The Vampire Diaries Recap Farewell to Elena and Nina Dobrev: Season 6 Finale “I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime”

The Vampire Diaries Recap Farewell to Elena and Nina Dobrev: Season 6 Finale "I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime"

Tonight on the CW The Vampire Diaries starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley continues with an all new Thursday May 14, season 6 finale called “I’ll Wed You in the Golden Summertime,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, season 6 ends with Elena [Nina Dobrev] in jeopardy when an uninvited guest arrives. Meanwhile, Bonnie [Kat Graham] takes matters in her own hands when she is put on the receiving end of a twisted plan; Damon [Ian Somerhalder] is faced with the most difficult decision of his life; and Stefan [Paul Wesley] realizes the lengths to which his mother will go to reunite with her “family.”

On the last episode, it was Alaric (Matt Davis) and Jo’s (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) wedding day and Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) did their best to help a stressed out Jo with the last minute preparations. After uncovering some life-changing news that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) had been keeping from him, Stefan (Paul Wesley) took his brother on a road trip to give him some perspective on his future with Elena. Elsewhere, when Caroline (Candice Accola) returned to Mystic Falls after dealing with the fallout of her humanity-free rampage, she began making amends with her friends and came to a realization about her and Stefan’s prospects of being together. Finally, when Bonnie began having vivid nightmares that Lily (guest star Annie Wersching) is coming after her, she enlists Matt’s (Zach Roerig) help in taking Lily down. Michael Trevino and Michael Malarkey also star. Michael Allowitz directed the episode written by Brian Young. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it all right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CW Vampire Diaries spoilers synopsis, “in the aftermath of Alaric (Matt Davis) and Jo’s (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) powerful nuptials, things take a dramatic turn when an uninvited guest shows up, leaving Elena (Nina Dobrev) in terrible jeopardy. Despite Matt’s (Zach Roerig) advice to leave town to protect herself, a defiant Bonnie (Kat Graham) takes matters into her own hands after finding herself on the receiving end of a twisted plan. As Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola) reach an emotional crossroad in their relationship, a reunion with Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) leaves Tyler (Michael Trevino) faced with a decision that could change his life forever. Meanwhile, Lily’s (guest star Annie Wersching) reckless actions cause Stefan to realize the lengths to which his mother will go to reunite with her “family.” Finally, after a devastating chain of events, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life.”

You’re not going to want to miss any of the action tonight, so tune in at 8PM EST to the CW to catch the latest. We’ll be live recapping the season 6 finale for you right here and in the meantime, hit up our comments section and tell us your thoughts on this new season!

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The #VampireDiaires begins with Elena walking down the road and she finds Damon lying on the ground where they first met. He says he feels symbolic and kisses her. Elena asks if it’s bad and she asks him to just tell her how bad it is but he wants her to dance with him. This is not real. In the carnage of the wedding, Damon tries to give her still body bled while Alaric cries over Jo’s body. Damon tells Stefan and Caroline that she won’t wake up. Stefan says to get her to the hospital.

Damon takes off with her and then Kai snaps Stefan and Caroline’s necks then walks over to Ric and Jo. Kai’s dad is there with the other Geminis and they chant at Kai. He tells Alaric he’s sorry about the twins but doesn’t want to compete with them. He says when your family thinks you’re an irredeemable piece of trash the best thing to do is prove them right. Kai then stabs himself in the neck while his dad screams no – if he dies, the Geminis should all die with him!

Elena and Alaric are boxing but he says he can’t do it. It’s some sort of dream state. He says he can’t do it and has nothing left to fight for but she tells him not to give up. At the hospital, Elena is in a bed being checked by a doctor. Damon calls Bonnie and she says Kai is out and he drained her blood. Damon says he came to the wedding and killed Jo and Elena isn’t doing well. He says she got knocked out and the doctors don’t know why she’s not waking.

Stefan and Caroline wake in a car. Enzo pulled them out of the wedding and loading them up. He tells them Kai is dead and the other Geminis are going with him and Damon is in the hospital with Elena. He says they have bigger problems. They show up to the railyard and find Lily looking for her dead witch friends. She says Kai brought them back with him. Stefan says he lied to her and a lot of people are dead now because she bargained with a sociopath.

At the wedding, the Geminis are all screaming and writhing in pain. Liv comes to by Tyler and she asks what’s happening. He says Kai is dead and the others are all dying. They claps hands and he tells her he loves her and he wants her to know that – he says this can’t be it for them. She tells him he’s not dying. She looks up at the moon. She tells him if he turns, he’ll heal. She wants him to kill her but he says he won’t trigger it. She says he get a second chance and promised her he wouldn’t waste it.

She tells him she loves him and says she wants to do this for him. He kisses her and then she takes his hand as he shakes his head no. She tells him not to waste it. She puts his hand over her mouth. He cries and says he loves her. She struggles a little as the life goes out of her. But she’s too weak and half dead anyway. He holds his hand on her mouth and then she finally stops breathing and goes limp. He cries and shakes his head no then he screams no.

Damon sits at Elena’s bedside. The moon is in the sky and Tyler staggers away from the scene trying to make a call. He tells Matt he triggered his curse and says to tell all the vampires to steer clear of him so he doesn’t bite and infect any of them. Stefan tells his mom she needs to come back to her cell. She says the hope of her family turns off her Ripper urges. He’s annoyed that she keeps calling them family. He says to come with him now or he’s out of her life and she has no son. She walks away from him. He demands to know what she gave Kai to get her family back.

She says she gave him her blood. Kai wakes in the wedding carnage and pulls the knife out of his neck. He sits up and looks around. He magics his father over to him and says – here’s to being different. He wipes his finger in his dad’s blood and licks it. Alaric loads Jo’s body into his car. He gently pulls a cloth over her face. He gets in the car and sits there then goes into the glove compartment and pulls out a gun. He sees Kai walking out. Kai asks if it’s a bad time.

Ric shoots him several times. Kai keeps coming, pulling out the bullets. He says he turned himself into one of Lily’s heretics. Ric puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger but he’s out of bullets. Tyler is there and throws Kai off of Ric then bites him. Kai says – bad doggy – as Tyler runs off into the woods. In their dream world, Elena is with Matt at the bridge where she died. She says goodbye to herself and tosses the flowers into the river. He says he doesn’t see humor in this but she says the alternative is to say goodbye and she’s not ready for that.

Matt bursts in and tells Bonnie that Elena is at the hospital. She has a video and a note from Kai. Matt plays it. Kai jokes that the message will self-destruct in 10 seconds. He says he should have bled her out but says he would rather make her suffer. He says she forgot about the rock covered in Bennett blood in Canada. Damon gets a text saying that Tyler is a werewolf and to watch out then Kai is there and asks Damon what’s wrong with him. Damon asks if he got bit by a fluffy dog.

He says there’s a cure in New Orleans and he’ll get it if he’ll tell him what he did to Elena. Kai refuses. Damon demands to know what he did. He grabs Kai and threatens him in his weakened condition. Kai says she’ll be preserved there permanently young and healthy but sleeping indefinitely. Matt sees the video that says Kai linked Bonnie’s life force to Elena and says if she tries to do anything to him. While Bonnie is alive, Elena sleeps. Kai says if she tries to cheat his spell, both of them will die.

Matt tells Bonnie she has to run because Damon will kill her to wake Elena. Bonnie says she won’t let Kai win. Matt says she has to go now. Kai tells Damon that he can just go kill Bonnie now but then Elena will never speak to him again. Then Kai is gone on a flash. Damon screams and overturns a table in his range. Dream Elena talks to Stefan. They walk through the woods by the river. She says this is where she told him that she didn’t want to be a vampire.

She says he know she never wanted to be a vampire. She says he knows her better than anyone and knows how hard it will be for her to say goodbye. He says he can’t do this now or ever. Caroline and Stefan are at the hospital checking on Elena. They know about the spell too. She asks if he’ll be okay if they can’t break the spell. She says she can be there waiting when Elena wakes up after Bonnie has a long and happy life. She says Elena was his soul mate but Stefan says she was for a while.

He says she’s the only person who believed his brother was worth loving and that he still loved him too. He says Elena’s faith brought him back to Damon. Stefan admits that he does love her but says he needed Damon more than he needed Elena. He asks if that’s why she wants to stay away from him. Caroline says this will sound like an excuse then starts to explain but says she can’t do this right now. She leaves. Kai comes back to the wedding looking for anyone still alive.

He asks anyone live to raise their hand and says he needs blood. Bonnie is there and says he needs some ointment too and calls him gross. He fake laughs then asks if her friends find her funny. He says if she was, maybe her friends would be cool with letting her live instead of Elena. She says she’s the one that does magic and uses hers against him. She pops his bones out of joint and tells him to undo the spell. He laughs and says he can’t.

Bonnie says she’ll just wait for the werewolf bite to kill him. He says he didn’t even know werewolves were real until he got bit by one. Bonnie breaks a leg off a wooden chair while Kai tries to do some healing magic on himself. He tells her werewolves are magic too and so is their venom. He says he just siphoned it out. He stands and chokes her with his magic, lifting her up in the air. He throws her backwards and she’s knocked out.

Damon asks Elena to dance with him and says it was supposed to be their big night. She asks how bad it’s supposed to be and he explains the linking spell to her. He says she won’t wake up until Bonnie dies. He says Kai won. She asks what he’s going to do. Damon shows up at the wedding and hears Bonnie wheezing and hurt. He goes to her. Kai is there and asks Damon how dumb is he. He says Bonnie is dying and Kai says she’s about to croak. Kai says he can help her or walk away.

He says Damon can let her die of that collapsed lung and he and Elena can have happily ever after. Bonnie is fading fast. Damon says he’s sorry and kisses Bonnie on the forehead. He stands and walks out. Kai is stunned and asks if that’s it, Damon just left her. He says he wanted this to torture him for a while. He says he thought Damon would at least flip a coin, heads… That’s his last word. Damon is behind him and decapitates Kai.

He then picks up Bonnie and says he wouldn’t leave her. He walks out carrying her. A healed Bonnie and Caroline meets with Matt, Damon, Tyler and the others at the Salvatores. Damon says to do this and tells Caroline and Bonnie that they’re up first. Caroline says it’s easy – she says to just take her hand. Caroline and Bonnie link their hands with Elena. She says to let Elena into their thoughts. We see the three of them sitting in the dorm room talking goodbyes.

Elena hugs Caroline and says to take care of everyone while she’s gone. Caroline says she will then Elena says to write it all down – every crush, starting a family, wanting to kill Elena. She says that way, when she wakes up, she can read all about their lives. Bonnie cries and says she’s sorry. Elena says they’ll both get everything they want, they just can’t have it at the same time. Elena holds Bonnie hands then wipes away her tears. She tells Bonnie she’s spent her whole life sacrificing for her.

Elena tells her that it’s her turn now but says she has one favor to ask. She asks if she can do it one last time. Bonnie tears up and then floats the feathers from the pillow all around Elena who smiles and laughs. Matt throws flowers off the bridge and he sees in a cop uniform. She says that’s what she wants for him since he’s human, loyal and good and she wants him to spend the rest of his life fighting for people like him. He says he probably won’t see him again but she says their odds are odd.

Alaric is crushed but Elena says he can’t fight it. She says he has to let himself drown in it at first but then he’ll learn to swim and he’ll be stronger. She says he’ll beat it and they hug. Jeremy is there and tells Ric he’s sorry he wasn’t there for the wedding but he tells him he’s glad he wasn’t. Elena is thrilled to see Jeremy. He says he wants her to know when she wakes up that he was happy and was doing what he was born to do. She hugs him.

Tyler then says his goodbyes. He’s in a cellar changed to the wall. She tells him to not fight his wolf but to let it be the thing that makes him extraordinary. Stefan is next. He takes her hand and a tear slips out of his eye. She thanks him for bumping into her in the hallway. She says she never thought she’d be happy again then he was there. She says he saved her life and says she loves him so much. She says she can’t wait to see what new life he’s chosen when she sees him in 60 or 70 years.

Enzo comes to the railyard and finds Lily still sitting there. She asks if he thinks she’s a monster and he says they all are in some way. She says her life before her friends was misery. She says she never felt full in her human life then felt a part of something when she met them. Enzo says he’s been searching for that feeling his whole life. He looks around and says that building wasn’t there lat night. They go into the warehouse. He says Kai must have had it cloaked then it released when he died.

She sees her family of witch-vampire hybrids walking out of the shadows and tells him it’s their family. Stefan and Damon hide Elena’s coffin and Bonnie will secure the place with a spell. Stefan says if any vampires hear the cure is in her body, they’ll come for her and drain her. Now it’s time for Damon to say goodbye. She says she knew he wouldn’t kill Bonnie. He says she knew he would give up the love of his life for her. She says she knew he would save his best friend so that he could wait to see her for a few years. He says he was thinking of starving himself to sit and wait for her.

But she says he can’t shut down. She says he needs to live his life and enjoy himself. He kisses her. She says they can have that dance now and he takes her hands. He dances with her in the middle of the road. He pulls her close and they sway gently. Caroline finds Stefan at her door. She smiles. Damon twirls Elena then dips her. Stefan says he made the list she asked – of all the ways loving her could ruin his life. He says he also made a list of all the ways loving her changed his life.

He says she made him laugh, dance and was a friend. He says she told him he could find love again. He says he gets it if she needs time to heal and says he’ll wait for her. He says when she’s ready, he’ll be ready for her. Caroline sits still. He kisses her on the cheek and goes to leave. Elena tells Damon she loves him and he says he loves her then he dips and kisses her. They close up her coffin in the Salvatore tomb and Bonnieselas it magically.

Matt drives through Mystic Falls looking around. He misses Damon up on the clock tower. He’s looking around strangely. Smart that the show runners preserved Elena instead of killing her. That way if Nina Dobrev decides to come back to Vampire Diaries, they can break the spell or kill off Bonnie. That’s the end of this season!