The Last Ship Recap 6/21/15: Season 2 Episode 1 & 2 Premiere “Unreal City; Fight the Ship”

The Last Ship Recap 6/21/15: Season 2 Episode 1 & 2 Premiere "Unreal City; Fight the Ship"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode an all new Sunday June 21, season 2 premiere called “Unreal City; Fight the Ship”. On tonight’s episode, season 2 opens with the fractured team joining together with an underground resistance. Meanwhile, an imprisoned Rachel [Rhona Mitra] tries to help the sick as doses of the cure run low.

On the last episode Chandler and his crew finally returned home, where a former D.C. power player was fending off a dangerous warlord who threatened everyone’s hopes of restoring law and order in society. Now with a location and a meant to finalize their mission, Chandler setted out to find his family, only to discover something absolutely terrifying about this brave new world. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the TNT synopsis “after the horrifying revelations and reversals of fortune in Baltimore, Chandler and his fractured team join forces with an underground resistance in an attempt to defeat Amy Granderson. With doses of the cure running low, Rachel tries to do some good for the sick while remaining a prisoner at Avocet. Meanwhile, Slattery and the crew of Nathan James are in a race against time to save an injured Dr. Tophet and regain control of their ship.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.



On #LastShip, the men on the ship are ordered into the helicopter bay. They head onto the bridge and open fire. The armory is also blocked off to them. They discuss whether to make a move before reinforcements arrive but agree now is not the time. They tell Quincy’s wife and daughter to lie and say they were picked up on a boat and not to mention Quincy since the intruders are there to steal the cure.

Quincy is bleeding out and they try to save him. He tells them that he’s their insurance policy and they need to get the ship’s doctor there ASAP. Hamada tells his men to find the primordial, take the computers and everything but someone has hidden it and hidden himself. O’Connor tells his comrades to rally at the DC locker when they can and he takes a run and jumps overboard.

They shoot at him but he seems to make it over safely. Chandler and the others watch them unloading items onto an Avocet van from a loading dock. They hear instructions to make sure cases are sealed. Chandler gets a drop on them and Burk calls the rest of Cobra team. His daughter and her grandfather are okay. They hop in the van and agree to move on to the rally pint.

They worry about them killing the people inside the stadium. Granderson rants about them not being able to find the Navy personnel. She orders them to keep things moving at Olympia. The Avocet soldiers are forcing the Navy personnel into the hangar. Quincy is still struggling for his life. Pete tells them they can’t waste manpower.

Mike sees that one of their men tucked away a key sample into the first aid kit. He nods approvingly. Danny adjusts Jeter’s bandage as the van pulls up. They tell him that Granderson took over the ship and they wonder if Alisha is part of this. Jeter says he was shot but he’s okay. Chandler says they can’t get to the ship for now and says Rachel Scott is the primary mission.

Danny wonders how they can get to her with Granderson holding her. He introduces his kids to Russ and says he’ll watch out for them. Chandler hugs his son and daughter and they prepare to go take down the queen bee. Chandler says they have to hit where it hurts the most. They’re going to make a move on Olympia.

Granderson tells Rachel they’ve taken the boat and her work with it and says Hamada will be able to replicate her work. Rachel rants at her for being Darwinian and says it’s barbarians at the gates. Granderson says the apocalypse is here but she can adjust her philosophy to meet Rachel’s sensibilities if she’ll help with the lab. She says if she cooperates, the bloodshed will end.

Rachel tells her to prove it and says to stop wasting doses on healthy people. She wants to take the doses to the streets to help sick people. Granderson says it’s silly and small given the state of the world, but she can do it if that’s what she wants. Russ takes Chandler’s family to try and find a safe place to camp out. He finds a house and checks it then brings them inside.

He says it has power and Russ says he’ll be safe there. The sailors watch their captors carefully. O’Connor gets back on the ship, dripping wet and goes and tinkers with some equipment. The heat comes on in the bay and they agree that O’Connor must be back on board. They start whispering among themselves. Hamada is furious because he can’t find the primordial.

He tells them to tear up the ship to find it. They Avocet soldiers start doing exactly that. A kid takes a shot at Tex who says he’s with the Navy ship and they have the cure. The kid says he thinks Tex is with Avocet and says Granderson sends people through to steal them away. He asks the kid to tell him what’s going on. Alisha is taken by Landau to the executive wing to be more comfortable.

Landau says her mother cares about her and she’ll see that soon. Alisha sees these kids are having a course on Homer. She asks if these people know what her mother is doing. Landau says they’re all grateful to have a job and a place and says it’s a real community. Hamada rants to Pete about not securing the lab when they first came on board and says they’re done without the primordial.

Quincy is stable for now and the doctor says he’ll bleed out soon. Pete asks where’s the primordial then tells the doctor to give him some adrenaline to perk Quincy up so he can answer. Mike is aggravated with the whole deal and looks ready to snap. Burk and Danny drive a truck of dead bodies into the plant. Chandler is in the back playing possum.

Once inside, the men pull items of value off the corpses then load them onto a conveyor belt to go into a mass crematorium. Black smoke streams out of the pipes. Chandler lies still waiting. Danny and Burk get out of the truck’s cab and look around. A guard tells them they’re late and he says someone tried to hijack their suits. They make small talk. He asks if they’re new and then Chandler goes for his gun.

They exchange shots with the guards and take them down. The other guards surrender. Chandler shuts down the conveyor belt of corpses. A guy is handing out the “cure” in exchange for canned food when an Avocet van shows up. He goes running and Rachel is shocked. Michael tells her that people are always taking advantage of the sick. Rachel approaches them and says she has something that will help.

She says she has the real cure. She says this is not insignificant as Granderson thinks. Michael tells her he had no idea what Granderson was doing at Olympia. He says Hamada was the only one they knew and says the other doctors thought they were helping. Rachel says he’ll have time to redeem himself. Chandler, Danny and Burk head deeper into the facility.

They take out more guards as they have to. The gunfire attracts more guards. But they press on. A guy goes for a radio and another guy bashes his head. He tells Chandler he’s with Thorwald and says they’re rebels known as Warlords. Ashley frets over her dad being gone so long and Jeter and her granddad reassure her. They sit her down and she and Sam eat some soup.

He tells Jeter that if anyone can get through this, it’s his son. He says he failed Chandler but Jeter says he’s a hero just for surviving this long. Sam makes a grunting sound and says he doesn’t feel good. He vomits up his soup and everyone is concerned. Back in the bay of the Nathan James, the men complain that they need to use the bathroom and it’s too hot. A struggle breaks out.

Andrea says the engine is overheating and if no one is working on the engine issue, the ship will be useless. She says her engineer can work on it if they move them to the mess deck where there is food and bathrooms. Andrea says she won’t be able to control her people if they don’t do something. The engineer goes to turn off the heat that O’Connor turned on as the others are moved to the mess.

Andrea asks their guards if the zip ties on their hands are necessary and says they can’t use the bathroom like this. The guy tells her she’s lucky to get this and tells her to move on. Sam has a fever and there’s no medicine in the house. Jeter says he’ll go find a pharmacy and he heads out. Rachel administers cure shots to people on the street and is with a mother and son but has just one left.

The woman says to give it to her son and is happy to have it. She cries and holds her son as Rachel gives him the shot. Michael watches this sadly. People show up at Avocet to check in and are asked for wristbands and qualifications. Tex shows up and says he’s security. Chandler is brought to Thorwald after they took out the plant. He says Granderson is in the dark about what they did.

Thorwald says he saw him playing nice with Granderson. Chandler says if he’s Granderson’s enemy, they can be friends. They stand down once he understands Granderson took over the Navy ship against their will. Thorwald says she fooled him then he asks about the cure. He says the lab and his doctor have to survive for more cure to be made.

Thorwald says they’re attacking Avocet tonight. Chandler says as soon as they cut her power, she’ll send everyone from Avocet and the ship and they can take them both back. Thorwald says he can’t take Avocet with a frontal assault. Chandler asks if he has a better idea – he does. Mike tells the others they can’t give up the sample or they’ll kill them all. Pete presses them on the adrenaline issue.

Then Pete notices the doctor’s bag and goes over to go through it. He unzips the bag and opens it up. Mike looks nervous. Pete rifles the bag and then pulls out a cloth with something wrapped in it. He opens it and sees it’s just ice packs. He tells them they have five minutes to get the adrenaline into Quincy. O’Connor unties some of the other guys and they they agree to take the armory.

They head out with the plan to take it then kick some ass. Back on the ship, the crew is now in the mess. Someone found a photo of Quincy’s family and they move to take Kelly and Ava from the mess but Bacon blocks them and says no. Andrea tries to cool it off and tells them there’s 170 sailors and says they can take some of them out but there’s too many for them to control.

Kelly says she’ll go as long as they leave her daughter there. Bacon glares down the guard and Malone says to sit him down. They push Bacon down. Quincy tells Pete he has no reason to tell him. But then they bring Kelly in and she tells Quincy to give whatever they want to them. Mike makes a play for Pete. He tells Quincy he has until the count of five. Quincy says he hid the sample.

Pete threatens to shoot Kelly. Quincy tells Kelly he’s sorry then tells him he’ll never find it and yanks out his stitches. He immediately bleeds out as torrents of blood pour out of his abdomen. He pushes away anyone who would help and his life’s blood streams out in moments while Kelly screams no. Chandler and Thorwald navigate and underground area that Thorwald calls Reject City.

He says there’s 487 of them that Granderson deemed unworthy. He says once she secures the city, she’ll come for them. Chandler asks if Granderson’s people know what she’s doing and Thorwald says they know and make their choices. He says she tried to recruit him too. Granderson talks to her daughter and says it’s a confusing world for all of them and says she’s trying to do the most good.

She tells Alisha that Quincy killed himself and refused to tell them where the primordial is. Alisha tells her mom to give up when she asks her for her help. Alisha says she can accept her surrender as a Naval officer. Her mother smiles and calls her little girl and says she’ll stay with her and see who surrenders to whom. She’s pulled along behind her mother by a guard.

Russ is in the streets looking for a pharmacy and finding death by the score. And someone is watching him. Danny is at the power plant watching all the guards that are tied up. Hamada says he needs the primordial then looks at a note in Kara’s file that says she’s pregnant. Pete has Mike locked up and they grab Kara and tell her she’s going on a trip. Mike hears this and looks around.

The room he’s in has a hatch and he lets himself down into it. Rachel is hauled to the lab and hears on the way that Quincy is dead. Tex steps onto the elevator dressed as Avocet security. Rachel notices him but plays dumb. He takes out the guard and Michael tells Rachel and Tex to go ahead and says he’ll take care of the guard. Tex says he made a new friend who told him what was really going on.

He says he thought he’d come down and see for himself what was really going on. Jed checks on Sam who is still burning up. Ashley says the cold bath didn’t help and says they need to call her dad. Jed says they can’t call him back now and says Sam will be all right. Ashley says she can go out and says no one will see her but Jed tells her to stay put. She cries and says she can’t let Sam die.

Jed comforts her and says Russ went on foot and he will find any medicine that can be found. He calms her down. He says if anyone has to go, it will be him not her. Ashley says 20 minutes is all she’s waiting. Mike creeps down toward where O’Connor and the others are making trouble. Tex tells Rachel he found the only safe way out and they see Kara being hauled in.

Rachel says they must have found out she was pregnant and want ot use the baby’s stem cells to recreate the cure. Rachel refuses to leave and says she can lead Tex to where they will take her. He calls her stubborn for not leaving. Thorwald, Chandler and the rebels are under Avocet waiting for the lights to go out. Kara is being prepped for a procedure.

The doctor tells her that if she wants to save her baby, she needs to calm down and sit still. She does and he rips her clothes open to start checking. He listens to the baby’s heartbeat. Rachel tells Tex if they get the cure from Kara’s baby they will kill her and everyone on board the ship. Chandler tells Danny to call Burk and tell him to shut down the power.

They start to put a huge syringe into Kara’s stomach when Burk shoots up the power plant equipment and Avocet goes dark. She asks if it’s a scheduled shut down. Granderson calls the power plant and Burk tells her to kiss his ass. Granderson says to secure the building and send a pile of men to the power plant and to take reinforcements from the ship to do it.

Alisha took advantage of the dark to run. Granderson tells them to find her daughter. The doctor tells an assistant to grab the lamp so they can finish this. Kara looks around for a weapon. She spots the huge syringe. Vehicles fly out of Avocet and the revels make their move. They blow a hole under the place and head up into it. Chandler moves with them.

They’re in. Kara shares a look with the lab assistant who quickly unfastens her wrists. Kara grabs the syringe while the doctor’s back is turned. He comes back over to her and she plunges it into his chest. Tex comes in and shoots one of them and Rachel tells her to come with them. Tex says they have to move and get away from the trail of bodies. They move out.

Pete gets a call from Avocet telling them to send support. He says he’s sending a helo and two boats back. He tells other men to move out and back to land on Granderson’s orders. Mike hides as a guard passes by then he makes a move. Two guards run by then head upstairs. O’Connor and the two other guys come out of hiding and move for the armory. They grab a mirror to check corners.

They see some guards talking and then they’re told to head to the power plant. They hide as the guards go by and now the armory is unguarded. They press on. They see blood and a fellow sailor under a towel but load up guns quickly so they can move out. In the mess, Malone yells at everyone to sit down. Bacon tells Andrea it’s time and shows he has a knife. She lets him cut her bonds.

The rebels move into Avocet. Chandler tells him where Granderson’s command center is and they split up. Thorwald tells him to be safe and they each take a wing and move upward. Mike goes into the comms room and locks himself in. He flips switches on to turn on the cameras all over the ship. He checks for guards then spots his men in the armory and says – my boys.

Chandler tells Danny to split off with five men. He does. Landau tells Granderson there’s a security breach, that Hamada is dead, Kara is missing and no sign of Alisha. Then they hear gunfire and Granderson tells them to seal the exits and find her daughter. Tex, Rachel and Kara are heading for a fire escape on the roof. Tex says they need to move down now when they spot armed men.

The Avocet guards show up to the power facility trying to get the power restored. They look around for intruders. Burk is upstairs and opens fire on them. He takes out several then moves on to shoot from another angle. The guys with the guns move out from the armory and Mike watches on the cameras. He switches the lights off and on in the hall to let them know he’s watching.

They look up at the camera and signal to communicate. They gesture for mess decks, night vision. Andrea and Bacon are taking off people’s ties. O’Connor and the guys are outside the mess and gesture. Mike cuts the lights and they take out the guards. They tell Andrea someone is up in comms. The sailors take guns and Andrea says to flush them up and out.

Mike is excited as he watches and says – let’s take back our ship. Jeter is back with medicine and says he brought some antibiotics. He tells them the power is out all over and Jed says it’s his son’s doing. Outside, they see an Avocet van and they blow out the candles and hide. The young girl who was following Jeter is with the Avocet guys who pay her for the information.

They give her some rations and tell her to get lost. They head for the house. Jeter sees them coming. He’s able to take them out but tells them more will come and they can’t stay. Ashley says – let’s go. Tex meets up with Chandler and show he has Kara and Rachel. Kara tells Chandler she killed Hamada and tells him Quincy is dead. He sends the women out with some of Thorwald’s men and Tex.

Thorwald and his men are pressing on heading for Granderson. She gets word that the Navy is in the building. Her people want her to get on a chopper but she refuses to leave. She says she wants to know what’s going on at the power plant. Thorwald sees Jimmy, a former cop, and tells him he doesn’t belong there. Jimmy says he doesn’t get it so he puts him down. Rachel and Kara make it to the ladder.

Tex turns back when he hears gunfire and says he has to help. Chandler finds people in the cafeteria and wants to get them out. Chandler shoots the man guarding them and herds them out. They secure the lab at Avocet and Burk tells Chandler he can’t hold them off much longer. Chandler tells him to evacuate. He heads out but is low on ammo. He throws a grenade and runs outside.

On the ship, the sailors are capturing guards and Mike watches it all with great glee. Jeter and Jed hear Burk who is on foot fleeing. He tells them he doesn’t want to bring them to the rally point. Jed tells Jeter to go get Burk since they have two vans and says he’ll take the kids. They split up. Jed loads the kids into the Avocet van. Jeter lets Burk know he’s coming.

Granderson’s men are trying to restore power. They get it going and the lights come on at Avocet. Granderson uses the PA system and says they are under attack. She says not to trust Navy uniforms. Alisha tells the people that she’s there to help but the civilians turn on her. Landua stops her and Alisha says they have to help them. They struggle and Landau shoots Alisha. Landau runs off scared.

Jeter and Burk pull up at Avocet then come under fire. Thorwald heads upstairs as civilians stream down. They shy away from him and his gun. Granderson is angry that the people are running instead of fighting. She tells her guard not to let any civilians leave the building. Burk has Alisha and says she lost a lot of blood. She tells Chandler she had no idea. Chandler says they have to close the wounds.

Burk helps her up so they can move her to the tunnel. Jeter helps too. Chandler moves on to fight. Tex takes out the guard that tries to block in the civilians. The sailors move to take the bridge. They see Barker was shot. Now the fight is on the outer decks of the Nathan James. Mike cheers them from the comms room. The helicopter is in the air and takes shots at them. They lose one of their own.

They all have to cower while it hovers. O’Connor tells them to cover him and he runs for the big gun. He use the anti-aircraft gun and blows the helo out of the sky. Mike is thrilled. O’Connor says – smoking and sinking. Mike says – boom. Looks like they have the ship back. Jeter says Kara and Rachel are secure and they carry Alisha out and she says she can’t go back to the ship.

She cries – she’s so ashamed of her mother. But they carry her out. Thorwald confronts Granderson. She asks if he’s going to read her rights. He says no and he forgot his cuffs. He says he knew she wouldn’t go without a fight. She says they didn’t have to be enemies but he says they did. She says Paul’s name and he puts a bullet in Thorwald. He tells Granderson it’s time to go. They head out.

Pete gets a call and hears they’re being hit from all sides and that someone took control of the cameras. Pete sees Mike got out and comes for him. He and Mike fight brutally and it’s ugly. Pete seems to be getting the better of him but then Mike gets a fire ax and puts it into his chest. That ends that. Mike heads back into comms. Chandler finds Thorwald almost dead.

He says – roof, she’s headed for the roof. Chandler takes off. Mike radios Baltimore and says the Nathan James is back under Navy control and says they demand Granderson’s immediate surrender or be subjected to the full force of the US Navy. He tells the citizens they will give them the cure. Chandler confronts Granderson and Paul on the roof.

He tells her the building is there and they took back the ship. He says they’re telling the people of Baltimore what she’s done. Chandler says her choice is trial or funeral. Paul surrenders and Chandler says he found Alisha lying in a pool of blood shot by her guards. He says his children were lined up to be murdered and sent to the ovens by her so she can keep the lights on for her select few.

Granderson says he doesn’t know how it was. She says there was panic and she remained calm. She says she’s the reason these people have survived. He says she kept killing when she had the cure in her hand. He tells her it’s over – her grand social experiment is history. He says he’s offering her the chance to surrender with honor. She asks who will judge her and he says a jury of her peers.

He tells her to pick up the radio, turn down her helo and shut down Olympia. He says it’s the only way. She picks up the radio and says it’s Amy Granderson. She says – stand down and cease and desist all operations at Olympia. She says they’re surrendering. The helo turns away without landing. She says she’s not a monster and says Hamada assured her the cocktail was a quick and painless death.

She says she insisted on it then she doses herself in the neck with the cocktail she was keeping on her. The sailors mop up blood and sweep up bullets. Chandler arrives on board with his family to salutes from his men. Mike gives Rachel the primordial sample that Quincy and Rios saved. He says doc said to get it on ice ASAP. She’s tearful and heads to her lab.

Chandler takes his kids and dad down to his quarters. It’s a mess. He sees that Holland was cleaning it up but says he’s got it from here. Holland leaves. Jed says the Avocet men were animals. Chandler looks at a photo of his wife. He tells them they can stay there until he finds a stateroom for them. He says they have to sort things out in Baltimore then they’re heading home for Norfolk.

He says the crew wants to look for their families there and says after that, they’ll figure things out. The injured are treated. Tex is upset but helping with the wounded. Andrea comes down and sees Kelly and Ava hugging and crying. Burk comes down looking for Kara who is checking on other sailors. He sees her and she’s so relieved to see he’s okay. He goes to check on Alisha. He sits and takes her hand.

Alisha can’t meet anyone’s eyes. Chandler shaves and puts on his uniform. He goes out to the deck and looks at the men assembled around the body bags of the fallen. He takes off his hat in a show of respect. The men notice him there. Mike comes out to stand with him and Chandler says – so this is home.