The Strain Recap 9/6/15: Season 2 Episode 9 “The Battle for Red Hook”

The Strain Recap 9/6/15: Season 2 Episode 9 "The Battle for Red Hook"

Tonight on FX The Strain airs with another all new Sunday September 6, season 2 episode 9 called “The Battle for Red Hook,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the Battle for Red Hook starts.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is about a vampiric virus spreads through New York City.

On the last episode, Eph protected Zack from a surprise intruder in Red Hook; Gus urges the Guptas to made a tough choice; Fet and Setrakian are ready to buy the Lumen but discover they’re not the only ones in the market. Did you watch the last episode?   If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis “Justine goes to extremes to thwart a surprise invasion; Eph and Setrakian confront an old foe; Nora and Fet embark on an important mission.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s “The Strain” season 2 Episode 9 at 10 PM EST!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates!

#TheStrain begins in Manhattan near Wall Street at a pier. Captain Messina finds Eichorst on his boat. He says he wants to hire Messina to ferry a party into Red Hook after sundown tonight. Messina says no but Eichorst has left a bag of money and says that’s half. He says he gets the other half in Red Hook tonight. The guy says he can buy the boat for that. Eichorst says he must takes them safely there.

He points to the occupancy sign and says 20 passengers. He tells Eichorst that Red Hook has a lot of security and might not let them dock. Eichorst says they can overcome that. One of the Feelers is with Kelly comforting her. Eichorst comes in and the Feeler runs off. Eichorst says these things happen and says it’s not a failure. Kelly says Nora has replaced him. Eichorst says she doesn’t matter.

He says Kelly will show her that and she asks why she feels pain. Eichorst says to be patient and says the boy belongs with her and says he doesn’t belong with Nora and says they will return and says he has a plan. He holds out his hand and says it’s time for them to see their true power. He says to prepare her face as best she can. She touches it self-consciously.

Fet tells the others that he re-secured the place and Zack apologizes for opening the door. Abe tells Zack that the creature retains his mother’s memories and that’s why she was able to sway him. Eph suggests they get back up and Nora wants to get Justine to help. Fet agrees that she does have resources. They agree to go see the woman.

Eph toys with the sniper rifle and Fet says he’s going to go check on Dutch and Nora heads out with him. They agree to meet at Justine’s later. Eph tells Zack to stick close and he agrees. Abe says let’s go. Nikki finds Dutch welding and tells her she looks gay using the tool. Dutch asks about her call with her mom and Nikki says her mom wants her to move home. Dutch says her mom doesn’t like her.

There’s a knock and Dutch opens it to Fet and Nora. He says he was trying to call. He asks Nikki how she’s feeling and she says better. He tells Dutch about Kelly and the spider kids coming for Zack. He says they’re headed to Justine’s HQ and she should come to. He says who knows how the mother found them. He says safety in number. Nikki tells Dutch to go if she wants.

Nora says she’s wait outside and steps out. Get goes also but asks Dutch if she’s okay. She says she’ll talk to Nikki and maybe they’ll meet later. He smiles at her and kisses her cheek and she says bye. Nikki tries not to watch. Zack and Eph walk and Eph asks Abe about the book. Eph says maybe his bioweapon could kill the Master too. Abe says something changed in DC.

Then he asks Eph who the rifle is for. He tells him that he needs to retain his humanity and Abe says it’s a warning from a man who has lived among monsters. They walk on. Justine goes over her checkpoints and explains the security. She says she’s planning to take more of Brooklyn. The Mayor wants her to try and take back part of Manhattan. She says that’s where his rich asshole buddies live.

He says those people have powerful contacts. She says it’s her way or no way. Eph comes in and he tells her that his son’s mother got into Red Hook last night. Abe says there is an attack coming, likely tonight. He says the Master saw through her eyes and Justine has no idea what she’s facing. Eph says they’re adapting and have no idea what they’re up against.

The boat drops off the strigoi and captain asks for his money. Eichorst tells Kelly thank you then infects him. His second eyelids flip as he smiles. Dutch finishes securing the windows and Nikki asks if Fet taught her how to do it and then she asks if she loves him. Dutch says yes. She asks if she stole her money. Nikki says no but she threw her laptop in the river.

Dutch says her time line is off and says she left her for dad, stayed with Ron for three days then what. Nikki says she’s ridiculous and Dutch says this is why they won’t work. She says she knew they had unfinished business and says she should have know she would come back from the dead and dig into her like a tick. Dutch says she’s loved her and it’s never made her happy. They kiss passionately.

At the electric substation in Red Hook, a guard sits reading. The screens go blank and a guard screams for help. They go to help. The phone lines all go dead too. Eichorst is there when a guy opens the door. Eichorst tells him to turn the lights off in Red Hook. Eph tells Abe he shouldn’t have mentioned the Master. They wait at the center for Fet and Nora. Then the lights all go out.

Justine comes out of her trailer and Eph says they’ve seen this before. Abe says the strigoi cut the power and Eph says it’s Romanian for infected. Abe says there’s a coordinated attack coming. The Mayor says he’s leaving and tells his people to get his car. Eph says he can’t believe he voted for him. Justine organizes her people for a fight. They set up a firing line and Justine wants a gun.

Fet and Nora show up and they remark it’s like old times. Zack stands back. They fire flares into the darkness and see them coming. Then they disappear. They hold their fire then spot htem again. They come. The cops open fire. They come at the fence. Abe waits. Eph shoots and kills one that then falls dead hanging over the fence. Abe says that was the probe to test them.

He says hordes will come next. She asks Fet who Abe is and he says someone to listen to. Fet says they need the UV back up and Fet and Nora head to the power station to try and get the lights back on.

The gang loads into the van to go try and deal with the power but Abe walks off. Eph asks where he’s going and Abe says it’s his chance to go try and get Eichorst and says he’ll be coming to Fet’s place. Eph asks why he’s so stubborn but Abe says he has his mission. Eph says he’ll meet him at Fet’s once they have the power on.

Dutch and Nikki lie in bed then Dutch hears the disturbance and sirens. She clicks the lamp on and realizes there’s no power. She looks out the window and Nikki wakes and asks if everything is okay. They hear gunshots and explosions. Dutch says she’s got to find out what’s going on and says she’ll be back. Nikki says she’ll get hurt. Dutch hands her a gun and says don’t open the door or leave.

Nikki says she’s just one person and asks what she’s doing. Dutch says she’s thinking about other people. The cops listen to the weird noises of the strigoi and her captain says they’re up to something.S he says they need to get up higher and see what’s going on. They climb up some stairs and she looks and tells Frank to look. She asks where they’re coming from.

She asks if they have any more men. He says they’re all out on the streets and she say it’s suicide. She freaks and asks what she’s done. He says he can get her out of there on a boat. He says this is the mission and says not to hesitate or she’ll get them killed. She agrees. She says let’s do this. Fet, Nora, Eph and Zack are at the power plant. They shoot strigoi as they go.

Zack thinks it was dumb for Abe to go back home without them. They pass by dead power plant employees and strigoi. They move on. They encounter and kill more. One gets a look at Zack before it dies and Kelly sees it. Eichorst tells her to go and says “I’ll take care of the Jew.” Justine gets on a loudspeaker and says Red Hook us under attack. She says they need their help.

She says no one will come rescue them and they have to help themselves. She says to come fight with them and don’t let the monsters take their homes. She says fight or die. Fet and Nora look for the on switch. She grabs a manual and flips through it. The captain tells them to hold their fire until they’re on top of them. They open fire when they hit the fence. Bodies pile up. Some break through.

The cops fall back. Nora studies a diagram. Eph says he’s going to go help Abe and says he’s leaving Zack with them. He tells Zack to lock the door behind him. Justine leads a cavalry of citizens to fight at the barricades. The strigoi attack. Dutch is there fighting with gun and sword. It’s hand to hand combat and brutal. Nora flips the main switch and nothing happens. Fet curses.

Nikki is there too and fights and saves Dutch. The transformers start to warm up and they flip more switches. The power station starts to hum then the UV lights come on and the strigoi burst into flames. They die all around the humans who watch in horror. Justine says look at that. Fet and Nora hug and then hug Zack. The people of Red Hook look around and cheer that it’s over.

Nora says it looks good and then Zack sees Kelly and yells for Nora. Kelly beats at the window. Fet says to draw her away. Zack does down a way and Kelly follows so Fet can get out and take a shot at her. Nora tucks Zack away under a counter so she can help Fet. He follows the trail of goop and looks for Kelly. Kelly throws him down and gets his gun. She shoots at him then shoots at the glass.

Fet comes up behind her and chokes her and tells Nora to get Zack out of there. He and Kelly struggle then some cops show up and Kelly scampers away. Eichorst steps into Fet’s place and reads off Abe’s concentration camp number. He asks if Abe is hiding and says it would be unworthy of him. He looks through Abe’s papers and books. He crumples up some papers and then sees a photo of Miriam.

The lights come back on surprising him. Eichorst curses and Abe asks if he’s looking for him. Abe says to come out on the street and they can finish this. He has his sword at the ready. Eichorst comes out and tells Abe he has too much faith in that sword. Eph takes a sniper shot at him and misses. Eichorst throws him aside and comes for Eph. Abe shouts a warning.

Eph runs to hide in a warehouse full of pallets. Eichorst calls out and asks if his people immigrated from Poland and asks what was their original name – he asks if it was Goldstein or Gotlieb. He says he can smell his sweat and says it’s the same stench as the old man’s, bitter, brackish – like the Dead Sea. Eph takes a shot at him and Eichorst says that sound takes him back to the war.

He says the Master shares Kelly’s thoughts and memories with him and says there are a lot of unpleasant ones about him – like how he didn’t want a child, even after she was pregnant. He says Kelly wants Zack and says he’ll turn him and they can see who wants him more. Eph runs out to the roof. He tells Eph he knows he’s out of ammo and says he knows it loads five shots.

He calls him pathetic. Abe shots at him from the roof while Abe reloads. Eichorst is forced to jump off the roof and run. In the daylight, the strigoi bodies are carted off and piled up. Dutch and Nikki hug and Fet shows up. Dutch hugs him too then Nora. She checks on Zack and asks how they got the power back on. Fet says Nora is a genius.

He says Dutch couldn’t resist the battle and she says Nikki saved her life. Fet thanks Nikki for that. Eph shows up with Abe and Zack runs to hug Eph. Justine calls to them and says today was a turning point. She says they stopped the bastards. The captain tells her people will remember this day and her but Justine says they all did this.