The Last Ship Recap 7/5/15: Season 2 Episode 4 “Solace”

The Last Ship Recap 7/5/15: Season 2 Episode 4 "Solace"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode an all new Sunday July 5, season 2 episode 4 called “Solace”. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Chandler [Eric Dane] sees an opportunity to add another vessel to the fleet when a hospital ship is discovered at sea waiting for Dr. Scott’s [Rhona Mitra] cure.

On the last episode Nathan James returns home to Norfolk on a mission to produce and mass distribute the cure. With his family now safely aboard the James, Chandler sends his crew in search of their own friends and loved ones. Who, if any, will find their families? And will those who do return to the ship? Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “Chandler sees an opportunity to add another vessel to the fleet when a hospital ship is discovered at sea waiting for Dr. Scott’s cure. But tensions rise when Chandler and his team board the ship, only to face an unforeseen enemy.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.



#LastShip starts five months ago nin the North Atlantic with a submarine of dying men. Only two men on board survived. Sean tells him they’ll get home just fine and reassures him even though they can’t hail their home base. They seem to by UK sailors. Andrea makes her rounds as the Nathan James sails. Bacon cooks bread and things seem stable. Tom watches the sea when Mike chats up Kara. Rachel says hope is high in demand and short in supply – she’s recording a video log. She says with the satellite network up, they are a carrier pigeon with her.

She says the cure is spreading in the US and in Europe and tells Hunter they’re on the way to him in Florida but are stopping in Savannah first. She says she’s uploading her data to the secure satellite to see if he can refine it to make things move faster. She tells him to take care. A guy runs in and tells Tom, Mike and Rachel that a hospital ship left Norfolk and went without a posted location and just 15 doctors. The guy says it was specially equipped for a bio-lab.

They wonder if the missing lab from Norfolk is at sea. Tom says to call them and Rachel says that lab is three times the size of theirs and they can make 10,000 doses a day if they can find them. Mike says – we’re getting another ship. A group heads to the mess and bring in two sailors from Norfolk that volunteered to come in – one is Wolf, from Australia. The other is Ravit from Israel. She’s a diver and intelligence operator. They make friends with the others and Burk shakes Ravit’s hand.

He tries to make small talk but she blows him off Tex wonders if he’s allowed to fraternize with her. They try to hail the Solace, the hospital ship. They get nothing. Kara says they may have brought their call sign with them and then Tom asks Gator to check their beacon but there’s nothing. Tom says let’s find them since they went south by southeast so they take a little detour. Danny works out and they talk about the larger hospital ship and that it has no guns.

Ravit and Wolf work out too and Burk is distracted checking her out and Tex hits him with a medicine ball. Tex says he talked to Wolf and found out they’re just friends. Burk asks what he said and he says she’s like a sister to him. They get the beacon of the Solace finally. Mike has layouts of another identical ship and Rachel shows where the labs should have been set up. Jeter says they are close enough but they’re not answering hails and the ship is not moving.

Rachel says they can at least salvage the lab. Tom says they’ll make that the mission and they agree to ready teams and put up alongside. Tom says the Solace put to sea waiting on them and they were late. Miller asks Wolf who gave him that bad ass name and he says it was his more. Burk tries to talk to Ravit about the rifle she’s using but she’s got it. Wolf says he was in Middle Creek when things went bad. He says they were setting up hospitals, enforcing quarantines then had to run for their lives.

He says Australia was hit hard too and he couldn’t reach his family. Miller says he has a family there with them now. Kara asks to talk to Danny and says CIWS is done but they have support teams ready. She says she saw the new team members and he says jealousy is useless. She says all the girls are talking about Wolf. She’s not the one who’s jealous. He laughs. Jeter hails the ship as they draw near. They keep trying to contact it. Mike steps outside with binoculars as the launch speeds away.

They pull up alongside and watch them scale to the deck. Tom is with them. Mike wishes them luck and they set a time to check in. Tom takes half with him and they set off. Ravit asks Tex if the vaccine really works and he says he wouldn’t be there if it didn’t. Burk says nothing yet – no one is seeing signs of life or death. They wonder where everyone is. Mike tries to reach them but the signal is bad and he can’t hear him. Miller hears a noise – some voices. They creep around.

They see an iPad with a video running and a pair of glasses. Tom touches the coffee cup and it’s still warm then a light goes off in another area. They find a body dead from gunshots and it was recent. Burk tries to call the ship for help. Mike says he needs a better signal. They press on looking for the shooter. Tex says holy mother and they spot the entire crew shot dead in the mess. Ravit says they were lined up and executed.

Tom finds a couple of survivors who tell them – they’re still on the ship. Danny tries to alert Burk who tries to answer but they’re having comms issues. Mike hears a glimmer of the message about hostiles being on board. He calls general quarters and says to bring them in closer. The man tells Tom they were boarded about 20 minutes ago and says the invaders think they have the cure. He says his name is Gonzalez and tells him he’s sorry. Tom says he’s the one who’s sorry.

Mike calls and tells the crew to find the ship the hostiles came from. Miller talks to the survivors they found but the doctor won’t move because he’s trying to save a guy. Gonzalez says the hostiles went for the lab first. Tom tells some of the men to get down there and then Tom says to flush them out since they heard them upstairs too near comms. Gonzalez says firing on a hospital ship is a war crime and says – let’s make them pay and gives him a gun.

Kara tells Mason to run a sonar search since they didn’t find anyone on the surface. Tom spots one and tells the guy to freeze. The guy fires on them instead of giving up. Tom and Danny agree with that gun, they’re not pirates. Wolf and Miller creep up to where they last heard the hostiles are and swap fire. They end up having to fight hand to hand also. Wolf is a bad ass. He takes out most of them alone and Miller is unharmed and pleased.

They tell the survivors to lock the door and turn out the lights and hide now that they got the man stabilized. Tex and the others make it to the lab and find the hostiles. Ravit comes in wearing a lab coat acting like a med officer and pulls a gun and puts three down with head shots. Burk is impressed. They find the lab destroyed. They report they’re not sure what they can salvage. Tom says to get out of there. Ned and Sean from the submarine are leading the charge.

Sean says they got what they came for and they should go. Ned isn’t ready to go and gets on the comms and tells the Navy they’re going to kick their asses. Tom doesn’t look pleased. Mike is on deck with his binoculars trying to figure out where they came from. Gonzalez says they can get out on the tinder boats and tells them to move it. Ned goes off and says they’re not leaving until everyone on the ship is dead then they can go.

Mike says to bring them in closer and find him something to shoot. They tell him it’s a collision risk but he says to do it. Miller takes one down and calls his buddy Wolfman who likes that. Danny and Tom are creeping up to an ambush and Tom calls Mike and says flight deck and they can light them up. Kara is ready to take them out. Tom and Danny fire to chase them up to where the James can get to them. The hostiles throw a red smoke bomb and Kara can’t target them.

Tom says they got one but these guys are good. He says to look under them. They can’t spot a helo and Mike says those guys didn’t swim there. Gonzalez says they’re getting out. Ravit, Tex and Burk press on and Tex takes out a guy who shoots Burk in his armor. Ravit spots a bomb and they tell Tom who calls for an abandon ship. Burk doesn’t want to give up the ship – he wants to try and defuse it. Tex asks if anyone knows how and Ravit steps closer to check it out.

Tom calls the James and says they’ve got 18 doctors and crew and need cover fire to get them safe. Mason gets a sub on sonar then it’s gone. They call the bridge and tell them it’s a possible sub. Mike scans the horizon. Ravit tells Burk not to talk while she does this. They load the survivors onto the tinder boats. Mike wills them to hurry as he watches. Ravit cuts a wire and they all hope that was it. Then she sees something else and says uh-oh. She follows another wire around the corner and they spot something worse. The hostile start firing on the survivors and Wolf is hit but it’s a through and through.

He tells them to move back to the James without him. Gonzalez takes a shot to the neck and is dying. The second bomb has a remote detonator. Tex says there’s a second bomb with a remote detonator they likely can’t defuse. Gonzalez bleeds out and Danny tells the doc to get on the boat now. They all back toward the boat. Tom goes after the hostiles. Ravit tries to figure out how to trick the bomb. Cruz says they have to go then there’s more fire from the hostiles. Danny takes out one then the James another.

Juan Carlos tells his people he’s hit and his people tell him no matter what, he can’t let them capture it. Tex has an idea and says for them to skedaddle. Ned runs for the railing but Tom has a gun on him. Ned shows him he’s got the detonator and says they’ll all be blown to shit. Tom says he’ll take him with him. Tex runs the detonator to the deck and throws it off just as Ned pushes the button. No one is hurt except a burn to Tex’s hand. Ned goes to jump, Tom fires but he doesn’t know if he got the guy.

He watches the water and there’s a bubble then nothing. Back on the ship, Tom comes back to the bridge and is told they can’t spot the hostile transport. Mike says they spotted eight hostiles jumping into the water and thinks they came in on two man subs. They wonder what it was. Mason says he’s sure he spotted a sub out in the sea bed. Tom tells them to keep searching for it. The survivors from the Solace all get their vaccine shots and Miller goes to check on Wolfman.

Tex tells Rachel he’ll never play fiddle again. Rachel tells Milowsky she’s sorry he got caught up in this. He’s angry they destroyed his lab. He says Gonzalez saved their lives and he couldn’t save his. Tom says they can head back to Norfolk where they will be greatly needed but he wants to stay with them. He says he’s an expert in vaccine manufacturing and genetic engineering. Rachel and Tom welcome him aboard.

Burk comes to chat with Ravit and she asks if he’s okay. He says she did good today and he’s glad to have her on the team. She smirks and she says she likes them and says they’re crazy. She walks away and he laughs too. Tom comes to check on Juan Carlos – they brought him on board and saved him. Jeter says he was muttering in Spanish and they wonder about the international thieves. Sorenson is with the bad guys and is told it was like the Navy knew they were coming.

Sorenson says that’s the ship that had the cure then asks if they caught them. Sorenson is shocked and says he had nothing to do with them and says last he saw the ship was in Jamaica. They tell him to shut up and says to save it for the boss. They stand on deck of their small ship and Sorenson is stunned when a sub emerges from the water.