The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap – Brandi Glanville Goes Overboard: Season 5 Episode 8 “Wining and Dining”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap - Brandi Glanville Goes Overboard: Season 5 Episode 8 "Wining and Dining"

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday January 6, season 5 episode 8 called, “Wining and Dining.” and we have your weekly recap below. Tonight, Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump finally meet for lunch to talk about the status of their tenuous relationship. Yolanda H. Foster struggles with trusting Bella after her recent DUI charge.

On the last episode, the time had come for Brandi’s housewarming party, and everyone was shocked when an unexpected party guest showed up. Lisa Rinna guest-hosted Access Hollywood Live, while fellow actress Eileen tried out a new form of exercising. Elsewhere, Kyle learned that her daughter still had a lot to learn before she left for college. Lisa Vanderpump hosted a charity event at PUMP, where Brandi made her an unusual offer. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump finally meet for lunch to talk about the status of their tenuous relationship. Yolanda struggles with trusting Bella after her recent DUI charge. Eileen and Brandi share marriage stories over dinner, but the evening quickly turns sour when Brandi hears Eileen was married to somebody else when she met Vince. The ladies attend a dinner party at Yolanda’s home in Malibu where tensions are high between Eileen and Brandi.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!”

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On #RHOBH, at Lisa V’s she tells Ken to quit feeding Giggy people biscuits. She says she’s having lunch with Brandi. He asks if she’s going to apologize and she says she’s going to hear what Brandi has to say. Lisa says it’s better she sits down with her to hear what she has to say so they don’t gang up on her. She invites Ken along but he declines and tells her to have fun. She says it won’t be fun. Brandi thinks Lisa V should be offering her an apology, but we’ll see what happens.

Lisa V shows up and tells Brandi she has all her attention. Brandi says she wants wine before they start heavy conversation. Lisa V says Brandi said a lot of things about her and asks why she wants her in her life if she believes all those things. Brandi tells her that Lisa said bad things about her too. Brandi says she cares about her or she wouldn’t be there. Lisa V says you have to be accountable for your words and actions. She says Ken feels very hurt as well and thinks Brandi went too far.

Lisa V says for Brandi to turn on Ken, it will be a long time before Ken warms up to her again. Brandi says Ken dumped her as a friend when Lisa did. Brandi says they were like parents to her and it sucked to have them walk away from her when things got rough. Brandi says she thinks they have similar personalities and Lisa V disagrees immediately. Brandi says they have similar senses of humor and Lisa gives that a maybe. Brandi says friends are there in good times and bad.

She says she felt like they were family then pulled away. Lisa V asks what she wants and Brandi says to have fun again and Lisa V asks if she’s going to apologize to her. Brandi also asks for an apology. Yolanda is with Bella, her daughter, and they talk about her getting a place in New York. Yolanda is the one that got a DUI and says she wants her to have a pad close to school. Yolanda says she was always so responsible then just made a mistake.

Yolanda says she’s lost her confidence in Bella’s decisions. She says it scares her and makes her vulnerable. Bella is at a modeling shoot and they agree she looks different from GiGi. Yolanda says she took her phone, cut off Bella’s social media and is making her pay for her own lawyer fees from her savings. Lisa V asks what she wants her to apologize for and she says for bringing Scheana around repeatedly. Lisa apologizes for it and this shocks Brandi completely.

Brandi then apologizes for repeating gossip she had heard. Brandi says she was an ass to her and Lisa V says she can’t be the friend she wants her to be. She says she can be friendly with her though. Brandi is ready to take baby steps and offers to have a conversation with Ken. Lisa V says Brandi is one of the most unpredictable people she’s ever met. Lisa V tells Brandi she has to pick up the tab for lunch and says she may even take something to go and Brandi jokes that she’s taking advantage.

Lisa Rinna gets together with Yolanda. Eileen meets them and then Brandi shows up. Lisa Rinna says she needs to do more socializing. Yolanda is having a party the next night and says she hopes it will be warm so they can do some outdoors as well. Yolanda says she loves dinner parties that end up around the piano. She says music joins people together. Brandi tells them she met Lisa V and says it was a positive situation and they’re moving forward as much as they can.

She says it may just be hello or it may be more. Yolanda says Lisa V is not one to apologize and says if they can find it in themselves to forgive and move on, she’s happy. Kyle talks about the stuff Alexia needs for her college. Kyle says someone put red in the white load and says all her white panties are now pink. Kyle says she has household help which is nice but that means Alexia has no clue how to do laundry. She goes to give her a laundry lesson.

Alexia doesn’t even know which is the washer and which is the dryer. She demonstrates how to use it and says laundry is one area she hasn’t prepared her kids for life. Kyle starts crying when she talks to Alexia about school. She tells her if she’s not happy there, she can always can home. She says there are a lot of good schools there. Kyle is worried about her in the wake of Bella’s DUI. She says kids make mistakes. Alexia reminds her she’ll only be an hour away.

Kyle says she has to let go and hope she’ll make the right choices. She says it’s blind faith. Lisa Rinna is shocked to find out Harry Hamlin, her hubby is just a few years older than Brandi’s dad. Lisa Rinna says she and Harry were meant to be together and Eileen says she and Vinny are too. Brandi asks Eileen if Vinny was married when they met and Eileen says they both were. Brandi says she just went through this with JR cheating on her and, of course, Eddie. She doesn’t like this.

Brandi says you should break up instead of cheating. Eileen says it was a horrific experience and Brandi asks how her husband at the time felt about this. Eileen says she was up front about it and he took it well. She tells Brandi she has a lot of empathy for what she went through but she thinks if a marriage is on solid ground, cheating won’t happen. Brandi says it’s hard for her not to feel mad, but she’s not the scorned woman police.

Brandi tells Yolanda that Eileen is a whore on the show. Yolanda asks her to do a line. Brandi hands Eileen some money to pay her to act for them. Brandi wants to see her do her villain that she does on TV. Eileen says she’s not a circus seal and then makes noise like a seal. Eileen is very uncomfortable and really doesn’t want to do it. She gives back the money and then Brandi throws a drink on her to try and get her to act out.

Yolanda and Lisa R are absolutely shocked. Lisa R says it was weird and inappropriate. Lisa R says she would have come across the table at her. Brandi says she’s had a few drinks and Brandi seems to regret it immediately. Yolanda is stunned. Eileen is all teared up. Brandi says she thinks it was her drinking, looking for a soap opera moment and being upset that Eileen was admitting to cheating. Eileen says it’s humiliating and she’s never had someone do that to her before.

Yolanda calls for the check because it’s now too awkward to continue. Next day at Yolanda’s, they are in party prepping mode. Yolanda says she’s never used a party planner but likes Mindy who is a friend and decided to use her. Yolanda says it’s nice she can go take a bath and just get ready without running around. Vinny calls Eileen out to the balcony to enjoy the air. They hug and he says they can relax before the party. She asks if she looks okay and says she didn’t sleep well last night and is tired.

He asks if she wants a glass of wine and she says she wants to avoid it by now. He laughs and says Brandi is a psycho. Eileen says she’s like a crazy super fan that’s capable of almost anything. She asks who throws wine on someone and Vinny tells her not to take it personally and says he thinks Brandi really likes her. David checks out Yolanda before the party and kisses her. She invited everyone to the party including Brandi and says she’ll be horrified if Brandi behaves like that at her home.

Martin Katz shows up along with Babyface (Kenny Edmonds). Yolanda says David and Babyface work together often and have for decades. Kyle show up next and says Mauricio is on the way. She and Kyle head outside to enjoy the view. Eileen and Vinny show up. Yolanda tells Kyle about what Brandi did at dinner last night. She says Brandi was trying to goad Eileen into doing a soap opera thing and then threw wine on her.

Kyle is horrified and says she can’t figure out how Brandi operates but says it’s not surprising since Brandi is unpredictable. Lisa V shows up and then Lisa R. Mauricio finally shows up and Lisa V says Ken couldn’t make it. Eileen makes a beeline for Lisa V to tell her about Brando throwing wine. She says she threw a glass of wine in her face (it was actually just a little bit). Lisa V says this is a new low and Eileen worries she might slap her next time.

Brandi shows up as Vinny talks about them throwing a poker party. Yolanda calls Brandi naughty girl and tells her to behave. Eileen tells Kyle and Lisa V this is like strange high school stuff. Lisa R comes over and joins in the conversation. Eileen doesn’t want to see Brandi and tells everyone again how shocked she was. Brandi comes in and Eileen tells her they were just talking about her. Lisa R is being an oddball and steps inside one of Yolanda’s giant glass refrigerators.

She tells Lisa V that she’s going to stay young forever. She says she’s a freak for standing in Yolanda’s fridge. Brandi asks to talk to Eileen and she asks her to leave her wine inside. Eileen asks if she left the freak super fan at home. Brandi says she was wrong and has anxiety about what she did. Eileen jokes about pushing her into the pool and they sit. Brandi says she can’t really explain but has a present to make up for it. She gives her a necklace as a peace offering.

Eileen says it’s like a kiss and a slap. Brandi says she must have had too much to drink and was just waiting for her to go into character. She says she’s been a fan of hers since high school and says she’s never thrown a drink at anyone. Eileen says it felt like an attack. Brandi explains that she was stat struck and Brandi says she was being a creepy fan. Eileen accepts her apology but says she still can’t trust her. They head back inside. Brandi says she felt like shit all day and Eileen says she should.

Brandi says she cried over it. Lisa R is talking to the chef asking about the food. Lisa R asks about the food and Lisa V tells her she’s the size of a toothpick and to quit worrying about it. Kim is there and they talk about Kim’s hair. Brandi goes ahead and tells Kim what she did with the wine and says she apologized. She says she cried over it and Kim says Brandi is moving in the right direction by acknowledging mistakes and moving in the right direction.

It’s dinner time and Yolanda plays a few piano notes to announce it. They talk about remembering people’s names and Lisa V can’t remember Babyface’s name and calls him papaface. Yolanda stands and says she lost her voice for two years and now loves to talk. She tells everyone they are welcome in their home and tells David she adores him and thanks him for being with her through the hardest two years of her life. She toasts Eileen’s Emmy and says they’re proud of her.

Yolanda tells Brandi she’s in time out and can’t talk. Then Yolanda stands back up and toasts Lisa on the opening of PUMP and tells her next time to invite them to the opening. Lisa V tries to make a subtle excuse then says move on. Lisa V says it’s not rocket science to figure out why she didn’t invite them. We see a flashback to Yolanda calling Ken rude and chewing her out. Kyle brings up the Brandi/Lisa V lunch and they agree it was good. Kyle says it won’t be easy no matter what Brandi hopes.

Babyface chats up Brandi about wine and he says white wine gives him a headache. David calls down to Brandi that he’s married and she says she knows and then tells Babyface that his wife is beautiful. She asks to see Nikki’s ring and tells Babyface he should have gone bigger. Lisa V tells her she can’t say that and Brandi says she can. Lisa V thinks that’s emasculating and says it’s like telling a man his penis isn’t big enough.

Then Brandi goes on to say if you have a giant rock it means your husband is cheating and Babyface tells Brandi that her opinion is based on what she’s gone through and she agrees. They head outside to make s’mores after dinner. Lisa R says Yolanda is an effortless hostess even though she’s sick. Brandi tells Eileen and Lisa R how sexy they are. She says she’s a wacko fan about them. Lisa R tells her she’s kind of f-ing crazy and Brandi agrees.

Brandi sits down on David’s lap and he tells Yolanda to kick her ass. She comes and pulls Brandi off her hubby’s lap. Lisa R pulls Eileen inside and Eileen says it’s all okay. Lisa R says Brandi is really nuts and says she’s like a needy three year old. She says she wants to hug her and spank her. She says Brandi wants attention and a reaction. Lisa R says she’s like a wounded little girl. Lisa R says no one drinks that much if she’s happy. They agree that she’s neurotic enough to be an actress.

After dinner, they sit around the piano and David talks about going to the audience to get them to say a random thought to inspire the song. Kyle says she loves her life. Babyface has the guitar and Brandi asks why he says it like he’s finger banging his wife and Kyle says she ruined a beautiful moment. Lisa R says that’s totally white trash. Babyface says he can do loving life and finger banging. He and David start playing and Babyface sings.

He sings – I love being in LA, this is true. Brandi likes finger banging. Yolanda says it doesn’t sound sweet and wonders if there’s a better word for that activity in the English language. Babyface finishes with I love finger banging. Yolanda goes and gives Babyface a kiss and says she loves him.