The Originals Season 2 Episode 14 Recap – Hayley Gets Hitched Spoilers “I Love You, Goodbye”

The Originals Season 2 Episode 14 Recap - Hayley Gets Hitched Spoilers "I Love You, Goodbye"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Monday February 16, season 2 episode 14 called “I Love You, Goodbye,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Hayley [Phoebe Tonkin] begins to question whether the ritual involved in her union with Jackson will actually work; Elijah [Daniel Gillies] has a tense encounter with Klaus [Joseph Morgan] and suspects his brother may be up to something.

On the last episode, Vincent joined forces with a powerful figure from his past; Klaus reluctantly placed his trust in his siblings to protect Hope; Kaleb was forced to make a difficult life or death decision; Elijah fought for his life when an unexpected visitor arrived at the safe house; Hayley and Jackson prepared for the unification ritual but quickly became pawned in Vincent’s dangerous plan. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “Hayley begins to question whether the ritual involved in her union with Jackson will actually work; Elijah has a tense encounter with Klaus and suspects his brother may be up to something; Cami learns a surprising revelation about baby Hope; Kaleb harbors a devastating secret from Davina and seeks help from Rebekah when he realizes time is not on his side.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explore their complexities and character quirks.

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#TheOriginals starts now. Cami drives while Hope cries. She stops the car to find a payphone to call Klaus because her cell phone was blown up with the house. She hears a noise and calls out for them to leave her alone. But it’s just Elijah looking a little smoky and charred, but very much alive. He tells her to get back in the car. Hayley is packing and tells Klaus she’s going to get Hope. Klaus says he has a plan and she needs to calm down and keep her eyes on the prize.

He tells her she need to go through with her wedding today so that she’s queen to an army. He tells her a queen does not run. Davina comes to check on Josh who looks rough. He asks if he went after Aiden and she says Aiden stayed by his side until the spell broke. Kol comes in and tosses Josh a pack of blood and asks him to leave. Davina asks where Kol was and he says he was saving the day and playing hero. Davina asks why he didn’t call and let her help.

He says this fight has him thinking they’re going steady. He asks if she wants to finish the mystical dagger. Aiden and Jack talk about the dead alphas and Klaus shows up with a bag of heads of those alphas who refused to relinquish their witch rings. Jack tells him no matter what, the wolves will never be Klaus’ allies. Klaus tells him that the wedding will be at his compound at eight and says for him to show up in time to clean up for the ceremony.

In the morgue, we see Finn’s charred body in a bag. A woman unzips it and touches him. He seems alive but weak. Davina and Kol work on the dagger. They chant and work magic. The witch who found Finn chants over his body and sprinkles salt on him. The dagger heats up and Davina and Kol drop it in shock and abruptly stop their chanting. Kol says he thinks it worked. He kisses Davina. She puts the dagger aside and kisses him back.

Suddenly Kol stiffens in pain as the witch in the morgue chants more furiously. Finn gasps back to life. Kol tells Davina to hide the dagger away and she agrees. She leaves the room and Kol calls Rebekah to say he needs a favor. Hayley looks through her closet when Rebekah comes in and says she has to help Kol with a witch life or death matter. She brings Hayley in a white dress and says she can’t get married in skinny jeans and combat boots.

Rebekah says she commissioned wedding dresses in five different centuries but never got to marry them. Hayley reminds her that Marcel is still single and if she’s told him that she’s back. Rebekah tells her that she’s still a Michaelson and always will be. Hayley says that links her to a lot of homicidal lunatics. Aiden meets Josh and gives him a huge hug. He says that Hayley and Jack are getting married and that means they will be all the more deadly to vampires.

Aiden says they need a time out on their relationship and Josh says it’s a break up because Aiden the wolf VP doesn’t want to be seen dating a vampire. Josh says he’s ashamed of him and walks off. Jack shows up at the compound for the wedding. A giant cake is wheeled in and she says that is so not her. Klaus comes in and says someone is there to say hello to her. She goes with Klaus then finds Cami with Hope. Klaus says he took precautions and says they’re done running. He calls her queen.

Hayley holds her daughter and introduces her to Jackson. He’s enchanted by the little girl. Klaus tells Elijah that he hopes he doesn’t dissuade Hayley from going through the wedding. He says Hayley has a duty to the family. Elijah asks if Klaus bullied Hayley’s decision and Elijah says he won’t say anything as long as she wasn’t pressured. Klaus says Hayley is putting family first and he should too. Elijah says he always puts family first.

Kol and Rebekah try and work some magic to save him but he says he can’t beat it – he says the curse is latched on like a vice. He says he hated dying the first time and preferred this chance to be a witch because he had no blood lust or heightened emotions. Hayley gets into her wedding dress while Hope plays on the floor. She tells her Cami is going to watch her while she goes and does this big thing. Elijah comes in the room and says she looks perfect.

He tells her that he won’t dissuade her from the marriage but says he must tell her something. She asks him to not say it. Hayley says she has felt so much for him but all this time he could never say how he felt. She says she gets that he’s not a guy that can say how he feels. She takes his hand and tells him Jackson is that kind of guy and that she can be happy with him. She says she just wants to be happy. She asks him to not say whatever he was going to say and he nods.

Jack gets dressed for the ceremony and is struggling with his tie. Aiden offers to help and says he’s sorry Oliver couldn’t be there. Jack says Ollie would give him a hard time about getting married in a vampire’s house. Jack says he’s done with old grudges and says it’s not about vampires in general. He asks if Jack knows about he and Josh and says he’s not asking permission. Jack says if Josh is good enough for Aiden, that’s good enough for him.

He says the fight is better when they have something to fight for. He sees Hayley in her dress and Aiden leaves them along. She asks if there’s any rule about seeing each other before the ritual. Jack asks if she’s okay and she says she wanted to see him and make sure he wasn’t wearing a flannel tie. She knots his tie and he says he’s glad she’s there because he has something for her. He opens a box to show her a necklace with a crescent moon with her mineral totem in it.

He says it symbolizes healing and courage and represents her well. He puts the necklace on her as the guests are assembling for the ceremony. Davina comes in and takes a seat by Josh but then Aiden asks if he can sit with Josh so she scoots down one. Aiden takes Josh’s hand and smiles at him. Hayley enters the room and everyone stands. Jack joins her and takes her hand. They walk together then separate at the stairs and they each walk up one side while a string quarter plays.

Mary presides over the ceremony while Klaus watches from a balcony nearby but separate from the other guests. Elijah joins him. Mary says it’s the unification of the two crescent tribes. She ties their wrists together and says they accept Hayley’s vampire nature. They repeat the vows and pledge to be each others family. They lite a taper then blow it out. Mary says they have endured all of the traditional rituals and trials and says Jackson can kiss his bride.

He tips her chin up to him and kisses her. Elijah looks away. Her eyes glow then so do Jack’s. All the wolves eyes turn gold and Klaus smiles in satisfaction. Elijah says he knows the look on Klaus’ face and asks what his plot it. Klaus says Jack’s reign will be short-lived and tells Elijah that he’s mortal and will perish. Klaus says he knows that Elijah wants Jackson dead as much as he does, maybe even more. Klaus leaves his brother with that thought.

In the Quarter, a celebration is underway and Hayley and Jack dance to celebrate their nuptials. Klaus watches and then asks if Elijah is planning to chaperone him all evening. Elijah says he can choose the term – chaperone, babysitter, whatever – as long as he tamps down his homicidal tendencies. Elijah says as long as Jack brings Hayley even an inkling of joy, he must leave him alone. Elijah says Klaus is only scared that Jack will be a better father than Klaus will.

Elijah says Klaus himself said he would have been a better man if he was raised by Ansel and now Hope has that chance. Elijah says he has always stood by Klaus and defended him but he will not watch him commit this evil against Jack. Josh tells Davina it’s awesome that his BF is a super wolf now and Aiden does a flip off the side of a building. She spots Kol looking bad and goes to him. He’s ice cold and says Finn cursed him when he went to rescue Josh.

Kol says he’s running out of time. Cami holds Hope and comforts her when Elijah comes in and says he heard her crying. She says the baby is likely just teething. Klaus thanks him for taking care of her and she says she’s been smiling a lot and looking all around. She offers her to Klaus to hold and says happy mom, happy dad equals happy baby. He smiles at his daughter. Hayley and Jack dance at their reception and Aiden goes over to Josh and kisses him in front of everyone which stuns him.

No one seems to care. Hayley dances as rose petals shower down on them. Elijah watches. Klaus comes down with their daughter and asks Hayley to join him. She comes over to Klaus and takes Hope. Klaus welcomes all of them and says he and Hayley had a daughter that was lost to them but has now returned home. He says her name is Hope and says she will live among her pack and family. He says they implore them all to protect, love and teach their daughter as one of their own.

He raises a glass and invites Jack and Hayley to live there uniting their people in peace and says – welcome to the family. He toasts to Jackson and Hayley. Elijah glares at his brother obviously questioning his motives and this display. Davina goes with Kol to see Rebekah. Davina is going through a roster of cells. Rebekah wants to jump him into a new body but Finn’s spell blocks that. Kol asks to talk to Davina alone. He tells her that he owes her a dance and holds out his hand.

Hayley follows Elijah upstairs and thanks him for being at the ceremony. He says everything is as she intended – the wolves unified, Hope safe. Elijah says he’s joining Marcel in Algiers and says he can be of more use there. Hayley says this is his home and he shouldn’t leave. He says he’s called many places home. Rebekah comes to get Elijah. Klaus is with Hope and Rebekah says she tried to help Kol but he won’t last the night.

The three of them head out and Marcel is intrigued. He stares at Rebekah, not knowing it’s her. Gia asks him if he knows that girl and he says he might. Davina cries as she dances with Kol. He tries to make her feel better about him dying. He’s fading fast. He asks her to please leave him alone as he dies but then Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah are there. Klaus says always and forever is not something Kol gets to weasel out of.

Hayley tells Jack everyone is headed home and he says awkward wedding night. He says she probably wants to stay up all night and watch Hope sleep and says that’s okay with him. Hayley says the wedding was the right thing for the pack but says when he appeared out of the woods when she first came to New Orleans she knew she was safe. She says he never made her ashamed of being a hybrid or about Hope. He tells her he loves her and she says that’s the first time anyone has said that to her.

She says she didn’t marry him for the wolf power, she married him for herself. She says she should have told him that before. He pulls her in for a kiss. Kol is in a bad way and is in death throes. His brothers lay him back and Kol says all he ever wanted was them to care about him. He’s wracked with pain and Klaus holds him. Rebekah holds his head on her lap and says he’s going to die soon but will die a witch and they can consecrate his body with the ancestors to be brought back.

She says she won’t leave the body until she finds a way to bring him home. He smiles at her and then hacks and coughs some more. Davina says she tried a different spell and comes to check on him. It’s no better. Klaus and Elijah share a look. Kol smiles at Davina then begins to fade for the last time. He goes still. In the morgue, Finn is back from death using the talisman Freya gave him. She says if Dahlia has sensed Klaus’ child, she’ll already be on her way. Freya says Esther is nothing compared to Dahlia.

She says it’s the magic in that child that will call Dahlia like a beacon. She says she will come and take what is hers. We see Hayley holding Hope while Jack smiles at them.