The Originals Recap – The Bite That Bites Back: Season 3 Episode 4 “A Walk on the Wild Side”

The Originals Recap - The Bite That Bites Back: Season 3 Episode 4 "A Walk on the Wild Side"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Thursday October 29, season 3 episode 4 called “A Walk on the Wild Side,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) attends a gala thrown by a group of ancient vampires known as the Strix in order to uncover what Tristan (Oliver Ackland) is really up to in New Orleans.

On the last episode, Klaus and Elijah came together to uncover Lucien’s true motived in New Orleans; Lucien revealed some unexpected information about his past with Klaus; a mysterious figure presented an enticing offer to Marcel; Hayley turned to an unconventional way of coping with her current situation; an old acquaintance from Elijah’s past arrived in New Orleans and delivered some startling news involving the growing threat to the Mikaelson siblings. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Elijah attends a gala thrown by a group of ancient vampires known as the Strix in order to uncover what Tristan is really up to in New Orleans. At the gala, Marcel is approached with an enticing offer from a mysterious woman. Meanwhile, Klaus and Lucien form a tentative alliance when a vital component of Lucien’s plan goes missing and they must find it.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season unfolds.

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#TheOriginals starts with morning in the Quarter. Marcel is out for a jog, then comes back to the lair. He sees a glass out and his good whiskey gone and a pair of owl cufflinks at the bottom of the bottle. He also sees a new suit with a mask hanging on a shelf. His phone buzzes from an unknown call. It’s Tristan but Marcel was expecting Aya. Tristan says it’s an invitation and says they celebrate every few years to being the most supreme creatures on earth and says they invite exceptionals to join.

Tristan says they can offer Marcel a global network. Marcel says he’s happy with what he’s got. Tristan says ignore the call if he’s not interested. He says to join them if the thinks he’d be a worthy addition to their ranks and tells Marcel to not be late. Elijah works out with a vengeance and Hayley asks if he wants to talk about the invitation from the random vampire. Elijah says it’s none of her business and she slams him against the wall and says she’s part of the family. He slams back then asks what she wants to know.

Freya does yoga and Klaus asks what she’s doing and he says he’s surprised to not find one of her gentlemen callers browsing the fridge. Hayley and Elijah come in and Hayley says Elijah caught her up. Klaus asks if he told her about the prophecy. He hasn’t. Klaus says Lucien got a real seer then Hayley says if it’s Klaus’ doom they’re all good with it. Hayley wants to meet the psychic witch. Klaus finds Lucien partying with some babes and eating on them. Klaus says it looks like he’s hard at work.

Gregory is there, Lucien’s Navy SEAL bodyguard. Lucien shoos the girls away and Klaus sits. Lucien says he has spent his lifetime building a company devoted to shattering the limits of what’s possible. Klaus wants to see the seer to see if anything has snapped into focus if he’s prepared to share. Lucien says her visions are their greatest shot at survival and agrees. Lucien comes to his apartment and calls for Alexis. She’s gone. Lucien says if she’s gone, someone took her and says she never goes out.

Lucien makes calls to find Alexis but can’t. Klaus calls Freya and Lucien takes the phone and says they need to find someone that their lives depend on. Freya is annoyed at Lucien but Klaus asks her to help. She says text her. Hayley goes looking in Rebekah’s stuff for something to wear to the party. Elijah comes to help and pulls out a red dress. She goes to change and he tries not to watch. He asks if her husband is fine with tonight’s adventure. She says Jackson is cool and knows she can care for herself.

Elijah and Hayley share an intense stare and she asks what she’s walking into tonight. Elijah says the most dangerous congregation of vampires in the world. Marcel shows up to the party and Aya greets him. Marcel recognizes some famous faces and she says most prefer to live life out of the public eye. Hayley draws eyes when she comes in with Elijah. She asks why they’re staring and he says he’s kind of a big deal – they are all his sire line. He says he tried to create an elite brotherhood.

He says he wanted them to make the world better then he realized he’d created a society of sociopaths. Aya tells Marcel they are at the top of the food chain and take what they want. She says Tristan collects the best then helps them evolve. Aya flatters him and says he’s be the first member not sired from Elijah and could help then end the sire line war. She says he can if he’s everything they hope that he is. She flirts heavily.

Freya comes to Lucien’s and says this place smells like bad blood and cologne. He says it’s his natural musk. Lucien wonders if Elijah told Tristan about the psychic. Lucien worries that Tristan has Alexis. Freya does a spell and locates her on the map. It’s the Davilla Estate. Klaus says it seems like Tristan does have her. Lucien says they are a bit out numbered. He asks how they fight their way into an ancient secret society of vampire. Klaus says he has a plan.

Aya introduces Marcel to her mentor Mohinder. She says he only drinks the blood of vampires he’s vanquished in combat. Hayley dances with Elijah and asks where’s Tristan. Elijah sees Marcel there. Marcel asks Aya why Elijah and Hayley are there. Elijah says it’s not a party, it’s an initiation. Tristan comes downstairs. He welcomes the assembled and says it’s nice to revel among true equals. He introduces Marcel. He says there’s one piece of business before they can tell Marcel their secrets. Marcel says Tristan knocked on his door.

Tristan says someone took something from him – his daylight ring. Marcel didn’t notice before. Tristan says he has to deduce the identity of the thief then take it back. Tristan says he doesn’t think the prize will be easily reclaimed since they’re a violent bunch. He says victory will make him one of them and failure means death. Tristan wishes him luck. Hayley asks Elijah how Marcel can beat an ancient vampire. Tristan introduces himself to Hayley and kisses her hand.

He says Marcel can use guile, trickery and strength. Tristan asks what he thinks of their latest candidate. Elijah says he’s arrogant, stubborn and should fit in perfectly. He asks Hayley if Marcel is a friend. She says she doesn’t much like bullies. Tristan says he’s not and asks her for a dance to explain his methods. Hayley tips back her champagne glass and Elijah says of course. She goes to dance with him. Elijah watches closely. He tells Hayley he’s glad she came and says she’s a Mikaelson too.

Hayley says killing her friend will not make a good impression on her. Elijah tells Marcel he could have warned him and Marcel says he didn’t tell him he was coming and Elijah interrupts and says he would not have allowed it. Marcel says the Strix aren’t interested in him as a side kick. Elijah says he’ll have to intervene and hates to get bloody since he’s had the suit for a century. Marcel says he has it under control then tells Elijah it’s a nice jacket.

Marcel goes and slams Aya against the wall and asks if they get kicks by killing each other then says his people have a code. Aya says acknowledging death make a long life more intoxicating. He kisses her. She tells him it’s a fine effort as he grasps her. She says she doesn’t have the ring and says she hopes he finds it in the time that remains. Tristan tells Hayley there are few novelties for them and she’s a novelty for them since she is one of a kind and can survive a sire death.

Klaus and Lucien show up with cheap trollops acting drunk. Klaus calls for Tristan to come out. Freya is there too and tells Alexis she’s there to save her. Alexis says things have become clearer and a more definite picture has emerged. She says she watched them fall and burn – she says Lucien is doomed. She says she watched his sire be destroyed and knows exactly how it was done.

Freya says they’re in a rush and need to go now. Alexis asks how she can force her to go and Freya says she was thinking of a blinding spell. Alexis says she already cast a spell in anticipate might make it difficult. Freya chokes and Alexis says she’s one step ahead and has seen thousands of ends to this confrontation with no favorable end for Freya. She grabs Freya and kisses her and lets her see a fate where she was buried. She says the family blood she sought to find will lay her low in time.

Alexis says she searched a Millenia for family and they will be her undoing. Freya says she is a Mikaelson and punches the seer in the face knocking her out. Tristan tells Klaus they’re not welcome. Klaus says he should move along before he makes him cry. Tristan tells Klaus his company seems to miss a shiny pool to spin on. Lucien boops Tristan’s nose and annoys him. Elijah tells Klaus his drunkenness is hampering the festivities and asks him to go and take his playthings. Klaus presses his glass into Elijah’s hand.

Klaus says he used to find it annoying he wasn’t’ invited to these affairs but says he could never get his head far enough up his own ass. He tells Lucien let’s go – this party is dead anyway. Klaus howls again as they exit. Aya tells Marcel to come with them. She has Mohinder at her side. Marcel is taken to a room where Tristan stands and tells Marcel it’s time. He says he has another hour and Tristan says inability to compromise is a sign of failure.

Marcel says Aya took his ring. She says she doesn’t have it. He says he didn’t say she still has it. Marcel says she lifted it and gave it to Mohinder. Tristan says that’s half the challenge. They step back so Marcel can face off with Mohinder. Tristan says let’s see how he does. Mohinder tells him there’s no shame in dying at the hands of a superior and Marcel says there’s no glory in it either. Marcel attacks but Mohinder is kicking his ass.

Marcel acts like he’s scared but then comes at him. Mohinder throws him through a wall and comes after him. They grapple violently. He goes to stake Marcel who throws him back through the wall. He bites Marcel and Hayley holds Elijah back. Mohinder says to face the nobility of this end and Marcel says to enjoy his death and asks if he tastes the wolf venom. He shows Mohinder the bite that Hayley gave him. Marcel says they want him dead but he doesn’t know why. He says Aya showed him Mohinder’s technique at the gym and fed him information.

Marcel says if they want him dead they can kill him since all he’s done to deserve death is pick his friends poorly. Tristan and Aya smilea t one another then Tristan rips out Mohinder’s heart. Marcel is weakening and stands by Hayley. Tristan tells Aya that she chose well and then tells Marcel that Mohinder had it coming for plotting crimes against them. He tells Marcel his refusal to kill without causes shows great nobility then says this was the real test.

He hands him his bloody daylight ring. He tells Marcel, welcome to the Strix, provided you survive your own gambit. Klaus rants at Marcel for his annoying new friends then says he assumed he’d be willing to drain his own blood in the aftermath to help. Klaus says they can’t tell friend or foe and Marcel just pledged his loyalty to the enemy fraternity. Marcel says he doesn’t get to choose sides and says whoever comes for Klaus comes for him too.

Klaus agrees that may be true. He bites his hands and bleeds into a goblet for Marcel. He says they may also come through Marcel. He tells Marcel to remember that. Freya says the seer is awake. Alexis tells Lucien she’s sorry and hoped she was wrong but she saw it. She says she saw Klaus die. He asks if she saw the weapon and asks what it is. She says it must be seen to understand and holds out her arm to Hayley and Elijah. They both bite. They see a vision but then they realize Alexis’ blood was poisoned.

She collapses as Lucien says no. She’s dead. He’s furious. Marcel is in the Quarter later when he asks Aya when he learns the secret handshake then asks if they know who killed JFK. He asks what they would have done if he didn’t figure it out. She says she would have compelled someone to clean up his burning husk and never thought of him again. Tristan talks to Elijah and says Lucien was relying on these visions to impeach him and says he killed his seer before his lies could become known.

Elijah smiles at Tristan and says his words are no more compelling than Lucien’s and tells Tristan he wants proof. Marcel is out for a run again. Hayley steps out on the balcony still in the party dress and says she thinks about explaining this family to Hope someday. He asks what she thinks. She says she won’t lie to her but will start with always and forever. Klaus sees a note from Freya that she’ll be there all day. He leaves a note saying thank you.

Elijah says he should have warned Hayley and she says he made him. He says they made each other but he did turn him. He asks what she thinks of Tristan. She says he seems incomplete. Marcel runs on. He says Tristan has a sister named Aurora. We see that Aurora poisoned Alexis. He says his devotion to his sister is pathological and is dangerous. She says loyalty doesn’t make people dangerous. Aurora tosses out the bottle of poison and her party music then walks down the streets of the Quarter.