The Vampire Diaries Fall Finale Recap – A Family Reunion in Hell: Season 7 “Cold as Ice”

The Vampire Diaries Fall Finale Recap - A Family Reunion in Hell: Season 7 "Cold as Ice"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Thursday December 10, season 7 fall finale called “Cold as Ice,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) search for Julian (Todd Lasance) in a small town outside of Mystic Falls, where Stefan takes matters into his own hands and sets off a tragic chain of events. Meanwhile, Bonnie (Kat Graham) strikes up an unlikely friendship with Nora; (Scarlett Byrne) and Caroline (Candice King) does her best to navigate life as a pregnant vampire.

On the last episode, as Julian (guest star Todd Lasance) and Lily (guest star Annie Wersching) threw a party to celebrate Mary Louise (guest star Teressa Liane) and Nora’s (guest star Scarlett Byrne) anniversary, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) set in motion a risky plan to eliminate a new threat posed by Julian. Meanwhile, following a major revelation uncovered by Valerie (guest star Elizabeth Blackmore), Caroline (Candice King) was forced to face her new reality, even as it threatened to destroy her relationship with Stefan. Finally, determined to do what’s best for her family, Lily made the most difficult decision of her life. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW synopsis, “with the holidays in full swing, a search for Julian leads Damon and Stefan to a small town outside of Mystic Falls. While managing a holiday toy drive at Whitmore College, Bonnie (Kat Graham) seeks help from Nora (guest star Scarlett Byrne) and the two strike up an unlikely friendship. Elsewhere, Caroline (Candice King) does her best to navigate her new life as a pregnant vampire, while Alaric (Matt Davis) grows concerned that the pregnancy is effecting her more than she’s letting on. Finally, after finding himself at odds with Damon, Stefan is forced to take matters into his own hands, setting off a tragic chain of events that leaves their lives changed forever.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 7 episode 9 for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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#VampireDiaries starts three years from now in Chicago with Valerie telling Stefan not to go. He says he won’t let her have a third. She says if he’s hurt, she’ll rain down hell on whoever does it. He kisses her tenderly. He leaves to help Damon.

Now, Lily’s coffin is borne by Damon and Stefan to the cemetery where a grave waits ready. Valerie and Nora are there and she says Julian and Mary Louise are gone and haven’t been seen for days. Bo isn’t there either. Stefan says they should say something.

Damon scoffs. Nora says she loved her mother when she was a girl but she rejected her when she found out Nora could siphon power. She says Lily showed her a mother’s love and thanks her. Valerie steps up next and says Lily knew her at brightest and darkest.

She says Lily always saw the best in her and says she’ll be missed. Stefan says those are the old vows. They share a look. Valerie and Nora leave them with their mother. Stefan asks Damon how many times you get a second chance to deliver your mother’s eulogy.

Damon says she was a terrible mother alive and dead then tells Stefan that does feel good. He walks away. Now it’s just Stefan. He opens the lid and lays a flower on his mother’s hands. He says he’s sorry and promises to make it right. He closes the coffin.

It’s Christmas time in the bar at the college and Caroline’s belly is big. Stefan talks to her on the phone and she says to focus on the hunt for Julian and says she’s good there. Caroline is distracted listening to blood in her neck.

Stefan rants that Damon has to stop at every pub. Damon is drinking from a reindeer mug. Caroline ends the call. Bonnie asks Caroline about her eating habits – she mixed marshmallows and blood. Alaric comes over to take Caroline to Lamaze class.

She has a stack of books and leaves Bonnie in charge of the Toys for Tots drive. Damon asks Stefan if he’s going to be Uncle Stefan to the babies. Stefan reminds him that the babies aren’t Caroline’s and Damon says Caroline will never hand over the babies and walk away.

Damon says Stefan barely missed being a father again and Stefan says he’s not funny. Damon reminds Stefan he needs him since Julian is old and powerful. Damon says he’s there to help and says he has grenades and vervain syringes stashed all over him.

At the Salvatore house, Valerie comes inside and looks around. Mary Louise is there and says Julian isn’t there. Valerie says she just came to pick up her things. Mary asks if she’s seen Nora. She tells Valerie this is all her fault. She thinks Valerie is lying still.

Mary Lou says even if it’s the truth, the timing is suspect and says she saved the story until it served her. Valerie says she was wrong about Mary Lou being the nice one and says Nora will blossom without her. She walks off. Mary glares.

Nora is there at the toy drive and Bonnie asks why she’s there. She has a toy to donate and hands it over. Bonnie says the end. Nora asks how the child will know the toy is from her and then says she enrolled in classes and wants to be more involved.

She says Mary Lou would never let her go to college. Bonnie calls her an evil fanatic but then relents and lets her help as long as she’s far away across the room. Damon tells Stefan that him helping kill Julian is his Christmas gift. They are in Sunbury where the locator spell pointed.

They head into a pub and find dead revelers – Damon says they found him. Stefan is mad they lingered and didn’t catch them. Damon says they need back up so the guy doesn’t kill them. Stefan says the wounds are fresh.

Damon calls Bonnie and she says he always calls when he needs something. He asks if she can zoom in on the locator spell. She says nope. He says Stefan is being crazy and she says maybe she can help. She promises to text.

Damon hangs up then says he’s calling. Caroline is being a teacher’s pet at the birthing class and annoying people. The instructor seems tired of her too. Alaric gives her a small smile and she say she knows he thinks she’s hormonally crazy.

She says having a baby is a gift and spouts off some inane baby book quote. Caroline hears people talking about how she’s pregnant and is a student and he’s a professor and they doubt her good grades. Caroline gets mad and starts to vamp out and Ric reins her in.

Bonnie comes to Nora and makes small talk. She gives her advice on professor selection. Bonnie makes nice and Nora asks if she’s being a pity friend then asks what she needs. Bonnie asks if she’s heard of a town called Sunbury.

Stefan and Damon talk about lily then Julian shows up at the bar. He looks drunk and says he lost his cell phone. Julian says he lost the love of his life and says Lily meant everything to him. He gets angry and then pulls out the sword.

He says if the stone was in the sword, it would have punished them by sending them into a personal hell based on their litany of sins. He says he spent a 100 years in there and Lily saved him. Julian says Lily was the only thing that kept him sane.

Bonnie tells Nora about Stefan and Damon and she says those towns he’s been going to are places he used to live. She says Stefan and Damon need to get away now. Other vampires come in and surround Stefan and Damon as Julian begins to laugh maniacally.

Julian introduces them to the other vamps from the 1600s, the 1800s, and newer. Julian says he knows they’ve been following him and he asks if it’s for nefarious reasons. Stefan says it’s just to kill him. Stefan refuses to back down.

Damon says Plan B and lights a match which sends the alcohol soaked bar into flames. Then he zips Stefan out at top speed. Bonnie and Nora are bringing gifts to sick kids when Mary Lou show up. Alaric gives Caroline a blood bag and he grabs a beer.

She worries blood might be bad for the babies. He says it’s fine but Caroline is freaking out. He tells her it’s a miracle and she’s made him so happy. She turns on him with vamp eyes and slams him against the wall. She normalizes then rushes out.

Mary Lou asks if Nora is going to apologize. Nora says no. Mary Lou says this isn’t Julian’s fault, it’s Valerie’s fault. Nora says Julian is a liar. Mary Lou asks if she agrees can they go home together. Nora tells her she’s done with her.

Mary Lou accuses her of wanting to dump her for a long time. Nora says Mary Lou is too scared to live differently. Nora asks when was the last time she did charity and Mary Lou says when she started dating Nora. She walks out.

Damon tells Stefan they have to go home. Stefan says Julian is building an army. Stefan and Damon argue about Lily and Damon has had enough. He says he’s going home after Stefan calls him spoiled for being cruel to Lily on her deathbed.

Stefan calls Valerie and says Damon bailed on him. She says she’s sick of everyone giving him a pass. He says they can still end this and asks if she’s seen Mary Lou. Stefan finds Mary Lou at the college bar and says it looks like she can use a friend.

Valerie knocks her out with a syringe of vervain and Stefan says make sure she stays put til Julian is dead. Bonnie finds Nora crying in the dorm room and Nora says Mary Lou called her a charity case. Bonnie asks what she sees in Mary Lou.

Nora says she’s loving, protective and kind. Bonnie says just to her. Nora says it’s nice having one person that just loves you and doesn’t ask anything of you. Nora thanks Bonnie and says she’s kind and beautiful.

Nora gets a text from Julian saying they’ve taken Mary Lou hostage. Nora says she was wrong and Bonnie isn’t kind at all. She knocks Bonnie out with magic. Damon sits drinking when Julian shows up. He asks where she is and Damon says who.

Julian says he got a text from Stefan but it’s the first Damon didn’t know it. He threatens Damon with the sword and Damon says he has no beef with him and says he didn’t kill his baby and doesn’t care about Lily dying.

Julian says he knew lily’s love for her sons would kill him and Damon says her love didn’t exist. Julian says he wants to think that to make himself feel better. Julian attacks and goes to stab him with the sword. Stefan defends him. Julian zips out the window.

Caroline goes to her mom’s grave and says it sucks to have her first Christmas without her. She says she got her two somethings – babies. Caroline says she’s pregnant. She says she imagined being a human carrying her mom’s grandchildren.

Caroline says she knows they’re not hers but are still her responsibility. She says she has no idea what she’s doing but wants to do it right. She says she wishes Liz was there to answer questions and says she misses her so much.

Julian is in front of the fire and calls it his house. He says he can take them both. They both attack and he fights them off. He snaps Damon’s wrist and head butts him. They brawl. Julian has the sword aimed at Damon and says he would have killed him on sight if not for Lily.

Damon comes at Julian again to stop him from staking Stefan and Julian stabs Damon with the enchanted sword. Stefan tries to revive Damon who looks to be dead. He’s perfectly still and bloody. Valerie babysits Mary Lou who is out cold.

She hears a noise and then sees Mary Lou’s body is gone. Caroline shows up as Stefan sits by Damon’s body. He says Damon told him to let him go and he should have but couldn’t. Caroline says that was his mom and that’s hard to let go – she knows.

She says she was just at her mom’s grave. Caroline says they need to figure out a way to save him. Caroline tries to call Bonnie who is still out. She starts to wake but is still out of it. He says Damon won’t make it in there.

He tells her the Phoenix Stone punishes you for every bad thing you’ve ever done. He says he can’t imagine what Damon is going through. Damon is on the battlefield of the Civil War and has been gut shot. He looks at the death and carnage around him.

He sees men being shot down and blown up around him. Caroline says Damon can survive this. Nora shows up and says he’ll be different just like you. She stabs Stefan with the enchanted sword too. Now both brothers are in the hell dimension.