The Originals Recap – Klaus Punishes the Family: Season 2 Episode 21 Recap “Fire With Fire”

The Originals Recap - Klaus Punishes the Family: Season 2 Episode 21 Recap "Fire With Fire"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Monday May 4, season 2 episode 21 called “Fire With Fire,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Klaus [Joseph Morganvows revenge when he learns he’s been betrayed by his own siblings; Elijah, [Daniel Gillies] Rebekah [Claire Holt] and Freya [Riley Voelkel] try to take down Dahlia; [Claudia Black] Hayley [Phoebe Tonkin] tries to escape through the flooded bayou; Davina [Danielle Campbell] considers an offer that would bring back Kol; [Nathaniel Buzolic] Marcel  [Charles Michael Davis] faces a new threat.

On the last episode, Dahlia revealed to Klaus some startling details about baby Hope and made him an enticing proposition. Meanwhile, Elijah and Freya came up with opposing ideas on how to handle Dahlia’s looming deadline; Vincent approached Davina with an intriguing offer; and Hayley made a difficult decision about her and Hope’s future. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “after discovering that he’s been betrayed by his own siblings, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) teams up with an unlikely ally and sets off on a warpath, hell bent on revenge. Amidst the news that Klaus is on the loose, Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Rebekah (guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers) and Freya (guest star Riley Voelkel) move forward with their plan to lure Dahlia (guest star Claudia Black) to the compound and take her down once and for all. Meanwhile, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) attempt to escape through the flooded bayou, even as Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) finds himself hunted by a dangerous new threat. Finally, Davina (Danielle Campbell) is presented with an offer that could allow her the chance to bring back Kol, though it will require her to make a life-altering decision. Leah Pipes and Yusuf Gatewood also star. David Straiton directed the episode written by Michael Narducci.”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explore their complexities and character quirks.

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On #TheOriginals, Rebekah is in the cemetery doing some witchery with Davina and Vincent. She’s trying to unlink herself from the other witches. Dahlia lurks in the Quarter then Klaus staggers out hungrily to intercept a couple and feasts on them to regain his strength. Rebekah and Davina chant together and Vincent has Rebekah slice her finger to see if it’s finished.

Davina’s finger is fine so it worked. Dahlia tells Klaus he must be hungry and he says he never knew being daggered is so agonizing and says that explains why his siblings loathe him so much after he does it to them. Dahlia has a line of humans ready for him and says he needs to replenish himself in preparation for what’s coming.

Rebekah comes and tells Elijah the good news. She’s with Marcel and Rebekah says Davina is going to resurrect Kol and it’s all looking good. Marcel says he thinks Dahlia brewed the storm. Elijah is confident in their alliance with Freya and she reveals that Elijah has made her the bait. He’s also counting on Davina and the witches slowing her somewhat until Hayley and the baby get away.

Then Rebekah notices that Klaus is not in his coffin. He’s with his dear aunt and has finished off a huge line of people. He says he’s beginning to feel like his old self again when Dahlia asks if he had his fill. Out in the bayou, Mary is there and asks about Hope. Mary tells Hayley that back in her day, the wolves and witches had peace. She shows her a herbal remedy to detect hexes and witches. Mary checks her burning herbs and says the storm isn’t natural.

Hayley tells Jackson and Mary that Klaus is on the loose and he says the path to the road is washed out and they have to head out another way on foot. They call the wolves together and Hayley thanks them and calls them family and pack. She says she can’t let them risk their lives anymore. She says the witch is coming and she won’t stop and is powerful. She says she and Jack are going to run alone.

Hayley says she’s grateful for all that they’ve offered to her and Hope. She says she can’t be their queen anymore. The wolves all kneel to she and Jack. Jack tells her she’ll always be their queen and kisses her hand. Cami gets a call from Rebekah to warn her about Klaus being on the loose and likely out for blood. She wants Cami to try and reach Klaus to reason with him.

She says Klaus may listen to her but Cami says the people he loves the most literally stabbed him in the heart and asks why he’d listen to her. Rebekah says Klaus fancies her and Cami agrees to try. Klaus brings Dahlia to where Freya plotted her treachery. Dahlia is getting impatient. She asks if Klaus is having second thoughts about taking on his family. Klaus says no.

Dahlia makes it clear she won’t tolerate betrayal. Klaus says he knows his family and says they may be able to evade her until her slumber begins anew but says he knows how to vanquish them and that’s what he intends to do. Dahlia lets the storm die down and says she wants what is owed to her and says if Hayley gets in her way, she’ll kill her. Klaus says has something planned for Hayley that’s worse than death.

Elijah says Marcel and his group are on the lookout for Klaus and Freya says it was Dahlia that woke Klaus and killed Aiden to get them to dagger him in the first place to create a rift between them. Freya says she completed her spell and says it will make Dahlia vulnerable. She says when she comes between these paintings, she’ll be mortal and hands Elijah Mikael’s knife and says he can kill her with it.

Gia shows up and Elijah tells her to go. She says she’s done taking orders and he says she can’t be here now and she asks if he’s looking out for her. She goes to leave and he kisses her deeply and says to go then says please. Marcel takes a call from one of his men and then finds Klaus waiting for him. He slams him into the wall and says he’s enraged but won’t kill him today.

He snaps Marcel’s neck and throws him aside. Dahlia is there watching her nephew work. He smirks. The others wait with Freya as she works on a little doll. She tells Rebekah that she can work the spell and says she’ll use the golem and the heartbeat to craft the illusion of Hope’s presence. Rebekah is worried the plan will fall apart and Freya says she was upset that Elijah made his own plan.

She says she’s envious of how hard they’re fighting to save Hope. Then she tells them she saw inside Elijah’s head and the day they took a family vow to stand strong together. Rebekah says it was more trouble than it was worth. Freya says family demands sacrifice. She takes Rebekah’s hands and says she’s glad to have had a glimpse of family before she faces death.

Marcel wakes to find himself tried up and hung upside down and he sees that Klaus has tormented some of his crew. Klaus says he drained Marcel of vervain so he can compel him. He stabs Marcel then looks at Gia and says she’ll be useful later. Dahlia tells Klaus to just kill them off but he says this is all part of his family. He says friendship and nauseating romantic entanglements can all be used against them.

He says Marcel will help with this. Vincent tries to talk to Davina about how they can get the coven to choose them as their regent. He says they wanted him because he was an outsider and so is she. Davina reminds him that she was put to death by the coven. Vincent says as regent she could prevent that from happening again. She says she only wants the power she needs to bring back Kol.

Hayley and Jack make it to the water’s edge with Hope and she says he can send the others back but they want to stick around. Mary is monitoring the witch detecting herbs and says it still looks good. She asks to hold Hope while they figure out how to cross. Jack says they just need to get across, steal a car and get on their way. Hayley says she’s sorry for people making sacrifices for her and fighting her battles.

Jack says that’s what family is for and they stand beside you. In the Quarter, the church bells ring and Freya takes notice. Rebekah starts the spell and begins chanting. Elijah steps back. Freya picks up the golem from the crib and we see her holding baby Hope instead as the spell takes root. Elijah creeps around with the knife and looks out the window. Dahlia is there and says she came to get what is owed.

Freya tells Dahlia she betrayed her siblings to give her the child and asks her to release her from the obligation. Dahlia says to make her case and she’ll decide once and for all to release or kill her. The wolves traverse the river carefully with Hope and they hear a car horn honk. One of them went ahead and stole a truck and they all load up.

Vincent brings Davina to talk to the coven and they complain that she was part of the failed harvest ritual and aligned with vampires. They tell Vincent the regent role was meant for him. Davina gets sick of their sass and says her whole life the witches have lived in fear as the vampires ruled. She asks if any of them have stood up to the vampires or the Mikaelsons and says she has and she has won.

She says she knows what they’re really up against. She says she can build a peace or burn their enemies to the ground. She says the question isn’t whether she should be regent but what the hell they would do without her. Rebekah chants on as Elijah lurks waiting on Dahlia to cross the line. Dahlia says Freya is ruthless for betraying her family. She says she hoped they could accept her and they didn’t.

Dahlia says she should have stayed with her and reminds Freya she offered to protect her but she left and now she’s alone. Rebekah chants on. Dahlia asks who could love such a deceitful little wretch. Marcel is there and knocks Rebekah back and the baby crumbles to ash in Freya’s arms. She asks what Freya has done. She grabs Dahlia and shoves her across the line and yells for Elijah to strike.

Klaus is there and knocks Elijah back. Dahlia throws Freya back and calls her treacherous. Elijah tells Klaus that Dahlia is controlling him but he says all she did was pull out the dagger Elijah stuck in his heart. They grapple and Dahlia comes at Freya who is down on the ground. She says Freya paid her back with a deathtrap and failed in that. She says she smells sacred soil and Viking ash.

Freya cowers and Dahlia says it’s not the blood of the witch she loved most and says Freya’s blood was not the key to her destruction. She asks Freya how she should punish her then says she’ll send her to bed early. She waves her hand and Freya collapses into her sleep. Gia is there and Klaus tells her to take off her daylight ring. Elijah screams no but she’s been compelled and can’t stop herself.

She lights on fire and screams while Elijah screams no – in anguish. Klaus tells Elijah to wait and see what he’s got in store for Hayley. Elijah gets more physical with him and throws them down the stairs. Elijah hisses and Klaus says to bring the beast out to play. He goes to stake Elijah and tells him to never fight him in anger because he’s better. Cami is there and he says she shouldn’t be there.

Cami says she knows he’s hurt but needs to listen. She says he’s better than this. Dahlia is there and Klaus says it’s just another victim. He comes at Cami and she says she knows he won’t hurt her and trusts him. He touches her face and says she’s already lost. He bites her neck and feeds deeply while Dahlia watches. Then he lets Cami crumple to the ground.

Dahlia tells Klaus it was quite a sinister plot they had planned. Rebekah is there and she asks Klaus if he’s lost his mind. She calls him a bastard. He says to be careful or he’ll do to her what he did to Elijah. He compels Marcel to kill Rebekah if she tries to leave. Marcel says to go to hell and Klaus says he was just in hell where those he cared for betrayed him. He compels Marcel.

Then Dahlia asks for Klaus’ blood to track his daughter and he easily hands it over as Rebekah begs him to stop and Marcel drags her away. Hayley and the wolves are holed up and she consults a map and says they need to think while Hope is sleeping. She says she wants to decide where they’re going so they’re not always on the run like this. Hayley says she wants better for Hope and them.

She asks what he thinks and suggests Montana or North Dakota. Jackson says wherever she wants. Hayley tells him they’re in the junkyard in the middle of nowhere but says she wants him to know that she loves him. Jack kisses her hand and smiles. Rebekah tries to talk sense to Marcel and asks him to fight the compulsion but he says Klaus bled the vervain out of him. She slumps into a chair.

Rebekah says Klaus doesn’t want her to die and says maybe he wants Marcel to kill her so she’ll wake up in her real body. She says she can’t let Dahlia get her hands on Hope and Marcel says not to run so he doesn’t have to hurt her. Hayley suggests Alaska and Jack says that works. They hear one of the wolves screaming and run outside. Klaus is there and cut the guy’s throat.

He tells Hayley and Jack that things will not be ending well. Jack tells her to get Mary and Hope nad run. She does. The wolves surround Klaus and Jack says to take him. They attack. Klaus smiles. He fights them off as Jack shoots him in the chest with an arrow. Klaus pulls it out and calls it a toy. Klaus tells Jack he’s not too bright and asks if he remembers their last altercation. Jack says it won’t be like that.

Mary and Hayley spot the red smoke and they realize Dahlia is close. Hope cries and Hayley says she won’t teach her daughter that it’s okay to teach the ones she loves to die. She hands the baby to Mary and says to get her far away from there. Hayley promises to catch up relaly quick and says she’s going to rip that bitch Dahlia apart.

Rebekah tells Marcel she thinks she’ll jump back to her other body and says Klaus engineered this so she will leave this body and can never have children. She says Klaus would subject her to endless torment, but never death. She says she’ll run, Klaus will kill her and she’ll wake in her body. She begs Rebekah to stop and she says he really must care for her.

She says she can save him from having to kill her and she slits her throat. Marcel screams but it’s too late. Klaus fights Jack and he says the wolf has gotten stronger and has gone from field mouse to lapdog. Then Hayley is there and battles Klaus. But then Dahlia is there and says it’s enough. She asks why Klaus is with Dahlia and goes for the witch but she uses her magic to knock them down.

Klaus says Dahlia is reigniting the Crescent curse which will trap them in wolf form except for the full moon. He says the unification ritual that links them to the pack means they’ll all be on four feet. He calls her queen. Mary is in the car with Hope when the change starts to hit her and she gets out of the car as she starts to change forms. Hayley begs Klaus not to let her steal the baby.

Klaus reminds Hayley that she tried to steal his daughter from him and says she’s getting what she deserves. Davina is with the covens and takes her place as regent. She takes a torch from Vincent and looks at the witches. She says the ancestors call them as she accepts the role. She asks if any have cause to argue. None do. Davina lights a fire and Vincent hands her an object and takes the torch.

Davina speaks of being sacrificed by her coven and says she felt betrayed and that’s why she worked with the vampires. She says from now on, they work together against any who face them, even Klaus. She opens the knife and says this begins the time of the witches. She slices her hand and lets the blood flow into the fire which flares.

Klaus finds Hope in the car and says – daddy is here. Dahlia sees her and says she’s a beautiful child. Cami wakes and rolls over. She recalls Klaus biting her. He compelled her as he bit her and she grabs a knife and stands. She staggers up. Dahlia thanks Klaus and says it must be hard betraying his family. Klaus reminds Dahlia of her promise to mentor and protect Hope and keep her safe.

Cami goes to Elijah and stabs him down the middle of his abdomen. She reaches in and yanks out the stake. Dahlia says she has to bond with Hope so she can protect her. Klaus says he thinks not. Elijah comes back to life and Cami says Klaus told her what to do. Klaus says he won’t lose Hope to her sleeping affliction. He says Hope is but a child and he won’t condemn her to that fate.

Klaus says there’s an alternative. Cami says this was all part of a plan. Klaus tells Dahlia she can channel someone who already has eternal life and says she can bond herself to him, the immortal hybrid. He says once her sleeping sickness is cured, then she can bond herself to Hope. Cami tells Elijah that Klaus had to make it look convincing. Cami says Klaus told her how to kill Dahlia.