The Last Ship Recap 6/28/15: Season 2 Episode 3 “It’s Not a Rumor”

The Last Ship Recap 6/28/15: Season 2 Episode 3 "It's Not a Rumor"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with an all new episode Sunday June 28, season 2 episode 3 called “It’s Not a Rumor” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the Nathan James returns home to Norfolk in a mission to distribute the cure. Meanwhile, Chandler [Eric Dane] sends his crew out to search for their loved ones and friends.

On the last episode after the horrifying revelations and reversals of fortune in Baltimore, Chandler and his fractured team join forces with an underground resistance in an attempt to defeat Amy Granderson. With doses of the cure running low, Rachel tried to do some good for the sick while remaining a prisoner at Avocet. Meanwhile, Slattery and the crew of Nathan James were in a race against time to save an injured Dr. Tophet and regain control of their ship. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis “Nathan James returns home to Norfolk on a mission to produce and mass distribute the cure. With his family now safely aboard the James, Chandler sends his crew in search of their own friends and loved ones. Who, if any, will find their families? And will those who do return to the ship?”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.



#LastShip begins 13 days ago in Biscayne Bay, Florida. A woman asks a man who’s the guy talking to Johnny. The man says he just washed up there this morning and he doesn’t know where from. He says he has a funny accent but it doesn’t sound Russian. They notice his raft has Russian markings on it. IT’s Neil Sorenson, aka patient zero who is a carrier of the virus.

Burk tells Tom he got the hard drives and scavenged the situation room at the White House. Danny says the compound is clear and no sign of life. He says there’s no answer from the bunker and it’s impenetrable. They take the chopper back to the Nathan James. Rachel says she got the lab in Baltimore up and running and has manufactured 10,000 doses.

She says trucks are showing up to distribute them and says they’re sending more scientists to the naval base in Norfolk to send out missions to find out if there are more facilities to mass produce it. Tom talks to Kara and she says she’s sorry about his wife after he asks about her mother. She says they need to replace Barker and Tom asks if she’s up for it.

He asks how she’s feeling and she says no side effects. He says the old rules say she can’t be at sea after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Tom says he expects more from her and Kara promises she won’t let him down. Jeter tells the doc he’s feeling better and Tom asks how Alisha is doing. He says she doesn’t want to talk to anyone or face the crew. Tom offers to chat but Jeter says not yet and Tom tells him to keep trying.

Tom talks with Mike about how badly they need to find resources in Norfolk. Mike says a moment of truth is coming for many people once they get back to find out whether their family survived. They radio Tom and says he and Mike need to see the White House info. Rachel is there too and they see a 70% infection rate in Norfolk from nine weeks ago and that the coastal areas are hardest hit.

Rachel says they may be able to make projections. They find a video file called Sec Nav. It’s the Secretary of the Navy and says if you’re viewing it, your part of the network to help produce and distribute the vaccine and says you’re part of a secret network. He says the codes to access the network are embedded in the drive.

Kara says they didn’t know about those until now and Tom says to find the labs now. They start running locations and wonder how many labs are dark. 22 of the labs are down. Dr Hunter contacts them from Florida – it’s Rachel’s mentor from Yale. He’s in South Florida. She tells him she’s alive and says they have the cure.

In Biscayne Bay, everyone that Neil came into contact with is dead. He scavenges their bodies for things that can help him then he steps over the corpse of a child and keeps walking. Tex works out with Bacon who he’s teaching to box and lose some weight. Rachel comes into the gym and he says he has to get down to regulation weight. She says his trainer is amusing. Tex ungloves him.

Rachel says she hasn’t seen him since Baltimore. She says it’s BS when he makes an excuse about staying on board because it’s faster to travel that way. He says she’s glad he’s back and she wonders why he left in the first place and where he ran off to. She unlaces his boxing gloves and says that’s a lot of questions. He agrees that it is a lot. He says he went to find his daughter who was in Jackson.

He says she’s 14 and lives with her mother. Tex says he hasn’t seen her in three years. She says they’ll be near there soon. Tex says she can work his corner anytime. Rachel thanks him for telling her about his daughter. He leaves. Burk tells the crew they’re landing in Norfolk soon and have radioed looking for planes, scientists and doctors to ramp up manufacture and distribution of the cure.
Tom says they’re also going to look for survivors in the area and says those with families in Norfolk can be part of the search parties. They spot a Navy SEAL at the watch tower and they signal back. They see more SEALS and some pilots too. Tom is optimistic. Once they dock, Rios and Rachel vaccinate the sailors. Tom talks to the base commander Damon who says they have 34 military personnel there.

He says they made it back a few weeks ago. He says it’s mostly Navy and Tom asks about the bio safety lab on base. Damon says the equipment was moved but no one can tell them where. He says there are people holed up in all kinds of places and says they’re still trying to clear the city. Tom says his people are going to try and find their families and any information will be greatly appreciated.

Andrea talks to Jeter and Kara tells her she’s nervous. Andrea says she feels the same. Tom tells the assembled people that they should spread the cure and the knowledge of how to make it so they can turn the tide all across the world. He says they waited a long time for this day to come and says it’s here now. They saddle up to move out. They take cure cases and head out on a military transport plane.

Rachel chats with Michael and he thanks her for saving him but she tells him to just do his part. Fighter jets escort the transport plane and they watch them fly away. Ashley tells Sam their dad did this and Jed says damn right he did. Mike and Tom watch the planes leave and Mike says he’s as ready as he’ll ever be. Tom tells him to move them out then tells Mike good luck. He thanks him and they leave.

Jeter tries to get Alisha to talk. She says everyone is looking for her family but she already found hers and now her mother is gone and all that’s left is what she became. He says this situation brings out the best and worst in people. She says Kara won’t even look at her after what her mother tried to do. Jeter says no one blames her but she says they walked into that mess because the captain had faith in her.

Jeter tells her this is not just on her. Tom’s kids try to teach Ava to fish and she says she wants to stay in Baltimore if it’s safe. They talk about how their kids are holding up then Ava calls her over. The team clears survivors, innoculate them and send them back to base. Andrea is at her place and looks at the kid’s bicycle on the wall. One car is gone. Inside she sees signs of packing.

Danny and Kara are at her mom’s place and he says it seems like no one has been there in a while. Kara says it looks like she went through all the booze. There’s a note dated six weeks ago saying she’s at the bowling alley. Kara says her mom was always chasing men around and may have met someone there. Danny says or it’s a safe zone. Kara heads inside and asks for Debbie.

Her mom is there and is helping. She’s stunned to see Kara. They run to each other and hug. Danny watches their reunion. Kara says she’s been on her ship and says they have the cure. They laugh and embrace.

Sorenson shows up to another refugee camp. A guy named Curtis kicks him awake and asks why he’s not sick. He says he’s been sleeping in a diseased sleeping bag for a week. He says a guy died in it two hours before he got there. He asks Curtis the same thing – why he’s not sick either. Rachel talks to Dr Hunter and he says he’s been locked down in the compound for six months.

They get word that Salt Lake landed. Topeka is settled and they can see the beacons in Europe. She says she lost Michael and he says it was months ago. He says he was in China. They get word that Madison is in the lab. Hunter says Michael was covering a horrific story in China but he doesn’t know if he got out. Tom tells the team they’re making it happen. Hunter tells Rachel he’s sorry.

Mike and Tex check out an area of tents but don’t spot any signs of life. They head in to poke around and see dishes, toys and other clues. Tex calls Mike over and shows him a photo album with photos of his family. He takes Mike to the tent. He wonders why they all up and left. Tex says maybe someone got exposed and they all just took off. Mike kneels to look at a pink sweatshirt.

Debbie tells Kara she hasn’t had a drink in five months. Kara is unloading vaccine when Peter comes over – he’s Debbie’s friend. He tells her that her mom is the glue that holds this place together. Danny tells Kara it’s not how she described her mom and then asks why he introduced her as just a friend. He asks if she’s going to tell her about the baby but she says she can’t.

Kara says if her mom asked her to stay because of the baby, she might say yes. Jeter tells Tom that they have met no resistance in Norfolk and says Yates, Heller and Morales found their families. Tom that makes four and he says they want to stay to work the ground effort so they can be with their families. Jeter says they didn’t clarify whether people could bring their families along.

Tom says he doesn’t know what to do. He says to let them know they can stay with full honors. He gets a call and goes to see Andrea in her quarters. He sees she brought some things from her house. He comes in and shuts the door. She says Bill’s car was gone and there were clothes and suitcases all over and says maybe they left in a hurry. She says she hoped they had fled early on.

She says then she went by St Vincent’s to check the records and says there are piles of papers on a gurney. She starts to cry and says it was surreal to see her family’s names there. She says she didn’t know what she expected or why her family would be spared. She full on sobs and he leans there beside her while she cries it out. She puts her head on his shoulder and just bawls.

In Port St Lucie, a man talks about how they were spared for a reason. He says they were put on this earth to do more. Sorenson listens standing by Curtis. He says they were spared because they are special and are the rightful inheritors of the earth. He says it’s their destiny. Everyone cheers. Curtis says there are others like him all over the country like missionaries. Sorenson is thrilled.

Mike takes the kids to their house and tells them they can pack one duffel bag of stuff. They head inside and Mike looks at the photos of his wife on the wall. He looks at their empty bedroom and neatly made bed. He looks at her airbrush and perfume bottles. He picks up a bottle and sniffs it. He starts to cry. Tex tells Mike his family could still be out there and he should go look for them.

Mike says Tom knew his family was alive but still served the mission and he can’t walk away not knowing. They stand outside his house. Tex says he knows Mike wants to stay. Mike says he wants a lot of things. Tom tells the kids and Jed and says there are people out there that want the cure so badly they will kill for it. He says as long as Nathan James is leading the charge, the ship is not safe for them.

Tom says he can’t have them there and him be worried about them instead of the mission. He tells them he’s going to resign and stay there so he won’t have to leave them. Sam and Ashley asks if they’re going to stay in their house. Tom says it’s time to rebuild and says they’ll be safe there. Jed says it sounds like his mind is made up and says they should go unpack.

Ashley stays behind and tells her dad that mom would not have wanted him to come home before his mission was done. She says mom wouldn’t have wanted him to give up. At the bowling alley, Pete bowls and Debbie shouts for a cheer for O’Connor for getting the power back on. Kara makes her promise not to keep living in the bowling alley. Debbie tells Kara she’s so proud of her.

Danny tells Debbie he’s happy to meet her. She kisses him on the lips and says to take care of Kara and the baby. Kara tells her she’ll be back in a few weeks and they head out. Tom rehangs his American flag out front of the house. He rakes the leaves in the yard and bags them up. Jed comes out to talk to his son and asks if he’s going to putter around all day. Jed says he’s procrastinating.

Jed says Tom doesn’t know how to go back and tell his crew he’s quitting. He tells Tom they can’t do it without him. He says everything is not in hand and the world is in chaos. He tells Tom he has a lot more to do and says the crew needs him. Tom says the kids need him and says if he doesn’t come back, his kids will be orphans. Jed says men went to fight Nazis after putting their families in bunkers.

Tom reminds him those kids had their moms. Jed says he’s beating himself up and says the only person to blame is him and says he shouldn’t have let her go into town. He says they don’t have time for Tom’s guilt trip and says he’s Noah and that ship is the ark. He goes back inside and leaves Tom to think it over. Mike leaves a note and cure doses at his house then takes off.

Andrea looks at a drawing her kids made she has up on her wall. She presses her cheek against it. Rachel looks at a photo of she and Michael from before. Tom says a sad goodbye to his kids and his dad. His daughter salutes him. Jed nods to let his son know he’s doing the right thing. He heads back to the Nathan James. Tom then goes to see Alisha in sick bay.

She stands as he comes in with Kara and Jeter. He hands her his old lieutenant bars but she says she can’t. He says they don’t say I can’t on the Nathan James. Tom says he’s promoting her to full lieutenant and Kara swears her in. Tom says she was loyal to all of them and they would not have gotten this far without her. Tom finds Mike on deck and Mike tells him he doesn’t have to say anything.

Tom says he’s glad Mike is still there with them. He asks Tom if he thought about staying and Tom admits it was all he thought about. Mike jokes if he had stayed, he would have had his first command. Tom then packs off the Tophets to take up residence in the house next door to his and says his dad will look after them and the kids can hang together. They leave to go make a home in Norfolk.

Damon escorts them out. The preacher tells Curtis there are planes distributing a cure. Curtis says it’s a rumor but Sorenson speaks up and says the ship with a cure is not a rumor and asks what he’s prepared to do about it. He smiles sneakily. What a rat!