The Last Ship Recap – Hail to the Chief: Season 2 Episode 8 “Safe Zone”

The Last Ship Recap - Hail to the Chief: Season 2 Episode 8 "Safe Zone"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode an all new Sunday August 2, season 2 episode 8 called “Safe Zone”. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Chandler [Eric Dane] tries to gain intel and reverse the brainwashing suffered by Michener.

On the last episode Chandler and his team infiltrated an Immune compound. Danny posed as one of Ned’s workers and discovered that Patient Zero was working for the Ramseys. Meanwhile, Chandler inched into Sean’s inner circle. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis  “Chandler tries to gain intel and reverse the brainwashing suffered by Michener. Also: Rachel attempts to construct Dr. Hunter’s lost formula while wrestling with the knowledge that her bitter enemy is now on board the Nathan James.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#LastShip begins with Michener complaining that he’s on the ship and accusing them of treason. Some of the sailors here and are stunned. Tom tells Rachel about Neils and says he’s in a coma for now. Jeter finds Tom looking at old videos of Michener from Congress. Jeter tells them they know they have the President and he’s not happy. Mike says they need to turn Michener fast to convince the troops to follow him. Tom says they need the whole country to follow him.

Mike meets with Michener and the guy gets hot with him. Mike says Tom was under the impression he was saving him from the Ramseys. Mike says he has something to show him and plays a video from the then second in command telling them the President and VP are dead. Tom watches this exchange via video feed. The woman says they must come home now with a cure. Mike says they came home and found things in much worse shape. He says they dug out files from the White House.

Mike then plays a recording from the Secretary of the Navy. It talks about the pandemic and the vaccine. He talks about the vaccine being produced and distributed. Michener looks uncertain now. Mike shows him a vial of the cure and says he knows he wouldn’t need it, but the rest of the world that’s not immune need it. Mike says they sent doses around the country as they were ordered and says they were mass producing it then this happened.

He plays the video from Rachel’s mentor with the gunfire and him saying they’re under attack. Then they see MacDowell shooting the doctor. Michener is horrified. Mike says that was Ramsey’s people that attacked all the labs and blew then up with long range missiles from the sub because they think they were the inheritors of the earth. He says that’s why the captain took him from the Ramseys. Mike says they have to assume Michener didn’t know about any of this.

Mike then lays out other recordings for him to listen to including the audio from the assaults on all the other labs. Mike leaves Michener alone with the flash drives and computer. Tom watches and says they need to see what he’ll do once he’s alone. They tell Mike well done as he comes back in. Jeter says he’s moving. They see Michener sitting by the laptop and then he has a flash drive of his own. They change angles to see what Michener is doing.

He plays a video of Sean talking about how they have a chance to start again and reclaim the world and says it’s their calling. It says if you are watching this, we are calling you. Michener looks serious. Mike says they need to figure out what else is on that drive. Mike thinks Michener is a lost cause and says they have to find out how Ramsey sent those messages from Europe. Mike says they need to get intel out of Michener. Sean speaks Michener’s name then.

Tom comes in and Michener snatches the flash drive and puts it in his pocket, closing the computer. Tom takes the laptop and puts it away. He asks Michener to sit and he does. Michener says the Ramseys are going to come for him. Michener says they went to great lengths to bring him aboard so doctoring a video would not be hard. Tom says the cure is the greatest threat to their cause. Tom says they have a mission from the President but Michener says they’re obsolete.

Tom says they have standard orders consistent with national protocols and then Michener issuing orders that do not seem to be in the national interest. Michener says Ramsey is acting in their best interest and Tom asks him to convince him of how that plan is the best. He says if he wants off the ship, he needs to convince him. Michener says the outbreak had started in the South and no one knew how bad it would be. He says the president sent him to Tallahassee to help then things got out of control.

Michener says within a month, the entire country was caught up in it. Michener says his family was with him and Tom asks if they’re immune. Michener says no and Tom asks how he knew he was immune. He says he was in a safe zone and there were 20,000 dead and a handful alive, you knew you were special, but not in a way you wanted to be when your children were dying in front of you. Michener says he wanted to die and tried to expose himself to sick people to try and catch it. He says then he stumbled on a group of survivors that had a sense of unity and hope.

He says they were immune and he was too and that changed his life. He says that made him see there was a way to start again. He says he knew he could rebuild in the US like they did in Europe. He says Sean’s vision is saving the world. He says immunes should stand together and Tom says he’s talking about a master race. Michener asks – how many of you are even left on this planet and says it’s biblical. Tom says the virus stabilized and Michener says it mutated five times.

Michener says most people think Rachel is a quack and Sean’s scientists say something different. Michener says they have antibodies and protections that allow them to carry the torch for the future. Tom says if he sent him to the Ramseys, what would he do. He says New Orleans and Tom asks why. He says the largest pumping station on the planet is there and there are huge stores of food and medicine plus lots of boats.

Tom asks what about the survivors there, what will the Ramseys do with them. Michener says their society will die out on their own. Tom says no killing then. Then he asks why Sean wouldn’t go without him and says they have been planning this for months. Michener says American immunes need an American to lead them. Tom says the sub is heading for New Orleans without him. Michener says that’s impossible and Tom asks why.

Tom tells Michener he’s not a prisoner and Michener asks if he can go now. Tom and Mike figure out the sub must have been damaged from the last face off and that’s why they’re not moving. Tom says they can’t assume anything and Mike suggests pushing him to figure out what the damage is. Tom says to move the ship to try and figure this out. Tom tells Jeter the crew is wondering why the president hasn’t made an appearance. Tom says he thinks he blew it trapping Michener.

He says he got the intel but may have lost the man. Jeter says Tom needs a new narrative stronger than Ramsey’s. Tom comes to see Michener and says he wasn’t trying to manipulate him but did need to know where the sub was. Tom says they will get to New Orleans ahead of them and will lie in wait for them and will take them out. He says he should know that he’s given everything for his country to serve a mission he didn’t ask for and says he could be with his family but stayed with the ship.

Tom says he lost his wife to the virus and didn’t even get to say goodbye. He says his kids watched her die wondering where he was and if he was alive. He says he found them in an extermination camp in a stadium and says if he showed up an hour later, they would have been dead. He says they’re now in a ghost town with his dad who is almost 70 and has a heart condition. He says if something happens to his dad, his kids will be defenseless.

Tom says he knows why he’s looking for meaning and hoping this was fate or destiny rather than just terrible and tragic and random. Tom says he gets that. Michener says he held his son’s hand and watched him slip away. He says his breath was so labored at the end and he was wheezing and in agony. Michener says his daughters and wife went next. He says they knew what was coming and that made it more unbearable.

Michener says he wouldn’t have even been there if… then he stops and Jeter comes to get Tom for an urgent matter. Alisha plays them a looping message. It’s a message from the “underground” saying that the Nathan James does not have the cure – it doesn’t work – and it may be a new virus to infect them. It says to stay away or fight them because they’re tired of being lied to. Michener thinks about the death of his son while he paces his quarters.

Tom looks at the photos of Michener’s family in his file and then sees a manifest of some sort. He sees a discrepancy in Michener’s paperwork. He looks at death stats on Ann Arbor. Tom goes looking for the guy. Tex is outside the bathroom and says the guy has been there a few minutes. They bust in and find that the guy slices his wrists. Tom tells Tex to get the doctor and tries to stop the bleeding in his wrists. Rachel gets him into the hospital. Tom says he wants to keep this quiet.

Tom says the people they’re here to help aren’t buying what they’re selling and they need him as President to help spread the cure. Jeter tells Mike that Tom is a soldier and wants someone to salute to. Michener comes to and finds Tom by his bed. Tom says that wasn’t very smart and says he’s been trying to erase himself ever since the football stadium. Tom says he wondered why Michener didn’t just jump off a building if he wanted to kill himself.

Tom says if he just watched all those people die, why wouldn’t he just eat a bullet. Michener is up and angry and Tom says he blames himself and thinks he could have done something differently. He tells Michener they will defeat whoever twisted him around. Michener says there is nothing to let go of. Tom shows him a photo of his son in Michigan at the university and he had him brought to Florida against CDC protocols. Then there was a massive outbreak.

Tom says it was all Michener’s fault for breaking protocol and infecting his family by bringing his other son. Tom says he wanted to believe it was destiny because he couldn’t accept the hard truth of what happened. Tom says there’s another way. Michener says he killed his daughters and Tom says he knows but then Michener says not like that. Tom says it’s just the two of them and says to tell him. Michener says after his son died, his daughters got sick and his wife begged him to put them out of their misery.

He says he did it. He starts crying and says he smothered them in their sleep with his own bare hands. He says Holly woke up and struggled and the last thing she felt was her father betraying her. Tom is teared up now too. Michener asks what he thinks about that. He asks how he lives with that. Tom says he’s killed people – more than he can count. He says some were definite enemies but some were just caught up in this madness and trying to survive.

He says they’ve all done things that are hard to live with – Tom cries a little and tells Michener to let this be his redemption. Michener tells the leaders the problem with the sub and Mike asks how organized the immunes are and Andrea asks about the propaganda campaign. He says that was likely in response to them taking him. He says he knows they were working on a communication network but he doesn’t know how. Mike asks to see the flash drive. He hands it over easily.

Rachel shows Michener the teddy bear that Ramsey’s men had devised to hand out in the camp. Tom says they captured the scientists who made it but don’t know if any others know how to make it. Michener seems shocked. Jeter tells Michener welcome and they all call him Mr President. Michener is shocked they were infecting children. Tom says everything they talked about is between them and says the future is what matters now.

Tom takes Michener to his new quarters. They made him an Oval Office of sorts. They are even painting the seal on the wall for him. Michener looks at the photos of Lincoln and Washington they hung. Tom also brought him some clothes. Tom says they want him to meet the rest of the crew later today and Michener says that will be good. Tom asks if there’s anything else they can do for him. Michener says he’s grateful Tom didn’t give up on him. Tom puts on his cap and salutes him. Michener returns the salute. Tom leaves him in his quarters.