The Strain Recap 8/23/15: Season 2 Episode 7 “The Born”

The Strain Recap 8/23/15: Season 2 Episode 7 "The Born"Tonight on FX The Strain airs with another all new Sunday August 23, season 2 episode 7 called “The Born,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Eph (Corey Stoll) returns to New York intent on going after the individual responsible for his friends’ deaths.

On the last episode, Kelly goes after Nora and Zack; Eph hatched a plan to create and deploy a biological weapon; Gus found an unlikely ally in Angel. Did you watch the last episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis “Eph returns to New York intent on going after the individual responsible for his friends’ deaths. Meanwhile, Setrakian and Fet launch an attack on the Master using Fitzwilliam’s tip; and Dutch has a surprise visitor.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s “The Strain” season 2 Episode 7 at 10 PM EST!

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#TheStrain starts with Abe talking about the Barbarian Gladiator who defeated both man and best. We see the giant taking his human bone handled sword, smearing himself in mud and stepping into the arena. Another gladiator face off with him – the white skinned man slashes him brutally and the crowd chants kill. He tells the man that is own kind demands his death and puts a sword through his throat.

Back in the hallway, a Senator in the dark arts sponsored the gladiator. He says they call him the Knight Demon of Sicily. He says he was to be crucified. The Senator says he knows he doesn’t eat or drink and cares only for the juice of man. He calls him a half breed and asks the Gladiator why he doesn’t just escape and the fighter says he’s there to study man.

The Senator says he can offer him a complete education on the field of battle. The Gladiator growls and considers the sword the Senator proffers. Fet wakes Dutch who smiles at her. She says she’s sorry she wasn’t there last night and says she’s working through some things. She says poor Fitzwilliam and Fet says he could have been helpful to the cause.

Dutch doesn’t want to get dressed and he says he doesn’t want her to. She says she should get the rest of her things since she’s been stuck in the same three outfits. They laugh about that being a strange commitment. Later, in Brooklyn, they head to pick up her stuff. She says most of the furniture is Nikki’s so she won’t take it. The door is dead bolted from the inside and her key won’t work.

They decide it must be squatters and Fet calls out for them to show themselves. It’s Nikki and the women hug warmly. Fet is not so happy about the reunion. David watches Coco work and he says it’s a gorgeous day and asks her to take a ride with him later. Palmer gets an update on Eph and says Lubbock is dead and Leavitt too. He says Eph’s bio-weapon is in friendly hands.

He says they lost Eph himself – lost his trail. We see Eph in bad shape – he’s in the alley of a busy street and goes into a bar and locks himself in the bathroom. He unbuttons his shirt and we see that his shoulder wound looks bad. He pours some booze on it then takes a stiff drink before putting on a fresh bandage. He comes back out and sits at the bar stiffly. He orders a double then another.

The bartender suggests that he sip the second but he gulps it too then asks for another. Nikki tells them she didn’t come back to their place directly. Fet tells Nikki that Dutch joined the fight and asks where Nikki has been all this time. She says she strained her ankle and went to the ER but then got too scared and holed up in there. She and Dutch embrace again. Fet says that’s heart warming.

He says Abe is waiting for them and reminds Dutch she just came back for clothes. She says they should take Nikki back with them and helps her GF limp upstairs to pack. Nora is surprised to see Nikki and checks out her ankle. Abe tells Fet they need to go. Fet asks to talk to Dutch but she tries to blow him off. He asks won’t she ask her about the money and laptop that disappeared.

Dutch says that doesn’t matter now and Fet says why doesn’t she tell Nikki about them. Dutch says to give them time and he asks what for. He says Abe needs them to go to the factory but Dutch says she can’t leave Nikki there like this. She says he can handle this without her and goes back to Nikki. Abe calls for Fet and they head out.

Fet complains to Abe about Dutch but Abe wants to focus on the matter at hand – the factory. They cut through the fence and head inside. They find the school bus for blind kids. A man sees them lurking – a security guy – he starts to call it in but Quinlan is there and knocks him out. Nikki asks Dutch about Fet and what are the sleeping arrangements. There’s a knock at the door – it’s Eph and Dutch asks about C.

He tells Nikki she looks familiar then realizes who she is. He asks about Zack, Abe and Fet and she updates them. Eph goes to lie down – he looks rough. Abe and Fet head inside and they see the pit of dirt and little kid critters with necks snapped. Abe says they were culled from the herd and says this is a nursery. Fet is creeped out by the blind kids. They hear a snarl.

One of the Feeders comes at them but is too fast to kill. More come at them and Fet says they’re coordinated. Then the Feeders sense something and skitter back from them. Abe tells Fet to look and they see Quinlan come into the room. A Feeder approaches Quinlan who grabs it and kills it efficiently. He cuts one in half and it crawls away. He dispatches it and kills more with a machine gun. He tells Abe – hello Professor.

Coco and David enjoy a helicopter ride. David says this helps you maintain perspective and they laugh and touch hands briefly. Coco asks about Eph and he says he’s a disgraced CDC guy who just killed three people including a dear friend. He says Joshua was filling him in. David says the plague is terrible but regeneration is wonderful.

He talks about a fire at Yellowstone National Park that allowed things to come back stronger. He says complacency is the enemy of empires – just ask the Romans. Quinlan looks at the worms from the Feeders and tells Abe the Ancients gave him Abe’s name. Quinlan says they are both hunting the Master. Fet asks who they are. Quinlan tells Fet he will tear him in half if he shoots at him.

Abe says he’s been hunting the Master most of his life and Quinlan says it’s been all of his life. We see Quinlan in 1873 in Albania. He’s in a small village and sees people packing to leave. A man says the village is cursed. He says children were taken then they came back to spread the sleeping sickness. Quinlan asks is the giant still in the castle. The man is surprised he knows that tale.

Quinlan wonders if he’s too late. He heads to the castle and finds a vat of rich earth and Abe’s sword. He hears growling and some creatures come at him. Quinlan says he heard it’s Sardu now and he says he left these creatures here to taunt him. Quinlan says he knows he’s scared of him. The creatures come at him. Abe says the Sardu legend is tied to the cane. Quinlan says it’s not a legend.

Abe asks what the Ancients told him and he says they told him a mortal wounded the Master. He says the dark lord takes new forms by choice until now when Abe forced him to it. Quinlan says this is his nesting place and Abe led him there. He walks out and Abe says the Master is there and Fet asks what that creature was. Abe says they need to bring down this building on him.

He tells Fet to go get supplied as fast as he can to blow it up. Nora treats Fet’s shoulder after she wakes him and sees the blood. She tells him Kelly is now a sentient Strigoi and says he needs to talk to Zack. She says Kelly won’t stop and Eph says sorry. He says it all seemed like it was coming together then it all fell apart. He says it’s Palmer’s fault. He says he’s been ahead of them the whole time.

Nora says he hasn’t won yet and they can grow more of the bio weapon but Eph says he has no more optimism right now. Fet tells the workers at the factory that he just called in a bomb threat and waggles a stick of dynamite at them. The humans all go running. Abe looks at the Master’s old shell body and wonders what he is now. Quinlan heads into another part of the factory.

Quinlan tells the Master his new vessel lacks intimidation. The Master tells him he’ always too late and Quinlan asks if Eichorst is his new lap dog. He says this siege exposes him and says he’s vulnerable. He asks what the Master is after. Fet goes into the building and pulls out dynamite and starts setting up the explosion. He sets the timer for a minute on all the bombs and runs.

Abe is there and Quinlan says now they can have a proper duel with seconds. Quinlan says the human embarrassed him and he’s going to kill him. The Master says he will make him cry out in agony as he did his mother. The building begins to fall apart as Quinlan attacks but the Master gets away. He’s furious and tells Abe he cost him the chance to destroy him.

He tells Abe he’ll take the fight from here. Fet comes back and asks if Abe is all right. He says they’re gone and Fet says they have to go when they hear sirens. Eph watches Zack sleep – the boy wakes and hugs him. Eph says things didn’t go as he planned and says a solution isn’t always enough. He says he’s back for good and Zack is pleased. He asks about last night. Zack says he thinks he saw mom.

He tells Nora to tell his dad and she says she did. Eph tells him when the Strigoi turn, they often go after loved ones. Zack says Abe explained that to him. Eph promises to keep him safe but Zack says not to promise since things don’t work out when he promises. Eph agrees. Dutch tells Nikki she should call her mother and shows her the flyer. Fet comes back and it’s awkward.

Eph comes down and he and Fet chat things up. Fet asks when the fighter jets are coming to destroy the city then says they saved Zack last night and criticizes him. Eph remarks on the presence of the second woman and notes that it makes sense that Fet is upset. He walks off angry and Dutch tries to go after him then chews Eph out who says he didn’t cause this.

Coco brings David a drink and they toast. She says she’s learning a lot from him. He says it’s nice to have her there to talk to. Coco asks about David’s past and he says he’s had no relationships and says good health makes all the difference. Coco gets close and he gets awkward. She asks where his room is and if she can see it. She seduces him and he seems nervous.

Abe reads a book to Zack about the Gladiator and says no record exists of how he was created or where he went after the Fall of the Roman Empire. He says Senator Setorius called him The Born. Zack asks if it’s a legend or real and Abe says that is the question. Eph finds Fet at the bar and they drink. Eph asks him about Nikki and Fet says it wasn’t mean to be with him and Dutch.

Eph says he’s not usually a quitter but Fet says people can quit on you then asks Eph what’s next after DC failed. Eph knocks back a double and says he’s going to kill Palmer.