The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap 9/14/15: Season 10 Episode 15 “Fire Signs”

The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap 9/14/15: Season 10 Episode 15 "Fire Signs"The Real Housewives of Orange County returns to Bravo tonight with an all new Monday September 14 season 10 episode 15 called, “Fire Signs,” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, when Shannon Beador throws an Aries themed party, Brooks finally gets his chance to confront Meghan King Edmonds face-to-face for her relentless digging into his past.

On the last episode the day after Tamra’s sex party, the ladies were still in disbelief over Vicki’s attack on Meghan. Meanwhile, Shannon’s kids cooked up a plan to improve their parent’s troubled relationship. Tamra and Eddie’s date night turned sour when she came clean about financially helping out her son. Plus, Vicki left the OC for a visit with Briana in Oklahoma, but underlying tensions about Brooks brought the trip to an explosive end. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Bravo synopsis “when Shannon throws an Aries themed party, Brooks finally gets his chance to confront Meghan face-to-face for her relentless digging into his past. And an off-handed comment by Brooks throws Tamra into a rage.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be filled with the usual Housewife drama and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

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Meghan tells Heather that her stepdaughter, Hayley, held a 200-person party at the house when all of the adults were away. She tells her that LeAnn told her Hayley would be grounded, but then ended up letting her go out a couple of days later. Heather tells her that she is in a difficult situation because she doesn’t have the authority to step in.
Tamra’s mom is single after ending a relationship of three years, so she decided that she is going to find a man for her. She gets her make-up artist to make her mom sexy for a blind date that she has set up. A flashback plays of Tamra taking her mom to a matchmaker. Tamra is surprised at the sight of her mother’s dress, which she finds provocative.
At dinner with Heather and Shannon, Meghan says that she called Brooks’ doctor to find out if he treats cancer treatments.
She says that she found out that he uses a spiritual cure. She says they said it sounded like she needed an oncologist and that this doctor wasn’t for cancer at all. They talk about the doctor Shannon had recommended, and Shannon says that they were going to see the doctor but then said two of the car tires had gone out.  “The truth will come out,” says Shannon.
Ryan, Tamra and her mom go to the restaurant. The blind date, Marty, arrives, and then the two of them leave. Tamra asks Ryan what he thinks about Marty when they go to their own table. “I think he’s legit,” he says. Tamra talks to Ryan about Eddie’s reaction to her helping him out financially. Ryan says that whatever Eddie wants to see it as, it’s a family thing. He says it’s been a hard year with everything that’s been going on, like him getting married. Tamra asks him if he’s sure he wants to get married, and he says he doesn’t know. She asks why, and he says that he’s seen both her and her father get married multiple times and that he wants to get married and have that be that. Tamra tears up a little, but says in confessional that it’s good he’s scared because if he wasn’t after what he’s seen he’d be an idiot. He says he went too fast. “I’ll tell you right now, I went too fast,” he says. He says when he first met Sarah, things were awesome until they had kids and added further commitment to their relationship. Tamra suggests he go to church. He says that there are so many emotions that he goes through and he’s just trying to adapt right now.
Everyone gets ready for Shannon’s birthday party.
Vicki hides her fight with Briana from Brooks, saying in confessional that she doesn’t want him to know and the less he knows the better it is, because it’s a conflict that will never be resolved.
Meghan tells Jim that she is going to tell him something because he might hear about it. She says that she – “how do I put this?” – she told him about reading an ex-girlfriend saying on a blog that Brooks had cancer and it was “hokey.” She says that she then reached out to her old friend from college and got the ex’s number, attempted communication, and it didn’t go anywhere. She says that’s all that happened, and Jim tells her not to do it again.
Shannon brings up the cancer doubts to David. She says that if conflicting information were circulating, she would never accuse her friend, but she just wants to know the truth. She says she doesn’t like to doubt her friends, and she wouldn’t like it if her friends were doubting her.
At the party, Meghan comes with a thoughtful gift, which includes a bottle of Fireball.
Shannon tells Heather, and subsequently a group of women, that she feels like she is between a rock and a hard place because nothing adds up and she is confused. Meghan says that Shannon has questions and they all have questions, so she is “scouring the Internet.” She says she found comments on a blog were from women claiming to be his exes, who said he didn’t have cancer. One of them happened to be from a small town in Mississippi where one of Meghan’s friends is from. She called her friend, who got the girl to confirm that she dated brooks.  Heather says she’s heard that before, but doubted it. Meghan says that Jimmy told her Brooks texted him alerting him to Meghan texting the woman.
In their car, Brooks tells Vicki about Meghan hitting up his ex. He says that the ex sent the full conversation between her and Meghan.  He says that Meghan could call, text or visit if she was really curious. Vicki says she’s a very passionate person about her beliefs, and that if someone is messing with her kids, man or business she’s going to get her wrath.
As Heather is telling women about having heard of the doctor before (‘I was thinking, ‘he went from curing cellulite to curing cancer?”) when Vicki walks into the room with Brooks, and everyone says ‘hi’ to her in a two-faced manner except Heather and Meghan. Tamra says in confessional that she doesn’t even want to question Vicki because once she does it will be an issue so she doesn’t know what to do.
Brooks tells Vicki that he feels out of place at the party. He wants to talk to Meghan, so he and Vicki go up to Meghan. He asks Meghan if he and Vicki can talk to them as a couple. Meghan is wary because Jim told her not to involve her in drama, but they go. They sit down, and Brooks says that they’ve met a couple times nad he’s found out things she’s saying about him and wonders what her motive is for questioning her cancer. He says it breaches his boundaries by reaching out to someone from his past, calling it “odd.” Vicki asks why she reached out to his ex-girlfriend, asking Jimmy if he thinks it’s odd. Brooks tells Meghan not to do that, saying he’s afraid she will contact his family. Meghan says she’s not the only one who has questions. She tells Brooks that she never said he was lying, but that there are holes. She brings up Shannon’s doctor, and when she says they asked for the help they interrupt her and say they didn’t. Brooks says he had six family members who died from cancer and did chemo, which didn’t work for them. Meghan brings up that Brooks took a 90 day break from chemo. “That’s what Brooks’ doctor said to do,”  Vicki says. Meghan says she is concerned.
In confessional, she brings up the fact that that’s not what the doctor said, and a clip plays of them saying that the doctor recommended more aggressive chemo.
Meghan says that she is saying to herself Vicki is defaming her name, and when she list all of the things Vicki said about her, including that she is crazy and classless, she agrees with them yet again.  She says that Vicki’s previous comment about her marriage – betting on when it would end – was uncalled for.
They go back to the matter of the cancer, and Brooks looks questioningly at Meghan at the idea that she is taking her evidence from an ex-girlfriend. He says in confessional that she was out for blood because he chose Vicki over her.
Vicki and Brooks ask Meghan what her motive is for all of her research into Brooks’ health. Meghan says she’s a lover of knowledge, and knowledge is power, and that if there is a question mark she is going to seek answers, especially if she is being prevented from getting those answers. Jimmy tries to defend her by saying she was exploring and it took her to a place she didn’t know it was going to do.  Meghan sits there aghast at what he is saying. She asks Brooks if he told Tamra that Jimmy told him they were married for four months and only two of them were good. Brooks says he never talked to Tamra, and she may want to consider the source. “I don’t talk to Tamra,” he says.
Vicki and Brooks say they wish the best for them and are going to move on. When Meghan brings up her concern, Vicki tells her she should become an oncologist and work on it. “Maybe I will,” Meghan says before the couples awkwardly leave the room at the same time.
When Meghan goes outside and immediately tells Tamra what Brooks said, she storms off and Jimmy tells her that she has to stop. Vicki stops Tamra, saying that she was the one who told Tamra that. Vicki says in confessional that she’s the one who should be mad, not Tamra, considering Tamra told Meghan what she said. “Tamra I said it, not you.”
Tamra storms off and confronts Brooks for saying “consider the source,” and he says he wasn’t there and he isn’t going to do this. He tells her that “consider the source” means whatever she wants it to mean. She asks him why he can’t give a straight answer for once in his f**king life. Vicki tries to calm Tamra down, telling her she is embarrassing herself. Vicki asks Tamra why she repeated it, and Tamra says she was very open about how their marriage was not going to work. Vicki asks Tamra who her loyalty is with, and Tamra says it’s not about loyalty, it’s about figuring out what he said. Vicki says in confessional that Tamra is a grandmother and mother of four, and she needs to start acting like it.