The Millionaire Matchmaker Recap – Allison Baver and Devin Alexander – Speed Skater and a Bad Dater: Season 8 Episode 8

The Millionaire Matchmaker Recap - Allison Baver and Devin Alexander - Speed Skater and a Bad Dater: Season 8 Episode 8

Tonight on Bravo Patti Stanger’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker” returns with and all new Thursday February 12, season 8 episode 8 called “Allison Baver and Devin Alexander”. On tonight’s new episode Olympic speedskater Allison Baver returns to Patti after two years, this time with her new boyfriend. Of course, Patti can’t help but give them a relationship tune-up. . .with a surprise ending!

On the last episode Caroline Manzo from The Real Housewives of New Jersey helps Patti set up her youngest son, Chris Manzo. Patti has tried to help Chris in the past, but six years later is he still too much of a mama’s boy to find love? Max Hodges spent years working on air for TMZ. Now that he wants to settle down, will this self-admitted “surfer dude” put in the actual work it takes to romance a girlfriend? Did you watch the last episode? We’ve got a detailed recap right here.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “Olympic speedskater Allison Baver returns to Patti after two years, this time with her new boyfriend. Of course, Patti can’t help but give them a relationship tune-up. . .with a surprise ending! Celebrity chef and bestselling cookbook author Devin Alexander is 43 and adorable, but she still hasn’t met the one. Patti claims Devin is choosing the wrong guys, and that she can help Devin find a mate — if only Devin will listen to her!”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ The Millionaire Matchmaker Season 8 episode 8 – tonight at 8PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of TMM tonight.

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On #Matchmaker, Devin Alexander is first. She’s a celebrity chef who does TV shows. She’s hoping Patti can find her a man. She goes to Devin’s house to chat with her. She says she wants someone who’s passionate about life. She was a fat child but has now mastered being healthy. She says she doesn’t want a guy who wants to live off her life. She gives Patti an apron and teaches her to cook healthy meatballs.

Devin wants marriage and kids. Patti says Devin seems needy. Patti asks how she meets guys and she says she doesn’t. Patti says she’s 42 going on 50 then asks who’s her ideal guy. She says Dean Cain type and she wants kids. She says she doesn’t mind someone who has a child as long as he doesn’t have a crazy ex. Patti says all exes are crazy. She thinks Devin’s wish list is crazy specific and she will end up alone in a nursing home.

Patti asks who she spends her weekends and she says she plays beach tennis. She asks Devin how she flirts then says she’s bad at it. Patti says guys don’t see her as sexual and Devin says the wrong guys ask her out. Patti says it’s scary to risk love and says she knows how she feels. Devin says maybe there isn’t someone for her. Patti tells her she deserves true love and says a lot of girls that lose weight still see themselves as fat girls.

Patti asks her to not be so cute and asks her to smolder more and be a sex pot. Patti asks why love now and Devin says she wanted it but hasn’t made time. Patti says she needs to teach her how to be sexy. She shows her how to move her hips then grabs her and moves her hips around. It’s awkward and strange. She wants Devin to dress up so she can see it then be it. She tells him to put on her best dress and party heels. Patti says the meatballs are good.

Next is speed skater, Olympic medalist and model Allison Baver. She’s involved with Tommy Snider who she’s been with for 10 months. She wants Patti to help them make their relationship stronger. She says Tommy has something in his past she’s not sure she can get over. Allison says Tommy has taught her a lot. Patti says she’s been counseling couples for years. She says Allison came to her to fix her up. She says she dated Apollo Ono for a long time and he really messed her up.

Allison chose badly when Patti tried to fix her up. She meets with Tommy and Allison. Patti asks if he was hitting on her or she hit on him. Patti asks when they have sex and she asks if Tommy gave her monogamy first. He blushes and says she’s like mom and dad put together. Patti asks if they live together and Allison says yes. Patti asks if she got a ring and Allison says no. Patti says he needs to get her a ring.

Patti says the rule is you don’t move in without a ring. She asks Allison if she wants to get married then asks Tommy the same. They both say yes. Allison says there is something about his past she can’t get over and says Tommy was an exotic dancer. Patti asks who cares about his stripping. She says Apollo Ono not bringing her to Dancing with the Stars and not inviting her and telling people that she was his girlfriend.

Allison keeps answering for him and Patti says she needs to stop reducing him and says men hate to be bullied. Patti says men don’t like to be told what to do. Tommy says she tells him what to do all the time. Allison says he doesn’t listen to her. Patti says if he doesn’t want her to do this, she needs to stop. Patti thinks Allison is too alpha and is emasculating him. Patti tells Allison if she doesn’t change, Tommy will leave.

Patti says stop interrupting him and telling him what to do. She says this is about two people coming together and they need to consider each others feelings. Patti says they need to see each others perspectives to be blended. Patti invites them to the mixer for her other client. They agree. She says she wants them to get married so she can dance at her wedding. Patti tells Tommy to order for Allison then leaves.

Patti comes back to the office and complains to Candace and David about Allison and says she’s emasculating him and that he used to be a stripper. She tells Candace to take Devin shopping for something special and David to find girls. She also says they need to scare Allison by showing her that
Devin is her 40s and lonely. Patti wants to shock Allison into shape. Patti asks the prospects who’s willing to get married.

She talks to a guy named Ken who lives in Vegas. She asks who dates people their own age. Then she singles out Adam who’s 43 and dates women in their 20s. He says it’s just a phase. Patti says that’s creepy old man syndrome. Patti asks if he likes them young and dumb. She kicks him to the curb. Candace says she f-d up with this one. Patti tells Allison she’s got the perfect catch but is going to lose him and end up like Allison.

There’s a Mormon there and Patti asks him terrible questions about the holy underwear the kicks him out. Then she talks to Aaron who is starting an organic margarita company. Patti likes him and chooses him. He’s smart, tall and wants to get married and have kids. Robert says he’s picky and has core values. Patti says she’s saving him for another picky woman. Then she talks to Todd, a sports trainer. He says he dates all ages and was married and had one son. He’s open to more kids and gets a pick.

Then she talks to Steve, a 61 year old and likes him but saves him for another day. Dan makes simple remote controls. He says he wants kids and she picks him too. She has two entrepreneurs and a fitness trainer. She thinks this will be good for Devin.

Devin comes in and is wearing a sexy leather bustier type dress. Patti tells her to look sexy but says it’s too little girly. They correct her expression then take her to meet the guys. She introduces Devin to Allison and Tommy then takes Devin downstairs to meet the guys. She sits her down with them and Patti, Candace and David step out. The guys ask questions. Aaron is asking a lot of great questions. He’s interested and says she’s beautiful.

Devin likes Todd. Aaron says he’d take Devin for a wine tasting. Patti thinks Todd has looks and nothing else. Devin asks their passion in life. Aaron talks about his company. Patti says he’s coming in strong. Todd is one track and seems shallow. He’s talking just about himself. Patti says Todd is not interested but Aaron is. Todd says he didn’t have instant chemistry with her but Aaron seemed to like her. Patti then goes back to Allison and tells David to take Tommy away.

She shows Allison what Devin is going through and says she needs to be beta not alpha. She tells her to get past the stripping thing and says she needs to be a woman not a man. Patti tells her all the things she’s doing wrong and how to be a beta. Patti says she’s giving them love lessons. She says they’re going to swap places and says they will get instructions from Candace on what to do. Allison says it was eye opening to see what Devin is going through.

Patti and Candace go ask the guys for an elevator pitch. Aaron says she’s beautiful and grounded. Dan is nice but dull. Todd says she has beautiful hair. Patti mocks him then sends the guys off with Candace. Patti says she hopes Devin picks right this time. Devin says it’s Todd and Patti says no. She tells her that Aaron should be the guy she dates and Devin says he has no chemistry. Patti says she’s delusional thinking there is chemistry with Todd.

Patti says women get this wrong all the time and should like the man that likes her. Patti tells her to think about who she would want to be with. She says Todd. Patti says Devin wanted the captain of the football team when she was fat in high school. She says Devin needs to learn from a crappy date. She tells Devin she can have the date and it will be a lesson for her. Patti talks to Allison and Tommy and she flirts with him to demonstrate for Devin. Then she tells Tommy to show her some Magic Mike.

Allison and Tommy show up to the LA King’s practice facility. Tommy is nervous to be on ice. Wilma Boomstra, a famous coach is there. She came to teach Tommy to skate. Tommy says what’s funny is they’ve dated for 10 months and have never skated together. Allison says when he fell she wanted to tell him to get up and try harder but is trying to take Patti’s advice. He finally is able to get up and skate around. Allison tells him he did good and she’s proud of him.

Devin meets Todd for their date and he brought her roses. They go to do paddle boating. Devin says she was even more taken by him when she saw him on the date. He asks why she picked him and she says she felt an instant connection and they had a lot in common. Todd says he’s surprised that she picked him and is open to seeing if they can connect deeper. He tells her he spends a lot of time being a soccer dad coaching his son’s team.

She says she thinks it’s great. He says fitness is a big part of his life and she says it is in hers too. He says he even looks on vacation for places to work out. They do not seem to be connecting – Devin is delusional. Next Allison and Tommy head to a pole dancing place Patti sent them to. Blue, an instructor, says Patti called to teach her some dancing like Tommy used to do. She says they’re going to use the pole as a strength tool.

Blue is a master pole fitness trainer. She coaches Allison how to climb the pole and Allison says it was really hard. Tommy says she’s getting more wanton by the moment. Allison says she’s a very intense athlete but this let her expressed herself in a more feminine way. Allison says Tommy’s dancing was hard, artistic and performance driven. Blue tells Allison she’s a natural. Allison says this was smart for Patti to assign to them.

Allison says she’s proud of him and Tommy says he’s proud of all she’s done. They agree these were good assignments that Patti gave them. Todd and Devin go to an Indian place for dinner. He asks her about kids and she says she has her first nephew. He says his kid can be annoying and she says all kids can be. She is enthusing over their date. Todd says he has to be with someone who can be with him when he’s with his son.

Devin says she goes get busy with work but can take time. Devin thinks he’s great and a solid good guy. She thinks she maybe proved Patti wrong. She thanks Todd for dinner. Next day, Patti and Candace call Todd to see how the date went. She asks about the date and he says they had a nice time. She asks if he liked her and he says um, then says she’s too busy. She asks if there is sexual chemistry. He says he is not really attracted to her. He says she was just very girl next door.

They thank him and end the call. Next they bring Devin in and Patti says she can’t wait to hear what Devin says. Devin says the date was a blast. She asks about sexual chemistry and Devin says yes. Patti tells her that Todd didn’t feel that for her. Patti says she needs a guy who really wants to be all over her. Patti says the lack of butterflies she had with Todd tells her. She tells her she needs to stop being delusional and face the music.

Next Patti sits down with Allison and Tommy and ask about the work they did. Tommy says he liked skating and Allison says she understands the dancing now. Patti is happy that Allison hasn’t interrupted once. She asks Allison if she can accept Tommy as he is and she says yes and she sees Tommy as her future. Tommy says he sees that too. She asks Tommy if he’s ready to propose and he says yes. Patti tosses him one off her finger.

He takes a knee and says he knew she was the one the day she walked into his office. He says he wants to wake up with her every day and wants to appreciate her. He asks her to marry him and she says yes and they kiss. She tells them they can keep her ring for luck. Tommy says it feels great but surreal and Allison says she’s surprised and didn’t expect this but it’s been amazing. Patti says now they can go ring shopping for real. She tells Allison she’s proud of her.

Devin is now dating a guy who likes her for who she is and has a daughter. Allison and Tommy have set the date for their wedding this year.