The Originals Recap 11/5/15: Season 3 Episode 5 “The Axeman’s Letter”

The Originals Recap 11/5/15: Season 3 Episode 5 "The Axeman's Letter"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Thursday November 5, season 3 episode 5 called “The Axeman’s Letter,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) past comes back to haunt him when he receives an unexpected visit.

On the last episode, Elijah attended a gala thrown by a group of ancient vampires known as the Strix in order to uncover what Tristan was really up to in New Orleans. At the gala, Marcel was approached with an enticing offer from a mysterious woman. Meanwhile, Klaus and Lucien formed a tentative alliance when a vital component of Lucien’s plan went missing and they had to find it. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Klaus’ past comes back to haunt him when he receives an unexpected visit; Elijah suspects Tristan is hiding something; Davina struggles with her role as Regent and seeks advice from Hayley; the Mikaelson brothers are threatened by an ancient secret that is uncovered.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals starts back in the year 1002. Rebekah sits dawdling with Aurora. Klaus says he never meant to let her in. We see them share a first kiss. Then we see them again together later and he says there’s a light to her. He talks about how she knows of their hungers and how they hunt, feed and kill. He says he doesn’t know what they are since they are the first of their kind and it has no name. He sees Aurora crying in a field. He drops off the letter to her that says he loves her.

Now, Aurora tells someone that she loved him and then it crumbled to dust. She hands the note to be delivered with her special instruction. Klaus and Elijah talk about how each of their first sired want to kill each of them. A dead girl is in their compound with a note in her hand. It’s a poem that tells Klaus come find me before I find you. Klaus says Aurora was once a better poet. Elijah asks why he’s so eager to go find her and says he hasn’t said her name in a thousand years.

Elijah tells him that when their mom let go his red door memories, he saw a memory. He says Aurora was there. Klaus doesn’t want to hear it and says they have problems here and now and they can kill the woman together to end the mind games forever. Cami talks to Vincent and says she thinks it’s odd that NOLA puts on a serial killer festival when a real serial killer is on the loose. He tells her about the legend of Axeman. He says the killer was a witch even though a vampire was suspected.

He says the city threw him a party against a threat that he would kill thousands. She asks if this is a witch holiday and she says that means the witches are prey for the killer. Lucien lurks nearby and they follow him. Elijah asks Klaus how he will find her and he says she’ll leave a mark since it’s her favorite game. We see Klaus and Aurora in bed back a thousand years ago. She tells him to make her like him and he says she doesn’t know what she asks. She says they would not have to hide their love.

She says she would be free and they could be together with no boundaries. He tells her she’s perfect as she is. Now, Klaus spots a bottle of perfume and then Klaus enters a perfumerie. Aurora is there and says she knew he would find her. She calls him her sweet love. He glares. Davina is with Hayley and Jackson talking and dismisses some witches who are annoying him. She thanks them for coming and Hayley says they have no choice and are pretty much her slaves.

Jackson asks what he wants. She says it’s her first kado and says she needs respect at this public event. She says she’s worried it may not go well. She says one of the victim’s son vowed to erase him. Hayley asks if she wants them to be bodyguards. Jackson tells her to be with Davina while he works the crowd. Aurora says it feels like yesterday that she last saw him and he says if yesterday was the apocalypse. She says she has a secret with Elijah and he thinks she slept with him.

She says that’s not what happened. She says the witches her celebrate Kado and it reminds her the gift they shared. We see her crying and freaking out back in the day. It’s her birthday and she cries then says her mother died giving birth to her. She says it makes her cursed and broken. She calls herself an abomination. Klaus says she’s not alone then says he’s done something that he’s never told anyone. He says it will break Rebekah’s heart and his brothers would hate him for it.

He says he killed his mother in a fit of rage. He says she birthed him once as a baby and once as this creature. He says he killed her and blamed their father. He says she’s not as broken as him no matter what. She says he tries to repel her but all she can see is that they’re the same. She says let us share this gift. She says she will hold his shame and he can hold her. She says they will never speak these shames again so they won’t have any power of them.

She asks for another gift for her birthday. He says he’d give her anything. She says make me like you. Now, he tells her he forgot about her and asks if she’s there to remind him. She says she’s there to protect her sire but since he refused her, she’s there to protect her true sire then asks where in the hell is Rebekah. Elijah goes to see Tristan and he hands him a heart in a jar and says Tristan’s assistant was less than accommodating.

He tells Tristan he’s keeping secrets from him. He says he thinks Klaus is with Aurora now and says that’s a volatile combination. He says wherever he goes, his sister follows. He says Rory fell into a dark period and he left her in careful care. Tristan says he knows she’s not there because she would come to him first. Elijah tells him he wouldn’t be so sure of that. He leaves the poem that Aurora left at their house with him. Cami and Vincent stalk Lucien from a distance.

She calls him a charismatic killer and he says he was drawn to Eva’s darkness and she’s drawn to Klaus. Lucien grabs up Cami and zips away. He throws her down on the ground and says he’s been dying to get her alone. He picks up her phone and says he was cleared by the real cops but she’s still hounding him. She says she reads people and he’s not hard to read. He says this thing between them needs to reach a conclusion. She says if he hurts her, Klaus won’t react well.

He says she doesn’t know anyone like him or what he’s capable of then says she’s about to find out. He zips away and she hears noise. There’s a dying man with his face cut open in the alley. She runs to help him. Klaus tells Aurora that her sire has moved on. He says Rebekah was mistaken to ever trust her. We see back in the day that Aurora staged a suicide scene and Rebekah gave her blood to bring her back. Rebekah asks why she would do this. She says Tristan forbade her to see Klaus anymore.

Rebekah says this pain will pass but Aurora says her mind is a demon that haunts her. She tells Rebekah that she and her family heal and are never sick but Rebekah says they have their own torments. Aurora says those torments don’t scare her. Rebekah says they are cursed and Aurora says their curse is nothing compared to hers. She tells Rebekah to go and says she wants to sleep. Rebekah calls her sweet girl then goes. After she leaves, Aurora stepped to the window and out of it.

Now, she tells Klaus the night smelled of lavender and she could see the garden. She says that scent was the last thing she remembered as a human. A goat is brought as an offering to Davina. Turns out they all brought animals. She steps away from the proceeding. Hayley asks her if she’s not a fan of goats. She says she loves them and hates to sacrifice them and wishes someone would give her a gift card. She says she hates this scarf and only wore it because Josephine wore one. Hayley hands her a beer.

Hayley says she didn’t like hurting those from the coven and knows Davina didn’t like it either. Hayley advises her based on her experience leading the wolves. She says don’t be who they want – be who she is and show that to them. She takes the scarf off of her. Davina smiles. Elijah comes to see Marcel and says Tristan was shaken and he’s not easily shaken. He says he’s working with someone and it’s not Aurora. Marcel says now he wants his help and Elijah reminds him he’s Strix now.

Marcel says he’ll put some people on Tristan and see what they find out. Aurora flirts with Klaus who calls her a snake. She reminds him how much they liked harming each other. We see the new vampire Aurora approach Klaus who asks what she’s done. She says she’s his equal now and they can always be together. She grabs him and bites his lip when she kisses him. He slams her against the wall and kisses her. He doesn’t have to hold back now.

Now, Aurora asks if he remembers how it was to be with someone as powerful, tormented and cursed as he was. He says yes. Aurora says look him in the eye and tell him he hasn’t thought about her every day. She says she came for him after a thousand years of trying to forget him. She says she’s there for him. She kisses him. He kisses back. Cami tells Vincent that there’s nothing she can’t do. He says you can’t use cops to take down a vampire.

She says there’s a way to use magic without actually doing it. The detective asks if she just happened to find another victim. Vincent says he got there and she was trying to save the guy. The cop says she’s part of the crime scenes and implies she’s involved. He walks away. Jackson walks through the crowd and hears some men chanting. They have a doll that looks like an effigy of Davina. Jackson stops them and drags the ringleader away.

Klaus slams her against a wall and says they could have been a great love story. She says he left without telling her. Rebekah and the others get word that news of them has leaked and they know their father will come for them. Klaus asks Aurora to come with him. She says she won’t go on the run like a dog. She says she thought she loved him but now she knows he’s a cruel pathetic wretch unworthy of anyone’s love. She says his own mother turned against him and reminds him he killed his mother.

She says there is no hope for him. He says she’s breaking his heart and swore never to speak of that. She says she owes him nothing and could never love him. With tears in his eyes, Klaus turns his back on her. Now, Klaus says she should count herself lucky since no one who has talked to him that way has lived. She says she did not architect their heartbreak. She says Elijah came to her moments before then. She says Elijah told her that this curse is not hers to bear and says she’s not their blood.

She says she knows thinks about Klaus that he never will. Elijah wants to know what secret she’s keeping that he doesn’t know. He asks what Klaus said to her and compels her to tell him. She did. Klaus is horrified she told him. She says she couldn’t stop herself from telling him. We see Elijah stunned to learn that Klaus killed their mother then lied to them all. Aurora says she still loves him but Elijah compelled her to see Klaus as the monster that he is.

Now, she tells Klaus when he came to her moments later, she couldn’t say yes because of the compulsion. She says she thinks it was Elijah’s first experience with compulsion and he did not undo it. Klaus says that’s Elijah’s secret. She says you made him suffer the loss of his mother and this was his revenge. Jackson takes the ringleader before Davina. Van is defiant but Davina says he tried to murder a regent. Jackson hands her the doll.

Davina tells him it’s not to kill him – it makes the victim tell the truth. She tells him that his mother attacked her and was prepared to start a witch war. Van asks if she thinks they’re better off with her. She says she does. She says the old ways don’t work anymore and says he can go or stay and they can change things. Elijah leave Klaus a message. Marcel shows up then says Tristan went to a place called Candide Royale and never came out.

He says there are secret passages and he went to a place owned by Lucien. They conclude that Lucien and Tristan have been working together from the start. Aurora says she killed the seer for showing her that her sire and all the Mikaelsons were destroyed. She says she will change his future and asks him who he thought would kill him among his family and says it will be the one closest to him. Hayley wishes Davina happy witch day. Davina thanks her and says she was right.

She says she’s been trying to control too much as regent and she doesn’t want to be that person anymore. She says she asked the ancestors for the magic to lift her curse and they granted it since it’s kado. She blows out the candle and tells Hayley she’s free and would rather have her as a friend. Hayley smiles at her. Vincent tells Cami that a lot of her artifacts come from treme witches. He says in the wrong hands, this could destroy the city. Kinney comes and says he’s taking all of these things.

He says the only prints on the victim are hers and her brother was a mass murderer. He arrests her for the murders. Aurora tells Klaus she needs to think about all of this. She says to go ask Elijah for himself. He presses her against the wall. She says once he finds the truth from Elijah, come find her since he’ll know who’s really on his side. Elijah tells Klaus that it’s convenient she comes to tell this truth just when they need to be most united.

Klaus calls him the greatest traitor of his life. They fight. Klaus tells Elijah he set his course but Elijah says he protected his family and says Aurora was a lunatic and his father was after them. Elijah says even knowing all of his despicable deeds, he alone stood by him. Klaus says Elijah’s betrayal was the source of what he became. Elijah fights him off and says he’s carried him for centuries and is done. Elijah says – if you want a fight, so be it… Wow.