The Following Recap 5/11/15: Season 3 Episode 12 & 13 “The Edge/A Simple Trade”

The Following Recap 5/11/15: Season 3 Episode 12 & 13 "The Edge/A Simple Trade"

Tonight on FOX their hit psychological thriller, The Following returns with an all new Monday, May 11 season 3 episode 12 & 13 called “The Edge; A Simple Trade,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Ryan [Kevin Bacon] continues to search for Theo, while Mark [Sam Underwood] and Daisy uncover information that gets them even closer to the FBI and lands Mike [Shawn Ashmore] in danger. Later, a deal is struck, but events take a turn and Ryan faces a decision that could impact his future.

On the last episode, the investigation lead the team to a dangerous serial killer linked to Theo, while Theo and Penny (guest star Megalyn Echikunwoke, “CSI: Miami,” “The 4400”) sought refuge from an unknown source with the means of helping them disappear. Meanwhile, Ryan struggled with recent events, sending him into a downward spiral, and the search continued into which agent had been accessing Daisy’s laptop from inside the FBI. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the FOX synopsis, “an increasingly reckless Ryan continues his search for Theo, as Mark and Daisy discover information that leads them closer to the FBI than ever and puts Mike in a dangerous situation. Then, a deadly deal is made, but things don’t go as planned, and Ryan makes a decision for his future.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of THE FOLLOWING! We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!

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#TheFollowing begins with Daisy creeping into a building. She is startled by Theo who demands her weapon. She hands her gun over and begs him not to kill her. She says she needs his help and he says she wasn’t supposed to contact him but she says she has a way to get Ryan hardy. Penny gets the drop on Mark who was guarding Daisy. Penny drags Mark in and asks if she can keep him. Theo says remember what happened to her last pet.

Daisy says they were just being cautious. Theo says he didn’t expect this pairing and says if Mark was any kind of man, he should have killed her. Mark is being Luke and giggles and says he thought Theo was scary. Daisy says there’s a corrupt agent inside the FBI and Luke asks if he’s interested now. Ryan lurks at the hospital waiting on Gwen. She sees him and asks why he’s there. He says he knows he failed her and says there has to be a way he can fix this but she says he can’t even fix himself.

She says he’s been lying to her from the start but he says he can fix it and asks for another chance. Gwen says no. She goes to walk off and he says this can’t be it after everything they’ve been through. He says he’s barely hanging on but she says she doesn’t know. She finally says maybe and he says thank you. She walks away. Tom comes to Max’s place with coffee and she says she’s almost ready to leave. She goes to the bathroom and he goes looking for the camera.

He finds one and then goes for another. He drops it behind her shelf. She comes out and he pretends to be looking for a book to borrow. She asks if he’s ready and they head out. The camera is still there! Ryan drinks at his locker at the FBI as Mike comes in. He hides the flask. Mike asks how he’s doing and he says he doesn’t have to pretend with him. He says he needs to get it together. Mike says Theo is gunning for them all and his drinking is putting them all in danger.

Mike asks if he can live with himself if his sloppiness gets Max killed. Mike walks away and says he’ll see him out there. Theo brings Daisy and Mark back to his place but tells them not to get comfortable. Penny offers them food and drink and Mark asks for a water. Daisy says they traced the laptop back to the FBI in New York. He says the Feds have dropped the Iron Curtain after he hacked them. Theo says their spy might help them hack back in.

Theo says their inside man must have a second computer. Theo gets a text and tells Penny that Eliza wants to meet. Mark whispers to Daisy that this was a mistake. Theo tells Daisy and Mark they have to help and if it goes well, they may get to kill some people. Max tells Ryan she hasn’t found the foster sister yet because a lot of kids went through the house. Ryan says Theo likely deleted the digital records and says to send someone over to look through the hard copies.

Daisy stabs a guard outside a house and Mark shoots another. Theo heads up to the tower and pours something into a 50 gallon drum. Penny shoots another sentry. Three men confront Theo and he asks where Eliza is. They tell him she couldn’t make it and Theo throws the cigarette he lit into the barrel – it has accelerant in it. In the distraction, he kills two of the men and wounds another. He asks where Eliza is and when the guy won’t say he shoots him and takes his phone to contact her.

Back at Theo’s place, he works on tracing the phone back to Eliza and he’s also looking for who accessed the cameras. He says it’s Tom Reyes and has his address. He says he’s on the hostage rescue team. Daisy says that’s Max’s BF and she was cheating on him with Mike and that’s why he’s likely watching her. Theo says they have more to do for him and Mark gets mad but Daisy calms him down and says one more step is okay. Mark backs down.

Theo gives them a flash drive and says to make Tom plug it into the FBI server so they can all get their revenge. Mark says after they kill Mike, he’s going to come back and kill Theo. Max shows Ryan that he was right and they found Sophia in the hard files. She says they only have a photo of her at age 8 then her death certificate says she died at 16. Ryan asks to age the photo and run her prints. Mike comes and says Sloane hasn’t come in or answered her phone.

He tells them she was working on Mark’s apartment raid files and they wonder if she found something. Max says they got a hit on the prints from the murder of a drug dealer a couple of days ago. Mike tells Ryan to take Max to Jersey to check out the crime scene. He doesn’t like it, but takes her. She says Josh was stabbed in the back bedroom but says the witnesses are junkies and aren’t very reliable. She speculates Theo’s sister may be an addict and Ryan says she doesn’t come there for the ambiance.

They head inside the rancid crack house. They each roust junkies to talk to them. One junkie comes at Ryan with a knife and Ryan ends up putting the guy through the window. Max calls it in and the guy complains that he broke his arm. Ryan asks about the murder of Josh there a few days ago. He shows the junkie a photo of a woman but he plays dumb. When Ryan resorts to violence he says she looks like a chick named Penny that Josh used to hook up with.

He says she trades with Sal, a dealer and says that’s all he knows. He tells them where the guy deals from. Mike asks Tom if he sees Sloane and he says he talked to her about the raid but that was it. Mike asks if she mentioned going anywhere last night or talking to anyone and Tom says no but he’s sweating bad. He goes home to look at Sloane’s body in his tub and Mark and Daisy are there. Daisy and Mark have Tom and tell him they can’t believe the FBI guy has a dead chick in her bathtub.

They tell him he shouldn’t leave bodies lying around. Daisy gives Tom a flash drive and says to put it into an FBI server or else. He says he’s not a traitor, but they don’t care. They tell him to do it. Mark says the body is starting to smell and he needs to unload it. They leave. Tom is horrified at this situation. He locks the door and starts to freak out. Ryan and Max are outside Sal’s shop and they wonder if Penny will show.

Ryan thinks so and Max asks if he’s been drinking. He says no and he asks if she’s heard from Mike about Sloane. Max says Mike went by her place but Sloane isn’t there and it doesn’t look good. Tom heads to the FBI looking guilty as hell. He goes into the server room and opens a case then pops in the flash drive. He hears a noise and hides. An IT tech is nearby and he hides. She tinkers with some equipment then walks off.

He goes back and snatches the flash drive and Theo tells Penny that he’s back in to the system. He says she needs to start packing. Theo says he found Eliza and has to go see her then they can get out of here. He has to leave and she promises to behave. Ryan wants to stretch his legs but insists Max stay in the car. He tells her to watch out for Penny. He walks around the building and she watches the front. Ryan takes a nip from his flask then gets a call from Gwen.

She says if he lies, she’s hanging up then asks if he’s still drinking. He says yeah but says he’s going to stop. She says when they met, he was in such a good place and says this is the real him – obsessed, tormented and unable to let go. She says to quit the FBI but he says Theo is out there. She says there will always be someone out there. He ends the call when he spots Penny coming down the street. Max gets out of the car.
[2015-05-11, 11:52:20 PM] Rachel Rowan: Penny sees them and runs. They give chase. Ryan and Max head into the drug den but don’t find anything. Back outside, Max creeps around. Ryan comes out and they run back into each other. They don’t find what they’re looking for. Mike is called to a scene where Sloane’s body is in the back of the car. He sees the blood – she was shot. He grabs his phone and calls Max to tell her. He says she was shot and stuffed in a trunk and says she died last night.

Max tells him they’re on the way back then fills Ryan in on the news. A black and white pulls up and a cop says they have people cruising the neighborhood. He asks the cop to take Max to the scene and insists that she go and find Sloane’s killer. He says he’ll work with the local PD then come back to meet her later.

They pull away and Ryan goes back into the crack den to poke around. He finds her tied up in the basement where he left her – Max didn’t know he found her! He tells Penny they’re alone now and it’s time to talk about her brother. Ryan drags her home with him duct tapes her to a chair at his place. She says he’s the strong silent type and says she’s more of a screamer. He closes the door and tells her to go ahead and tell. Theo shows up to the hotel and knocks to see Eliza.

She lets him in and sends her guards out. He asks if he’s jumped through enough hoops and says he’s done with the games. He asks if she accepts his offer to take out Ryan Hardy. She asks what he wants in return and he says he and his sister want to disappear so that the FBI, CIA and Interpol can’t get to them. She asks if he thinks she can do that and he says Strauss bragged about her power and influence. He asks if Strauss was wrong.

She says they can meet his ask but no one can know she was involved or exists. She says she’ll be in touch and he leaves. She takes a call as he leaves. Theo gets a text alert on his phone about Penny and tries to call her but just gets her voice mail. He says the FBI is on to her. Penny tells Ryan she doesn’t know who Theo is when he asks. She plays dumb and then asks how Ollie is and he says incarcerated. He tells her she has no rights since she’s not under arrest. She mocks him and then he asks again about Theo.

She says brothers don’t call or write. He tells her strike two. He says he knows she’s all that Theo cares about. She says he owes her because he promised things would get better after he had their bitch of a mother killed but then they bounced from crappy foster home to worse. She asks about his niece Max then laughs at him. She says when you grow up like she did, you had real scars. She makes it clear she’s not scared of him. He leaves the room.

He goes to pour a drink and sees Joe there. He says if he’s bending the rules, so what? Ryan gets a call from Max and tells her he’s still working with local PD then asks about Sloane. She says she and Mike are retracing her last steps. Tom watches Max and Mike from the balcony at the office. Joe tells him that Max is treating him like a child and checking up on him. Ryan says they do it because they care but Joe says they’re stifling and judging him. Ryan pours another drink.

Joe tells him he doesn’t need any of them. Tom gets a call from Mark and he tells him he did it. Mark says one more favor and he can put this all behind him. He says to bring him Mike Weston. Tom looks unhappy. Max is in the office when Mike finds her. Neither can find anything and Mike says they need to keep digging. Max says she can’t stop seeing Sloane in that trunk and says someone did that to her. Mike tells her to go him and says he’ll take over the incident reports.

Max says she can look through the shower and says she feels like there’s something that has to do with the laptop so she’s going to watch the internal security feeds. Mike tells her it will be okay and she asks if he’s sure. Theo is searching for Penny online checking surveillance footage outside of Sal’s. He sees her with Ryan! He has a temper fit and starts punching the wall viciously. Ryan comes back to talk to Penny and says an FBI agent is dead. She scoffs then asks for food.

Ryan asks who Theo has working for him at the FBI. She says he fell off the wagon and then he says strike three and rolls the chair into the bathroom. He says he read her social services file and says she nearly drowned at seven and has been scared of water since then. He asks if she knows what water boarding feels like. She says when Theo finds out. He says Theo can’t get to him because he’s alone.

She says he’s not alone and Ryan demands to know who he’s working with then he starts to choke her with a wet towel. He asks if Theo is recruiting Strauss’ students then asks if it’s Mark or Daisy. She nods yes and he lets her loose and says that was easy. Penny says he’s getting off on this and Ryan says – not yet. Tom lurks outside the conference room where Mike is going through the reports looking for a clue about Sloane.

He comes in and tells him he has a lead on Sloane and invites him to come along. Max watches the camera feeds at the FBI. She sees Tom lurking around where he shouldn’t be then leaving in a panic. Max tries to call Mike but then Tom pulls a gun on him and takes the ringing phone away. Mike says he should have known and Tom says he had no choice then tells him Sloane’s death was an accident. He makes him put on cuffs.

He says Tom used Max and Tom reminds him that he cheated with Max and murdered Lily Gray. He asks who’s in there and Mike realizes it’s Mark waiting inside for him. Mike tries to talk sense to him and says they can turn this around but Tom isn’t hearing it. He tells him to come on and leads him down into the basement. Mike faces off with Mark and Daisy and she has a gun. Mark says – long time, no see and Mike says that’s because he’s been hiding from him like a scared little bitch.

Mike says to take off his cuffs and they’ll face off. Tom says he’s done and Mark says a deal is a deal. He holds out his phone with the proof of what Tom did. When he gets close, Mark throws acid into his eyes and then Daisy shoots him as he screams. Mark knocks him down and kicks him. He pops open a knife and says he’s going to get what he deserves. Mike tells him to do it. Daisy backs up to let him do it. Mark says he’s going to cut out his heart since that’s what he took when he killed his brother.

Theo is there with a gun and says to back off. Mark says they had a deal and Mike is his but Theo says no. Mark drops the knife. Theo says Mike is his now. Ryan asks Penny where Theo is then slaps her hard when she doesn’t answer. She giggles and says Theo has been overestimating him. Joe is there and taunts him and says Penny is lying to him and he can make her tell the truth. He says to make her and encourages him. Ryan says to just tell him.

Joe says to do it and Ryan snaps and pushes her back on the floor, puts a towel on her mouth and pours water on her to torture her. Then his cell phone blares and he sees an emergency alert. It’s Theo and he says he knows he has his sister. Theo has Mike speak so Ryan knows Theo has him. Theo says they can meet but it needs to be a reservation for four.

Ryan tells Mike to talk to him but Theo won’t let him and asks to talk to his sister. She’s screaming but Ryan says it won’t happen. Theo says he’s proposing a simple trade, a life for a life. Ryan asks why he should trust him and Theo says he has to then says to wait for his call and hangs up. Mark is angry that Theo is taking Mike. Theo rants to Mark and Daisy and says Mike is bait to get his sister back and says that’s all that matters.

He says Mark will have his moment after he gets his sister back but until then, he can’t touch her. Daisy says it’s clear. Theo says – let’s go. Joe tells Ryan that Mike is as good as dead and says to use Penny to kill Theo. He says it’s what he would do. Ryan sits by Penny with his bottle of booze and says it’s been almost an hour and says maybe Theo doesn’t care as much as he thinks. She says to do what her brother says and he’ll get his friend back. Max calls and he doesn’t take the call.

She says they tracked Mike’s call to an abandoned place in Queens. They search it and she sees the blood but no bodies. But she does spot a phone and says she thinks it’s Mike’s. She says there’s a lot of blood. In Westchester, Theo and the gang pull up outside a place and pull Mike out of the back of the truck. It looks like Joe’s old place – a real mansion. They head upstairs. Mike tells Theo that trusting those psychos isn’t good. He says Mark is pouting like he killed his mom or something.

Mark is ready to snap. Theo secures Mike and tells Daisy to watch him and takes Mark with him to do some work. Lisa gets to the warehouse and says Donovan called her in to help. Max says if the blood belongs to Mike, he’s dead. She tells him Tom stole a laptop from the safehouse and likely killed Sloane when she found out. She says she can’t find Ryan. Max, Lisa and the FBI backup heads to Ryan’s place. Right before they break it down, he answers and says he was sleeping.

Lisa asks when he last talked to Mike and he says yesterday. She says they saw a call from Mike a couple of hours ago. He says he didn’t get the call. Then Max says Tom is the mole, likely killed Sloane and may have hurt Mike. They ask about the blood on his fingers and he says he broke a glass. He’s acting very strange. Lisa says they found Tom’s car with a body inside – it was Tom. But Lisa is told Mike isn’t in the car. She says they have to go.

Ryan says he’ll meet them at command as soon as he gets dressed. They all leave. Max tells Lisa to go on ahead and says she doesn’t think Ryan should be alone. She heads back inside his place and looks around for him. She hears a scraping noise and sees unconscious Penny in the chair. She asks him what the hell he’s doing. She asks if it’s Theo’s sister then asks if he’s been torturing her and says she’s going to call it in. He snatches her phone and says Theo is Mike and the girl is the only reason he’s alive.

He says Theo wants to make a trade and she hits him and rants because he didn’t tell her. She says that means Tom took Mike to Theo. She says they have to alert the FBI. He says Theo hacked into the FBI servers before and says Tom was inside and they have to assume the FBI communications are compromised now. She says does that means it’s just the two of them. Ryan says he doesn’t see any other way. A guy at a theater talks to his mom on the phone then turns off the stage lights.

He goes to leave but then hears music start playing. He goes to see what’s up and goes into a dressing room. He finds the music player and turns it off then goes back on his way out calling hello. Mark is there and attacks him. He tells Theo that he told him to kill the caretaker and Theo says he said to find him not kill him but Mark says killing is what he does. He says to help get him to the stage. Ryan and Max are still waiting on the call from Theo.

She says she wants it to be clear that the priority is getting Mike back not nabbing Theo. She says his drinking has to stop. He pours out his bottle of vodka. She asks for the flask too. He pours it out as well. He asks if she feels better then she asks how they’re doing this. She says they need secure radios and he says Theo will have it rigged for surveillance. They agree to steal the equipment since Theo may see an official request.

Mike asks Daisy for some water. She pulls her knife then walks over and pours a little in his mouth. He thanks her. He says he knows what Theo and Mark want but isn’t sure about her. She asks why he cares. He says she’s in a tank with two sharks and Kyle wouldn’t want that for her. He says he’s a safer bet for her than either of them. He says he’ll let her run and says he just wants to kill Mark. She says what Theo does to people who betray him isn’t pretty.

Mike tells her that Mark won’t protect her from Theo. He says Mark only cares about killing him and says he’ll do what he did. She is tired of it and gags him. Lisa is running the ops center when Ryan walks by. Lisa goes out after him. He goes into a room and hides behind a door hoping she’ll pass. She does. He goes to his locker and sneaks a drink from the bottle he has stashed there then tucks it into his backpack.

Daisy finds Mike leaned over wheezing and then the wheezing stops. She creeps closer in a panic thinking he choked. He head butts her and knocks her out then gets her knife to cut his bonds. Theo and Mark just made it back to the place as he looses himself. He goes running and sees them coming. He heads the other way. Mark sees Daisy on the floor and runs in. They rouse her and she says he was just there. Theo reminds Mark not to kill Mike as they head off to search.

Mike creeps around evading them and locking doors behind him. Mark is panicking and Daisy says not to do anything stupid. She says Theo will kill him but Mark says without his Mom and Luke, he’s empty. She asks what about her and says Theo will kill them both. He doesn’t care – he rushes off. Theo works room to room looking for Mike. He goes into a room with lots of furniture and weird dolls lying around. Mike throws a heavy cabinet on him and runs.

Mike makes it down one level but then Mark is there. He tells Mike to drop the knife and says to get on his knees. He does. Daisy tells him to stop and points a gun at him. She fires at Mark who then runs. She tells Mark she’s sorry. This gives Theo time to get there and he holds a gun on Mike.

Ryan says hi to Carl and says he needs a couple of battery packs. Carl gets a call from Max and says she returned a vehicle tracker. She says she has an inspection. Ryan asks if he can just get the batteries himself since he’s in a hurry. A frazzled Carl agrees and tells him where to find them. Ryan spots the radios he wants. Carl says he can’t find what she’s looking for and says she has to come them. He hangs up but Ryan has the equipment stashed in time to avoid questions.

Theo shoves Mike into a van and tells Daisy to watch him. Mike tells Daisy she was right to turn on Mark. She snaps and pulls a gun but Theo calls her down harshly. She tells Mike to shut up. They close up the van and head out. Lisa chases Ryan down and demands to know what he’s up to. She asks what’s in the backpack and says to show her. She rants and he hands it over. She sees just the bottle and a file folder. He says he’s a mess and has been drinking. He says he’s no good to her or Mike right now.

He says he would never forgive himself if something happened to Mike because he was drunk. The phone rings from a blocked number and he says it’s his sponsor. She says to get out of there but says she’s going to tell Donovan. Theo tells him where to meet him and says to come alone with Penny. Ryan calls Max and says to prep Penny for travel and says it’s time to get Mike back. Theo and Daisy watch Ryan on a camera they planted and agree it looks like he came alone.

Ryan pulls her out of the car then looks up at the camera and uses a device. The camera blanks out and Theo says he’s using a signal jammer to level the playing field. Theo gives Daisy the rifle and says it’s her job now that they don’t have Mike. Ryan tells Penny – here we go – and drags her inside. They head inside the theater lobby where Theo told them to go. Ryan tells Max that he’s in and she says she is too. He looks around for Theo and Mike but doesn’t spot them. There’s someone on the stage tied to a chair. Ryan holds a gun to Penny’s head and calls out to Theo and says to get this done. Ryan hears foot steps and he comes out on the stage with Mike and knocks him down by the dead guy. Theo tells him to cuff Penny by a banister and says Mike is going to hang out up there and cuffs him to the corpse. He cuffs Mike and steps away from him. Ryan does the same.

Theo says to move to the center aisle. Theo tells Penny this will all be over soon but Ryan reminds him they’re on the top of the most wanted list and says there’s no darkness left to hide. They hold guns on each other. Theo says Ryan lives in the darkness and asks how much vodka he’s had today and Theo reminds him he’s monitoring his credit cards. He asks if Gwen checked into a hotel because she left him. Ryan says he can’t hide behind computer tricks now.

Daisy tries to aim the rifle. Max shouts a warning and knocks Daisy aside so she loses the shot. He ducks and she misses. Theo and Penny take off running. Daisy runs off and Ryan cuts Mike loose. Max runs into Mike and hugs him. Penny tells Theo they can’t leave and says Ryan tortured her and made her think she was drowning. He says they’ll deal with it later but Penny won’t leave and runs back and starts shooting at Ryan. When she goes to run again, Ryan shoots her in the back.

She’s down and looks dead. Theo is anguished but has to run. Ryan heads for Penny and checks her pulse then goes after Theo. Theo gets into his van and screams. Daisy is in there and says they have to go. They hear sirens. He cranks the van and pulls away before the cop cars roll up. Ryan runs out and looks around but doesn’t see them. Ryan sits in the conference room when Lisa comes in and asks why he didn’t tell her. He says he couldn’t risk it since Tom compromised them.

Lisa reminds him that he’s part of a team and says he can’t run off playing cowboy. She says she’s in charge now and asks how he got Penny. He says she attacked him at his apartment and says Theo knew she was there and threatened to kill Mike unless he turned her over. Lisa says he’s a liar and a drunk who deserves to work mall security. He says it doesn’t matter if she has him suspended. She asks why not. He says he just killed the only person Theo ever loved and he’ll come after him now with both barrels.

Daisy asks Theo where they’re going. He tells her she doesn’t know anything about him and says Penny saved him and he saved her. He says now she’s gone. Daisy says if he doesn’t want her around she can go but he says she had her chance to disappear and now she’s with him until he decides to let her go. Daisy looks a little scared. Mike asks max how the debrief went and she says the only reason she has a job is that she got him back. He thanks her for rescuing him.

She says Tom was quite the creep and he jokes that she has bad taste in men. Mike says he needs to tell her something but then Lisa calls Mike in to be debriefed. He says he’ll tell her later and goes in. Ryan heads home and finds Gwen there. She’s picking up the last of her stuff and she says he hung up on her and he says he’s tired of keeping secrets and she was right all along. He says Joe got deeper in his head every time he went to the jail.

He says the drinking was a way to push her away so he didn’t have to tell her the truth and she would hate him. He says he doesn’t deserve her and says she should go and he won’t call her anymore. She says there’s something he deserves to know – she tells him she’s pregnant and says if he wants to be in this baby’s life, he needs to change now. She says Joe may bring out his darkness but says there’s a good man in there – the one she fell in love with.

Ryan goes to an AA meeting and says he violated 18 months of sobriety – he says he drove people away because he didn’t think he deserved them. He says he wants to change and be the kind of man who deserves his family and his friends. He says he wants to be better and will be better. Joe is there and nods in support. Mike and Max walk to her car. He asks if she remembers the first time they met and she says he accused her of endangering Ryan.

He asks if she knew what he thought when he first met her – he says he thought Ryan was lucky to have her and says he wants to inspire that sort of passion. She says you did and he says she’s the love of his life. He kisses her. She kisses back. She asks if he wants to come to her place. He says he has to get his car. She gets into hers and cranks it. She rolls down the window and smiles at him. He leans in to kiss her then Mark is there behind him.

Max sees him and screams but Mark stabs Mike in the back several times then yanks her out of the car and goes to stab her too but Mike shoots Mark in the chest several times even though he’s down. Max scrambles for her phone and calls 911 for an ambulance. She begs Mike to hang on.