The Last Ship Recap – Hail to the Chief: Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Alone and Unafraid”

The Last Ship Recap - Hail to the Chief: Season 2 Episode 7 'Alone and Unafraid"

The Last Ship airs tonight on TNT with a new episode an all new Sunday July 26, season 2 episode 7 called “Alone and Unafraid”. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Chandler [Eric Dane] and his team infiltrate an Immune compound.

On the last episode Chandler tracked the Immunes to Northern Florida in a bid to avenge the destruction of the labs. Elsewhere, Rachel unearthed a secret yet incomplete cure formula, and Chandler’s team located an Immune compound controlled by Sean and Ned. Did you watch the last episode? We recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT synopsis  “Chandler and his team infiltrate an Immune compound. Danny poses as one of Ned’s workers and discovers that Patient Zero is working for the Ramseys. Meanwhile, Chandler inches into Sean’s inner circle.”

Tonight’s episode of The Last Ship is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for the episode to begin hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show.

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On #LastShip, Tom stands near Ravit and Burk and he points out the scruffy guy and says the guy was on Solace. Burk asks if that’s really the President. Ravit says she thinks Michener is being held against his will. Tom says they’re going to get the Commander in Chief out of there. Wolf watches from a roof through binoculars. He spots armed guards and supplies being loaded. He sees Tex at his truck and Danny talking to the others. Tex asks about the place and Danny calls to the ship.

Mike asks where Tom is and Danny says no visual on him and says they’re improvising. Wolf says the thinks Tom got in undetected. Wolf gives coordinates for a rally point. He asks if they can land the helo and Mike says good. Danny pulls out his ear piece when some other guys show up. A guy says one box goes to the scientists. Danny follows him inside. Sean talks to his brother about the communication problems with the sub. Ned is angry and Sean wants him to back down.

Sean asks about some stragglers in the supply run and says Niels has a new magic trick to try and tells Ned to get in the van and go to the trailer park with him. Tom sees this go down. Mike says they can launch in two hours but Mike wants a more secure location to launch from. They tell him there’s a place but one more hour. Mike tells Alisha to move them there on quiet. Ravit looks around at some of the armed men. She moves close to one with a smile.

She walks past him and catches his attention. Burk goes into the kitchen to look around. He spots more armed guards. Danny drops his box and also heads closer. He looks in some broken windows and spots a makeshift lab. The guy turns and he sees it’s Neils. He’s spitting into some liquid – maybe he’s making germ bombs. Tom keeps an eye on Michener who smiles at a kid and tells him he’s chosen like all of them. Michener is taken onto an elevator.

Ravit tells Tom they’re moving the President to New Orleans tonight. Burk says if the guy from the Solace doesn’t come back, they can get POTUS away. Tom says he thinks Michener is not a hostage and has drunk some of the Kool Aid. On the sub, arguments are raging. A diver reports that the repeater is gone. Some sailors think they are far enough from the ship to be safe. One screams at all of them to shut up so he can think. They fall silent.

Rachel is testing her air delivery of the vaccine with Milowsky. She infects some mice then sprays the vaccine on them. Danny tells Tex he saw Neils in the little lab. Neils is brought outside and Ned says to get into the van. Danny watches them load Neils up in a van. It pulls out and Danny and Tex follow in their truck. Michener is greeted by a cheering crowd. Burk locks the doors in the auditorium and Burk tells someone he heard beeping from a bag. He gets the woman worked up and she yells bomb.

Ravit locked the other doors and the crowd panics. Tom “helps” Michener as the crowd stampedes. Wolf watches from his perch. Tom goes with Michener upstairs and Sean is there. Michener says Tom saved him. Sean introduces himself and thanks Tom. Then Tom says in the USA they use more than two guys to guard the President and never leave his side. Sean pauses and then says he’s right and puts Giovanni on POTUS duty but Michener says he wants Tom since he’s an American.

Sean asks his name and he says Tommy. Sean asks where he’s from and Tom says he was a bodyguard and was protecting a teenage pop star in Miami when it happened. He says he didn’t realize why he wasn’t infected until he met one of his boys then says – I was chosen. Sean stares and asks about his family. Tom plays sad and says his wife didn’t make it. He says he got on a bus from down South. He asks if it was McDowell. Tom says he’s not good with names but he was a good speaker.

Sean holds out a gun and says this must be where he’s supposed to be at this moment. They have a little stare down then Sean hands him the gun and says – welcome to the team, brother. Tom takes it and shakes his hand. Burk is nursing a busted nose where Tom hit him as part of the save the President act. Ravit asks if he’s okay and Burk says he didn’t have to break it. She wonders if Tom made it since he hasn’t come down. Burk asks her about the guard she flirted with.

Ravit gets close and kisses him then snaps his nose back into place. She says the kiss was just an anesthetic and tells him not to get his hopes up. Tex and Danny wonder what Neils and the others are up to and if Neils is being used to infect people. They wonder if Neils would recognize them. Tex thinks he’s more likely to be recognized. The sub cranks up radar and spots the ship and debate taking a shot at the Nathan James.

They think the James is heading for the compound inland and decide to take the shot. Jeter and Mike discuss whether the sub is nearby and Jeter says they should move Rachel inland but Mike says she won’t be any safer there. He says they have a ton of people inland that could hurt her. Michener works on a speech about how God chose Noah to survive the flood and chose them to survive the plague that washed away the sins of the world.

Michener asks if it’s believable and says he’s not as charismatic as Sean. Michener talks about getting in front of crowds like this and says it flusters him. Tom steps closer and asks if he’s tired and says some fresh air might be good for him. He says they can clear the courtyard and let him step outside. The caravan shows up at the trailer park. Ned unloads Neils and the others step out. Neils has a box of stuffed animals. They argue over what should be done and Sean’s orders.

Neils loads a little balloon into the bear and says to encourage the child to squeeze the bear a lot. Ned says he’s not doing it and Neils says he can’t go in because he could infect them anyway and then it won’t be a good test. Danny volunteers and takes the bear. Ned offers a cover story about how taking in toys encourages the communities to be more relaxed. He sends a couple of guys to go with Danny.

On the ship, Rachel collects the dead mice. It didn’t work. A couple of mice survived and Milwosky. They have to figure out how to fix it. Tom gives Birk a signal from the window as the guards start to clear the courtyard. Tom steps back inside and tells Michener it’s all set. Danny walks towards the trailer park and they look around. Danny says it doesn’t look like anyone is there and they should head back but they tell him to keep looking.

Tex lurks while Neils stares. He walks away and Neils follows. Neils says he feels like they’ve met. Tex asks if he’s been to Reno. He says they have met. Tex tells him he’s creeping him out. Neils walks away. Wolf tells the ship they have eyes on POTUS. They are still six miles from where they can launch the helo. The others spot a kid and Danny says they should stay back so they don’t scare the kid. He goes closer. Tex opens the hood to work on his truck and then Neils says he knows who he is.

Neils threatens him and Tex says they will kill Neils if they find out he’s the lab rat that started all this and they’re not really chosen. Danny talks to the girl who runs off away. Theothers come over and Danny shows them the vial of virus and says they’re trying to infect innocent people. The guys won’t back down and Danny kills them. Tex takes the chance to grab Neils who says he’s from the Nathan James. They start a fire fight. Tex shoves him in a van and drives off with him.

He stops for Danny who hops in and Tex says he got the scumbag. They peel away with gunshots trailing after them. On the sub, they start the ascent to radio depth. The James picks up the sub on sonar. Mike says they have to get their people out and says they need to be ready to fire back. Tex stops at the rally point. Wolf says the ship is at m-con. They wonder if Tom is ready. Ned comes to – he survived the fire fight.

Someone comes running at them and Michener asks the problem. Tom asks what the problem is and a soldier says they are under attack. They tell them they need to get him back to the sub. Tom says that way they’ll be mobbed and needs to move out the back. Ravit and Burk see the people mobbing and they head for the kitchen. Mike says they need the helo in the air – they have a half mile to go – seven minutes. Sean says to seal the exits because people from the James are there.

Wolf sees this going on and grabs his rifle. He readies a shot. Ravit and Burk takes guns from guards. They fire on Michener’s team and Tom takes down other guards. Michener cowers. Ravit stabs a couple of forks into a guy. Tom and Burk take out two more. Ravit forks the guy int eh face. One guy grabs for a gun and Tom takes him out. They’re all dead. Burk says the exfil point is blown. Michener asks who they are and Tom says Sean is a terrorist threatening this country and they have to leave now.

They head out. The James is a quarter mile from the point. The sub is ready to fire. Tom and the others are armed now and take Michener out. They load into a vehicle and drive away. Sean gets a call from Ian who says the James blew up their repeater and he’s going after them. Sean says to blow it out of the water. Tom and the others fire as they go and Wolf gives support from above as they make it out of the compound with the President.

Burk calls for the extraction point. Wolf gives the point and says in five. The James realized they’re being pinged. They prepared. The sub has 30 seconds to fire. Mike asks if they can make the mouth – they are 300 yards away. The sub waits for the sonar ping. They get closer to the mouth. Mike curses. They ‘re clear and the signal disappears from the sub’s radar. They start freaking. Mike launches the helo to pick up the team. Wolf meets them there and Neils tells them he’s dying.

Mike pulls up and asks where’s the ride and is stunned to see Neils. They secure the perimeter to wait for the helo. Danny dumps gas on the stuffed animals and sets it on fire. They all take off at a run. The helo lands and they all load up as Sean’s men pull up and start taking shots. They load everyone up and return fire then take off. Michener seems to be going peacefully. Wolf says he thought they might want to talk to Neils. Tom tells the others that Michener is the President. They are stunned.

The helo lands on the deck of the James. They take Neils to the medical bay but says he’s injured and it doesn’t look good. Mike asks Danny if he destroyed all the infected stuffed animals. He says all but one. Tex delivers that one to Rachel and says she better sit down. Sean rants and asks Ned how this could happen. Ned says he lost Neils and the President and almost lost him for this country full of filthy ungrateful buggers.

Ned says they need to attack the James now and asks Sean what he’s going to do about it. Sean is furious. Tom tells Mike the others are well organized and Mike says it’s not surprising. Tom says they believe what Sean is selling. Michener fights the others as they bring him on the ship. Tom says they have to change his mind and says Sean was going to use the President to win the hearts and minds of America and now that’s what they need to do.