt. He says this forced marriage will work better with boundaries. Kyle asks if “he” came downstairs and asked how it went. Daisy says “he” is in one of his moods and won’t come down and hasn’t asked how it went. Andrew says they have a job to do and then can get their lives back.

Daisy complains that they’re still adjusting to the time difference and Andrew says there is no time difference between here and Ohio. He says he’ll take care of this one himself. Kyle tells Daisy that guy is one seriously twisted individual. We see Andrew at a grief survivor’s group and he’s crying about his dead daughter. Later, he helps put up the chairs and a young guy tells him he lost his sister a few weeks ago. Andrew offers to buy him coffee to talk.

Mike says the guy’s pain seemed so real. Ryan says he’s likely learned to imitate human feelings since he has none of his own. Gwen drops by with coffee and a cake pop for Ryan and he says it’s not a good day and that he’s busy. He says it’s going to be busy for a while and says she won’t be seeing him for a while. She says he’s pushing her away. She asks if it’s happening again then asks if it’s Joe. He says it’s something else but may take over his life for a while and wants to protect her.

Gwen says they have something special and asks him not to be so quick to throw them away. Mike and Max come and says they got a hit on their wedding guest. He takes off with them to the last known address of Andrew. They roll up and Mike says it’s not very inviting. They climb over a fence and poke around the run down brownstone. They creep inside with guns and flashlights out. They go door by door clearing it.

They see photos of Andrew on the wall by the stairs with all different sorts of facial expressions. It’s like a wall of extreme emotion. They get to the top and see someone hanging there. A woman has been strung up and there’s a man nearby. They’ve been strung up by cuffs and pulleys. This time written in blood is “Max Hardy Lies.” The young guy from the grief meeting is one of the victims.

Mike says this all feels familiar. Ryan says it is and says it’s a tableau of Max shooting Luke. She say the one body is where Mike was and then one is here. Mike says Mark is behind this. We see Mark with his hair dyed blonde making food and sitting down at a table. He puts a plate in front of another setting and asks how the food is. It’s a mirror tied to a mannequin so he thinks he’s talking to Luke. He does both their voices.

Ryan tells the group that it’s Mark punishing them for killing Luke. He explains the two scenes. Mike says this is more sophisticated which means Mark now has his own followers. Andrew finds Mark downstairs and says they’re getting ready to go do the next one. Mark tells them to go on without him. Andrew says it’s no trouble and leaves. Mark is fighting back tears and then looks in the mirror and speaks as Luke telling Mark he has to go.

Mark says it’s too painful but Luke says not as painful as being shot in the head. “Luke” tells Mark that they killed them then covered it up and have to pay. Gina asks Ryan what Mark is saying he and Max lied about something but Ryan says the guy is crazy. He says the next scene will look like Lily Gray. Mark comes down with a fake beard and mustache on plus glasses then says he can’t let them have all the fun killing people and heads out with Daisy, Kyle and Andrew.

Max shows the Lincoln Center subway station and they spot Andrew. They said Mark is looking for a doppelganger for his mom and asks what’s going on there. There’s an art fundraiser. Ryan says that’s it and says to roust NYPD to help. They all leave to go there too. Mark and Luke talk to each other out loud and they choose a woman they think is worthy. He sends a text to Daisy and Kyle. Andrew lurks nearby. They’re all dressed to the nines.

There’s a tall blonde woman and a drink gets sloshed on her. Andrew says there’s a line at the restroom but says he can show her another one. She goes into the darkened hall and into the bathroom to clean up. She’s startled when she sees Mark standing behind her. Ryan says Mark will be there and won’t leave this tableau to his followers. They fan out and then see Andrew who runs into a service area. He jumps out at Ryan and they grapple. He pulls a knife and slashes at Ryan.

He knocks the knife out of his hand. Andrews tries to get away but Ryan knocks him down. He asks where Mark is but Andrew says – sorry, you’re too late. We see Mark pull up and stop out in the woods. There are banging noises from the trunk and shouts of the woman. Luke tells Mark to get out of the car but Mark says he can’t do it. Luke says he has to kill her and finish what they started. He speaks to Luke in the rearview mirror, they argue and Mark finally agrees to do as he asks.

The woman begs him to stop. Mark pushes her to her knees in the narrow dirt road and she cries and begs him to stop. Mark calls her mom and says he’s sorry then shoots her in the chest. Then he holds her and begs her not to leave him. Daisy and Kyle share a baffled look. Ryan has Andrew in interrogation and the guy is bawling. Ryan tells him to knock it off and he stops immediately then smiles and says Ryan is no fun.

Andrew says he should have seen his face when he called him a murderer and says he knows it’s true. He asks where Mark Gray is and asks who Mark is to him. We see a flashback to Andrew picking Mark and Luke up. Andrew says he’s a sucker for a good revenge tale and says Ryan has no idea what’s coming. Ryan says he’s had this very conversation before and that guy is on death row and he’s still there. Andrew asks the time and Ryan asks if he has somewhere to be. Andrew says he doesn’t but Ryan does. They head out to the crime scene and there are bodies strung up along with the dead woman on the ground. This time it says “While you lie, more die.”

Daisy wants to leave and tells Kyle that they’re going to get caught just like Andrew did. She says Mark has no idea what’s really going on. Kyle says if they go now, they’ll spend the rest of their lives on the run. Then says “he” will make sure of it. He says they have to make sure Mark stays in the dark. Mike watches them pack up the crime scene in the woods. Max is at home pouring a drink. Her BF Tom comes out and holds her close.

Ryan looks through the murder photos from the original Lily crime scene including one of dead Emma. He goes to answer the door – it’s Gwen. She smiles and comes inside and says she’s glad he called her. He hugs her and she says she’s sorry. She says she shouldn’t have pressured her. He says pushing away is his pattern and he doesn’t want to do that anymore. He says he needs her and she says she needs him too. He kisses her. He pulls her close and then pulls off her jacket.

Mark tells his mirror brother that today was hard but he helped him through it. Luke tells Mark he’s proud of him. Then they say that tomorrow will be awesome because one of them is going to die.