The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap “Surprise!” – Season 5 Episode 14

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap "Surprise!" - Season 5 Episode 14

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns to Bravo tonight with all new Tuesday February 17, season 5 episode 14 called, “Surprise!,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Eileen Davidson organizes a table read for her husband’s latest Hollywood script, inviting the actresses: Kim, Kyle, and the two Lisas. Check out our special insider post on whether Brandi Glanville is staying or leaving RHOBH.

On the last episode, after they blew up at Kyle’s gay mixer, the other women speculated about Brandi’s influence over Kim. The ladies attended Eileen’s movie premiere at a shopping center in the suburbs. Lisa Vanderpump was nervous when her son received his genealogy test results. As Eileen brought the Richards sisters together to discuss their problems, Lisa Rinna questioned Brandi about Kim’s recent behavior. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Bravo synopsis, “Eileen organizes a table read for her husband’s latest Hollywood script, inviting the actresses: Kim, Kyle, and the two Lisas. Kim and Kyle act like everything is okay between them, but after the read, emotions run high, leaving everyone wondering what lies ahead for Kim. Brandi agrees to a 21 day cleanse of no alcohol, but attending Lisa Vanderpump’s surprise birthday party may have her second guessing her decision to stay sober.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!”

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Brandi comes to see Yolanda at her house. She says she’s trying to figure out how to FaceTime with her mom in Holland. Brandi says she misses drinking and it’s boring. She’s doing a 21 day cleans with Yolanda with no sugar and alcohol. Brandi says it feels good and says she just wants to show the other judgy women that she can do it. Yolanda says Brandi drinks to have fun and check out.

Keith the yoga instructor shows up to do yoga with them. Brandi says she’s willing to do this cleanse with Yolanda since she’s stuck up for her. Keith does the crow pose and Brandi tries but falls on her face. She says getting old sucks. At Lisa Vanderpump’s she wonders what to serve to Kyle. They sit and she asks Rocio to bring her a drink. Kyle takes tea and Lisa V asks if she’s okay.

Kyle says she’s so frustrated. She says Kim doesn’t get that she’s concerned and Brandi is putting a wedge between them. She’s worried about what Kim has confided in her and that it could bit her in the ass. Kyle V says Kim knows Kyle will always be there for her but she’s cultivating Brandi because she’s not sure she’ll always be there. Kyle says Brandi is acting like she’s her savior.

Lisa V says Brandi’s greatest fear is being cast aside and left. She says Brandi was threatened by she and Kyle becoming friends. She tells Kyle to be polite and ignore the relationship with Brandi. Eileen and Vince go out for a drink and dinner. She tells him she talked to both Kyle and Kim and says it’s weird because sisters have the ability to hurt you like no one else because of that connection.

Eileen says she’s lost two of her sisters and they need to focus on the love. Vince says they’re making too much out of it and Eileen says they should go to therapy and says she loves therapy. She asks Vince about the table read. She says he’s written a new screenplay and they decided it would be fun to get everyone together to read it out loud since a bunch of her friends are actors – Kim, Kyle and Lisa Rinna.

Eileen says there won’t be any alcohol but he says it will loosen them up. She says they don’t need to be loosened up and says they all talk about their vaginas all the time. Lisa V plays with her dogs and Ken. She says the big dogs are running over Giggy and picks him up. Lisa Rinna greets the dogs warmly and says it’s so hot. Lisa R is there to pick up Lisa V for the table read. They head out. Lisa R says table reads are fun.

Brandi meets up with Jennifer her friend who is an addiction specialist. They’re at the beach when Ken calls Brandi. He says he’s doing a surprise party for Lisa on Tuesday. She says that’s sweet and says he doesn’t want to leave anyone out and she says she’s not sure she wants her there but says she’ll come and bring a nice present. He asks if she’ll be on her best behavior and she asks if he’s saying that to everyone or just her.

Brandi is aggravated but says she’ll be there after he tells her he doesn’t want her ruining Lisa’s birthday party. Kyle picks up Kim for the table read and they talk about being child actors. Kyle says she was a chubby teen with braces and Kim says she hates pictures of herself at that age. Kyle says she doesn’t get what they’re doing today but says she likes Eileen. Kim says she didn’t like how Eileen talked to her at lunch.

She says she didn’t think it was any of her business to talk to her about Brandi. Kim says Eileen should not have gone into her life like that. Kyle says she needs to learn to control her emotions better so Kim and Brandi’s relationship doesn’t get to her. Lisa V tells Lisa R she’s worried about Kim and Lisa R mentions staging an intervention. Lisa V says they can’t do something like that.

Lisa R wants to know why everyone is scared of that. Lisa V says Lisa R is playing with fire by questioning Kim’s sobriety. She mentions being in Paris and asking about it and it blowing up in her face. Lisa V says unless she sees something terribly worrying, she’s not going to say anything. Lisa R says she has seen this.

Brandi tells Jennifer she went to lunch with Lisa R and her talking about Kim’s sobriety. Jennifer says it is not a good idea to take someone else’s medication when you’re in recovery. Jennifer says she has pain but would never take something no matter her pain. Jennifer says it’s too hard for Kim to be around people who are drinking and Brandi says she thought it was fine her having a glass of wine in front of her.

Lisa R tells Lisa V they should all be very concerned with Kim. Jennifer says Kim should be going to meetings and have a sponsor and therapy. Jennifer says no one can save Kim but Kim and Brandi says Kim is fragile and doesn’t have the tools. Brandi says Kyle has gone off on Kim and doesn’t know what Kim is going through. Brandi says there’s much more to it and it’s not just history repeating itself.

Kim says Brandi can be mean when she gets upset but she owns it. Kyle asks Kim how long that can go on and Kim says Brandi believes a lot of the stuff she says. Kim gets a text while Kyle says Brandi needs to shut the f-k up. At Vince and Eileen’s, they put out sandwich trays before the table read. Steve, his writing partner is there too. Kim and Kyle show up and Eileen hopes no one will get hit in the head with a script.

Jimmy Van Patten, Vince’s brother is there too and chats up Kim. Eileen says she hopes with Brandi not there, there will be no drama. Kim talks about working with Bette Davis. She says she was on Return to Witch Mountain. Lisa V and Lisa R show up and Lisa V says she can’t read in front of serious people. She had done guest spots on Baywatch and other things but nothing Emmy award winning.

Lisa R is disappointed when Vince says he has her being the announcer instead of an actual part. Lisa V says Lisa R should read a part while she does the announcing. Lisa V says she didn’t sit in the car for an hour and a half to read two lines. They start. Kyle is playing Chucky, a degenerate gambler. Kim has a sock puppet that she’s playing. Lisa V says she’s just looking for her next line and doesn’t care about the story.

Lisa R wonders why the script is about poker, f-ing and a puppet. Yolanda is taking a ton of vitamins and herbs that she does every day to try and recover her health. Bob and Larry show up – they plan scavenger hunts. She’s excited to have them helping her. She says she was on a plane with Billy Crystal and he talked about a race for his wife’s birthday so she really wanted to do it. She says she loves games.

Yolanda says she wants to print t-shirts to go with it. She says she messed up last year by only putting hearts by certain people’s names and wants to make up for it. Lisa V asks to see the Emmy and she tells her to hand it over. She brings it down for Lisa V and says it’s in honor of her amazing performance at the read, she can hold it for a couple of moments. Lisa V says she slept her way to the top and this is for all her blow jobs.

She says she could teach all these women a thing or two and says she’d have an Oscar by now. Lisa R and Eileen talk and Lisa R says she had lunch with Brandi. Eileen says Brandi is fine until she’s not and Lisa R says she wonders where that comes from. Lisa R asks Kim how it feels to be between Kyle and she says she wants and needs them both. She says she’s been sick and Monty is dying.
[2015-02-18, 12:30:01 AM] Rachel Rowan: She says watching him be sick is hard. She cries and says Brandi will just come over or invite her over and hang out with her to give her a break for an hour or two. Lisa V comforts her and says she needs support but she shouldn’t let Brandi come between she and Kyle and says Brandi can be vicious. Kim says Brandi says things to be mean sometimes but some of it she truly believes what she’s saying.

Kyle says Kim has turned to Brandi instead of her and says she can’t be there if she doesn’t know what’s going on. Kim says she turns to isolation when she drinks and she automatically isolates herself when she’s struggling and will go to her room and just watch TV and be alone. Lisa R says the rift between Kyle and Brandi is because of Kim and says that should be examined deeper.

Kyle recommends therapy so she can talk to someone everyday. Lisa R then encourages her to go to a group or meeting. Kim says blah, blah, blah, blah and doesn’t like that everyone is in her business. Lisa R thinks that Kim needs to own her shit.

Lisa R is with Delilah who is learning to drive. She says her driving makes her panic. Lisa R says she doesn’t want to scare her even though she’s scaring her. Delilah is annoyed by her mom constantly picking at her. It’s time for Lisa’s surprise party and Eileen and Vince show up first. Lisa R is there too and is also in pink to honor Lisa. Brandi, Mark, Kim and Kathy Hilton ride together and Brandi says Eileen likes to sit in judgment.

Then Brandi admits she did throw wine on her and Kathy asks if she shouldn’t admit she knows them. Brandi laughs. Lisa R brings up Kim’s behavior again. Eileen says what Kim says doesn’t match how she’s acting. She says someone who is sober shouldn’t take a pill and it seems like they should talk to someone and get back on track. Lisa R says even Brandi is concerned.

Eileen says it’s all interconnected and weird. Eileen thinks Kim should tell Brandi to shut up talking about Kyle. Lisa R greet Yolanda with a kiss and Brandi turns down a drink saying she’s on a cleanse. Yolanda tells Kim that she’s there for her, loves her, would never judge her and will doing anything for her. Lisa V and Ken head out and he teases her about her age. She says she’s 50 f-ing 4.

Kyle wonders why Brandi is there since she’s not on good terms with Ken and Lisa V. Ken says he got a text from work and says they have to pop into Pump to deal with a problem. She says it’s her birthday and refuses. She says Mohamed doesn’t like to be kept waiting. At Pump, the guests hide behind the bar. Ken and Lisa haggle over where they’re going and they both boss their driver.

Ken says to pull over and stop. They all try to hide, but it’s cramped. Lisa complains about stopping and is stunned by the surprise. Lance Bass is there too and Lisa V says she did not have a clue. She says it was a lovely feeling to be surrounded by all her friends who are kind and sweet and Brandi. They all sit down to a nice dinner. Mohamed says she makes their life beautiful and they love her.

Brandi thinks Mohamed’s relationship with Lisa V is creepy. Lisa V stands and says Brandi is such a bitch and she can’t believe she had the nerve to show. Then she says she’s joking and thanks her guests for coming. Brandi comes back and says it was probably good she missed it. Kyle asks Ken if he made amends with Brandi and he says he doesn’t hold grudges or leave people out.

Kyle is being bitchy. Lisa V comes over and sits by Brandi and pokes at her. Lisa V asks her to get up and sing a song like Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word. Brandi says she’ll make up a song. Lisa V knows Brandi hates to sing and can’t. She stands up and sings about how she’s singing because Lisa V hates her. She sings out sorry and it’s awful. She ends it and everyone claps. She truly can’t sing.

Lisa V hugs her and Brandi says she’ll do anything for her. Kyle says that’s a good punishment. Lisa V sings and then pulls Kim up to sing with her. Lisa Rinna then goes to snatch the mic. Lisa R starts singing about sex and blow jobs. Eileen is horrified and Brandi says the menopause mamas are fighting over the mic. Kyle has to get in there too. It’s all very desperate.

Lisa opens her gifts and gets a giant pink diamond from Ken. Lisa R and Brandi act like they’re stealing roses and Lisa V chases them down. Eileen comes to tell Kyle that she thinks that Kim is not doing whatever her sobriety program is. Kyle says she feels bad for Kim and then angry. Eileen says she and Lisa R want to know if she has a sponsor. Kyle says she doesn’t know.

Kyle says she has a husband, four kids and works every day. She says she and Kim don’t do well being together all the time. She says all these people want to help, but it’s just impossible. Eileen says it feels irresponsible not to acknowledge her problems. She says she and Lisa R are going to say something to Kim and they just want her to know first. Kyle says it will not go well and it’s complicated.