The Strain Recap 8/30/15: Season 2 Episode 8 “Intruders”

The Strain Recap 8/30/15: Season 2 Episode 8 "Intruders"

Tonight on FX The Strain airs with another all new Sunday August 30, season 2 episode 8 called “Intruders,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Eph (Corey Stoll) protects Zack (Ben Hyland) from a surprise intruder in Red Hook.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is about a vampiric virus spreads through New York City.

On the last episode, Eph returned to New York intent on going after the individual responsible for his friends’ deaths. Meanwhile, Setrakian and Fet launched an attack on the Master using Fitzwilliam’s tip; and Dutch had a surprise visitor. Did you watch the last episode?   If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FX synopsis “Eph protects Zack from a surprise intruder in Red Hook; Gus urges the Guptas to make a tough choice; Fet and Setrakian are ready to buy the Lumen but discover they’re not the only ones in the market.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be a great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s “The Strain” season 2 Episode 8 at 10 PM EST!

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#TheStrain begins with Eichorst working on wig selections for Kelly. He says the Master has released her enough to find her son. He shows her a wig and asks if it’s her color. He puts it on her and says her ability to speak fluently will become second nature. He tells her her nose will remain as it is for months. He applies make up to her gently and says she can do her own makeup soon. He’s trying to make her look human again. Her hands quivers and he says she has to learn to control it.

She gets the make up sponge from her and he says it’s good. Then he says the eyes are next and pops contacts into her eyes to make her look more human. He says this is the mother he cries for in the night. Eph talks to Fet and they catch each other up on things. Fet says he’s still looking for the book with Abe. Eph says he thinks his best chance at David Palmer is from a distance – a sniper. He asks Fet if he knows someone who could hook them up. He says to go see Wu at a boat repair place.

At the Stoneheart Group, David kisses a sleeping Coco. She tells him good morning and says she feels so safe there with him. He says he wishes the could just stay here but says they have to see the Cardinal. She asks if he found the book. David says it’s a one of a kind book about pre-Christian European myths. Coco says Eichorst is coming today too. She says she can’t stand him and Palmer says he needs him but doesn’t like him.

Coco says he smells rotten like fish then asks what Eichorst does for him. She says she can be a better asset to him if he doesn’t keep her in the dark. Palmer says he’s trying to protect her and save the city. He says it’s a cruel and ruthless enemy. Coco says she hates the way Eichorst talks to him. Palmer says it’s hard to talk about this and Coco touches him and asks him to trust her. She says she’s on his side and he tells her to be patient.

Eph tells Nora he and Zack are going to run errands. She asks if he heard about Barnes falling off a plane. She says it was the train Eph was on and asks if he saw Barnes or anything. Eph says he didn’t notice. Nora asks when they’re going to talk about DC. Eph says Nora was right and he shouldn’t have gone then he takes off. In Red Hook, police search cars at a check point. Fet and Abe heads towards the check point and Abe laments that they’re running late.

Abe asks why Dutch didn’t come along. He says Nikki isn’t comfortable staying with them and he says Dutch is helping her find a new place. Abe tells Fet to get his head out of Dutch’s skirt and to focus. Eph asks Zack how he is and he says he had a dream about his mom – he says he went home and she was in the kitchen and told him she was there all along waiting on him. He says she looked so normal and real and she hugged him and he could smell her hair.

Eph tells him that his mother is dead and that creature took over her body. He says that creature’s one goal is to turn him too. Zack says he doesn’t know that but Eph says he does. A kid runs by carrying something and they press on towards the arms dealer. Zack comments on a smell and Eph says it’s gunpowder. A woman comes out of the back with a gun out. She’s crying and says they’re closed. Eph asks if she’s hurt and says he saw someone running away.

Zack tells her that his dad is a doctor. She takes them into the back. Wu is in the back and Eph says he’s a friend of Vasili Fet. The woman says a guy came in and says they thought he can trust them. Eph says the slug went through but he’s bleeding. Eph says he can’t do anything without a surgical kit and she says they have them – says they sell them to gang members. Eph says he’ll try and save him. The Cardinal shows up to meet with Palmer. Coco sits nearby at her desk.

Palmer asks who the seller is and the Cardinal says he has to protect his anonymity. Palmer asks how much for the book. The Cardinal asks what he’s willing to pay. Palmer says $200k and the Cardinal says no so he ups it to $500k cash today. The Cardinal says gold today and then says there are other parties interested. Palmer says if it’s Abe, he’s not a serious contender. He tells the Cardinal not to play games with him and Eichorst comes in and backs up Palmer.

The Cardinal says he’ll be in touch and walks out. Eichorst asks Palmer what the Cardinal has that Palmer wants so much. Palmer says it’s none of his business then asks Coco to step out. She steps out but is hurt. Palmer tells Eichorst he won’t be micromanaged. Eichorst says they’re all on the same team and asks how much behind schedule they are. Palmer says the sabotage will cost them two weeks more. Eichorst says he has a week.

Palmer asks where Bolvar is and Eichorst has to admit the Master chose him as his new vessel. Palmer mocks him and says he thought he would have picked Eichorst and he chooses a washed up pop star instead. Palmer says it’s not for them to question the Master. Eichorst says it doesn’t matter to him and he lives to serve. Palmer asks what’s the protocol when he sees Bolivar and asks should he kneel or kiss his ring then asks what Eichorst does. The German walks out annoyed.

Angel and Gus are in a car out to pick up supplies. Gus asks Angel if he wonders why God is letting his happen. Gus says they should get out but Angel says he’ll stay with the Guptas and they won’t ever leave. Gus says they will get broken into as well. They pull up outside the place where Eph and Zack are helping the Wu family. Fet and Abe go to see the Cardinal. The Cardinal tells Abe he’s late and then tells him to go on. Abe says his clients wish to purchase the Lumen.

The Cardinal says it’s a valuable artifact and says they don’t appear to have the resources to buy it. Abe says their clients do. The Cardinal asks who they are and Abe says that doesn’t matter and they can meet the price. The Cardinal says $750k in gold and Abe says he’ll have it to him within 24 hours. Abe asks if he has another bidder then asks if it’s Palmer. He tells him that Palmer is very dangerous and Fet says Palmer is likely watching him. Abe says his position won’t protect him from Palmer.

The Cardinal says to check back tomorrow afternoon. They leave and the Cardinal ponders. Outside, Fet asks how they are going to get $750k in gold. Abe says if the Cardinal has the book, Palmer will take it from him and Abe tells Fet they’re going to take it first. Fet laughs at the idea of robbing the Cardinal. Eph performs surgery on Wu and Zack assists. He tells Zack he can step out but he says he’s okay. Eph cuts into Wu’s chest to stop the bleeding. He tells Zack to wipe the blood away.

Kelly goes through the checkpoint looking nearly human. The cop asks her to take off her sunglasses. She does and struggles to speak normally but she gets by. They’re also shining a UV light at people. Just as they’re bringing the UV lights towards her, a vamp comes out of a vehicle behind her and they focus on killing it and tell her to drive on. She does and she pulls into a warehouse and pops the trunk. She has two Feelers in the trunk. She lets them out and they click and clack with glee.

Eph finishes and staples Wu up. Eph asks how the pain is on a scale of 1 to 10 and the guy says 15. He asks the woman if she has pain meds and she gives him a giant bag of pills. Eph chooses one. The woman speaks to her father and then tries to pay Eph. He says he came to buy something and she says he can take what he wants. Outside, Zack asks if the rifle is for protection against his mom. Eph says if it comes to it. Eph says he performed his first procedure when he was 14.

He says he loved dissecting things. Zack says maybe he can save his mom and says Abe was wrong about sunlight destroying the Master and says maybe he was wrong about her too. Later, Kelly’s fellers track Zack to that spot where he touched the fence while talking to his dad. Gus and Angel try to talk to the Guptas about leaving while they still can. The dad says no one can get out without papers. Gus says he knows how to cross a border. Mrs Gupta begs her husband for them to go and he agrees.

Gus says he’ll go look at a place for them to cross then tells them to pack light. Annya thanks Gus for his help and asks him to come with them. He asks if she wants him too and she steps closer and kisses him. He starts to say he’ll go but then Quinlan is at the back door and calls out Gus’s full name then says he must talk to him. Gus steps outside to speak to the ancient warrior. He asks Gus if he’s scared and Gus says smart enough to be careful.

Quinlan says he knows he was the sole survivor of the Stoneheart attempt. Gus threatens him and Quinlan grabs him by the neck. Annya watches scared and Gus says it’s okay. Quinlan says he’s there for the Master and Gus says good luck then tells him to give his gun back. Quinlan says the Master won’t forget and says it has cost him then says he knows he lost his best friend and mother. Quinlan says Annya is beautiful and says beauty and love are powerful. He says he’s known and lost both.

Quinlan says Gus can save her if he gives her up until they slay the Master. Gus asks why him. Quinlan says he learned centuries ago not to ask that question. The Cardinal prepares to go make his speech and calls for Nicholas. Eichorst is there and the Cardinal demands to know how he got in. He says he came for the Lumen and the Cardinal says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The Cardinal asks why he wants the book and Eichorst says his client is eager to get it.

The Cardinal says the current offer is a million and Eichorst says he has a better offer – his life. The Cardinal calls for Nicholas and Eichorst says he’s indisposed. Abe and Fet break into a lower level of the Cardinal’s place. The Cardinal is praying and says he’s a demon. Eichorst mocks him and looks skyward and asks God why doesn’t he release a fire bolt to end his tormenter. Then he tells the Cardinal the almighty doesn’t seem to have time for him.

The Cardinal says he doesn’t have the book himself and was selling it for someone else. Eichorst pops out his throat tentacles and infects the Cardinal. Eichorst says when the worm burrows in there will be no more secrets. Fet and Abe find Nicholas dead and they come in and takes shots at Eichorst. They try and kill him but the slime jumps out the window and gets away. Abe tells the Cardinal that Eichorst was telling the truth. Abe says God wants him to stop the evil that’s taking the city.

Abe says to tell him where the book is and he’ll release his soul before darkness and evil takes it. The Cardinal says a name and Abe says it’s the boy from the convent in Austria. Abe kills him. Palmer sees the news later that the Cardinal and a priest were mutilated. Coco asks if it was about the book and Palmer says he doesn’t want her involved. Palmer snaps at her and says it’s not her concern. She starts to get dressed. She says if he wants to keep his secrets, he can.

She slams into the bathroom to get dressed. Zack and Eph come back to the safe house and Nora offers Zack food but he skulks away upset. She asks Eph what’s up and also about the rifle. Eph says he’s in denial about his mom. Nora says Eph is sending mixed messages. She says he didn’t even call to check in on Zack while he was away. A feeler is outside the window behind them sniffing around then it drops away. Kelly is at the downstairs window looking at Zack.

She watches him play his video game. Eph tells Nora that he saw Barnes on the train and says they got into a fight and he threw him off the train. She’s stunned and asks why he didn’t tell her. He says he got four people killed – Robb, the man who came to kill them and a woman who was helping her look into producing the cure. He says she bled out in his arms. Nora gets the idea they were intimate. Kelly tries the door of the safe house and finds it locked.

She knocks at the window and Zack sees her. She tells him she’s missed him and he says he missed her too. She asks him to let her in and he says he can’t. She says to look at her and says she was sick but she got better. She says to let her in and she’ll explain everything. Nora thanks Eph for his honesty. Eph asks if she heard something and he calls out to Zack. Kelly tells Zack she’s cold and to let her in. Zack goes for the door and Eph says not to let her in. He gets it unlocked and she comes in.

Nora takes several shots at her and Eph pulls a sword. Kelly tells Eph to give Zack to her and says he never wanted him anything. She says to let Zack decide and says – I wonder who he’ll choose. Kelly calls to Zack and says to come to her. The feelers come into the place and creep under the stairs where Nora is. One tries to get her leg and then one comes at Eph. He impales it on something. One feeler is alive and so is Kelly. They look around for both while Zack hides.

Kelly attacks Eph and Zack screams at her to stop. She pops out her monster tongue and Nora throws a hook on a chain at her and it strikes her face. Then Zack can see she’s not looking so natural. Eph goes to gun her down but the other feeler jumps in front of the bullets and dies which lets Kelly get away.