The Voice 2015 Recap – Blind Auditions Wrap Up: Season 9 Episode 5 “The Blind Auditions Part 5”

The Voice 2015 Recap - Blind Auditions Wrap Up: Season 9 Episode 5 "The Blind Auditions Part 5"

Tonight on NBC the Emmy award winning music competition The Voice continues with an all new Monday October 5, season 9 episode 5 called, “The Blind Auditions Part 5,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode the blind auditions continue.

For those of you who don’t know, the show is about singers that square off for a coveted recording contract in this reality talent contest from the producers of “Big Brother” and “Survivor.” Four vocal coaches mentor the contestants in three distinct competition phases: the blind auditions (during which the coaches can’t see a contestant and thereby judge them solely on their vocal talent); the battle phase (in which the contestants are advised and developed); and, lastly, the live-performance phase.

On the last episode, the blind auditions continued with its fourth part.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the “blind auditions” continue and are held in front of a celebrity panel of musician coaches including, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. The strongest vocalists from across the country compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to win the title of being named “The Voice.”

Tonight’s season 9 episode 5 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on season 9 of The Voice.



#VoiceBlinds starts with Dustin Christensen from Utah who is mostly blind in one eye and was in a band that played at the Olympics in Utah but his career fell apart so he went back to get his MBA. Dustin sings Rod Stewart’s Will I See You Tonight and gets a four chair turn. Gwen says he’s perfect for the show and would love to work with him. Adam says he held back before turning and says he saw some moments to improve upon and will be an honest coach that can help him.

Pharrell says he has a Mellancamp type tone and a great range. Blake says he hears Neil Diamond in his voice. Blake tells Dustin they are the same person then asks the audience who he should pick up and they hold up Blake face fans that he handed out. Blake says he wants him bad. Adam goes to take up the Blake faces and takes three of them away from the audience. He throws one aside then says “I’m a stupid idiot” while holding one up. Dustin chooses Blake.

Next is Haitian 19 year old Berdine Joseph who grew up poor. Her family moved to American when she was nine and says it was hard for her parents to adjust and she didn’t speak the language and was bullied. Berdine sings David Guetta’s Hey Mama. No one turns. She’s very upset. Gwen says she has a sound like Sia but she kept hearing tuning issues. Adam says she’s great but his team is almost full. Blake says to keep performing and try to connect better with her song choice.

Next is Dustin Monk from Jessup, GA a little bitty town. He grew up with a single mom who had supported him extensively but then got addicted to pain pills. He decided to never drink and has stuck with it. He’s been in a band and is hear hoping for a solo shot and likes to do soul and blues. Dustin sings Gary Clark Jr’s Bright Lights. He hits a high note and Adam turns. Blake turns at the last minute and Adam is annoyed. Adam says Blake turned super late and says he does big notes like Adam does.

Adam says he wants to work with him. Blake says he doesn’t sound like Adam, because he sounds like a man. Blake flatters him while insulting Adam. Gwen says his vibrato is crazy. Adam says they can talk about tattoos. Blake says Adam is making it about himself while he’s a fan of Dustin’s. He’s asked to choose and Dustin goes with Adam and says he pushed his button first. Adam gives him a hug and says he’s excited to work with him.

Next up is Chase Kerby from Oklahoma who works at his mom’s candy store. He says his mom has encouraged him to be creative and pursue his music interests. Tonight Chase sings Coldplay’s The Scientist. Gwen turns and Adam says he’s glad he sang the song because he loved it. Blake says Gwen is the best person for him and congratulates him. Pharrell says he did a good job. Gwen says he has a lot of control in his voice and a lot of dynamic. She gives him his Team Gwen shirt.

Next is Dawson Daugherty, a surfing teen from San Diego. He sings Ariana Grande’s Problem. It was kind of pitchy and all over the place and no one turns. Adam says he has some experience issues. Gwen says it was creative and she liked it but the song is hard and has a lot of gaps. Pharrell says he likes his voice and the arrangement but he didn’t quite commit. Blake says he has the talent and just needs to learn how to control a song.

Next is 16 year old Shelby Brown from Elberta, Alabama – a tiny town that has less than 2,000 people. She works in a bait, taco and gas shop. Shelby sings karaoke at the bowling alley – the only entertainment venue in town. Shelby sings Stars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Her voice is huge and strong. She gets instant turns from all four judges who only have four slots left. Blake, Gwen and Adam are all on their feet and Gwen is chanting wow. Shelby is in tears.

Adam says he hopes she’s crying happy tears. They are stunned she’s so young with that voice. Pharrell gets up on his feet then too. Adam says the brilliant moments were so brilliant he has to be part of it. He says he has one spot on his team left and says it was made for her. Gwen says she sounds like she has a lot of experience and she asks what she’s like to sing. Shelby says she’s a country singer. Blake tells Adam to stop wasting his time. Blake calls her a smartass when she cracks on him.

He laughs and says they’re meant for each other. Adam tells her to look away from Blake. Gwen says she can help her discover the artist she is. Pharrell says she’s the perfect person to show that anyone from anywhere can come on and win The Voice. Pharrell cuts Blake off and doesn’t want to let him pitch. Blake says he wants to buy her version of the song and Adam says he’s been saying that crap for nine years. Adam mocks him. Adam tells to make the choice about the best coach for her.

Pharrell counts down from five and Shelby chooses Adam. Blake is crushed. Adam runs up to hug her. Blake says he didn’t see that one coming. Adam tells her she’s amazing and he’s so happy. She says he’s great too. He says he’s blown away and tells her to go hug Blake. She says he’s so freaking tall. Blake says he’s in shock and numb that she picked Adam instead of him. Adam crows and says his team is full.

Amy Vachal is 26 and from Brooklyn and her dad was in a Grateful Dead cover band. Her mom says she’s been singing since she was little. Amy also paints but has a degree in economics. She moved to NYC and plays gigs when she can. Tonight, Amy sings Dream a Little Dream of Me. Everyone who has a spot left on their team turns for her. The judges give her a standing ovation when she’s done. Adam says his team is full or he would have turned for her. He says she could win it.

Gwen says she doesn’t have a fairy creature singer like her on her team and doesn’t want her to be seduced by Pharrell’s cuteness and says Blake is handsome – Blake says Sasquatch. Gwen says she can help her because she’s been on this journey. Pharrell asks what she wants to do and she says she wants to blur lines and make a new hybrid. Pharrell says he can help her on that journey. Blake says he’s not the right judge for her but loves her and Adam tries to slap his buzzer. Amy chooses Pharrell.

Now Blake and Gwen just have one slot each. Next up is Blaine Mitchell from Fort Worth, Texas. He says he grew up on country music but loves alternative rock. He says he focused on sports growing up and was scouted by the MLB but then he blew out his knee playing football so he started a band with his brother called Treeside. He says he started singing at a honky tonk to make ends meet. Blaine sings Train’s Drops of Jupiter.

Blake hits his button and when he hits a high note, Gwen turns too. Blake is annoyed she turned. Blake asks if he plays country and he says he does. Gwen says his voice is strong and incredible. Blake asks how much fun it is to play at Cowboys – Gwen makes fun of Blake. Adam tells them to get a room. Blake says they have a cool connection. Blaine says he saw Blake eating dinner and took a selfie of him. Adam asks if this is the dating game and Blake says he’s up for that too and says the world is changing.

Blake says he’s a fan. Gwen says he can stick to his own and go down that boring Texas route and try something fresh and new. Gwen says she’s always been in a band with guys and says she can share all the tricks of her trade. Blake says he can give him a win and describes the trophy then says he has four of them. Adam says he’s bragadocious. Blaine chooses Blake which surprises his family. Blaine says he’s glad to have Blake because he’s got a country soul.

Now it’s down to Gwen and Pharrell who have one slot left. Next is Summer Schapell who was raised by her grandparents because of her mom’s addiction struggles. She started performing as a teen and served as opening acts. She says her grandmother would call and get her the gigs. She’s opened for LeAnn Rimes and others then recorded her first album at 14 but says it’s expensive to go to Nashville. Too bad Blake’s team is full. Summer sings Deana Carter’s Strawberry Wine.

Her voice is riveting and clear. Gwen hits her button and turns. Summer takes a bow as she finishes. Adam tells her that he would have turned for her glassy voice and says it sounds like pixie dust. Gwen says she has one slot left and thinks she has a pretty voice and the yodel was perfect. Blake tells her that his team is full too and says he’s glad she got chairs. He says the song is harder to sing than people think. Pharrell and Gwen woo her and Gwen says she’s tight with Blake.

Blake jokes that he doesn’t help Pharrell at all. Summer chooses Gwen. Now it’s just Pharrell looking for his last performer. They tell Pharrell he’s got his pick of the litter now. 15 year old Caroline Burns from New Hampshire is next. She’s just 4’11” and says she’s always given the kids menu at restaurant. She’s been putting out YouTube videos since she was seven. She just started a band with friends at school that does classic rock. She says she thinks Adam is cute. She did the national anthem at a NASCAR event.

Caroline sings Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years. She hits an amazing note and does a great job but Pharrell doesn’t turn. Gwen says she’s adorable and tells her that her team is full and she’ll cry over this. Adam guesses that she’s 16 and Blake guesses 15. Pharrell says she’s really amazing and says he has a voice on his team a lot like hers already. He says if she will come back, she’ll get a four chair turn. He says they want her to come back and has the audience say it. Adam says she’s so cute he can’t stand it.

Next up is Sidney Rhame from Atlanta who’s 16. She teaches guitar to kids to save money for college. She played her first show at 8 and started doing open mic nights at 10. Her family are her biggest fans and her dad says she needs a hat to win. She talks about her dad’s struggles with MS. Sidney sings Ed Sheeran’s Photograph. Pharrell slaps his button and turns. She’ll be his last singer. Her family is backstage crying in joy. Blake and Adam stand up to look around. Gwen peeks around too.

Pharrell stands to applaud for her and Blake and Adam are clapping up over their chairs. They are shocked that she’s so young. Pharrell says she has a beautiful range and he will protect what she is and will push her to be brighter. Blake tells her they love her and Pharrell says he’s so happy that she has completed his team. Pharrell says he kept everyone there for 12 hours while he kept listening to artists before choosing her.

Next week starts the Battle Rounds.