The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap – Brandi vs Eddie: Season 5 Episode 9 “Live and Learn”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap - Brandi vs Eddie: Season 5 Episode 9 "Live and Learn"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday January 13, season 5 episode 9 called, “Live and Learn” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Yolanda H. Foster and Kyle Richards are apprehensive about leaving their daughters at college, but in very different ways, while Lisa Vanderpump learns that her son Max wants to move up in the world.

On the last episode, Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump finally met for lunch to talk about the status of their tenuous relationship. Yolanda struggled with trusting Bella after her recent DUI charge. Eileen and Brandi shared marriage stories over dinner, but the evening quickly turned sour when Brandi heard Eileen was married to somebody else when she met Vince. The ladies attend a dinner party at Yolanda’s home in Malibu where tensions are high between Eileen and Brandi. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “Yolanda and Kyle are apprehensive about leaving their daughters at college, but in very different ways, while Lisa Vanderpump learns that her son Max wants to move up in the world. Lisa Rinna films a movie with her husband Harry Hamlin and magician Penn Jillette, while Brandi checks out her ex-husband’s new reality show.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!”

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At Lisa V’s, she complains that she’s exhausted. Rocio tells her she loves all her clothes and shoes, even the ones that Lisa is fussing about. She calls Max, her son, and she says she’s overworked. She tells him he needs to work harder. He says he’d like to. He’s working at Sur now because he decided he didn’t want to go to college anymore. Lisa says if he’s not in school, he has to make it on his own. He says he wants to be successful like his parents and sister are.

He says he’s content with what he’s been given and is lazy. She says he’s not really lazy, but isn’t ambitious. Lisa asks him to meet her to talk the next day. Kyle and her family are seeing Alexia off to college. Kyle says it’s painful to send her off. Kyle says she doesn’t want her to spread her wings and fly. They’re all in Tucson and headed to the University of Arizona. Mauricio says it’s really hot there. Kyle says she has the Tucson police on Twitter to keep an eye on crime.

They meet Chris and Nikki from the school and Kyle says they need to feed the kids. Kyle says she wanted to be a lawyer but had an acting career so her mom didn’t encourage it. Nikki talks about the big dust storms they get called brown outs. Kyle says she hated that she didn’t go to college and that’s why she wants her kids to go. In New York City, Yolanda is helping Bella get settled in her first place. She says it’s not easy sending your girls off to college.

We see her helping Bella pack up last week and Yolanda says Bella’s DUI has made her more insecure about letting her go. Yolanda tells her that everyone is nervous and she needs to put out positive energy. She sends her off to school and says she’ll work on her place while she’s at the school. Back in LA, Brandi meets Ron, her lawyer. She asks what Eddie’s letter means. He says Eddie is asking for a refund on support payments he says he overpaid.

Brandi says Eddie is the one who calculates how much he makes and now he wants $114k back. Brandi wants to go to court but Ron says it will cost more. She says Eddie is saying he makes no money but Brandi says he just got a new TV show. Ron says her position is strong and says he can cut a deal with Eddie’s lawyer. Brandi says she would like them all to get along. Brandi says she just wants this all to be done and says it feels like their divorce all over again.

Eileen is cooking. She calls in the kids and she says she was nicer before she moved into a house of men. Her stepsons live with her and she says she’s used to chaos since she grew up in a big household. Eileen says she likes being a step mom and asks them if they’ve talked to Gigi later. She says you have to find your own place since you’re not their mom. They talk about doing hot yoga and the place happens to be near Gigi’s place.

Eileen says the boys think she’s tough but fair and she also spoiled them rotten. She tells the boys to do the dishes since she cooked. Yolanda says finding Bella a good apartment in New York was hard. She says they lucked into Gigi’s place. This year she found two apartments she liked but then they were taken out from under her. She says she wants Bella to focus on school so they are covering all her living expenses. She says she helped Gigi her first year.

Yolanda says she hopes the kids will start to pay their own way. Yolanda says she’s a DIY gal because she grew up with no one helping her. Yolanda doesn’t like the couch and she talks about how she designs things and doesn’t let anyone make decisions for her. She says that’s her forte. Her decorator agrees to change out the things she doesn’t like. Kyle and hers check into the hotel near the school and Farrah meets them. Alexia is still at school for rush activities.
Kyle says when Farrah left for NYU she cried for a whole month. She says she’s happy she transferred to USC. Kyle says she really wants Alexia to transfer closer to home. Farrah says she can’t believe this is happening. She says they need to get some pretty pillows and things for her. Alexia is in an apartment because she was wait listed for a dorm. Kyle wanted her on campus so she could be around other kids.

Mauricio says they just want her at home. Kyle says by the time Portia leaves, she’ll be ready for a strait jacket. She tells Portia she had her because Farrah left for college. She jokes about getting pregnant again but Mauricio says they have enough. Lisa Rinna calls Harry and he’s on set. Lisa R says she loves acting and says it’s so much fun. She’s doing vocal exercises in the car while she heads to set. She meets Adam, the director, on the set of Director’s Cut.

She talks to Penn Jillette – he wrote the movie and Harry, her hubby, is the star. She says Penn wrote her in to play herself. She says she would do anything but porn for Penn. She has no script and is improvising and playing Harry’s wife. Harry shows up while she’s in makeup and she says she’s ready to show Penn what she will do. They sit down for a table read. She says it’s weird to act with Harry because they’re both acting.

She says there’s a comfort level, but not, so it’s an out of body experience. She says she likes to watch him work and says she’s not sure if he likes to watch her work or even what he really thinks of her. Bella comes in and tells her mom the apartment looks good. Bella says it’s amazing and then gives her mom a card that says she’s sorry for what she did and that she wants her trust back and to show her that she’s a good girl and the girl she raised her to be.

It’s really sweet and Yolanda says Bella’s one mistake doesn’t define her. Yolanda cries and then hugs her daughter. She says she’ll keep the card with her and read it when she misses her. She tells Bella that she knows that people make mistakes because she’s 50 and still makes mistakes. She says this experience made Bella reevaluate where she’s going and the choices she’s making.

At Brandi’s, Mark, her roomie and hairstylist and BFF Jennifer are there along with Peter when Kim shows up. It’s the premier of Eddie and LeAnn and they are having a viewing party. She says she needs to make sure her kids aren’t on there. She says she’s not sure what Eddie and LeAnn think their side of the story is – she says they’re cheating assholes. Brandi says LeAnn is prettier than people give her credit to be. Kim says she wouldn’t want to watch her ex on TV.

Brandi says she’s a character on their show since she’s mentioned constantly but doesn’t get a check for it. Brandi says it’s a show about bashing her and they’re using her kids to promote it. Brandi wants her to stop talking about her kids. Brandi says she wants their show to do well because that means she’ll get more child support. She shows a $1,000 check from Eddie and says that won’t go far. Kim says it was not great and her friends agree it was all about her. Brandi says they did need a star and they laugh.

Ken wishes Lisa V happy anniversary. It’s been 32 years and she says he bought her roses and is expecting romance. There are roses everywhere. She tells Ken that Max is coming over. She says he started out washing dishes for them and she says he’s learning the business from the bottom up. Max shows up and wishes them happy anniversary. They ask about his new car and he says it’s his GF’s Allison’s. He says he’s not supposed to be driving it but is anyway.

Ken says he’s not acting sensible when Max says he doesn’t have registration and proof of insurance. Lisa says they’ve struggled with Max and he’s given them the runaround. Ken says he won’t talk to Max about more stuff at work until he gets his car stuff cleared up. Max laughs and Lisa tells him not to laugh. She says he’s got a roof over his head and food on his table. He says he didn’t have electricity for months and she says that’s his motivation to get them back on.

She says a mother is as happy as her saddest child and then asks about his GF. She says she’s happy to teach him the restaurant business but he has to want to do it. She says he’s seeing Pandora and Jason be successful and now wants more for himself. Kyle and Mauricio talk and he says he needs to set up her bank account with money. He says she needs no more than $15 a meal and Kyle laughs. She says she has no clue how much to give her. He says $1,800 a month should be more than enough.

They meet up with the girls and Alexia says she’s losing her voice from chanting at rush week. Kyle says she’s done so much for her children she didn’t give them room enough to do things on her own. She’s worried about Alexia flying home alone since she’s never been through an airport alone. Farrah talks about all her classes freshman year starting at 2 pm. Kyle again mentions she regrets not going to college. A big rain blows up and then Kyle asks her where she thinks saying goodbye is best.

Kyle says they should say goodbye at the hotel and then send her to school in the car. Mauricio says he knows she can figure it out. It’s freezing and cold as they leave the restaurant in a monsoon like storm. Lisa Rinna takes a call from Ali, the director of Stella & Dot. They sit outside and talk about a party that Lisa is hosting to benefit breast cancer. She says her mom and sister are both breast cancer survivors. Lisa says she likes Ali’s event she did with Holly Robinson Peete.

Lisa says her friends have piles of real jewels they wear and says she’s not comfortable wearing that much money on her arm. Lisa says she’s going to invite 40 people at the most. Lisa tries on all the jewelry and loves it all. In Malibu, Eileen is packing off Duke for his last year of college. She says both the stepsons are living lives she and Vince never did. Neither went to college. Eileen says she’s thrilled for them but never really wanted to go herself.

Vince says he’s hoping Duke will get into grad school in London like he wants. Eileen says she’s very proud of him and they pack him up. Jesse, Eileen’s son, comes in and tells Duke goodbye. Eileen says that means Jesse is next. She says one by one you watch them go and the house gets quieter. Duke heads off and she says Duke is really close with Vince and she says they went through all the blended family stuff.

In Arizona, Kyle makes tea for Alexia since her voice is completely gone. Mauricio says there’s nothing they can do about it. Kyle says she’s dreading leaving her there and says it doesn’t seem well. Alexia goes to kiss Portia goodbye and Kyle is crying. She asks her to text her when she gets home after class. She hugs her and tells her she’s going to have a lot of fun there and Mauricio goes to walk her down. She tells her to have fun today. Kyle just bawls and bawls.

Kyle says each child that leaves changes their home dynamic. She says she just wants to run hug her again but doesn’t want to upset her. Alexia cries as she hugs her dad and he’s upset too. She gets in the car and the driver takes her off to campus. He goes back upstairs and hugs Kyle. He’s all teary too. She says she doesn’t think fathers feel what moms usually feel but says she and Mauricio are sharing this pain right now.