The Following Recap 4/13/15: Season 3 Episode 8 “Flesh & Blood”

The Following Recap 4/13/15: Season 3 Episode 8 "Flesh & Blood"

Tonight on FOX their hit psychological thriller, The Following returns with an all new Monday April 13, season 3 episode 8 called “Flesh & Blood,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the FBI closes in on a suspect they believe responsible for the latest murders, but Ryan isn’t sure they have the right person, which sends him digging deeper into more dangerous territory.

On the last episode with only a few days before Joe Carroll’s execution, Ryan and Mike shifted their focus to a new threat. Meanwhile, after being approved to start work again, Max rejoined the task force and came dangerously close to a deadly menace. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the FOX synopsis, “the FBI closes in on a suspect they believe responsible for the latest murders, but Ryan isn’t sure they have the right person, which sends him digging deeper into more dangerous territory. Meanwhile, Joe is evaluated as his execution date nears and a new threat attempts to cover his tracks.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of THE FOLLOWING! We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the third season of the show!

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#TheFollowing begins with Theo calling his wife to say his meeting ran late. He says he has to stop and pick up bakery items for the school fund raiser. He’s really getting plastic bags to get rid of a body. He tells her not to wait up then grabs some plastic gloves. He heads back into the butcher area where he has Tucker Moore dead on a table. He says he loves this part and starts putting his body parts into the meat grinder.

At FBI HQ, Nick holds a session and says Tucker is still on the run after murdering two agents. He says he may be heading for Canada. Ryan says he’s wasting time and resources hunting the wrong guy. Ryan says he’s being framed and the clumsy trail is a clue. He says innocent people will die from his mistake. He accuses Ryan of browbeating Gina into early retirement. He goes to see Gina and says he’s sorry. She says she joined the FBI to save lives but feels like she’s lost more than saved recently.

He tells her she shouldn’t retire and leaves. At home, he tucks in next to a sleeping Gwen. She wakes and pokes him jokingly and is shocked to learn he has a major bruise on his ribs from a shot to the bulletproof vest. He says he’s trying to be more forthcoming. On death row, Joe Carroll meets with a shrink for a required psychological evaluation. He works on his cuffs behind his back. The doc asks how he’s feeling and he says hopeful.

The guard hears a scream and comes running. Joe has killed the doc and another guard. He kills the next one and steals his uniform. He kills another as he works his way out door by door. He makes it outside and a car pulls up. It’s Ryan there to pick him up. Joe snaps out of his revery. It was all a daydream. The doc is an average man, not a hot woman and Joe is shackled hand and foot. The doc asks if he’s ready to die.

Mike tells Ryan that Nick had them search camera footage at the two places Tucker’s credit card was used. The cameras were manipulated. Ryan says they need to go back to Tucker’s company’s employee files. Theo chats with his wife as they leave the grocery store and she asks about his trip. He sees Nancy pulling up and asks if he can run. Nancy asks his wife if he talked about Boston. They think Theo is having an affair or hiding something.

Max tells Ryan she found a guy named Sam Lewis who is a likely candidate. She couldn’t get his photo to print off the server and says she looked at his GPS and he never deviates. She says he’s too clean. Ryan tells her to leave Nick out of this until they have hard evidence. Theo tells his wife he wants to have another baby and suggests some names. She’s thrilled and mollified. His phone buzzes and he says he has to take it.

He goes to his laptop and checks cameras. Mike and Ryan are outside a house. He works on the server and one of the techs calls Max over. She says the photo of Sam on the server disappeared. They try to preserve them but they’re all changing into other faces. They tell her the guy is gone. The house Ryan and Mike are at is the one the company has on file but it’s abandoned. He watches them on cameras he’s planted there as they go room to room.

Ryan finds a suitcase and opens it. It has his work badge and some clothes. Ryan hears a whir and turns and sees the cameras moving around. Ryan tells Mike he thinks it’s a trap. He steps on the kitchen floor mat and hears a click. He grabs Mike and throws them into the bathtub just as the house explodes. Theo’s cameras go blank and he smiles in satisfaction. Max shows up in a panic and they tell her they’re fine. Mike is bleeding but he tells her it’s just a cut on his head.

The experts tell him it was a pressure plate and C4. Nothing survived the blast but them. Nick shows up and Ryan fills him in on who the real killer is. Max tells him every photo is gone and says he made a self-destruct mechanism in the code. Nick tells Max to get with a sketch artist since she saw him. Joe stands outside for his daily allotment of fresh air. Dr Sacks, the shrink, comes to see him. Joe threatens him and says he’d like to kill him so he can feel a knife in flesh one last time.

Sacks mentions that Joe didn’t pick a method of execution and Joe says he’d rather be surprised. Sacks says it will be lethal injection and Joe says – spoiler alert. Then Sacks tells him that Ryan turned down the invitation to attend his execution and leaves Joe brooding and angry in the small yard. Ryan tells Mike and Max they’re going offline since Sam can manipulate technology. Ryan says to find out who vouched for Sam to get the job at Manitech and says to find that person.

Ryan comes home late for the dinner and Gwen isn’t happy but their guests seem understanding. Theo’s wife Cindy comes home and finds the house dark. She calls out to the kids. The lights flick on and she screams – it’s a surprise party for her birthday. Gwen’s boss congratulates him for catching Joe Carroll but then says he doesn’t think execution is right. Ryan says Joe has escaped from federal lock up many times. Ryan compares Joe to cancer and says his death is about justice.

Ryan tells him to get the hell out of his apartment and hands them their coats. They leave and Ryan says he won’t be lectured by a pompous jackass who knows nothing about what he does to keep people like them safe. He tells her he and “Joe” were almost blown up today and she asks why he said Joe but he insists he said Mike. Nancy prods Theo about his out of town trips and corners him and says her husband Bob knows someone who works at the firm where he was consulting.

Later, Nancy tells Bob that Theo is up to no good and says she could see it by his reaction. Theo is there and holds a gun to Bob then threatens Nancy. He tells Bob he needs his shovel back that he borrowed. He says Cindy wants to plant a garden. He shoots Nancy in the chest then turns on Bob and asks didn’t he enjoy that a little. He puts a bullet in Bob next.

Ryan cooks for he and Gwen and says he knows he’s in the dog house. He says he couldn’t just listen to Malcolm. She says she won’t argue the death penalty with him and goes to get ready for work. There’s a knock at the door. It’s Gina. She says she’s in until they catch him. Cindy finds Theo cooking breakfast and she thanks him for her party. The doorbell rings and he goes to answer. It’s a police detective. Cindy comes to the door and asks what’s going on.

He asks them about Nancy and Bob and says they were found dead this morning. Cindy starts to cry and Theo holds her. He tells them it was a murder suicide and asks if they were asking strange. Theo says not that he can recall. Mike says Eldon Wick was the guy who vouched for Sam Lewis. Even though he says he worked with Sam, the firm he’s at has no record of him. They go to meet with Wick. Gina is with Ryan and Mike and she tells them she has a warrant.

They kick the door in when Wick doesn’t answer. The house seems abandoned but then Ryan pulls back a rug and finds a trap door. Ryan heads down with Mike while Gina stay upstairs to keep watch. They find a bunch of ears hanging from strings from the ceiling and then spot a door. Ryan thinks he sees Joe Carroll and trips backing away then recovers. Mike finds a body behind the door. There’s a guy tied up whose upper skull has been removed so you can see his brain.

Gina notices that a car pulls up and a guy gets a drop on her. Mike and Ryan rush upstairs. The guy goes for his car but Ryan bashes the window and drags him out then holds him at gunpoint. They take him to the FBI. Wick says it’s exciting to be caught by the famous Ryan Hardy. He says he knew capture was inevitable. He asks Wick about Sam. Wick tells him that he has nothing to offer him to risk Sam coming after him.

Ryan says he can offer him fame and says he’ll tell the public that Eldon Wick is the worst serial killer since Joe Carroll. He’s thrilled and tells him that he came home a year ago and found Sam waiting for him at home. He had lots of info on him and threatened him to get him to serve as a voucher for the FBI. He says he has a USB drive that Sam gave him to him to help with the records. He says he kept the drive.

Gina and Max tell Ryan that they used the digital signature from the thumb drive to figure out that Sam hacked an email account from a guy named Bob who coincidentally just killed his wife then himself. They agree they need to head to Maryland. At Theo’s house, Cindy says she’s going out with some friends to talk about Nancy. Max scrolls Nancy’s Facebook page and finds a photo of Sam even though he was hiding his face in the picture behind his wife. They run facial recognition on the wife.

Theo gets a text alert that his wife’s DMV records were just accessed by the FBI. He sits on the sofa and holds his head in his hands. He cracks his knuckles, take a deep breath then puts on his game face. Cindy comes down with the kids and says they’re leaving. He says they’re all going to stay home tonight and walks upstairs towards his wife and two kids. Mike calls Ryan, Max and Gina with Theo’s name and address.

Cindy cries as Theo prepares an injection. He has her tied to the chair and she asks what he’s done to the kids. He says he has to do it because they found him so he can’t play house with her anymore. He touches her hair as she cries. He says he’s proud of their family and what he built with them. He says he wishes it didn’t have to end. He says he will cherish the future they would have had and will keep it with the others he collected. She slumps over and he says she won’t feel what comes next and that’s his gift to her.

Ryan and the ladies make it to Theo’s house and bust the door open. They head upstairs after clearing downstairs. They find Cindy on the bed, wrists slashes and candles burning around her like a shrine. They go look for the kids. The kids are on their beds and Ryan checks them. He says he has a pulse. He says they were drugged. They call 911. He tells Gina the kids will be okay but she says she can’t do this anymore and says she can’t face another scene like that. She hands him her badge and says she’s done.

Ryan gets a call from Theo and tells Theo he had a beautiful family. Theo wants to know how he found him and Ryan says he’s a smart guy and he can figure it out. Theo does. He says he was rushed and it won’t happen again. Ryan says he is going to end him. Theo says he should be careful and says he’s taken the future of hundreds and will take his too piece by piece. He says Ryan knows nothing about him, only what he’s shown him. He ends the call but the trace failed.