The Originals Recap – One Brother Falls, A Sister Rises – Season 2 Episode 15 Recap “They All Asked for You”

The Originals Recap - One Brother Falls, A Sister Rises - Season 2 Episode 15 Recap "They All Asked for You"

Tonight on the CW their drama, The Originals continues with an all new Monday March 9, season 2 episode 15 called “They All Asked for You,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Rebekah [Claire Holt] aligns with Marcel [Charles Michael Davis] when she encounters a coven of vengeful witches and discovers the body she is currently inhabiting has a checkered past. Elijah [Daniel Gillies] contacts a respected elder witch to help Rebekah. Meanwhile, Klaus [Joseph Morgan] clashes with Hayley [Phoebe Tonkin] and Jackson over how to protect baby Hope from Finn; and Freya convinces Finn to bring her to Mikael, the father she hasn’t seen in over a thousand years.

On the last episode, Hayley began to question whether the ritual involved in her union with Jackson will actually work; Elijah had a tense encounter with Klaus and suspected his brother may be up to something; Cami learned a surprising revelation about baby Hope; Kaleb harbors a devastating secret from Davina and seek help from Rebekah when he realizes time is not on his side. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “when a dangerous run-in with a coven of vengeful witches forces Rebekah (guest star Maisie Richardson-Sellers) to align with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), they quickly discover that the body Rebekah is currently inhabiting has a checkered past. Upon learning that Rebekah is in danger, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) seeks out a respected elder witch, Josephine (guest star Meg Foster), in the hopes she might offer her assistance. Meanwhile, tensions build when Klaus (Joseph Morgan) clashes with Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) over how best to protect baby Hope from Finn (Yusuf Gatewood). Elsewhere, Freya (guest star Riley Voelkel), convinces Finn to bring her to Mikael (guest star Sebastian Roche), the father she hasn’t seen in over a thousand years. Lastly, a confrontation with Freya leaves Elijah and Klaus questioning whether they can trust their long-lost sister. Chris Grismer directed the episode written by Michelle Paradise”

We hope you stop by for this cool show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explore their complexities and character quirks.

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#TheOriginals starts with Rebekah telling Klaus the situation is untenable. Elijah insists he’s with Marcel to create allies not because he’s upset about Hayley and Jackson. They’re on a three way call talking about Hope’s safety. Rebekah ends the call with frustration then notices a man looking at her. When she looks back, he’s gone. Another guy runs into her. There are people all around bumping into her and she’s pursued through the quarter. She runs into an alley and the two guys catch up.

They tell her she’ll die for what she’s done. One rattles a voodoo doodad of some sort and she starts to collapse. Marcel is there, kicks their butts and runs off with her. He calls her Rebekah and she asks how he knew. Freya has Finn up in the belfry of the church. He wants to go back to the tomb to channel their father but Freya says she wants a moment with Mikael first. She says he doesn’t know she’s alive and Finn says their dad turned into a monster after she was taken.

Freya says she only needs a few minutes and Finn asks if she wants time with Esther too. Freya says Esther gave her away and is nothing to her. She says Esther can rot. Klaus says they have to use the wolves to find Freya and Finn. Jack says no. He says the wolves need to protect Hope and says he should use humans. But then Hayley takes Klaus’ side and says Finn’s body being gone from the morgue means he survived or Freya revived him.

Jack says he’ll order his men to find them only because Hayley asked it and not because Klaus gives him orders. Marcel asks Rebekah if she’s okay since she hasn’t spoken for half an hour. He says she should thank him. She asks how he found her. He says he knew she was her and up to something and says he followed her. He asks why she was in a witch market. She says she was looking to boost her magic to bring Kol back. She says he needs to stop condescending just because he got to play hero.

Elijah comes in and Rebekah says her followers knew this body. Marcel says they need to find Josephine LaRue to find out whose body she’s in and why she was locked up in the house. Marcel says Josephine is unpredictable and may not respond to his charms but Elijah says his charms are adaptable. Finn brings Freya to the tomb and warns her off about Mikael but she won’t take no for an answer. He carries his mother’s body away and she kneels beside Mikael.

She slices her finger with a knife and chants. She touches her bloody fingers to his lips. He comes back to life with a gasp. Elijah and Gia are preparing for him to visit Josephine. He’s taking a violin and sheet music. She says she can bring her laptop and point on a drum beat. Elijah tells her to get a move on and she says he can compel someone from the symphony. He tells Gia that she’s a prodigy and they need to show her that vampires have some sophistication.

She tells Elijah he needs a woman to mess his life up then realizes she misspoke since his girl married a wolf. Gia says she thought she and Marcel had something and it didn’t pan out. She says they may not be in the same boat but are on the same ocean. Jack talks to Aiden about finding Freya and Finn. He says to hunt him down as a pack so they can end him and they can all relax. Aiden is worried about their new powers but Jack says to let him worry.

Klaus is there and when Jack leaves he tells Aiden that Jack doesn’t seem to value his input. Klaus says he has advice. He says Finn is clever and ruthless. He advises that they move quietly and Klaus will handle the rest. Marcel tells Rebekah he has a guy coming to help her with her witch mojo. She says she asked her brothers not to tell him that she was back because she didn’t want to see him while she was like this. She says if she wants to kiss him, she doesn’t want to do it with someone else’s lips. He asks if she wants to kiss him and she says no.

Their visitor arrives and Marcel introduces Rebekah to Ruben Morris, a seer and sage. He tells Marcel that house calls cost double and he slaps some cash on him. Marcel says he found her on the streets with her memory wiped clean and he wants to figure out who she is. Ruben says he’s never seen her before but they may be able to figure it out. He asks if Marcel bought the tea set he asked for. He did.

Mikael is on his feet and asks what devil she is. Freya calls him father and says he once loved her deeply. He slams her against the wall and calls her witch. She asks can he not see the daughter he lost long ago. He says she lies and she says he named his sword Rawthul after the gold of her hair. She says he christened the sword with goat blood the night before he went to war and she never saw him again. She says Dahlia took her away and asks him to believe her. He touches her face and says she’s his beautiful Freya. He’s moved to tears and hugs her close.

Jack finds Hayley and she shushes him since Hope just fell asleep. He brings her a grilled cheese and she’s pleased. He also offers to help her with Hope but she says she missed six months of her life and wants every moment. She asks Jack why he seems so distant. He says he’s just trying to get the wolves back into the quarter. He says he doesn’t want her to feel obligated. She asks if he’s talking about sex. He says the unification ritual worked but they still need to be husband and wife. Hayley says they don’t need to make it a big deal. She says they can just put on some Marving Gaye but then Hope starts crying.

Ruben tells Rebekah and Marcel they both have to sip the tea for the spell to work. They do and he looks at the tea leaves. Ruben says she fought against her nature and lost. He says a witch named Eva Sinclair was stealing children to channel their power. He calls her a murderous psychopath. She and Marcel are both drugged. Marcel says she’s not who he thinks she is. Ruben snaps Marcel’s neck. Ruben says they never found those kids and as a parent, he couldn’t let her out in the world.

Gia and Elijah go to Josephine LaRue’s house. Elijah smiles at her warmly. Gia plays her violin for them – Beethoven. The woman is moved by her artistry. She tells Elijah he’s as calculating as ever having her play the piece she once played to great acclaim. Josephine says she only allowed him into her home because he’s more powerful. He says he expected her to be more cordial but she says many of their elders have died since the Originals came back to town.

He says he can put an end to that. She says she believes that as well as she believes she can play her violin again. She gestures to her gnarled hands. She says they are monsters wearing the skin of humans and asks them to leave. Ruben poisoned Rebekah and says the hallucinations will get worse then the pain starts. She stands and says she’s Rebekah Mikaelson and knows the cure to this poison. She backhands him across the room.

Gia says – screw her – and says Josephine isn’t queen of the witches. She says she can’t believe she learned Beethoven for her. Josephine asks what she likes to play and Gia launches into an Eddie South song. Josephine says she almost eloped with him. She says Gia’s candor is refreshing and says most vampires lack it. Gia says Elijah is someone she can trust. Josephine agrees to hear them out. Aiden hears a noise and Mikael is there dripping blood.

Mikael says he prefers vampire blood but says his will do. He tosses Aiden the heart of one of his men that Mikael calls a mangy spy. He moves to attack Aiden but Freya is there and reminds her father they have important matters to see to and then she knocks Aiden back with magic. When his head clears, they are both gone.

Aiden gets to his feet in shock. Elijah asks about the witches that escaped Fualine Cottage and says there is one they need to leave to him. He says he’ll deliver all the other witches safely back to her. She says Eva Sinclair is powerful and sadistic. She says she requires someone equally powerful in return and asks for Vincent Griffith back once Finn is expelled from his body. Elijah says they can consider it done. Elijah calls Klaus but he doesn’t take the call. He’s at the cemetery looking for Finn.

He says the wolves told him he’s been robbing graves and violating corpses. He tells him to come out and finish it. Then Finn does come out and Klaus and Finn face off. Finn says Klaus’ hubris knows no bounds. Finn throws fire at Klaus but he’s already gone. Klaus is on top of a tomb and then stabs him with a gate piece. He says Mikael was right that he’s a pathetic disappointment. He says he cursed the death of Kol and an innocent child – his.

He pins Finn with the gate and says he’s going to enjoy making him suffer. He goes to kill him but Elijah says they need him alive. Klaus says to stand aside but he won’t. Marcel wakes to find Rebekah fine. She says she counteracted the effects of the poison thanks to years of her mom’s prattling. He sees Ruben on the floor but she tells him to leave him be. She says he was just a father trying to protect a child and says she gets that because she was a mother for a little while.

Marcel says he was happy to hear that she got everything she wanted for a little while. She says she wishes he was with her but was relieved that he made peace with Klaus. She says Klaus does love loyalty. Rebekah takes his hand and thanks him for bothering to give a damn about an old flame. Finn is dying but Klaus says the witches want the body back unharmed. Klaus says he doesn’t care about currying witch favor. Freya is there and says witch allies can prove valuable.

She says she won’t let them hurt him. She touches her necklace and chants. Finn is gone and Vincent is back. She tells him to sleep. Freya says she has Finn safe from harm and his hatred can no longer do harm to their cause. Klaus asks what this “our” is and she says perhaps their older sister can offer them a deal. Klaus asks what she offers besides lies. She reminds him that she rescued Rebekah and ended Finn’s threat to Hope. She says Esther destroyed Finn like she did to everything she touched.

Klaus says he knows nothing of her and she puts memories into his head of when she was taken by Dahlia. She says if she’s woken, so has Dahlia and she will sense Hope’s magic and will come for his daughter unless they kill her first. She says he has no idea what it took to escape Dahlia and how she will punish them. Elijah asks if she knows how to defeat her and she says they need certain materials that she sent Mikael to get for her. Klaus snaps when he hears she’s woken and is using their psycho father.

Elijah tries to talk reason but Klaus won’t have it and he zips away. Freya thanks Elijah for his kindness and he says he may accept who she is but doesn’t trust her. She says she looks forward to earning his trust. Hayley comforts her crying daughter and begs her to stop crying. Jack is there and she asks if she’s the worst mother on the planet. He takes Hope and soothes her. He says Aiden is back and says they lost Jerrick. He says Mikael killed him. He says they could have lost more but Aiden played it smart.

She says Aiden learned from him and Jack says that wasn’t what he told him to do and says if he has followed orders, they’d all be dead. She’s impressed that he got Hope calmed. He lays her down and then Hayley comes over and they start kissing. They slip out while Hope is quiet and they fall onto her bed. They undress and kiss each other. Rebekah tells Marcel that Eva was a monster but she says it still wasn’t right to take her body without her consent. Marcel says it’s a public service.

Klaus looks in on Hope when Hayley comes back in. She says he has Jackson to thank for the quiet. They step out onto the porch and he says she’ll be pleased to know Finn is no longer a problem but there are new dangers. He says his father is on the loose and wants the pack to hunt Mikael. She says no and says they lost one good men and won’t fight his battles for him. Klaus threatens the pack and then Hayley says if he uses Hope to try and manipulate her again, she’ll take Hope and go.

Elijah has Vincent Griffith and tells Gia once he’s questioned him, he’ll hand him over to the witches. Gia asks where her thanks is and he says he had to deal with Klaus then thanks her. He takes a beer and surprises her. She says he knew Josephine would like her. He says she was a lot like Josephine back in the day. She says he’s always 10 steps ahead and she says she sealed the deal. He toasts her and says credit where credit is due. She says she told him he needed a woman to mess things up for him.

Gia says he never said if he liked her in that dress. He says he didn’t. She asks him to help with the zipper since it’s stuck. He brushes her hair out of the way then tugs the zipper down swiftly. He pulls the dress off her shoulders and kisses her neck. She turns and kisses him back. Klaus says there’s a choice to cling to the past or accept the inevitability of the future that can be brighter. We see Jack and Hayley cuddling in bed with Hope. Marcel puts a blanket over a sleeping Rebekah.

Klaus tells this to Aiden and says Jackson takes his leadership for granted and says they need a new leader chosen by the wolves to guide them into a new future. Klaus says he can help him become the leader the pack deserves. Aiden asks what’s in it for him. Klaus says all he will ask is that they protect Hope. He tells Aiden to let him know when he’s ready but says time is ticking on and tomorrow is already here.

Rebekah wakes and goes outside. She sees two kids out in the market and says it’s not safe because you never who you’ll run into. Ghost, goblins, Eva Sinclair. She slits the throat of the young boy and then torments the girls by taking her power. The girl screams as Rebekah/Eva carves into her head.

The End!