The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap – Kim Off the Wagon? – Season 5 Episode 10 “House of Cards”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap - Kim Off the Wagon? - Season 5 Episode 10 "House of Cards"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday January 20, season 5 episode 10 called, “House of Cards.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the ladies travel up the coast to Santa Barbara to enjoy a day at the spa, but what should be a relaxing afternoon turns tense as Kim Richards is put in a position that could challenge her sobriety. Meanwhile, Yolanda spends one last night with her daughters in NYC.

On the last episode, Yolanda and Kyle were apprehensive about leaving their daughters at college, but in very different ways, while Lisa Vanderpump learned that her son Max wanted to move up in the world. Lisa Rinna filmed a movie with her husband Harry Hamlin and magician Penn Jillette, while Brandi checked out her ex-husband’s new reality show. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “the ladies travel up the coast to Santa Barbara to enjoy a day at the spa, but what should be a relaxing afternoon turns tense as Kim is put in a position that could challenge her sobriety. Meanwhile, Yolanda spends one last night with her daughters in NYC. Eileen opens her house to her new friends, inviting Kim, Kyle, Lisa Rinna, and Brandi to her Malibu home for a night of poker. Kim’s erratic behavior puts everyone on edge, leading to an explosive confrontation between Brandi and Kyle.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!.”

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#RHOBH starts now. Kyle comes to Eileen’s and tells her she’s sad leaving Alexia at college. She says they had fun in Arizona, but it’s very emotional. They are all going for a spa day in Santa Monica. Lisa Vanderpump shows up next and then Lisa Rinna. They hop into the van and then Brandi shows up. She says she’s going to be on her best behavior and Lisa V asks how long it will last. Kim is last and then they take off and hit the road.

Kyle talks about pubic hair and Lisa R says her hubby likes a really hairy bush. They ask Lisa V what her downstairs situation is. Brandi thinks she may have a 70’s afro bump. Yolanda texts to show them Bella’s new place and they snap a selfie to send back t her. They get to the Bacara Resort and Spa and hand out champagne and a non-alcoholic one for Kim. Lisa R says she’s a pamper whore. They are split into two groups and Lisa V isn’t happy that Brandi is with her.

Lisa R says to make her massage hard and deep and Kyle tells her to stop being a pervert. Brandi asks Eileen about what Vinny does and she says he hosts the World Poker Tour. Lisa V asks if it’s serious poker at her house and Eileen says they’re going to do a casual poker night at her house but Lisa V will be in Cabo with Ken when they’re doing it. Kyle asks Lisa R if Eileen and Brandi are okay after the wine throwing.

Lisa R says Brandi apologized and she accepted it. Kim says Brandi is much better about flying off the handle. Kyle says Brandi is unpredictable. Eileen has to leave to go to work. Lisa V tells the masseur her lower back hurts and Brandi says it’s from doing anal. Lisa V says she can’t shock her anymore. Yolanda is in New York at Gigi’s apartment and says she’s accomplished a lot in her first year in Manhattan as a model.

Yolanda says she invested a lot in her and there’s no greater reward than seeing them successful. Yolanda tells her when she brought her to New York last year, she never imagined she’d do all this. Back at the spa, the ladies then head to a wine tasting. They get some food and they have a non-alcoholic smoothie for Kim. Kyle doesn’t like that Kim has been put in this position to be stuck at a wine tasting. Kim agrees that it’s very awkward.

Brandi says without her, they’d have nothing to talk about. But then she says that would also apply if she stopped being an a-hole. Kyle comes over to check on Kim who tells her she’s okay. Kim walks away and says she doesn’t want to be vulnerable. She goes outside to make a call. She comes back in and Lisa R checks on her. Kim says she’s good and is strong enough to be there. Brandi says she feels like Kim is strong enough to handle it when her friends drink.

Back in NYC, Gigi comes to Bella’s where Yolanda is helping her prepare for a meeting. Bella asks Yolanda if she can quit school if her career takes off. Yolanda says if she makes six figures, it’s okay. Yolanda says she left Holland at 16 to work as a model and was alone but it happy that her daughters have each other in the big city. On the van on the way back, they talk about their top fantasies. Lisa R says boffing Brad Pitt. Kim says living on a beach alone.

Kyle says she’d like to try being a stripper but with her face covered. She says she’s done it for her hubby. Lisa R says she loves a good stripper and would pay to see her do splits. Brandi says she’s going to get real. She says she’d like to walk in on her BF with another girl and then staying until he has to release himself. Kyle says it’s sick. Later, she’s shoe shopping when Kim meets her. She says Alexia took a pile of her clothes to school, so she needs to buy more.

They go to lunch and Kyle tells her she’s sorry that they set up a wine tasting when she was expecting a lunch. Kim says it didn’t bother her and Kyle says she’s strong in her sobriety, so it’s good. Kim says it was funny to her but Kyle says it wasn’t to her. Kim says the only thing that bothered her was that there wasn’t enough food. She says she didn’t mind wine but wanted food. Vinny and Eileen are setting up for their poker night.

She says they bet a lot and Vinny got her hooked on sports betting. She says it ruined sports for her since she used to just be a fan. Vinny asks if the guests know how to play poker and she says no then he complains when she wants to start a fire. He says it’s too hot. Eileen says she does most of the work when they have a party but says he’d disagree. Over at Brandi’s, she grabs up wine and hops in the car with Kyle. She has one bottle for them and two for Eileen.

She says she owes Kim an apology for the wine tasting and Kyle says she felt bad about it too. She says she’s glad Kim is stronger now in her sobriety. Kyle says it was all such a secret and no one talked about it. Kyle says some families are open about their problems, but their mom raised them differently. Kyle says she would say to her mom that keeping it secret let Kim get away with it more. We see a flashback to Kyle calling her sister an alcoholic in the limo a couple of years ago.

Kim stops to pick up Lisa Rinna who asks if she’s pissy. Kim says she’s feeling ornery and Lisa R asks if she’s taking drugs or drinking. She says no but Lisa R says she thinks she’s f-d up. Kim says she’s just sad because Monty isn’t around. Kim definitely seems off. She gets a text. She’s ranting and being whack-a-doodle. Lisa R tries to make the best of it. Kyle says Kim is an all or nothing personality and says she’s glad they can talk about it.

Brandi says she was never a drinker before her divorce and Kyle says you have an addiction or not. Brandi agrees that it’s a disease. Lisa R encourages Kim to go back to acting since she has more time now. Lisa R demonstrates some of her acting chops and then Kim curses at her. It’s a very odd exchange. Lisa R says she’s not sure if they’re playing a game or not and wants to get out of the car and run. She tells Kim she’s a good actress.

Lisa V is in Cabo saying she’s so happy she’s not going home. She says Giggy loves being on vacation since he gets more of her attention. He’s in a little sombrero and Lisa V says he’s drinking so much he’ll have a hangover. She has him naked on the beach – no clothes – and has a little beach tent set up for him. It’s too cute. Lisa R and Kim make it to Eileen’s. Lisa R is happy that Kim seems to be pulling her act together and is glad to be among other people.

Eileen greets them and then Brandi and Kyle show up. Kyle says her home is great. Kim is very huggy and smoochy with them. Eileen shows them around her house which is chock full of antiques. Brandi says it’s very Norman Bates. Eileen thinks she’s being weird. Vinny shuffles and Kim lights a cigar. Vinny says he’s going to teach them to play poker. They ask a bunch of stupid questions and Eileen says it’s like herding cats.

Kim is cursing and being weird. She doesn’t seem straight. Lisa R doesn’t want to get in the middle of it. Brandi tells them to stop acting stupid and Kyle says she’s smart but doesn’t know how to play poker. Kyle thinks Brandi is going to the dark side now that she’s got some booze in her. Kim is overjoyed and dancing when she wins the hand. She hugs and kisses Brandi who also did well. Kim asks Kyle if she’s jealous that they won. Kim texts Monty to tell her.

Brandi says Kyle and Kim are jealous of each other and says Kyle doesn’t want to see her excel. Kim and Lisa R start cursing at each other. Eileen says this is going south. Kyle says Kim doesn’t seem like herself and it’s how she’s seen her before. Kyle says she doesn’t want to go through this again. Kim wins again and Brandi asks if she’s okay. Vinny does one last hand for the win of the evening. Brandi cracks a sex joke that Eileen doesn’t like.

Brandi wins the big hands of the night and Vinny gives her a little trophy. She says all the actresses are super stupid for not beating her. She thanks Eileen for having her. Brandi calls Kyle a bitch and Eileen says Brandi needs a thesaurus to find some other words. Brandi tells Kyle not to be jealous. Then Kim starts in on her sister. Eileen doesn’t like all the tension.

Kyle is panicking and says she’s feeling embarrassed about what Kim might say next. She walks away from the table and goes into the bathroom. Kim says she’s going to go talk to her. Kim goes in the bathroom with Kyle and tells her she doesn’t care if she’s embarrassed. Kim says she has nothing to hide. Eileen asks what’s going on with Kim and Brandi says she’s having a rough time right now with her ex-husband’s illness.

Kyle asks Kim if she’s drinking and Kim says Monty gave her a pain pill because she wasn’t feeling well. Kyle isn’t happy that she took a pill. Kyle is scared about her sobriety but is happy she told her the truth. Brandi asks Kim who’s taking her home and Brandi walks her out. She tells Brandi what Kyle said to her and Brandi says she knows what she’s going through. Brandi walks her back in to say goodbye.

Brandi says Kim is really fragile right now and doesn’t need to be judged by them. They come in and Kim gives hugs saying she’s going to leave. They try to get Kim to eat before she leaves. Brandi takes some food for her. Kim tries to get Kyle to leave her alone. Brandi gets between them and walks her out. Kyle yanks Brandi’s arm and she has to push her away. She and Kim leave. Kyle is crying and Brandi says they need to get Kim out of there.