The Last Ship Recap 8/24/14: Season 1 Finale “No Place Like Home”


The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode at 9PM EST called “No Place Like Home”. On tonight’s episode, Chandler and the crew journey home in the Season 1 finale. Also: A political power player battles a menacing warlord; and Chandler tries to find his family, only to unearth a terrifying reality about the new world.

On the last episode Rachel and Chandler asked for six volunteers to participate in human trials of her vaccine, but the tests could be a living hell as the virus and the vaccine did battle inside their bodies. Meanwhile back in the States, Chandler’s wife and father were doing everything they can to keep their family alive. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Chandler and his crew finally return home, where a former D.C. power player is fending off a dangerous warlord who threatens everyone’s hopes of restoring law and order in society. Now with a location and a means to finalize their mission, Chandler sets out to find his family, only to discover something absolutely terrifying about this brave new world.

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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#TheLastShip is starting. Jed is broadcasting for help. Darien is sick. Jed curses when he gets no answer. Sam begs her not to go to sleep. On the ship. The crew all get their shots to protect them. Quincy and his wife help administer the shots. Slattery oversees the line with a smile. Rachel says she has enough for the whole crew and 50 or 60 more. She says they can more when they get home. She says she can cure the sick as long as they’re not too far along.

She says she can’t remember the last time she was happy. Chandler tells her she did it and to enjoy the moment. She gives him his shot. Tex sits on his bunk and says he told Rachel how he felt and spilled his guts and says even though he was feverish, he actually said it. He says she gave him zip and he knows nothing about women. He’s talking to the dog…

Kara talks about her morning sickness with Andrea when Slattery says they are trying to get in touch with Fort Dietrick about mass producing the cure. He says he doesn’t think there are many left alive. Jeter says they are passing by Norfolk and may pick up signal and there may be phone calls. Slattery says they only way to help their families is to deliver the doc to a workable lab so that’s their mission.

As they near the coast, everyone stands on deck trying to get cell signal. Mason tries to raise a radio. Kara shows Chandler a feed from a spy satellite to help track the path to Dietrick. They get the signal and look at home. I-70 is blocked with a mass evacuation. They see traffic at an old standstill. They look at the red X on the ground and Rachel says it’s a warning sign.

The satellite nears the Fort. Rachel says the lab is in the center of the campus. They see that it’s been completely destroyed. There’s nothing left. Chandler says the lab was targeted because the rest of the base is intact. They wonder who would do that. We see some guards that stop Jed who says he’s looking for Olympia. At gunpoint they tell him there’s no help there and to go back the way he came.

Jed backs up but then rams his way through. They take potshots at them, but he speeds away. McGregor asks if they should go after them but his boss says they’ll be dead soon enough anyway. Mason runs to get Chandler and says he found a new broadcast. It was on a loop and they hear they’re calling it red flu.

Mason tells them to listen and it says they are looking for the Nathan James, no their mission and says to reach them on a specific channel. Mason hails them on the requested channel. They agree to head for Baltimore where the signal is from. Chandler tells him good job. Jed’s car is dead and he hears the radio message about the Nathan James. Darien hears it too and says Tom is still out there.

He tells her not to worry. He cranks the car and it finally starts. Ava is sitting outside while Kelly and Quincy argue. Rachel finds her there and she says they’re arguing and nothing will be the same again. Kelly comes out and asks Ava to come eat. Quincy tells Rachel that his wife can’t forgive him and he says he doesn’t blame her.

Rachel says maybe they can start again when this is over. She pats his back. Mason tells him he’s got a Mrs Granderson on the line from Baltimore. Chandler speaks to her. She says it’s good to hear his voice. There’s a flicker of an image. She tells him she’s vice chair of the Defense Policy Board and knew of his mission. She tells him her daughter is on his ship and he says Alisha has been an asset.

She says she refused to go underground with the rest of the leadership. She say the bunker has gone silent and there’s been a panic and everything has broken down. She says he’s been working with state and local police to create safe zones. He says they can be in Baltimore in a few hours. Mason brings in Alisha and she says – mom – and starts crying.

McGregor comes to see Thorwald and says he intercepted a transmission from a Navy ship that’s making port in an hour or so – he says it’s the Nathan James – the ship Granderson has been hailing. He says they’re sending out a party to meet them and Thorwald says let’s party. The ship is in Baltimore harbor and Cruz and the others make land to see what’s going on. The men on the ship watch as well.

SUVs pull up and Pete Norris pulls up. Green says they don’t need a mask because they’re not sick. They introduce themselves and Green shakes his hand. Burk calls in all clear. Thorwald says the troopers just got some solderis and tomahawak missiles too. They look at the second landing party, see the captain.

Chandler greets Norris and meets Landau. They tell them they want to escort them back to their HQ. Another van pulls up. Thorwald and McGregor watch with binoculars and rifles. Granderson is there and McGregor can’t believe it. She goes to hug her daughter and Thorwald wonders why she came out. She greets Chandler and thanks him for bringing Alisha back safe. Thorwald tells him to take the shot.

McGregor says she’s blocked and then he says he can take Norris. Thorwald says he has one shot and wants her. Slattery talks to them and then McGregor loses Granderson and can’t get the shot. Thorwald tells him to talk to his friends on the inside and find out what the Nathan James is doing there. They drive therough the streets and see all the people wandering around, searching dumpsters and obviously sick.

They see red x’s everywhere too. They drive on. They pull up at a secure building with the logo Avocet on it. They exit the vehicles and Granderson says they were fortunate to find the building. She says it’s far enough from the city to avoid infection and has energy from a coal plant nearby. They head inside. Alisha says it’s amazing and her mom says they have been battling warlords who are killing more people than the virus.

She say the warlords raided the national archives to try and steal the constitution. Granderson says the president told them he had the materials to produce a vaccine. Rachel says they have the cure. Granderson is stunned. Norris tells Slattery they also wanted Fort Dietrick but Thorwald got there first. He says he’s a cop turned war lord.

Norris gets his shot from Quincy and thanks him and tells Slattery his family may have survived and he can get him there soon. Granderson brings Rachel to the lab and Rachel says it’s heavenly. The docs see Rachel and her CDC case and break into applause. McGregor tells Thorwald he heard the ship brought the cure. They agree they need to get their hands on it. Thorwald says they have to take Granderson’s lab.

Tex sees Rachel working and tells Chandler she’s not buying what he’s selling. They’re told the warlords are blocking the radio signals but they got a message out to the ship. Chandler asks to use the radio room to look for his dad. Granderson says they can get the rest of the crew to the building safely. Chandler gets no answer. He sighs.

Tex lurks outside the lab stalking Rachel. He greets her and says he wanted to let her know he’s leaving. She asks what he’s talking about and he says he’s moving on. She says it’s chaos out there and he says he’s seen worse but thanks to her he can travel where he wants. He says he has things to take care of and says she seems to have things under control. She offers her hands to shake.

Tex laughs and says she’s a special woman. He pats her shoulder then goes back and grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. She kisses him back. He walks away while she stares stunned. Chandler continues to make calls looking for his dad. He gets his dad. He tells him he’s back. His dad is coughing. He asks where he is and he says they’re coming to Baltimore.

He says they’re sick and the kids are with him. He says he’s at Onyx Truck Stop. The team tells him it’s downtown and Chandler tells him to stay put and says they’re coming for him. Chandler has enough cure for them with him and they put on jackets to blend in. They pull up and get out. He hops out and calls for his wife and dad.

He sees a guy with the radio and asks where he got it. He says he went to the arena – Olympia. The men says they can’t go there. Chandler says they’re going to Olympia and Granderson’s men pull guns on them. Before they can do anything else, one of Granderson’s men starts to fire and they have a gun battle. Chandler tells Green to get Jeter back to the ship and the others as well.

Chandler takes off for Olympia with Burk. Granderson gets a call and tells Alisha that it’s all good. Alisha says she wants to look for Sarah. Her mom says her friend was all the way in Wisconsin and there’s no way to get there now. She asks Alisha what kind of man Chandler is and her daughter says he’s amazing. She asks if he’s let the power go to his head.

Her mom asks if he’ll still follow orders and Alisha asks orders from who then asks her mom what’s going on. In the lab, Rachel works with Michael and asks him to check some protocols. She says Hamada’s virus assumptions are wrong. Hamada comes up and she tells him the virus is error free and it shouldn’t have any effect and the dose levels are highly toxic. Uh-oh. They are up to something.

Chandler and Burk get to the arena. They see men in hazmat suits checking people. They head inside looking for his family. Chandler sees a crowd of people inside and looks for them. They head downstairs into the thick of it. He hears a voice call daddy and sees Ashley. She hugs him and then he sees Jed and Sam and says he can make it better.

He asks where mommy is and he gives them shots. Jed says he’s sorry. He says she’s gone. Jed says they tried to save her and Chandler breaks down crying. He gives his dad the shot too and then he hugs his kids while Burk watches. On the ship, Slattery has Norris with him still. Norris shoots another guy and says he needs to drop the anchor and open up the bay to where they’re storing the cure.

He tells Slattery the ship is his. Norris says they have the ship under control. Quincy tries to jump him and Norris shoots him dead then says to muster the crew. Rachel comes in to confront Granderson. She says she understands she has questions about how they are treating the sick and Rachel says the knows they aren’t treating them at all.

Granderson says the plague kills indiscriminately and has through history. She says it prolonged the dark ages. She says she can’t let it happen here. Granderson says she has no idea what kind of chaos and savagery has been going on here. Chandler sneaks his family out of the arena. Thorwald and McGregor greet their people. Granderson talks about keeping people in their place and says she has to treat the “right people” first.

Rachel says she’s gathered the elite and is letting everyone else die. Chandler sees people in bunks and then sees them being treated with a substance. One man begs him for help. Chandler kneels to talk to him as the man dies. Chandler realizes they’re killing them and they go to shoot him but then there are shots and Burk calls to Chandler to come on. They go outside and see trucks full of bodies driving out.

Burk says he doesn’t get it and Chandler says they’re burning the bodies to power the city. Granderson tells Rachel she’ll understand it’s the only way. They march Alisha in who tells Rachel she didn’t know. Rachel tells them that they can’t reproduce her work without what’s on the ship and Granderson says to let her worry about the captain.

Ashley tells her dad they have to go. Chandler tries to hail the ship. He gets nothing. Norris has the crew march out onto the deck. They see boats pulling up. Chandler tries to reach Slattery. Quincy is bleeding out. Norris still has them at gun point. All hell is breaking loose all over. That’s it for the season!